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Jennifer Aniston Covers Marie Claire

Jennifer Aniston Covers Marie Claire

He’s Just Not That Into You stars Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin take the March 2009 cover of Marie Claire.

When asked what the first thing they do after a breakup, here’s how the cover girls responded:
Aniston: “I don’t eat a lot. I go straight to my girlfriends, though.”
Goodwin: “The first thing I do is call my little sister. She drops everything.”
Barrymore: “Head straight for the carbs. Macaroni and cheese. Kraft. Deluxe. The kind with the cheese you squeeze out of a bag that takes at least a month to pass through your body.”

He’s Just Not That Into You is in theaters today. Check out Drew‘s tongue ring below!

BTW, Marie Claire has a new docu-series called “Running on Heels”, which premieres soon on the Style Network. Watch the video preview!

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Photos: Ruven Afanador
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  • Kay

    They all look great. And I really want to see He’s Just Not That Into to You!
    Oh, and can we please have no Jennifer hate from the haters and Brangelina loonies for once?

  • monica

    they all look amazing! the movie was great.

  • a2

    very cute! i like the black and white photos

  • faith


  • Kay

    Because it’s getting really old and you all hate her so much like you want her to die or something. Creepy. And enough of the whole “X” or “Maniston” comments for once. Can’t we all act like civilized adults for and comment on a thread if we like the celebrity instead of going on a post and bashing a celebrity you don’t like? Angelina is an Oscar winning actress and Jennifer is an Emmy award winning actress. period.

    btw, Drew’s peircing is so cool yet freaks me out. Too scared to get one and jennifer is so pretty but a bit skinny. And #1,
    yeah i also wonder why they got cut out.

  • wachagunnaduboutit

    THE MOVIE SUCCCCCCCCCCCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! i just saw it today, don’t waste your money. the dialogue is way toooo exaggerated for it to happen remotely in real life! i thought it would be interesting in the very least but instead it turns out to be over publicized over nothing.

    read the book instead

  • Kay

    a typical Brangelina fan I see. Jen is nowhere near a man, still great looking at 40 and if she got work done, which I doubt, oh well! it’s her life! Love the cover once again. They all look great!

  • Lindsey

    Loved the movie and love these girls! They are all so beautiful! I think Jennifer Aniston was great in the movie and I liked her story line the best. I can’t believe she is going to be 40… So gorgeous!

  • Micah

    cute photos..all look great.

  • faith

    Maniston doesn’t belong on the cover with these young ladies. Her chin is growing as we speak.

    Only a nutcase would keep exbf and exhusband cassette tapes.

  • faith

    Jennifer Aniston confessed this:
    “I still have the cassette tapes of
    messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband…
    it’s like saving love letters.”

    The bleach got to her head. CRAZY

  • 7

    faith ur nothing but a jealous loser go back to ur witch vagilina

  • lig

    Drew was determined to show off her tongue piercing. It looks gross.

  • teri

    Go ahead and see the boring movie. My son just went trying to see Underworld but couldn’t buy his g/f who’s 17 a ticket even though he’s 18. So they seen this movie and he was so pi**ed. I really thought an 18 year old could buy tickets. Me thinks they are just trying to sell her movie for her.


    She’s a homewrecking who**! Most don’t buy her innocent bs. Is it just me or does she look three months pregnant here?

  • angie can’t controll justjared

    Jennifer is a homewrecker when Angelina is the one who slept with brad while he was married to jen on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
    god, you fans are delusuional and pathetic. You act as if Brangelina is joesph and Mary themself. I wish this website’s comments on Jen and Angelina threads were like PerezHilton’s.
    Everyone hates Brangelina and seems to be on team Jen.

  • what

    teri @ 02/08/2009 at 1:30 am

    Me thinks you’re lame and your son should stop dating jail bait.

