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Chris Brown Investigated For Assault

Chris Brown Investigated For Assault

Chris Brown is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged assault on a female.

“The identity of the victim will not be released,” Officer April Harding tells People. “Any victim who’s involved in a domestic violence incident is entitled to confidentiality.”

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Chris and an unnamed woman were arguing inside of a vehicle when suddenly things turned violent. According to TMZ, the woman suffered visible injuries and identified Chris as her attacker.

The LAPD say they received a 911 call reporting the disturbance. “If police locate Brown, yes, he’s subject to arrest,” Officer Harding added.

Earlier Saturday night, Chris and girlfriend Rihanna were at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills. Rihanna‘s rep says, “Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support.”

On Sunday afternoon, one JJ reader had this report about the disturbance.

Both Chris and Rihanna were supposed to hit the red carpet and perform at the Grammys. Both will not be in attendance tonight. A Grammy rep says Rihanna‘s face is slightly bruised and adds, “We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight’s 51st Annual Grammy Awards. We’re sorry she is unable to join us this evening.”

UPDATE: Chris Brown has turned himself into the cops.

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  • angie

    thank u #22. wtf! would u walk a red carpet and endure answering all those questions and then hold yourself together and perform on the biggest music night of the year? give me break. i cant wait to see people turn all this around on rihanna if she is indeed the victim. i hope she comes out of this on top

  • mike jarvis

    Rihanna was in a car accident SHE WAS NOT BEAT UP BY ANYONE you gossiping mother fuckers

  • Liza

    I’m glad she called the cops. I don’t follow those two that much, but I never would peg him for an abuser. It just goes to show you can never tell.

  • lo

    holy crap, if this is true I hope she DUMPS HIS ASS ASAP

  • lo

    holy crap, if this is true I hope she DUMPS HIS ASS ASAP

  • Kimberley

    Hmmm…I don’t think Chris would beat up a woman? I member watching him on Tyra when he was talking about his mom going through that and how f’d up that was

  • Mia

    They were both said to be in a “car accident” but really, you know that isn’t the real story.

  • Isis Lara

    Rihanna’s PR team are covering up her bruised face with a car accident story. Clever! Let’s see, Rihanna’s face is messed up during the same time Chris Brown might face battery charges from an unidentified woman. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  • slambang

    That is messed up! I hope they lock him up! That is just WRONG.

  • olah

    Maybe they beat up each other but since Chris is stronger she overwhelm her. Could be the effect of drugs & booze at the same time.

  • hj
  • bess

    I am shocked and disgusted!!! You can tell by his face here that he doesn’t look like him self!!!

  • carlos

    look people this isn’t the first time this has happened Chris has hit Rihanna before & if she doesn’t dump him he will do it again

  • evelyn

    #56 – unfortunately, that is where most abusers learn it … see it … when they were young themselves at home … alot of them end up being abusers themselves …

    i know there is nothing definite on chris brown yet … but just a general fact on abusers.. they themselves oftentimes come from households of abuse

  • bonnie

    how do you know she’s been hit before, carlos #64

  • fhg

    y would he do this if his mother had a past with domestic violence with her boyfiend. plus #28 he probably knew he would be the blame because he is a black male celebrity

  • jo

    Rihanna needs to dump Chris Brown asap, if she doesn’t he’ll do it again.

  • Denim

    My god, it’s so fucking disgusting how fans of someone will immediately disregard anything negative they may have done, but it’s FAR WORSE that they would assume that a woman would lie about being abused for attention. Do you not know the statistics on domestic abuse in this country? How many cases go unreported out of fear? Everytime you write a woman off like that, you’re legitimizing an attack. It’s fair to say you’ll reserve judgment against an accused attacker until their are more facts, but to pass judgment against someone who may have been beaten by someone she loves… that’s just abhorrent.

  • anon

    wow. some of you guys need to stop jumping to conclusions!
    we don’t even know the WHOLE story yet.

  • becca

    i hope that this is not what it seems like… i won’t make any assumptions and will be praying for both of them.

  • Mami

    His mom used to get beat by her BF. I guess that’s where he learned in from. :(


    ughh!!! im pissed;; Rihanna was the only reason why I wanted to tune in tonight!!!!!!!!! omgggggggggggggggggg…. and I read that her performance was going to be sooo great!! Ugh dumb dumb chris brown.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im pissedddd!!! i love you rihanna…. =[

  • big j

    Pity he didn’t smoke that joint – might have chilled him out!

  • eighty

    Bossip has the inside: they’re saying Chris hit Rihanna because she gave him herpes!!!

    bossip . com

  • kaylee

    #70- its pretty obvious though. i mean this “unidentified woman”?? come on, who else would it be! if it was anyone else but rihanna, they would be identified. besides why would rihanna cancel her performance if she wasn’t somehow involved?

  • J

    all of you who are say chris brown this chris brown that,just shut the f**k up none of us even know if he did it,it’s probably just some women trying to get money.

  • Christie

    You know what’s really sad?

    That it is 2009 and women are still having to make up things like car accidents when they are victims of abuse.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of their abusive situation and I hope that if it is the case that Rhianna gets out and he gets help to break the cycle.

    It’s even more sad if you think of the extreme end of the domestic abuse situation with Jennifer Hudson’s family.

    It’s time for the music industry to step up and step out of the shadows of domestic abuse and call this situation what it is, f*cked up! The fact that this happened on the biggest night in music can really draw attention to the abuse that happens daily.

