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Orlando Bloom: Valentine's Day With Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom: Valentine's Day With Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom arrives in Australia on Monday (February 9) to spend Valentine’s Day with girlfriend Miranda Kerr.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old British actor rocked out on stage as a lead singer, filming his latest movie Sympathy for Delicious. In one dramatic scene, Orly‘s rock singer character has a furious bust-up on stage with paralyzed bandmate Delicious Dean O’Dwyer (Christopher Thornton).

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom down under…

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  • Ellie

    I love the Rockerboy!Orli look. All those tats are hot.

  • debra77

    He looks terrible… I’ll be glad when he cuts that hair. It looks dirty

  • j.j

    i dont think they look good together

  • bleh

    damn he look like a cave man
    sooo NOT HOT

  • oh yeah

    I LOVE the rocker Orlando look! Soooo sexy.
    It’s sweet that he flew to Australia to be with his girl on Valentine’s Day.
    Very sweet!

  • Nanda

    He is hottttt

    hot hot hot
    and the tats are hot

  • Seriously
  • where’s waldo?

    Reminds me of the time he flew down to meet Kate when she was filming Superman Returns. The paps were there then, too.

  • Looks good!

    The look is for his film role so it fits perfectly. I’ve always preferred him with his hair a bit longer anyway.

  • T

    so hotttttttt

  • Lucky girl

    Oohhh, how sweet that he has flown all the way to Australia just to see Miranda for Valentines Day…….true love!!

  • Jen

    his tattooes are hideous!

  • deja vu2

    “Oohhh, how sweet that he has flown all the way to Australia just to see Miranda for Valentines Day…….true love!!”

    Or marketing, PR, publicity, and a stern suggestion from someone not to stand her up the way he did back in Dec. ’07. The paparazzi don’t have to know Bloom’s whereabouts, and he’s been able to slip in and out of airports before. Then again, whatever the nature of their relationship is, they BOTH benefit from the publicity and exposure, and they BOTH know what they’re doing, and NEITHER ONE is a victim of anything or anyone. That’s my position and I feel it’s fairly accurate. Their choices and their lives. We can each choose to watch and comment, or ignore them. Unfortunately, as was the situation with Kate, if you wish to follow Bloom and his career, you’ll have to follow Miranda’s as well.

    I’ve reached the conclusion that Bloom goes for PR packaging. CAA packaged “The Cross” according to an online article, and I think his lady friends involve a certain degree of PR packaging. I don’t think “true love” has anything to do with it. He could have “true love” minus the publicity and press, not to mention the paparazzi, but that’s not what he’s chosen. He also CHOSE to take Miranda to Villa and Ago Restaurants back in ’07, which is NOT the thing to do when you’re trying to keep your relationships private. His hiding behind an umbrella back then while visiting one of those places made about as much sense to me as going to The Ivy and hiding behind an umbrella. It’s just plain silly.

    As has been mentioned, there are some striking similarities between Miranda and Kate, and Orlando, true to form, rarely says anything, but he also does not choose civilian/non-celebrity women for girl friends, and I have a sneaking suspicion he makes his GF choices for business, PR, publicity, exposure, press and image related reasons. That’s not to say that he’s not really involved with women or that he doesn’t care for them or about them, but I do think his choices in them reflect a means to an end. He’s getting something out of these relationships, as are the girlfriends.

    As with Kate, his fans are NOT going to decide whom he spends his time with. He may “care” enough about his fans to issue statements denying his engagement to Miranda and Kate, but he’s not going to “care” enough to stop seeing and getting photographed with the women of his choice. I think that’s the bottom line here, and people watching can take it or leave it. That’s the impression I get at this point, and the conclusion I’ve reached. Thanks for letting me ramble.

  • allspice30

    Qustion is will he be giving her a ring for Valentines Day? I hope so!
    He looks look here also!

  • Orlando looks hot but pooped

    @13 I hope when I grow up, I’m not as bitter as you.
    What has been now, an almost two year publicity stunt?

  • chef

    What the hell is he wearing around his neck?