  • jade

    Kay @ 02/08/2009 at 1:10 am #7

    Kay, I totally agree with you. Thank you for your comment.
    I was just at Popsugar looking at these pictures and hoping Jared would put these on a thread. Thanks,Jared!
    Jennifer and the girls all look beautiful. Love the dresses. I had to laugh at what Drew said,in her comment about Macaroni and Cheese.

  • Mary

    Went to see the movie today with my boyfriend and it wasn’t good. Got a few laughs but wouldn’t see it again. Not many people liked it.

  • angie can’t controll justjared

    .. on PerezHilton.

  • 123

    “Jennifer is a homewrecker when Angelina is the one who slept with brad while he was married to jen on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
    god, you fans are delusuional and pathetic. You act as if Brangelina is joesph and Mary themself. ”


  • Jill

    Mary @ 02/08/2009 at 1:39 am
    … wouldn’t see it again. Not many people liked it.

    Not surprising. It’s getting some pretty crappy reviews.

  • teri

    So quick to pass judgement because I’m not a maniston fan. He just turned 18 three weeks ago and in six days his g/f of three years will be 18. Yes he’s such a child molester, not. What break up for a month and then continue again? Yeah okay. There are some good relationships out there, I’m sorry yours isn’t one. Come on they are both seniors and going to college soon. Get a grip and don’t always assume everyone is bad.

  • Halo

    I loved the film! absolutely loved it!

    I recommend everyone to see it but if they don’t – it doesn’t make it less of a greater film.

    I give it 3 out of 4 stars.

  • Kay

    jade @ 2/08/2009 #20

    Kay, I totally agree with you. Thanks for your comment.
    Finally! Someone agrees. No problem, the Brangelina fans that are sane on here(which is least likely no offense) i repect, but the insane ones like #17 and 12 I don’t. As much as I repeat what I say on this thread, the vapid ones won’t listen. I feel really sorry for jennifer and the hate she’s getting.

  • Halo

    I see the regulars are here on this thread and I mean the regulars who hate Jennifer Aniston. I expect the name changing to begin promptly.

    Someone mentioned Popsugar and I just want to say I love their site. It’s a fun site with registered users and it’s mostly objective. I love their quizzes as well.

  • 7

    so pathetic how jen haters repeat whatever that loser perez says at least make up another nickname ;p

  • OB

    Isn’t ScarJo and JenC good enough to be on the cover?

    Or is this the shoot that JenA refused to do with them as she looked old next to them? But then again she’s in with Ginny and Drew who do look much younger… strange. Tabbies for ya!

  • Halo

    Kay don’t bother responding to the insane fans of Angelina and Brad. I remember they would even attack me when I’m a fan of hers. I just don’t like worshipping celebrities because they’re only human. They’re not angels with wings and halos lol.

  • boohoo Brangelina

    Seriously…pathetic brangelina fans…you are as crazy as that ridiculous couple. Jennifer has class, she has acted in the most honorable and courageous ways possible and has done nothing to nobody. So i don’t get all the hate the brangelina fans throw at her. After all angelina is the homewrecker with the big loose mouth that spits shit every time she opens it.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    photoshopped chinny chinny bang bang again i see.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    must be tough to get a marie claire cover for an ensemble piece when a listers are getting oscar nominations for best actress along with their life partners who also get nominations for best actor. must be hard to be the so-so girl when a listers who get oscar noms are ending up on top of the hottest woman in the world list. must be hard that all you can do is end up on marie claire and act in movies with dogs. sad. nice photoshop though. jan brady likes photoshop i see.

  • OMg

    Aniston is soooooooooooo botox .
    Never notice it but whne standing with younger women, she look her age 4-0! despite all those plastic surgeries, restylane and botox.
    Oh well, I think human being can’t really fight aging despite medical advancement.

  • Halo


    I don’t see what’s the problem with Jennifer looking her age. As long as she doesn’t look 50 or 60 years old then there’s nothing wrong with her.

  • Kay

    Finally, i feel better now.

