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Chris Brown Investigated For Assault

Chris Brown Investigated For Assault

Chris Brown is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged assault on a female.

“The identity of the victim will not be released,” Officer April Harding tells People. “Any victim who’s involved in a domestic violence incident is entitled to confidentiality.”

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Chris and an unnamed woman were arguing inside of a vehicle when suddenly things turned violent. According to TMZ, the woman suffered visible injuries and identified Chris as her attacker.

The LAPD say they received a 911 call reporting the disturbance. “If police locate Brown, yes, he’s subject to arrest,” Officer Harding added.

Earlier Saturday night, Chris and girlfriend Rihanna were at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills. Rihanna‘s rep says, “Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support.”

On Sunday afternoon, one JJ reader had this report about the disturbance.

Both Chris and Rihanna were supposed to hit the red carpet and perform at the Grammys. Both will not be in attendance tonight. A Grammy rep says Rihanna‘s face is slightly bruised and adds, “We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight’s 51st Annual Grammy Awards. We’re sorry she is unable to join us this evening.”

UPDATE: Chris Brown has turned himself into the cops.

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  • Mark

    Well “amcreds22″, i believe chris is now single again, still hate him??????

  • Leah

    I cant believe some people are actually saying she deserved it ,nobody deserves that.i just hope shes okay
    and I honestly never would have expected that of chris brown but then it always seem to be the people you wouldnt expect to do stuff like this that actually do .very sad

  • black stallion

    hey every1..u might not beleive me but im 1 f rihana’s closest friends and i can assure you that chris did not beat her up!she is just going through a rough time and she is acting out for attention …she hurt herself.but all will be ok:)

  • honey

    No one knows the complete story – so don’t judge Chris or Rihanna .
    Maybe he left to keep from hurting her – How can you call a man a coward when you do not know him and probably have never met him – He turned his self in remember – remember no one is perfect , we all have fallen short – If you wasn’t there ( in the car) you will never know the real truth. When the story is told it will be told from Chris’ view and from Rihanna’s view – there is no need to put either of them down. Keep them both lifted up in prayer. One love

  • jesse

    I hope Chris gets his his faced impaled with a cement block.
    I hope Rihanna presses charges and he gets his ass punished!

  • honey milk

    omg i just read this!!!omg im sure its true!!!!wtffff!!!!they say he raped her and there is evidence…whats happening to the world ppl:(

  • honey milk

    omg i just read this!!!omg im sure its true!!!!wtffff!!!!they say he raped her and there is evidence…whats happening to the world ppl:(

  • lilly

    wat r u guys talkin bout??!was rihana murdered???

  • amanda

    wowww…i luv chris brown…NOW I DNT!!..I feel sowwie 4 rihanna…i reckon he did do sumfin 2 her

  • Jerry B

    Chris should team up with Bobby. ” The Browns sing, you always hurt the one you love.”

  • Jenna

    ohh emm gee. Chris doesn’t seem like he would do that. I love them both. But if Chris seriously did this is career is screwed. Right down the shitter.

  • an

    i always thought that jay z was a better match for RiRi

    well maybe its not to late. read somewhere that jay and bee were supposed to attend a grammy after party.

    but didnt show up. maybe there is hope that jay will find his real love with riri.

  • shantell

    noooooo, she gave him herpes

  • lakers fan in boston

    rol, lol
    wow, who would have thought his gay ass would even have it in him
    he hit me with my umbrellah, ellah ellah
    lol =]
    altho i hate u riri, i do kinda feel bad for mostly
    …..mostly cuz i hate gay brown even more than u

  • whyy chris ?!

    i cant believe he hit a girl in the first place i used to admire him but he lost my respectt D:
    but whyy ? what did she ever do to him ?!

  • danielle

    Chris Brown is a good guy and
    Rihanna gave him dem “gerpies”
    i know its herpes but still.
    And those who say he is just like his father you
    don’t know anything about him or his father so basically
    you need to get a life.
    Thats very funny if i am a 13 year old young lady,and your older than me please GET A LIFE!
    Danni ♥

  • LISA


  • azareena

    wut da heck i hope dat aint true but it dont seem like he wud do dat but u neva know wut soum1 wud do

  • lovely

    Please make a response to #156

  • renee

    i heard that the reason y he beat rhianna up cuz she gave him herpes n i dnt blame him 4 that either.

  • thoughts from above

    come on!!!!!!!!!!! You, we as their fans have to believe and have faith. Everybody knows how misery loves company. This is all a big misunderstanding. It will blow over in no time.

  • http://chrisbrown victoria

    i feel so bad omg i was crying he is my idol and he ruined it know but i still love u know matter what

  • L.S. Superior

    Confirmed – CB lettin all us nigguhz from da hood spread da word. RHIANNA gave him an STD.. check ya info. he still gunna make his $$ regardless. ez

  • Miy

    I think it’s sad. Chris seemed so nice. I hate it when you think famous people are different then you thought they would be (only if you think something good about them anyway). It’s really disappointing to see people act that way whether they’re famous or not.

  • anon

    #155 chris dont deserve props for turnin himself in, come on there aint no way he cud hide, da dude neva had no choice.

  • hj


  • :(

    Oh yeah #19 you know he wouldn’t do that cause i’m sure you’re bffs with that son of a b****. how dare you defend someone you dont even know when he’s beating his girlfriend! no man should EVER hit a woman. He better get jail time for this!

    go to hell chris brown!

  • me me me

    she should not only leave his ass but also find someone to smash his face in and give him some time to reflect on being an abusive asshole. what sort of behaviour is that? i remember some years back when i first started dating how my dad and brother sat me down and told me if a boy ever hit me, they would break his head with a baseball bat. luckily that was never required, but i can’t think of a better punishment for beater assholes.

