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Reese Witherspoon Gets The Axe

Reese Witherspoon Gets The Axe

Cute couple Reese Witherspoon and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal spend some quality time together on Saturday (January 7) in Venice Beach, Calif.

The 32-year-old Academy Award winning actress, who toted around a Ferragamo handbag, joined Jake and some friends for lunch at AXE Restaurant. Reese, who toted around her favorite Ferragamo handbag, then headed out for some shopping along Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenheel getting the AXE….

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reese witherspoon baby bump watch 01
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 02
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 03
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 04
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 05
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 06
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 07
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 08
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 09
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 10
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 11
reese witherspoon baby bump watch 12

Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • bitsey

    No, its the way she is standing and she probably put on some weight or it is that time of the month….

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    No. She’ always talking about how she wants to give her kids good values. I’m sure she wouldn’t want them to think sex out of marriage is right .

  • Jade

    she just probably put on some weight! she has gotten a little bigger lately!


    It would be so cute if they had a baby! :P

  • honey


  • wentynme

    its hard to tell, cause when she is walking u cant see a bump, but the photo of her sideways she DEFF looks it. It would be awesome if they had a baby.

  • k

    looks like it

  • Sarah

    She could just be like bloated or something…idk. But Good for her if she is!!

  • Sarah

    She could just be like bloated or something…idk. But Good for her if she is!!

  • Sarah

    She could just be like bloated or something…idk. But Good for her if she is!!

  •, j

    she definitely looks like she’s sporting a baby bump!

  • erin

    no. its the way she’s standing. she’s pushing her stomach out. my sister does the same thing. when she stands relaxed she pushes her stomach out and she looks pregnant. haha

  • joss

    i think its just the shirt, but it would be cute if they had a baby!

  • Rosie

    In almost 2yrs of photo ops to promote their fake romance, this is the happiest Jake’s been. That’s because he doesn’t have to spend the entire time with Reese by himself. That belly that she has is probably her flabby stomach and horrible posture. Besides, Reese has the wrong parts for Jakey-she’s a girl so he ain’t sleeping with her.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh OWWW!! LOL! :shock:

  • blah

    one pic looks like she is but it is relaly hard to tell. I would be surprised. It would finally prove jake isnt gay right? I think he really is and this is a fake romance

  • Clear Blue Easy

    If she’s pregnant it sure isn’t by her fake boyfriend Jake who’s gay!

  • bump

    She got pregnant with Ryan before they were married. She’s not above it.

  • jg

    Just the worlds worst body. No baby.

  • B

    She is wearing a dress under that sweater…that always happens when you try to put a sweater or something tight over a flowy dress..

    Anyone that thinks she is fat should seek medical attention. Look how thin her legs are!!!

  • tora

    She’s definitely pregnant for sure! Look at picture #9. It’s pretty obvious.

  • Dora

    Nay, I still think Jake is gay!

  • baby

    nah…she just ate. Her tummy is not the same since her 2 births.
    I doubt it.


    Whats more interesting is her biotch face. What a pleasure she must be to be around.

  • anon

    no she just forgot to wear her Spanx body chapers

  • margaret

    She seems like she would be a witch if things weren’t going her way.

  • boogie

    looks like it. Seems a lot of celebrities are keeping it a secret until its so very obvious….kinda silly…..but, it’s their life.

  • googlie

    she’s probably just bloated lol

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • Petrie Dish

    Reese has been “pregnant” with Jakes baby in the tabloids for 2 years. She’s just flabby in the stomach and has bad posture. Besides, Jake is gay. The only way his sperm is getting near her is with a turkey baster, triple thick surgical gloves and a medical professional.

  • gerard boo boo

    #29 gerard vandenberg

    what in the world are you talking about. I see you all over this site saying strange things that make no sense.

    Perhaps you have poor language skills or just maybe English is not your first language??

  • LOL

    Maybe looking at that chin renders him speechless.

  • Shawna

    That picture is SO doctored. Seriously. There was a picture of her yesterday wearing a really tight workout outfit. How gullible can people be?

  • it is her business

    Twifanatic Amanda, what are you saying? She was very pregnant when she and Ryan got married. Maybe if she is pregnant again she does not see marriage as the way to go this time. If she is pregnant, congrats to the both of them.

  • a

    wasn’t she pregnant with her daughter when she got married?

  • Boys to men

    Pregnancy usually causes alarmingly rapid bust “enhancement” before anything starts to show in the belly area. She doesn’t have the curves that come with pregnancy. She just has a nice normal body–not everybody needs “abs of steel”.

  • erica

    I don’t know guys, but that pic of her turned sideways makes me think she is VERY PREGNANT. I don’t remember her stomach sticking out that far before like that. She has been wearing alot of loose fitting clothes lately. And there were photos of her a month ago going to a medical clinic. But then again she was drinking wine with Jake on his birthday in December, so I don’t really know what to think. Maybe she didn’t know then?

  • RM

    she’s not pregnant.

  • girdle

    She was drinking in Jaunuary at the lakers game too. Rumor has it she’s had her tubes tied and fact is she’s Jakeys pal, her best gay. She just has a flabby belly folks.

  • faith

    She’s still wearing her nasty weave.

  • Anita

    No. I very much doubt she’s pregnant.

  • laura

    Wouldn’t suprise me. She wasn’t pregnant with her first before her and ryan got married. after divorce you re think marriage. Is it neccessary, does it change everything or is it more important to be a committed loving relationship.

  • latonga

    it’s her jacket that had a bump? thats too weird to be a baby bump

  • Ericka

    no way…doesn’t even look like a bump just possibly weight gain or it’s her time of month.

  • athena

    Well, if she’s pregnant…good for her…but the thought of pushing out babies sounds horrific…after one would be enough for me…If she is, Jake and Reese will make good parents…the condom just broke is all…lol…

  • Susan

    Nope…More than likely getting close to that time of the month.

  • dee dee

    What a surprise, baby bump watch after someone outs Jake as Toothy Tile, and is hinting that he will have a lot more to say on the subject tomorrow. Google ianundercover, you’ll find it. Looks like some HW mogul that Jake was involved with is spilling the beans.

  • Weather man

    It was pouring in L.A. on Friday night and Saturday morning, with flooding around the coastal areas. These pictures were clearly not taken today. Why do you continue to lie like this Jared? How much money does Reese and Jake’s pr pay you to toe the line and ignore the fact that he is gay gay gay.


    ITA agree dee dee #47. Especially since these “baby bump” pics were NOT taken on Saturday Feb 7 2009. It had rained heavily the day and night before and in the morning on Saturday. These pics and the rest of the set show the plants, dirt, streets, and sidewalks dry as a bone. Thses “is that a baby bump?”pics were saved for a special occasion, like when Jake is about to be outed as a gay man.

  • Hortensia

    cute cute cute cute cute, my foot. What if it emerged deformed or with Down’s syndrome, or had three feet and four eyes? Would you say it was “cute” then? Sure you would, because “cute” is the only word in you retards’ vocabulary. To you dumbbells Frankenstein’r Monster is doubtless “cute”.Cute cute cute cutey pie. Oh aren’t we so cute. Isn’t the world cute? Bin Laden is cute. Hilter was “cute”. Stalin was “cute”. Righto. I’ll tell you what’s cute: Jakeypoo’s peen is “cute” for sure. And LONG.