  • jen the 40 y/o por.n star

    Oh please stop Jennifer had class…… , faniston loonies. !
    A 4-0 y.o woman posing nude with a bunch of nake men in an intimidating sexual orgy position is not class !
    A 40 y.o. woman who constanly parading in half nude . exposing her boob, tit, wax vajenjen for razzie and the world to see is not class, except if you consider Pammy Anderson does have class too.
    A mdidle age cougar sleeping around post divorce is not class.

  • Kay

    Kate winslet posed naked for a magazine yet none of you complained. Brad was a model for Playgirl. Angelina kissed her brother and wore Billy Bob thorton’s blood around her kneck, slept with Brad while still married to Aniston, yet none of you complained. You know Brangelina hos, call Jennifer whatever you want buy boy, it’s going to be funny when both Brad and Angie go empty handed at the Oscars!

  • OMg

    Halo @ 02/08/2009 at 2:22 am OMg

    I don’t see what’s the problem with Jennifer looking her age. As long as she doesn’t look 50 or 60 years old then there’s nothing wrong with her.
    There’s nothing wrong of aging, besides 4-0 to ordinary people is not young but not old. but to entertainment industry and to an actress who can only play the same role in her whole career, hitting 4-0 is something to be worried about and don’t tell me Jennifer is not afraid of reaching that age, just like most actresses hitting that age, including her best buddy, CCox, start relying on repeated botox, restylane, plastic surgeries, cheek implant, breast augmentation, all these don’t look like a confident , secure woman reaching that age. and didn’t she just mention crying over a single strand of gray hair although we know she’s been bleaching her brunnete dark hair for the last 20 yrs of her life.

  • jen fan

    Wow love this cover and pics. They certainly are beautiful and funny women in their own right. Went and seen their movie and I really loved it. Different; but a good different. Thought I may not be able to follow all the story lines, but flowed really well. Good for all of them.

  • OMg

    WTF. When did Brad became a model for playgirl ????
    Aniston best buddy CCX, and Sheryl Crow said there was no cheating whatsoever and coming straight from your buddy idol, she is still in good tern with her ex husband, including saving his past phone message , don’t think you gonna save your ex hubby phone message if you know he cheated.,Divorce happen to 80% of HW marriage and >50 % American marraige, Brad and his X wife were just another couple whose marriage didn’t work.
    And everybody know only one win in the Oscar, there’s even a possiblity of Meryl or Kate Winslet or Sean Penn or Mickery Rourke went home empty handed. nothing to be ashamed for. Just being an Oscar nominee was already a great recognition and accolade, it ‘s a plus and will always be there in their resume, how many actresses and actors are fighting or dreaming for a final spot in the top 5. I can tell you a hundred or thousand of actors all over the world!!!!

  • jade

    Hi jen fan!
    I was hoping you would check in, after you seen the movie. Glad you
    loved the movie. I really love these pictures of Jen and Drew and
    Ginnifer. They really like each other and are enjoying being silly. Good
    for them. The coloring in these pictures are very beautiful, and so are
    all three of these women.
    If you can,watch The Grammy’s tomorrow night,dear.

  • amy lynn

    Jennifer is my total inspiration for turning 40! I hit that age about 6 weeks after she does. Look at the lady – has she ever looked better in her life? She looks fab and works hard for it. I have just really liked her a lot the past few years. Yay 4-0!

  • Maniston the next P*Orn sta

    look at P*ORNISTON Chin.. it’s looking mighty sharp from here.. LOL
    I wish she didn’t smile so wide .. it’s makes her looks like a CLOWN !

  • el

    Cool :))))))))))))))
    They all look great.
    So cute.

  • angel

    i saw the movie tonight it was awesome i really like it and i’m going to see it again.

  • angel

    very nice pics, specially the one jen is sitting on the floor.

  • elsa

    Great photos…all the girls look fantastic!!!!
    But I’d like to see Jennifer Connelly as well..

  • lizzie

    I think you can’t tell which one of them is the prettiest, but we all know the pics are fixed a lot anyway

  • she is evil