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Christian Bale: Doting Dad

Christian Bale: Doting Dad

Christian Bale welcomes his daughter home with open arms on Saturday (February 7) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 35-year-old British actor was doing some household chores when his wife Sibi Blazic returned home with their daughter, who turns 4 next month.

On Friday, Bale apologized profusely for his screaming and shouting on the set of Terminator Salvation, which opens on May 22. He said, “I acted like a punk, I regret that and there is nobody that has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear.”

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  • Kristen

    Oh please, how much do you want to bet that he scheduled this with the paps to make sure the mags have a doting-daddy image of him to replace his current image as a nutcase in need of anger management?

  • gradyB

    So sad he resorted to a photo op. Shoulda went on SNL and it would have all been over.

  • Nolwenn

    Toute mimi ;p

  • diane

    i wonder who tipped paps that c.bale is holding his girl..

    image reshaping in full effect

  • Emma

    Aw, she’s so cute. She looks a lot like him!

  • JGP

    perfect way to soften up his image lol


    NO it is not a photo op.. so what he came home.. what are you people anyway.. THE DIRECTOR AND THE DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY

  • dani

    this is lame.

  • mike

    you people think every single moment of everyones lives is a photo op and besides who fucking gives a shit???? seriously!!! like none of you have EVER flipped out on someone…

  • mike

    and besides these paps follow them around 24/7 whatever you do is on pics…wow he hugged his daughter….you people are assholes….go fuck yourself

  • Cute daughter

    Very beautiful daughter. Just like the Alec Baldwin incident-the press making a mountain out of a molehill. Enough already!!

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    Thought it was Ben and Violet. I saw him with his daughter before and he wasn’t like this.

  • mslewis

    Who ever doesn’t believe this is a photo op is really naive!!! Christian Bale has NEVER allowed photos of his daughter. In fact, nobody really knows her name, not even the baby blogs. When the family travels the girl is usually way in back of he and his wife, with her nanny. I challenge any of you to find more than one or two photos of that girl on the Internet!! Bale’s people are trying to make him looks like a “doting daddy” to soften his image. That’s okay. It happens all the time. But lets call it what it is a photo op and nothing more. It may work, it may not, but this man needs anger management sessions, not photo ops with his kid!!

    P.S.: She is a pretty little girl and I’m sure her daddy does love her.

  • truvy

    Hold up. We rarely ever, and I mean ever, see a glimpse of this guy and now all of a sudden we see him outside of his home with his daughter? I’m not buying it.

  • joss

    not every celebrity does a photo op…and who cares there are celebrities who has done worse than cussing someone…life goes on…

    p.s. his daughter is so cute!

  • pomme

    it’s the saturday photos ! every saturday, you can find photos with him & his wife or child in people nets! why? his day off! every saturday ! look! it’s why i’m on his site today for saturday Christian Bale photos!

  • Marieme

    He can apologize all he wants. The real test is whether he’s changed his ways. I hope so and I do believe he is sorry.


    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I wish i could bang him!

  • Cat

    You people have all really started making me feel bad for him in all of this. He apologized. Now leave him alone and let him live in peace with his beautiful family.

  • Teacher

    His behavior is suited to his role. He is the right man for the role.

  • pomme

    yolanda,you’re coarse! him he was angry to stop his scene ! you’re stupid!
    i wanted to say this saturday photos you can find in people site the sunday.Every sunday!

  • The Shiznack

    maybe bcus his name is the press the paps started to follow him again

    when he was promoting TDK there were lots of pictures featuring his daughter

  • jen

    Holy Damage Control Batman

  • anja

    as sweet as the photos are, the whole thing just screams damage control. he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

  • Sas

    Anyone that supports Bale, a person you will never meet and a guy that could care less about you, then you need help. Like Christian needs help. Scumbag.


    It does not scream damage control that would be having Christian standing next to HIS FRIEND THE DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY
    THAT HE YELLED AT..And since the finished the movie and the DOP
    HAPPY TO SEE HIS DAUGHTER… Who looks a awful lot like Violet..

