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Kelly Clarkson Salutes Clive Davis

Kelly Clarkson Salutes Clive Davis

Kelly Clarkson performs at the 2009 GRAMMY Salute To Industry Icons at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday (February 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 26-year-old original American Idol champ hit the red carpet in a perwinkle blue Carmen Marc Valvo dress and Loree Rodkin jewels. At the event, Kelly honored record industry boss Clive Davis. She received one of the evening’s biggest standing ovations with her performance of her new single, “My Life Would Suck Without You” and her own rendition of the Janis Joplin classic “Piece of My Heart.”

35+ pictures inside of Kelly Clarkson saluting Clive Davis

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kelly clarkson clive davis salute 02
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 03
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kelly clarkson clive davis salute 05
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 06
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kelly clarkson clive davis salute 09
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kelly clarkson clive davis salute 15
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kelly clarkson clive davis salute 17
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 18
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 19
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 20
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 21
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 22
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 23
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 24
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 25
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 26
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 27
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 28
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 29
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 30
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 31
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 32
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 33
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 34
kelly clarkson clive davis salute 35

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# 1

that black outfit is extremely unflattering

# 2

bigger than jessica, but nobody wouldn’t talk about it

# 3
Fabulance @ 02/08/2009 at 2:23 pm


# 4

what the heck happened to Kelly Clarkson?!?!

# 5

leave her alone *******

# 6

leave her alone *******

# 7

OMG ITS MISS PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# 8

she looks like a dude!!! wow wat happend to her ?

# 9

she’s never been this like js..and she doesn’t really care about her weight..i think she just picked a really unfortunate dress that makes her fuller figger look bigger.
I love her. She doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks.

She’s put on a few I suppose — but who cares?
Still gorgeous.

Beautiful voice. Bad dress.

She looks terrible.

Phentermine, Ionamin,
Gym 3 days a week
No animal products
Soy milk

I love you Kelly but ya look like an Oompa Loompa!

Time to call Jenny Craig.

OMG! She looks way overweight. For real, Jessica looks anorexic in comparison…

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

She is a sweet girl and I love her music. I don’t see why her weight should be an issue. It’s rude to pick on her about that.

mayday parade @ 02/08/2009 at 3:11 pm

wow you people are rude…

so what she isnt a stick figure, who cares… its suppose to be about the voice not the ay she looks..

we all know katy perry is only famous cuz of her large breasts, its sad really

i l-o-v-e her songs and everything but, you know i just read twice this headline says kelly clarkson like what’s up with this usually be lovely girl???!!! she look like her somo photho shop version!!

i absolutely love kelly clarkson but she did not look good last night.
unflattering dress.

her hair almost looks dirty. not a fan.

Wow they must have REALLY photoshopped her CD cover.

NaiGi, I completely agree! By no means do I think weight should be criticized but it is unfair how Jessica gets so much slack, while Kelly goes unmentioned!

Shontelle @ 02/08/2009 at 3:19 pm

Wat the Hell happened to her?!?!?!
Well..if yu culd gain it yu could lose it
She’s a pretty girl anyway..

The Jakes @ 02/08/2009 at 3:20 pm

Very disheveled. Is she drunk?

BECKY SMITH @ 02/08/2009 at 3:21 pm

HUDSON just to name a few..started from that show..If it wasn’t
for American Idol these people would not be where they are

OMG-her hair!!!!!



The difference between Kelly and Jessica is because Kelly has talent, and so it doesn’t really matter what she weighs or what she looks like.



Someone get this girl a stylist (or fire the exisiting one) and some Slim Fast!

Kelly shouldn’t worry about her weight while she has been taking time off, just wait until she goes on tour people. Besides talent is what really matters not how you look I mean look at some of the greats like Aretha. (i’m not making fun of her btw, i like Aretha) Also Kelly has more talent than the majority of the singers who are tooth picks.

If you like her music, you shouldn’t care about her weight. It’s extrememly dumb that people judge others on their weight.

omg… you people are so rude!
it doesnt matter about how you look.
kelly doesnt buy into the whole hollywood stick figure thing and im glad!
she has talent and who cares if she is a little big.

So what if she is plump. I kind of like that she doesn’t conform–it’s refreshingly different.

BECKY SMITH @ 02/08/2009 at 4:22 pm

Yeah have Kelly and Jen Hudson sing together … they are both chubbetts.. Good going .. the AMERICAN IDOL VERSION OF

she looks nothing like the way she does on her cd cover.. thanks to photoshop!

what happend to her?

Who the heck cares what she looks like? Bad outfit choices maybe….didn’t flatter her figure well…. but the stuff she’s wearing in her newest video look awesome on her… she can sing the sh*t out of anything, as proved by the standing ovation mention! Go girl!

LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!! She looks great, just because she’s not a barbie with no-brain like others doesn’t mean nothing! She has an AMAZING voice, that’s what matters, I can’t believe how there’s still people that judges so fast, and later there’s young girl battling anorexia and bulimia, all because of the stupid weight!


DAYUMMMM!! What happened, Kelly? Why? Why??

DAYUMMMM!! What happened, Kelly? Why? Why??

Nothing happened to Kelly, sorry she doesn’t give into the Hollywood glitz and glamor. She could give crap about being a star she only wants to sing and write. And the person who gave the suggestion of Kelly not eating meat anymore well Kelly has been a vegetarian for over a year now so and just because your a vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to be skinny. Kelly works out when she feels like it, she is human you know. And if when Kelly does slims down to the size she was back in 2005 you negative Nancy’s will then be saying she’s anorexic or something. Stop worrying about other people. Celebrities have feelings too and besides Kelly doesn’t read this junk anyway.

she isn’t very smart….. carrie underwood was kinda chubby, but she hires a trainer to help her staying in shape.
great singer, but thick as hell.

