Jonas Brothers - Grammys 2009

Jonas Brothers - Grammys 2009

The Jonas Brothers jam to their hit song “Burnin’ Up” with the legendary Stevie Wonder at the 2009 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The musical trio also performed Stevie‘s classic, “Superstition.” FYI: In September, the Jonas Brothers performed at the birthday party of Stevie Wonder‘s 7-year-old son, Kailand..

Nick, 16, wore David Yurman jewels and donned a Dior t-shirt, jacket and jeans. Joe, 19, wore a ripped Requel Allegra shirt, a blingin’ Avakian necklace and Dior vest and jeans. Kevin, 21, kept it cool in a Balenciaga jacket, Platinum jewels an Dior jeans and shirt.

On the red carpet, Nick suited up in a Burberry suit and Neil Lane accessories. Joe wore a sparkly Versace suit with David Yurman jewels. Kevin also wore Versace with a David Yurman watch and Platinum accessories. 30+ pics inside…

Jonas Brothers & Stevie Wonder – “Burnin’ Up”

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  • celine

    Oh my lord… I cannot believe they would pair up someone as great as Stevie Wonder with a sell out boy band like the Jonas Brothers. When I saw that, I thought it was such a degrading moment for Stevie to sing something like “Burning Up”…

    Hmm..maybe it’s just me, but I hated this.

  • lynn

    JB are overrated.

  • Furious

    these guys are terrible. why in the world would a legend like stevie wonder sing with them.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    one question: WHEN WILL THIS MISERY ENDS, folks?

  • chef

    Maybe it’s a good thing Stevie couldn’t see what the hell was going on. Did you see where the one dude f***ed up the lyrics?

  • Furious

    That one guys whatever his name is screeching voices annoys me soo much.


    Brother Stevie. i feel your pain. Please never ever do this again.

  • pop86

    I must agree with #1. Couldn’t the Grammys pair Stevie with Rock Kid or Justin Timberlake. The Jonas Bros. had no business being on stage with Stevie.

  • sunshine

    Agreed … this sucked … this is degrading for stevie who is a absolute legend

    i feel sorry for stevie thats hes only blind .. it would have been best if he was deaf .. so he couldnt hear the screeching (attempts at singing )of the bros.

  • hahaha

    why are they so feminine?… this was gay…

  • JustFurious

    who cares if they are feminine or gay. The point is they cant SING. Terrible

  • nysro

    Their “performance” was an embarassment to music everywhere.. Poor Stevie..

    Teeny Bobber “music” has NO PLACE on the Grammy awards. It was a pathectic joke. Keep that shit on Disney, and away from anything remotely serious.

  • JustFurious

    Kid rock are you kidding me? He needs to get his trailor trash ass out of the grammys. God what has music come 2.

  • LALA


  • not me

    Whoever thought of this pairing should be fired. What an insult to a music legend. And why the hell Stevie W agreed!!!

  • Millie

    This was my favorite performance of the night. Those kids have talent, and I liked the pairing with Stevie. Having one of music’s legends perform with a group who represents the youth of the music industry was great.

  • Danielle

    god, Joe has to be gay look at the hand on the back in the second pic. Screams queen. Agreed, Nick’s voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, its beyond nasalily. The only reason they have what they have are young girls are so gullible and will buy anything Disney sells them.

  • crazies are out tonight

    I STILL DON’T GET IT!!! I’m confused as to why this pairing occurred?

    I watched the performance hours ago and I still don’t get it?

  • mercy

    I thought it was great. The energy was so high. And Nick was really rocking his guitar.One of the highlights of the night.
    Why question Stevie Wonder? He is a fan of the Jonas Brothers and has praised them for being real musicians.
    Some of the other performers were far worse. Like Katie Perry. No one would even do a duet with her. She was awful.

  • mickey

    Why, Stevie, why??? The Jonas Brothers raise terrible to a whole ‘nother level. They are catastrophically bad and the way they over perform their noise is 1 part terrifying and 2 parts hilarious. If they were as good as they think they are they’d be out of sight, but as it is they should just be out of sight.


    jb live is terrible……just another tween band. sucks that Stevie was even asked….he is in such a different league

  • jackiejonas


  • Barbara


  • listenupmorons

    Stevie Wonder is a Jonas supporter. He LIKES them. He thinks they are TALENTED. Many people with taste and musical knowledge do understand that they are talented.

    Not that it will ever be enough for you hater idiots to STFU and pay attention to things you personally enjoy. You people are incredibly low class. I hope none of you are older than 14 to be this irrationally fixated on someone you apparently DON’T CARE FOR, because if so, that’s pathetic.