  • diann

    PEOPLE GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have no idea how this whole thing went down…you’re all right…he shd NOT have touched her..but WE HAVE NO IDEA what took place in that car….maybe he accidentally hit her during a scuffle…maybe she hit him or said something shocking and he reacted…who knows??…we all know there are two sides to a story and then there’s the truth…so let’s just quit assuming and stop passing judgement and see what happens next…..because the truth will eventually come out..

  • http://celebuz fucc

    On the real….I would of beat her ass too. Come on now..she gave the boy herpes. Thats just fucked up! I’m a female and I am on Chris’s side! Dirty BITCH!

  • lisa marie

    Damn Chris!

  • .xoxo.

    :( … but i love(d?) chris brown … :(

  • Jill

    Mark @ 02/09/2009 at 12:01 pm
    i believe that chris only defended himself, as rihana verbally assaulted him

    Have you lost your fcuking mind? A girl verbally assaults a guy — in other words, she tells him off — so the appropriate response is to beat her up? I sure hope you haven’t got a girlfriend. If you think it’s appropriate to beat up on women, that attitude is going to land you in jail, and sooner rather than later.

  • Jill

    According to,
    Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and left her in the car while he fled the scene. She was brought to the hospital with her face severely bruised and swollen, a bloody nose, her lip split, and — get this — BITE MARKS.
    If the cops match the bite marks to Brown, it is all over for him.
    Click on the link above for the full story. I hope they throw this MF under the jail.

  • Sheila

    Damn Chris. He is a jerk. Love RiRi :X:X!!!

  • Tasakajson

    chris brown a bait, bout he beat up on woman, idiot. If its Rhiri he’s a bigger idiot. Lost respect for you Brown.


    #74 I’m pretty sure Rihanna didn’t give Chris herpes! I mean, that’s when you know when tabloids go to far!

    #111, #151 and others who say that they would have beat her up too or that they would join Chris in beating her up DISGUST me! And if you carry on life with an attitude like that… we’ll see where it leads you!

    As for me, I loved Chris… I really put him up on a pedistal and that he was going to be the next best r’n'b star! His performance at the MTV Music Awards last year was amazing! Now, I have lost all respect for Chris and I’m disgusted to the point where I deleted all Chris Brown songs from my Ipod. I can’t even stand to look at his stupid cartoon-like face!

    If Chis is ‘The Man’…then DAMN THE MAN!!!

  • Sarah

    wow, i honeslty would’nt have thought he would do anything like that..

  • xybil fenty

    i thought you were a great man
    but my thoughts were very wrong!

  • http://hotmail kitty

    we bajans know we never let a man hit us and get away with it and if rihanna decides to go back with him she’ll be nothing but a disgrace to us bajan women and if she does go back she’ll just get more blows than anything elseso good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anomyous

    I never found Chris Brown attractive. I had a friend who said “I’d leave my husband for Chris Brown.” I don’t understand it at all. I find absolutely nothing about him attractive. He always has this “I’m rich” smirk on his face in interviews. I also don’t think Rhianna is very intelligent. I hope she can break this off and not go back with him. Speaking from experience at age 18 I was involved with a guy who liked to punch me in the face etc. It actually took a few times to get away and then he resulted to stalking. It’s not as easy as people think that you can just walk away. Feelings are involved and sometimes you even start to feed on the violence. Maybe in some ways you think you deserve it and look forward to the sweetness afterward.

    Any man who puts his hand on a woman is nothing. Regardless what the woman is doing to the man he should never put his hands on her EVER. I wish that all of young Hollywood had to have real jobs where you work for & with people you hate for very little money.

  • http://yahoo kittykatt

    omg these stories are crazy everybody is makin shit up no-one but them two know what happen and why so everyone should keep there nose out of it and let the guilty pay for what they have done thats all I have to say.

  • http://youtubecom/priincessaiisha Aisha

    I <3 them both. Big fan of their music. Chris wouldn’t do that. If he did, so… we all get stressed at times. Don’t we? Leave him alone.

  • shannon

    i totally agree with kim, chris is not this kind of person and yeah i agree again if he does go to prison i would be like really upset and cry forever – i love chris so much and i would hate to see him in prison – he doesnt deserve it there must be a deeper reason why someone would say this anyway – if it was rhianna i assume she did something really bad to make him angry? – but yeah i still support and love chris dearly, his my inspiration :)

  • Candesse

    i dont care what anyone says he is still my boo……..
    i dont even think he hit her in purpose…….

  • blondie

    Listen and listen well.
    When you are drinking that ignorant oil,
    you are likely to do anything.

    Right about now, Chris has probably cried his eyes out
    in the deepest regret, and has poured his heart out
    to Rihanna and begged his forgiveness,
    and Rihanna, loving him as much as he loves her,
    may sweep him into her caressing arms,
    where they will live happily ever after,

    as long as they stay clean and sober….(IMO)

  • Sara

    I do not for 1 second believe that chris brown hit rihanna!!
    ooohhhh pleaseee she probably hit herself to get him arrested because for once he may have actually spoke out to her!!

  • Sara

    omg after reading a few comments I have just realised how bloody brainwashed the media has turned every1
    i know chris and he wouldnt touch a woman, he grew up with all respect for women…
    Dont judge people based purely on the medias perspective of everything, because the majority of the time they LIE!

  • Gaabriel do brazil

    filho da puta

  • tonya

    Rihanna should of never been in a r/ship with chris. hes younger n immature. If i was her i would not talk to him ever again. I hope she is alright. luv u riri!