Chris Brown Arrested, Bail Set At $50K

Chris Brown Arrested, Bail Set At $50K

Chris Brown surrendered to LAPD on Sunday evening, was taken into custody at 6:30 p.m. and was officially booked at 7:41 p.m.

The 19-year-old “Forever” singer has been charged with one felony count after an alleged assault on Saturday night. His bail has been set at $50,000.

Both Chris and his girlfriend Rihanna were no-shows for Sunday night’s Grammy Awards. They were both scheduled to perform and replaced with a performance of “Let’s Stay Together” by Justin Timberlake and Al Green.

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  • Hallie

    …..What the frack

  • Halo

    Who called the cops? like how were the police notified of the assault?

  • vivance

    Oh my effing GOD!!!!!!!

  • jade

    Chris Brown is a woman beater! scumbag!

  • hrhkat

    love the pic you posted jared…its perfect…but im hearing he was allready released…and that earlier him and rihanna were at their hotel together at like 7 am…whats goin on

  • smart cookie

    Chris is a moron

  • essbee


  • JustFurious

    Poor RIRI. i hate women beaters. They make me furious.

  • daisy

    wow…so has it been confirmed that its riri?

  • Ashley

    Oh my god

  • Shay

    i new that wasn’t a “cold sore.” Her brother should track him down and beat the sh** out of him.

  • Jasmine

    but its not yet confirmed that it was chris

  • -C-

    i can’t believe it…
    he looked so sweet with rihanna
    well.. if he’s a beater then i hope rihanna break up with him soon

  • -C-

    i can’t believe it…
    he looked so sweet with rihanna
    well.. if he’s a beater then i hope rihanna break up with him soon

  • anon

    Halo – you need to keep up with news reports… A witness saw the altercation and called 911. By the cops arrived on the scene Chris was gone. Read the L.A. Times blog and you will be well informed. They’ve been updated the info regularly…

  • AT

    Rihanna apparently gave Chris Herpes!
    If that’s the case, In the words of Chris Rock- “Not saying I agree with him, BUT I UNDERSTAND!!!”

  • Dan

    Someone I know is at the Grammy’s (and is very insider and no I am not saying who it is) and this person just text me:

    “This just in…so Chris Brown beat the sh*t out of Rihanna last night and she’s in the hospital. The police are crawling all over here waiting to see if he shows up so they can arrest him.”

  • celia

    I wonder if they had been drinking or something? I mean it hasn’t really been concerned that it was Rihanna that he assaulted, but I think it’s kind of obvious it was her at this point. Chris Brown doesn’t seem like a violent person at ALL…I wonder what they were fighting about?!

  • celia

    @ Dan…Chris Brown has already been arrested. But yeah I did hear that Rihanna was in the hospital and is “doing well.” I just can’t believe this.

  • tora

    I hope he goes to hell!!!

  • jdhfj

    why are people so quick to jump to conclusions, judge & act like they know what is going on, you’re all freaking idiots.

  • q

    it hasnt been confirmed that it was rihanna. a jj reader said that rihanna had a bruised face. dont jump to conclusions yet



  • Jayne

    @AT – How do you know she gave him Herpes? How you know he didn’t bust her lip that time too? Has Chris told you he had Herpes?

    You seem rather ignorant of the facts.

    No matter what happen between the two of them – CHRIS BROWN HAD NO RIGHT TO HIT RIHANNA OR NO WOMAN EVER – he is a swine and scum of the earth and this is now the beginning of his end. He will be in the news now and always as the cops will now be stopping him and checking him when he is driving down these streets in LA with his fancy cars.

    And if I were Rihanna I would sue his ass personally for damages that prevent her from continuing her career because of the facial bruises and mental anguish she is going through – FUCK HIM GOOD AND PROPER!

  • NAty

    I don’t know if it was Rihana or not but biting a woman? That is intense; I’m going to wait until there is more information to give a more detail opinion about this mess. God so much news about aggressive people this couple of weeks.

  • lynn

    Rihanna got herpes & gave it to Chris? WOW I would be mad to. I guess she just love sleeping aorund!

  • anon

    What is wrong with people spreading rumors about STD’s? Are you sleeping with these people? Cold sore? Did you think it could be that he slapped her? No man has the right to put his hand on a woman – FULL STOP!! Stop making excuses for assholes.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Everyone ought to stay calm until we get more details; we will find out the story soon enough but right now its all guessing.