  • jenna

    why the hate for the JBs? They were really good.
    They have played with lots of other musicians.
    Thay have a song on the new Timbaland CD. Other musicians seem to really appreciate their youth and talent.
    They are more than just a Disney band.

  • Whoa

    I suspect everyone who talks shit about the Jonas Brothers either (a) isn’t actually watching their performances or (b) simply has no idea what they are talking about and have a really narrow understanding of music.

    It was a really good set and a great pairing!

  • awesomeisadrinkinggame

    That performance was so much fun! It was the high point of the show and you could see Stevie Wonder was loving it so why put it down?
    Look at the picture where he is grabbing their hands and tell me he didn’t enjoy it.
    Obvs you aren’t willing to even listen and give them a chance so who are you to judge? Are you better musiscians than Stevie Wonder?
    I thought not.

  • Sydney

    excuse me listenupmorons, we are entitled to our opinions. Their perfomance made me wish I was deaf. Not everything the music industry produces is sunshine and rainbows, a majority of the time its giant piles of shit. When stupid fan girls claim it was the best performance of the night, why not ask people who are indifferent about the group. I am neither a fan nor a hater, I was watching the show with about 25 people and they all agreed the Jonas Brothers performance was God awful. There were so many off-key and pitch problems it was unbearable. I can easily look past forgotten lyrics, but that was the least of the problems tonight. Stevie Wonder being a fan is likely because I have never heard Stevie Wonder say he disliked anybody. If a dozen cats were tied up in a bag and began to scream, he would find it amazing. I just get upset about all the fans who try to protect these boys especially those who personally insulted Adele because she won. Don’t believe me. go on other websites and read their responses. These girls are pathetic low-lifes who go against everything their Messiahs stand for.

  • Ashley

    That was an odd pairing. Joe looked out of control too what was that dancing? He’s not a very good live singer either.

  • listenforachange

    Those of you who are criticizing tonight’s performance clearly were not watching or listening. Stevie is a fan of the boys and praises them for their musicianship. He was not forced into this, for crying out loud. Perhaps if you did your research, you would learn that these boys have been doing this since before they were associated with Disney. They have talent, and whether you like it or not, they will be around for a long time. I suggest you give them a chance so you can avoid feeling like a complete idiot down the road.

  • Ashley

    That was an odd pairing. Joe looked out of control too what was that dancing? He’s not a very good live singer either. They never let kevin sing either which is kind of rude seeing thay his voice sounds just like Joes does live.

  • listenforachange

    The boys themselves picked Adele to win and most JB fans have nothing against her. She was absolutely my second pick to win.

  • listenforachange

    Wait, you thought JB’s performance was worse than U2 and Katy Perry? You must really have not been watching.

  • Kayleane

    they were talented somewhat before disney. Ive heard some songs they made before disney and it def is no where close to their music now. I think disney opened up a lot of doors that allowed them to grow but if it hadnt been for disney idk that they would be where they are today.

  • listenupmorons

    @Sydney: Most people I know who think the Jonas Brothers are “terrible” are loaded down with wrong opinions of who they are and where they come from (prefab Disney) what they are supposed to sound like (NKOTB, NSYNC, BSB – FYI they aren’t an R&B, synchronized dancing boyband…they are a band that writes/plays and sings live pop/rock/soul music) and how they are supposed to feel about them (cool popular opinion=join the backlash against them & their perceived passionate young girl fanbase) that I don’t really give any weight to your/their opinions about this good band.

    Especially because these are usually people who think M.I.A. & Death Cab for Cutie are wonderful. My equally valid opinion is that THAT is hilarious.

  • crazies are out tonight

    If I had Disney’s backing I would be the next big star and trump the JBs AND..I can’t even sing…LOL
    seriously Disney has an amazing recording for hyping up people w/ no talent at all…. they’re frickin genious

  • lalala

    Poor Stevie. This was worst than Miley’s screeching.

  • Sydney


    soul music. you made your point right there. You have no definition of what music is. I know where they come from, I know there story. They were dropped by their original label. If they hadn’t had a look, they would still being play gigs in Jersey and not become the Disney puppet. I will agree they are pop/debateable rock, but absolutely not soul singers. Ray Charles was a soul singer, Big Joe Turner was a soul singer, Aretha Franklin is a soul singer. Jonas Brothers not close to soul singers. And no, I don’t expect them to be like the other boy-bands. But if you look-up those bands they totally owned these three kids. They might not play their own instruments, but they didn’t hide the fact what they were.

