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Hilary Duff is a Burger Babe

Hilary Duff is a Burger Babe

Hillary Duff heads out for lunch with a friend at a local cheap burger place near her home in Toluka Lake, Calif. on (January 7) Saturday.

The 21-year-old War Inc. actress also stopped by her local Coffee Bean on Friday in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

If you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, Hil has been in a major spat with Faye Dunaway. According to Hilary: Fay who?

10+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff, the burger babe…

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hilary duff burger babe 01
hilary duff burger babe 02
hilary duff burger babe 03
hilary duff burger babe 04
hilary duff burger babe 05
hilary duff burger babe 06
hilary duff burger babe 07
hilary duff burger babe 08
hilary duff burger babe 09
hilary duff burger babe 10
hilary duff burger babe 11
hilary duff burger babe 12
hilary duff burger babe 13
hilary duff burger babe 14

Photos: WENN, FlynetOnline
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  • ~m~

    if all these stars brought their own coffee cups instead of getting disposable ones it would make a big difference, not to mention set a good example
    come on people its not that hard (plus they give you a discount if you do)


    wow nice car she has :)

  • jewel

    yeah honestly…fay who? fiiiirst

  • rose

    thats tacky JJ. of course just fuel the fire why dont cha… why can´t think by yourself.

  • Amy

    Love Her

  • colby

    i think that’s awesome and that she’s brave enough to have burgers with fans everywhere. You never know who’s watching! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • NativeNYker

    Then I am not only living under a rock but its a deep one cuz I have no clue what the Faye/Hill altercation is about… Plz fill me in…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mike

    omg number one shut up seriously…everyone wants them to do something…let them just buy their damn coffee thats what I do at Dunkin Donuts every day…not that bif of a deal…love ya hillary!!! :)

  • sss

    she’s gorgeous as always! LOVE HER!

  • milla

    hilary duff dunk!!!! check it out this photo


    Who made the light gray tshirt anyone? I like it!

  • ~m~

    wow 8 don’t tell me to shut up, whats your problem?
    i was just expressing my opinion
    no need to be rude

    I was just saying how it would reduce a lot of the cups going into the landfill if people brought their own, and maybe if more of the stars did it other people would be more inclined as well (maybe not who knows)
    I do it all the time, its really easy

  • Tina

    she looks stunning!

  • vanessajonas

    she looks greaat

  • Valorie

    Ahh you guys don’t fight ~m~ is right that would reduce alot of cups going into a landfill , all the celebrities buy coffee everyday maybe twice a day thats a whole lot of cups and people do look up to them (some do) and maybe it would change us regular folks minds. It would be good for our planet. I totally get mike you dont think its that much of a big deal but honestly in the end it is. She was just expressing her opinion which were all allowed to do that what you did and that what im doing. No need to say shut up we all have opinions and we can voice them if we want. Anyway I love hilary she is very pretty especially her face she has a very pretty face like a modeling one in my opinion. Oh and HOTMOLLY it appears to me to be an American Apparel shirts hope that helps! :)

  • ~m~

    Valorie pretty much summed up what I was trying to say in a way that makes more sense lol, thanks V

  • Valorie

    welcome M i really think its so great you are trying to get the message across. It is so easy to do an it really just helps the planet in the end. Some people i know are embarrased to do that i dont get why its not like you are gonna be made fun of in fact people will look at you and see that you are helpping the planet. Like with water i totally get that people find it really coool to just be able to dispose of their water bottles when they are done with them but people like me who drink so much water end up hurting the plantet. So i just have this container that i freeze at night and then use it the next day. Little things do help! Anyway like the way ya think M

  • killershoes

    If Duff had praised Faye, respected her acting skills and talents and even asked for help and guidance this spat would have turned to a love fest!

  • sanne

    great pics

  • bella

    Why so many posts of her lately??? Other than her and Faye are acting like children.

  • bill

    hilary had respect for faye…faye should be helping hilary instead of opening her mouth to say such a rude comment. Hilary was real hurt, that’s why she didn’t talk about it.
    Faye has really put Hilary in a hard spot, and should have been helping her

  • sarah

    Wow! She is so pretty!

  • Edumacated

    bill @ 02/08/2009 at 6:22 pm hilary had respect for faye…faye should be helping hilary instead of opening her mouth to say such a rude comment. Hilary was real hurt, that’s why she didn’t talk about it.
    Faye has really put Hilary in a hard spot, and should have been helping her

    It isn’t Faye Dunaway’s job to “help” Hilary Duff — that can best be done by an ACTING COACH. Actually, a TEAM of acting coaches working double shifts couldn’t instill even a scintilla of talent into this ball of Disney Fluff. “Faye who”, she asks? Please permit me to answer: The “Faye” who has won Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys and appeared on Broadway, THAT’s Faye who. Shall we discuss YOUR relative cinematic FAILURES, Hilary? (War Inc. opened in only TWO theatres and earned less than $40,000 opening weekend.). Show some respect for the art form and for those who have perfected it and paved the way for UNTALENTED little TWITS like you to reap the rewards, Hil. You have all the depth of cartoon character.

  • mary


  • adriana

    Hil, you are so cute!!!!!

  • woody

    Faye Dunaway is a washed has-been who has barely acted in over 30 years. Hilary is more famous and much, much richer that faye will ever be. Jealous loser!

  • Edumacated

    Hilary Duff is the best actress in the whole world. I really love her.

  • westman

    Who does this Faye loser think she is. Washed up, OLD, ugly, no-talent, retard, LOSER, so much plastic surgery and not her real hair. How dare she insult Hilary, she is just jealous. Hil actually has TV deals, movie deals, merchandise deals, perfume deals.

  • Custom T

    She’s cute.