  • Laurena

    It wouldn’t be domestic violence if the victim wasn’t his girlfriend. It would be called assault, not domestic violence. Just sayin.

  • Kayla

    Just Jared Jr Said”A Grammy rep says Rihanna‚Äôs face is slightly bruised.”
    there you go guys rihanna might have been the victim.

    Kay :]

  • just sayin

    #79 you hit the nail on the head. My thoughts exactly.

  • chef

    Only time will tell the real story.

  • Erin

    Uhm this is a bunch of bull.

  • nikki

    THAT BASTARD!! First i wanted to see my girl perform and next how dare he assault rihanna. WHAT A MONSTER!

  • Mary t

    Agree #79 – the victim had to be his girlfriend or a family member to be classified as domestic abuse and not simply assault. If it was a random female that was accusing him of this, she might still not be named for confidentiality purposes, but it would not be classified as domestic violence by the police.

  • cindy


    Violence and abuse affect all kinds of people every day. It doesn’t matter what race or culture you come from, how much money you have, how old you are, or if you have a disability.

    Violence does not discriminate.

    Abuse can be physical, mental, and emotional.

    Violence against women in any form is a crime, whether the abuser is a family member; someone you date; a current or past spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend; an acquaintance; or a stranger…..

    I read “between the lines”…the Rihanna’s face was bruised?

    Chris Brown…you’re a !@#$#@%!

  • not me

    Beth # 40

    Stop stereotyping. All races have spouse beaters who are filled with rage from their childhood. What you said was as bad as what Chris Brown did. Because stereotyping is violence against a whole group of people.

  • bdj

    Don’t know all the facts but a sad situation for two gifted artists. Folks should think and calm down. A lot at stake besides pride, such as family and careers.

  • Jessica

    It’s official.

    “R&B singer Chris Brown to be questioned in alleged domestic violence attack against Rihanna” link:

    This is really sad, I hope she is okay. He just flushed his entire career down the toilet.

  • Jayne

    Chris is probably with his family making up stories to say how it happened – little woman beater. He said on a Tyra Banks show sometime long ago that he used to pee the bed and it was because of the domestic violence in his home and he was so scared he would stay in his room and not go to the bathroom so he would pee the bed. When she asked him if he didn’t tell his sister, he said she was scared too. I am saying this to mean that Chris is doing what he is familiar with – it is a learned behaviour.

    His mother’s man or husband used to beat up on her – now he is doing the same thing – he should know once the police is involved he is in trouble no matter how much money he has – now his career might be questionable.


  • Lola

    all of you guys are jumping to conclusions as if you really know what’s going on. we are only given half of the information that might not even be true. im not saying that Chris is innocent or not but it’s not our business to say we saw something of ‘my friends cousin’s neighbor’s sister saw it’.

  • XOXo

    Well that’s stupid how are they gonna cover this up. Obviously Rihanna was the victim, or else she would;ve showed up at the Grammy’s. And who else was CB with that night besides Rihanna! If it is her, she needs to step up and admit it not cover it up for his sake. Don’t be stupid girl!

  • Cheri

    At the end of the day these people are human beings just like us. And a man does not hit a woman unless he has an abusive record withuot being provoked.???? Does Chris have an abusive record no… Something had to have trigured this altercation

  • p

    #19 KIM: you are a dumbass! I’m sure that u know Chris Brown so well. . . Its an image he presents to the public, like all celebrities. We don’t know all the facts except that he is being investigated for an assault. The cops wouldn’t be chasing him down if there was no evidence. Saying that the woman faked it is repulsive. You’re a disgusting person for making that ignorant comment.

  • lalalove

    Ehhh, young f.ucking love! I knew something like this would happen in a matter of time.
    They needed to give eachother some space. Let’s see as it unravels.

  • Glam Girl

    what a shame….we all need to learn to control our tempers and walk away….women can’t hit a man not expecting them to defend themselves and men should not ever hit a woman otherwise. It’s just a messy situation. Chris better do some hard praying bcause this is NOT a good look!

  • qwerty

    Either way, Rihanna needs to break things off because either A) Chris seriously abused her to the point where law enforcement had to be called in or B) He was in a car with another woman even though he is dating her.

    Shame on you Chris!!!

  • chris’s mistress

    Dnt nobody know the true story(bt me,chris, n the alien rihanna) b.c chrissy (0 my b datz what i kall mr.chris brown for short), well thatz my homeboy (brotha from another motha), n he said he did punch dat trick bt only b/c she tried 2 bite him and suck his blood….Man i told him not to mess wit dat krazy broad!!!

    *by the way he’z ot on the run any more…he’z at my house…we eatin chicken and oatmeal cookies wit patroose on the side…and laughin at yall.

  • patheticwomendisgustme

    CHERI- Whatever the trigger, he has no right to put his hands on anyone. R u serious? I guess when ur man beats the shit out of you, you must have deserved it for provoking him?Ur an ignorant retard using this line of thinking. Grow a brain and some self respect as a woman.

  • http://website Ramonhall

    He’s messed up really bad now. At 19 years old???? Thats just plain stupid. He shouldn’t have been out with Rihanna in the first place. I could see a temper in him when he attacked that camera man. Chris Brown isn’t the sweet guy that everyone thinks he is..and now we all know it! Thats why I am a fan of Corbin Bleu because he would never do anything that stupid!!!

  • halliero

    omg don’t tell me that rihanna a little bruise stopped her from the grammys, what diva if whitney could show up high then rihanna could have slap some makeup on and not disappoint her millions of fans, my whole family in Barbados were waiting to see her performance!