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Daniel Craig is BAFTA Bold

Daniel Craig is BAFTA Bold

Daniel Craig (in head-to-toe Burberry) and longtime love Satsuki Mitchell hit the red carpet at the 2009 BAFTA Awards held at London’s Royal Opera House, Covent Garden on February 8 (Sunday).

It was such a rainy evening, each of them had their own personal umbrella holder assistants!

The 40-year-old actor will present an award during the British Academy Film Awards ceremony. His latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace was nominated for two BAFTA awards: Special Visual Effects and Sound.

10+ pictures inside of BAFTA bold Daniel Craig

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Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • blogger:


  • blogger:

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooo I was first!!!!!!!

  • more pics here
  • blogger:


  • clive


  • blogger: happy

    I am so happy I was first!!

  • Fugly gf

    Man she is manly looking!!

  • satgolddiggerbyatch


  • FOr once

    Ok, for once she has a nice dress, and she doesn’t look too fugly ;-)
    BUT he definitively seems in love with her, the way he is holding her…as if someone will to steal her from him…as if…… !!!

  • wtf?

    what does she look like

  • For Once

    NOTHING as usual…

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    Satsuki is the one thet plays chandler stupid girlfriend in “friends”?
    cus she looks so much like her! lol

  • where is the psychic

    i wonder where the psychic is?

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    her name was jenna, i think.

  • Late Night

    Late last night a few of us had the pleasure of chatting with someone who knows a lot, works in the industry, and if anyone bothered to read the last thread, the puzzle pieces are beginning to fall into place. Sats is bisexual, and that is why she looks so butch, she doesn’t look like a tranny, she looks butch, because she is bisexual. That is why there will never be a wedding or a baby.
    The reason he looks miserable is because he’s getting tired of the situation. The reason they spend more time apart then people realize is because those are the times she spends with her “girlfirend.” She is bisexual.
    Finally, I disagree in the last thread with the poster who said we would bash her for giving to chairty because we would say she was spending his money. THAT IS NOT TRUE. We would think that she has an ounce of decency in her. HOWEVER, she doesn’t have to spend his money to do charity work, there are THOUSANDS of things that she could do to help charity without asking for his money, AND if she did ask him for money to do charity work, he would probably feel better about that then keep giving her money for films that she wants to be involved with that keep bombing. At least with charity work, he knows his money will always be working and never a loss!!!!

  • to 13

    in the asylum LOL

  • ring

    nice ring

  • blogger to 15:

    She is beyatch.

  • Hair

    His gf’s hair is a mess! Someone should tell her to comb it!

  • blogger to 17:

    Beyatch has a lot of rings, ask her if she donate you any ring.

  • why?

    another crappy award show.

  • blogger:

    beyatch at the Bafta.

  • to 15

    who with? a rumor surely?

  • to 15

    the one who spread the rumour about Satsuki being bi works in the industry? How do you know? Any prove? Only rumours and silly chitchat.
    He is with her and that’s all what matters.

  • blogger :

    I have one query: why title Daniel Craig is BAFTA ,,Bold,,??

  • blogger:

    Daniel met Angelina again..

  • With Who

    Her Girlfriend’s name is Veronica. NOT a Rumor. Sorry. It’s true.
    I know the sats lovers will do their best to disagree with the truth, but the truth is what it is. Sats is bisexual and her girlfriend’s name is Veronica. A simple fact.

  • to 15

    if someone tells you Madonna is the mother of Jesus you believe that too as long as the person tells you about being in the industrie…LOL how dumb is that! ROTFL.
    I’m working in the industry and I tell you Angelina is an alien and Brad has a vagina. LOL. Unbelievable that there are really people arround who take this post serious.
    You have to believe what I’ve told you, because I work in the industry LOL LOL great joke

  • 27

    I believe is 100%. I heard rumors for the longest time but didn’t want to say anything.
    A lot of people have known about it.
    This information becoming more public may be the reason for them splitting. Having a bisexual girlfriend is almost as bad as being called gay in the industry.
    I have a feeling the Bond franchise has been doing it’s best to keep it a secret, but when you’re with someone as famous as Bond, secrets are hard to keep.
    Paps have hinted at it too when they said they don’t spend more time apart then people realize.
    I’ve suspected it for the longest and I’m glad it’s finally being revealed.