KC looks fine. She has been away, enjoying her hiatus….When tour stars….she begins to lose weight.

How you look MATTERS, especially when you have a new album coming out and with all the press that comes. I dont get these people defending her weight gain, you guys obviously must not care about her health. She doesn’t look fine she looks overweight. Its the truth. No one is being mean. I care about her and I want her to be healthy so when she goes on tour she has stamina.

marisa720 @ 02/08/2009 at 5:28 pm

Actually #47 her looks DON’T matter as far as the people who like her for her SINGING talent. The media is brainwashing people especially young people into thinking that it does.Is she on the heavy side? Absolutely but that’s her choice and decision. I still will be buying her album.

Besides every singer doesn’t have to take it upon themselves to be a role model for weight, morals, or whatever else people what to put on them. Buy the album or don’t buy it and leave it that.

the diference is that Jessica is a big nothing, and Kelly very tallented and a very nice people.

lovelylou @ 02/08/2009 at 5:51 pm

This poor girl just looks bad, whoever her stylist is, they should be fired! I mean really, hair make up dress, it is all BAD and just makes her look like she is much bigger then (i am guessing) she really is, and it doesn’t help that she has no boobs. For all those that say why does it matter… cause she is in the PUBLIC and she should at LEAST look healty which she doesn’t.

People are so cruel!
Stop the anorexic glory!

TWPUMPKIN @ 02/08/2009 at 6:16 pm

Hey taxbreak how can I get some phentermine?

TWPUMPKIN @ 02/08/2009 at 6:18 pm

WOW! she needs to diet and workout. She is very pretty and really really talented but stars can’t be fatties.

honestly Kelly doesn’t care about her weight and thats the kinda role model we need, we dont need another stick-thin malnourished celebrity. go kelly all the way!

Omg I love Kelly Clarkson… But what?! What happened to her? Don’t doubt for a min she’ll get back in shape in no time but whoa girl.

I love her to death but she is looking really rough.

Barbiebolemia @ 02/08/2009 at 8:24 pm

Great Voice.

Ugly as hell.

Mr. Brown @ 02/08/2009 at 8:58 pm

# 15 you are a moron.

She looks fatter than usually but with uglier and nappier hair.

That dress does nothing for her.

Honestly, I love kelly as much as the next person, but she needs a stylist ASAP. She’s really talented and the weight would not be such a big issue if she wore clothes that suited her.

oh she has let herself go hasnt she… :[

I am not trying to be mean but Kelly gained some weight big time!

Kelly didn’t let herself go, just wait people who want her to lose weight she loses it on tour.

horrible dress

Who ate Kelly Clarkson?

its not about her weight as much as her clothes, she really needs a stylist bad, she looks really good in her video, make-up, cloths, hair but here she could look so much better I think she is really pretty and nothing is working for her here, when she is at these celebrity things she deserves to look like the star she is,

Robby rob rob @ 02/09/2009 at 1:20 am

She looks piggish.

tiffer7497 @ 02/09/2009 at 4:36 am

Am I the only one who thinks photoshopping about 30 pounds off her album cover is just wrong?

gosh, when did she get fat? still a good singer i hope …sorry, there’s curvy and there’s fat

told you so @ 02/09/2009 at 7:58 am

This is what happens when your publicity photos are photoshopped into submission. At some point you’ve got to show the real you. Kelly is a chubette. Not svelte, not thin. As far as her video goes, they can make you appear thinner also. Remember the distorted videos of Ann Wilson? It happens. I still like the hefty, nappy Kelly:)

She should have worn some spanx.

i guess no one watches her weight like they did to jessica simpson but come on, you can be chubby but that’s not excuse for being like a pig? love her but it’s kinda of pain in the ass

The outfits are not flattering. She’s put on some weight, but not dressing properly. She should take notes from Jennifer Hudson.

Kelly Clarkson rocks man!!
those of u commenting on her weight are actual ******* losers :|

Kelly kicks ass, and u all know it ;D

She’s fat and a fraud. I’m not against people being fat but if you’re fat and proud (and really don’t care what people think) please don’t let them photoshop 40 pounds off all your pictures. Kate Winslett is “Curvy”, Kelly Clarkson is nearing grossly overweight for her height. I don’t see a “curve” on her it’s all lumpy fat.

She’s fat and a fraud. I’m not against people being fat but if you’re fat and proud (and really don’t care what people think) please don’t let them photoshop 40 pounds off all your pictures. Kate Winslett is “Curvy”, Kelly Clarkson is nearing grossly overweight for her height. I don’t see a “curve” on her it’s all lumpy fat.

WOAH! She looks horrible.

Kelly’s not a fraud and she’s not that fat, she didn’t look like that in her new music video so hello photo shop. And because she’s 5’3″ and a half she’s supposed to be skin and bones or something, don’t think so.

who is this fat fat gir?? :shock:

MMMMmmmmm… she is really beautiful, but she really looks bigger, and i dont think its the clothes, have you seen her in SNL??? sue looks even worst, but if shes happy like that, whatever, good for her i guess…….

i find ppl real sad who only look at a person image and appearance just gos to show you how many shallow ppl they are in this world. me myself i think she looks a lot better with the weight on and if you dont like a woman with curves then you have a problem with yourself cause to me kelly is really talented and extremely sexy just the way she is she i hope she dont lose the weight myself but thats just my opinio

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