  • cheninator

    JBs suck! they are shocking, nicks annoying singing voice, his voice needs to break soon, because it doesnt sound like it has yet. joe cant stand the creep, he cant sing and he just acts like he is spazzing out on stage. kevin is the only one with any sorta talent.

    i cant believe stevie wonder a musical genius actually likes these wannabes. when will their career just die, oh yeah once their fans grow up and once disney find another boy band.

  • jenna

    but they are not a Disney created band and it really bothers me when people think this. NSYNC and the BSBs were picked by a management company and given songs to record and dance moves to do. These boys write their own songs and play their own instruments. Maybe the sound wasn’t great but the energy was there.
    Some of the other acts were bad-MIA really ruined the Rap Pack’s otherwise excellent performance. And Katy Perry was the worst. At least she wasn’t actually nominated for a Best New Artist award because that would have been embarassing. Adele was great though.
    So maybe Disney has really helped them to be successful to one group of fans but the downside is that the”genious” es who seem to be here tonight won’t even give them a chance.

  • oH PlEaSe

    Omg they (JBs And Stevie) did an AWESOME job tonight!! My fave performance of the grammys! And the Jonas Brothers looked hella sexy up there.. I’m 20 am I to old to call Nick ‘sexy’??

  • Edumacated

    listenupmorons @ 02/09/2009 at 1:00 am …they are a band that writes/plays and sings live pop/rock/soul music


    I assume this was was either an abysmal typo or a temporary loss of sanity. SOUL MUSIC???? You can’t honestly believe the JBs have even a tangential connection to SOUL MUSIC!!! That defies anything even approximating logic.

    They are not necessarily my cup of tea, but I can understand how little girls would like them (I refer you to the Hansen Bros and other
    transient teen stars of that ilk). I certainly give the JBs credit for at least writing their own music and playing instruments rather well. But what they perform is NOT SOUL MUSIC!!! (I cringe at even the thought of such musical heresy). Tonight’s tribute to the Four Tops was Soul Music. Soul and R&B are an outgrowth of the blues. It is specialized, it is heartfelt, it is raw and gritty and it has NOTHING to do with the JBs and their bubble-gum pop/rock. Anyone who thinks these boys have any connection whatsover to Soul Music should run, not walk, to the nearest treatise on American popular music. By the way, why aren’t these boys on JJJr?

  • hahahahahaha

    what a odd matchup. jb have no soul

  • Tyler

    This was one of the worst peformances I’ve ever seen in the entirety of my life; I’m not even quite sure these three goons’ instruments were even that audible — it looked like the backing band was dubbing most of what they were playing. Therefore, aside from the atrocious vocals, cornball song (not Stevie’s “Superstition” of course), the laughably exaggerated on-stage “moves”, and rediculous clothes, this was indubitably a disgraceful pairing and performance.

    As for the person claiming Stevie Wonder is a “fan” of these three dorks, well, Stevie Wonder is a kind-hearted individual and would never degrade anybody — especially publicly.

    In short–this was atrocious–the whole damn Grammy’s were.

  • No Name

    I liked it. A combination of old talent and new talent. Their energy was great. They did a great job. At least they weren’t screaming like Miley when she sang with Taylor. I have been a fan of JB since their first CD ‘It’s about Time” and it is nice to see that they have gotten this far.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ALL TURDS GATHER, please!!

  • Whoo Hooo

    To all the negative comments towards the Jonas Brothers……I am a parent of a teen who is crazy about the Jonas Brothers —I too was unsure of their talent until I went to a live concert. I thought here we go …sitting through another boy band concert :( I was pleasantly surprised –the concert was really good and they did an amazing job! I have to say I was highly disappointed with the Grammy’s last night. I thought the sound system was terrible and the music drowned out the singers. There were only a couple of singers whose voices were strong – Jennifer Hudson was one!. Whoever set up the music for the Jonas Brothers /Stevie Wonder should be responsible…

  • WOW

    Those Jonas brothers really effed of Stevie’s Superstitious. That one with the girly scarf forgot the words to the song. What a hot mess!

  • allycat

    i thought this performance was AMAZING… i agree with millie.. i think it was awesome to bring a legend from the past to perform with the superstars of today… who cares if nick flubbed up the words.. that’s what makes it live.. it happens.. but the performance was phenominal!! they are very talented and you could tell stevie was having a great time! i vote jonas brothers for a grammy in 2009!!!

  • melis

    What’s with middle freak struttin like Mic Jagger? I think the baby freak shoud go solo, he has the best voice out of all of them. He has a better stage, not to act like a fool and think he’s a rock god, that high pitch poo was so bad.