  • to 27

    no fact, only your assumption…..
    proof? proof? proof? proof?

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    she is ‘jenna’ from “friends”?

  • blogger:

    where is green eyed bomb of danny boy?

  • 28

    Like I said the sats lovers will do their best to disagree, but I didn’t think you would do it in such a moronic fashion.

  • 30

    I have an idea, why don’t you PROVE THAT IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!


    For everyone who says that the information about sats being bisexual is JUST a rumor, and keep asking for proof.

  • Weird title

    BAFTA BOLD? Odd title for an odd couple.

  • blogger:

    beyatch is squint monkey!

  • to 27

    huh? that is his on/off PAS he has used

    i read past posts

  • 35

    I agree, the sats lovers always accuse people of just rumors and speculations when something is said about Sats that they don’t like, but why don’t they prove that they are just rumors. They always scream for proof, proof, proof, but what proof do they have that it’s just a rumor. I agree 100%, give us proof that she is NOT bisexual. I believe she is bisexual, because everything makes sense now.

  • re bisexual

    that poster last nite didnt say that, it was inferred by the other poster

    the poster was asked and they said most likely in their gut feeling

  • To #9

    I think the dress is very ugly; the draping is hideous and all over the place. Are they using the orange makeup again or is it just the lighting?

  • Most Likley

    Helllooooooo, “Most Likely” is the same as confirming the truth. Talk about grabbing at straws. SATS IS BISEXUAL. Pure and simple. Why do you have a problem with that? You don’t like bisexual people or what? Why does this information bother you? Does it disrupt your perfect little dream of them living happily ever after?
    Also, the poster last night was being professional, anyone with half a brain could figure it out, as soon as we figured it out, which is what the poster’s intention was, they left the board. The poster last night had one intention, to reveal the truth, and left as soon as they accomplished their goal.
    It’s sad that these obvious and logical things have to be explained.

  • 40

    Where is your proof that she is NOT bisexual?
    I’m waiting.

  • Lainey

    Maybe that’s why Lainey stopped talking about her, and has barely talked about Danny, because she found out the truth too, that Sats is bisexual. I gotta admit, everything is definitely making sense now.

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    Maybe that’s why Lainey stopped talking about her, and has barely talked about Danny, because she found out the truth too, that Sats is bisexual. I gotta admit, everything is definitely making sense now.
    Well, we’ll see tomorrow if she even talks about the BAFTAS at all – if not Dan and/or Sats. IMHO, I don’t think Lainey would care about Sats being bi… I just think she’s been overwhelmed with all the massive (for him and Sats) PR these past few months.

  • Tammy

    Your latest crush is boring Jared!! It’s the same people over and over on your site!! Shenae Grimes, Hilary Duff, Victoria Beckham!! Gimme me a break!!

  • To 44

    I don’t know about either of their sexual preferences. After seeing those pics of DC, the fugly gf and the homosexual couple they were vacationing with plus the odd behavior of this couple I do think they are not the lovebirds they want you to believe. What is she/he ??? business partner? body guard? I guess he keeps his mouth shut for a reason.

  • 45

    I respectfully disagree, I think she would care if she learned that Sats is Bi, she made all those predictions about her getting pregnant and marriage, nursery, etc. And with Sats being bisexual, there is noooo way danny boy would ever marry her.
    But I think Sats wants it all, being the wife of a rich and famous actor, and the girlfriend on the side.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    he is married to a man huh?

  • SnugglesandSnogs

    I respectfully disagree, I think she would care if she learned that Sats is Bi, she made all those predictions about her getting pregnant and marriage, nursery, etc.
    I don’t remember her mentioning the part about a nursery. I’ll have to go back and check. I look at Lainey as just a sounding board – it doesn’t seem that she does much of the snooping herself (I could be wrong) but relies on others in the know. Obviously, some of those contacts gave false or misleading gossip or was given to them as such.