  • me@

    deja vu2- thanks for making me laugh today!! Seriously, how long did it took you to come up with all that!??! Yeah, Im sure Orlando’s been able to get out of airports unnoticed. Just as he’s also been photographed almost every single time he’s in one ;) And do you really think this is a publicity stunt?!?! REALLY!??! lol A publicity stunt that’s been going for almost two years. Oh, and you think he and Kate were also a publicity stunt? For almost 4 years?? lol Now that’s funny!

    Seriously, it’s so stupid how all these people think that just because he has a girlfriend that’s also famous, that they are doing it for publicity. I can understand people not liking her, but believing this just to feel better and hide their jealousy is just hillarious to me!

    I wish all the best to both of them! And Orlando is looking HOT ANS SEXY!!

  • @13

    Why in the world should he date a “civilian” when he is surrounded by gorgeous models and actresses? Women who are also in the public eye are more likely to understand the pressures of being famous. They will also most likely have schedules that are more flexible than the average person, and be more likely to be able to spend time with him. Would anyone with a nine to five job be able to drop everything six or more times a year to fly across the world to spend a few weeks at a time with their boyfriend? No. But Kate did that, quite often. Before he was working on these latest films, it was Orlando flying to meet Miranda, now that he has been working, she will be able to fly to meet him. They have the time, and the resources to be together, no matter where their jobs take them. “Civilians” wouldn’t be able to do that.

  • @17

    I agree, it’s so weird that these loonies think that Orlando Bloom is not famous…….lol…….everywhere he goes regardless if he is alone or with someone he will be photographed, that is what happens to actors who are so well known….duh!!……I’ve decided that these loonies are not too bright and are a bit dim, I mean how else could you possibly explain their ridiculous comments!!

  • jesse

    He is the defintion of Sex. If he only knew the things I would do to him .

  • He’s back

    He seems so much happier now that he’s working again. I see some of that old sparkle in his eyes and he’s definitely smiling a lot more. Good to see you back again Orlando!

  • hot

    He looks exhausted. But still gorgeous.
    Miranda you are a lucky girl.

  • tired

    I am so tired of people fighting over these two.
    All of you have turned me off to both of them.
    Enjoy your cat fights and throwing insult after
    insult at each other and at Bloom and Kerr.

    Thank you for the unpleasant experience that
    is the Bloom fandom.

  • emma

    Is this in Melbourne??? :D Should be, Miranda’s due to promote David Jones there in a couple of days.

  • elsbeth

    I think the man has come to get engaged!!? Just my opinion. Its a long way to come for a booty call.


    *Rolls eyes* I don’t know who is worse, the girls who buy this showmance baloney or the novelist who writes dissertations about it.

    He looks hot.

  • hmm

    Well I hope he brought a lo-jack with the ring, because from what I have read about her cheating ways, he will need to keeep track of her.

  • @18

    Ahhh, the ramblings of either a young teenager who has no idea what real love is, or another woman of Miranduh’s ilk.
    People who are not shallow, or self-serving tend to pick other reasons to be with someone, reasons beyond them being prettty and famous, Reasons that have nothing to do with their job, or if they have enough money to fly vast distances at the drop of a hat to cater to whoever thinks that real love is being eye candy or hand luggage.

    Real love is finding someone whose soul relates to you, whose values and beliefs mirrior yours. Someone who will see you at your worst, and still be there and not in a bar scoping out a one night stand.

    So I feel very sad and sorry for you, and your beyond juvenile take on what a relationshiop should be based on.

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Orlando I love you sooooooooooooooooo much and one dy i wish I marry you. I dont love you for your looks, just you. I dont care if you are an alian I love you for you.
    You are my life and my world.
    Just like miranda Im aussie an I live near Sydney and if you are reading this please goto my web site and email me, I will be waiting.

    I have always seen you good in you even when others can’t, we are so much the same, we can’t inor that.

    Some might say Im crazy and I just say Im crazy for you.

    i know what you like and Im everything thing that you like and more. I would never do wrong to you Orlando.

    Luv Nic xoxoxo

  • ayj6m6l

    I like him. sOooooooooooooooooo hot.
    his face is so cute

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    Omg my first comment was the 29th and my bday is on the 29th of December now that has to mean something.