  • julia

    i was reading this article and it said someone identified the victim as rihanna…

  • kc

    I don’t think he had any right to hit a woman, but if it is true that she gave him herpes….then I can understand why he’d be upset…especially if she either cheated on him and caught it or had it and never told him… I’m NOT saying that’s what happened, but it would definately explain why he beat her

  • Tam

    That herpes story was started on the blogs, there’s no truth behind it.

    I’m really surprised about this and I hope Rihanna’s ok, I’ve heard she looks really bad.

  • Anon

    According to the Los Angeles Times which is a regular, good quality newspaper,A stranger called 911 when a car stopped and two people got out and were fighting and the man was hitting the woman. Chris left the scene by the time the police came. The woman had “visible evidence of assualt” on her face. She went to the hospital. Rihanna could not perform tonight. Looks like he hit her…in the face…so bad she couldn’t perform. At the Grammys. Chris Brown is a pig. He already got his lawyer to get the charge reduced to”threats” instead of assault.As in he is accused of “threatening her.” Women get hurt or killed all the time. No one seems to care. Especially in H’wood. Look at O.J. Look at Robert Blake. Look at Phil Spector.I have no respect for Cris anymore. No matter what happened, he had no business hitting her. He is a rotten little creep.

  • Jo

    It was definitely Rihanna, or else she had no reason to cancel on her Grammy performance the very last minute.

  • mel


  • crazies are out tonight

    if this is true the boy just ruined his career for the foreseeable future unless Hollywood proves as wrong (as usual) and some how gives new meaning to there’s no such thing as bad press

    in any case shame on Chris what was he thinking?

  • Jo

    #32 yeah i know how the heck did he only get charged for threats. when they reported that he assaulted her. celebrity justice at it’s best. come on Rihanna, speak up

  • s

    It hasn’t even been proven he hit anybody. Surrendering to the LAPD is just a way to clear this shit up, that doesn’t mean he’s guilty.

    Damn people stop jumping to conclusions and wait to hear what actually happened. Until then STFU

    And all these people with “inside info”
    whateve I call BS

  • Mzgemini

    OMG my husband how dare he hit riri lke i lke dem 2gether ….. i didn’t think he was the type after he came on tyra n said that his mother was abused how dare he …. well a fi him problem that

  • lipscious

    that so typical of a BLACK AMERICAN. I’ll never date a Black American guy let alone marry one. and yes I’m black but, I’m not American

  • #39 is high on something

    this is typical of violent men not singularly black American men.

    BUT I’m sure the mere fact I acknowledged your comment must make u really excited and happy someone actually cared to talk to you

    so now i am ashamed i cared to respond

  • oH PlEaSe

    LoL that’s what she gets for dating my man. Bitch. I bet he punched her ass for being so damn clingy and possessive. Bet she nagged him to much.

  • lkjlkjl

    lipscious ,shut up…nobody cares who you want to date.

    You sound stupid. That’s like another white woman killing her children and someone yelling “TYPICAL WHITE PERSON”!

  • oH PlEaSe

    My first thoughts when I heard this story was that he sitting in the car with his side chick telling her that he was going to cut things off with her and be faithful to his main squeeze and the side chick got all crazy and threated to tell rihanna that he was cheating with her which made him lose it and kick her ass.. But I see now I was wrong..

  • oH PlEaSe

    Lmao wouldn’t it be funny if the girl he beat up was Rihanna’s other woman??? Maybe he caught them skrewing around?? Lmao!!!!

  • Shakira

    I hope this was the last day that Rhianna ever sees Chris. EVER. No man should touch a woman in an angry way, ever. There is nothing Rhianna did or said that made Chris raise his hands. He made that decision all by himself and it was the wrong decision to make. Now, Chris has to live with this but Rhianna can carry on fine without him and move on to someone who makes other choices. Rhianna, I hope you dump him for good. There are lots of fine young men out there that will treasure you and never treat you this way.

  • hahahahahaha

    punk! there goes his career

  • Patricia

    Regardless of whether or not it was Rihanna, it’s wrong. There’s really no excuse for laying a finger on a woman. I hope he gets punished for his actions

  • YAKZ


  • jolly

    typical black chicks. always always put themselves in that situation.

  • Lynn

    gosh he hit Rihanna? what the-
    rihanna should so break up with him! i’ve lost all my respect for that man. women-beater!