  • leslie

    LOL So obviously doing damage control! Christian sucks!

  • meh

    Who cares if it’s a photo op (which I don’t think it is) – he’s so hot! He could yell at me any time!

  • mp

    I think
    He was done reputation of enough attack of by the mass communication

    I think
    The photograph of the family is true

  • jersey

    LOL!! People will find anything and everything to dish on. I believe the man is entitled to HUG his child. She is his child. And as far as pictures go, if you take as much energy in posting negative comments about him as you would googling images of him and his family, you will find pictures of him holding his child, hugging her and kissing her. Quite frankly, I didn’t think the child could walk because he held her so much. There are actually quite a few of them in front of his house playing with her with a push car. Good grief.

  • Jessica

    And here comes the PR. Typical.

  • N.J.

    Nothing new. Pictures of Christian Bale with his daugher appear almost every week.
    People just never paid that much attention to Bale before.
    It’s old news, get over it!!!

  • zoe

    damage control at its best

  • tora

    His daughter doesn’t look too pleased to be hugged by her own father….

  • Peach

    mslewis – just look on this site and you’ll see plenty of pictures of Christian Bale and his little daughter.

    Or is that too hard for you?

    You have a low opinion of him and nothing is going to change it – right?

  • anna

    still scared of him…looney

  • hahaha

    very fake

    Im banking from now Bale will be smiling and nice to his fans
    in all photos and premiers when he was not before

  • bess

    Bale needs help! A total loon!

  • Mami

    So predictable. See I’m nice a family man and my daughter isn’t afraid of me. Yeah right.

  • star wars

    Always knew he’s a self arrogant prick so all this movie rampage is not new to me.

  • ogal

    such a photo-op. hahaha

  • dora

    I’ve seen pics of his daughter before and he’s always extremely affectionate with her. No matter what you think of the man, it’s obvious he loves his family. The paps are in front of his house. They have probably been camped there for the past week waiting for him to emerge. He probably hasn’t left the house all week(who can blame him?). He’s probably relieved that the whole thing is over(and he apologized, people – move on) and he wanted to greet his daughter.

  • clare

    hahaha:he always was nice with fans!
    yes,it’s too strange a dad to be nice or wait with his girl! and some one said every week you have photos with his baby! why not today? he excused in set and in public! none is dead except his reputation!

  • http://yahoo rita

    Suri Cruise looks like his child also and you don’t see him requesting DNA. I will never pay to see another movie of his-EVER AGAIN. Yes this is a photo op. His wife is disgusting. That hair is so 70′s. Take responsibility Christian, for Suri, and then people will love you again.

  • pop

    why so many hatred? he’s a jerk ! i don’t know but say he uses his family! NO! he’s very private with his family! he never sold his baby for publicity! you can see them together in this site almost every week!
    Do you want a real bad boy? go to see news about Chris Brown:if it’s true, i wouldn’t defend him!

  • gp

    Rita I agree with you about Suri looking like Bale. On Celeb baby blog last year many thought she is Suri’s dad. LOL!

  • dancer

    Bale,Phelps and Brown should all get together for the next Bong party and dance to the remix of that F-bombs.
    Jay Leno,CNN and Fox News are so right what a classy difference to hear an audio that of Bale and a real professional that of U.S. Airway pilot Sullenberger. Bale’s audio was downright lowest of the low.

  • may

    Im Bale-ing out from this guy.

  • Squaraus

    Bale becomes more sad day after day: all smiles in recent pics, then his public execuses on the radio and now these SPONTANEOUS and JOYFUL photos with his daughter. I’m much more convinced that Bale thinks everyone is more stupid than him, because he shouldn’t let these photos circulate on magazines: a lot of people could think he set up everything just to promote his “doting dad” image and of course his movie. From “The Mirror”, his mother expressed her worry about his recent behavoiur, saying that he’s hot the same person he’s been in the past. So people: just see, reason out and follow your personal opinion about him. Mine is always the same.

  • SERA

    He will lose it again at some point!