    Orlando I hate to breake tis to you but most models only have boyfriends that are less than they are and only have them for assessories. I know that for sure.
    i would never be that way with you.

  • http://JUSTJARED happy

    He looks soooooooooooo good and of course this is driving the craziest even crazier so this is a plus

  • http://JUSTJARED orlando fan

    the sexiest men on earth

  • Holly

    Hey deja vu2

    You really do take his life pretty seriously, don’t you? Please go away and get your own life and let folks here enjoy him without your ridiculous speculation and theories.

    He looks happy & sexy with that smile and the hanging suspenders and that’s good enough for me!

  • 2

    I GIVE UP!!! Orlando is very STUPID for my taste! Doesn´t deserve my time!!!

  • mia

    What a gentleman! The lady has to take care about his luggage. Is he to tired to pull his suitcase with the wheels ? Because he traveled first class? She has to do it for him? Unbelievable. Or he again became too important person- because of filming new movie? Because of doing his job again after centuries?! Gentleman is gentleman- celebrity or not. No gentleman here.

  • @36

    She is an airport VIP greeter. It is her job to take his bag. Or are you saying that because she is a woman, she shouldn’t do her job?
    Are you running out of things to complain about now?

  • @28

    Actually, 18 sounds like they have a better grasp of reality than you do.

  • @35

    I must say that you are the most sensible hater I’ve seen, and all the others should do as you, give up and not waste their time with a guy they don’t like.

  • mia

    To 36
    Yes, it is exactly what I want to say. It is her job? So what? If he had a lot of luggage I could understand he needed help. But one small piece on wheels?! And he needed help about it? Maybe he is so nice that he was afraid – lady is going to loose her job if he took care about his suitcase himself. Funny. As I said, no gentleman here.

  • @ everyone

    “arrives in Australia on Monday (February 9) to spend Valentine’s Day with girlfriend”

    I didn’t know they changed Valentine’s Day to Feb 9th.

    Orlando may just be down there to officially sign up to do a new film called “The Cross” which happens to start shooting in Australia in July …… check out the IMDB

    Also isn’t Valentine’s day or the girlfriend’s birthday one of the most Notorious Days for a guy to Break Up with his girlfriend.

    By the way ….. where is she anyways? Shouldn’t there be a joyful …. throw up in mouth …… “reunion” at the airport? Between the two love birds?

  • @ everyone

    If it is likely enough that he would travel so far just to propose ….. then it is also just as likely he would travel so far just to dump her as well.

    What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    Goes both ways……

  • 2

    @39 I don´t need your approval ! Thanks.

  • celebutard

    Oh, how special, Miranda’s handbaggage made it to Sydney.

  • @40

    She is not a female passenger with heavy luggage that doesn’t earn money for carrying it, she is an airport employee whose job, probably and hopefully among other things, is to carry luggage. Small, with wheels, she won’t break her back, and if it were heavy and without wheels, it would still be a job she’s earning money for.
    If that woman were a man, you wouldn’t say anything for seeing him doing his job.

  • Sure!

    He’s gone to Oz just to piss off the haters and please the shippers. For certain. His fans are the centre of his universe. That makes much more sense than thinking he flew there spending his time, money and energy to work/see his girlfriend/any other reason, something important for HIM.

  • Sighs4l

    So DJ decided to pony up for the Celebrity Appearance Fee for their Brand Ambassador. If someone knows what they spent on the shindig last year versus what they’re spending this year, we should have the Celebrity Appearance fee amount.
    I’m still saving my pennies…

  • sure!

    oh, true! The blind item written by a project of a journalist that suggested that somebody was paid to attend his gf’s public appearances.
    Wouldn’t it be easier for DJ to hire him as a model? That money would be a better investment, it would be direct publicity instead of indirect and it would be much more beneficial considering that he has to pay his flights and stays in Oz.
    Orlando was without a job until recently and starving for money according to some, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have turned that offer down. But I’m sure that DJ hasn’t thought of something that simple.

  • Multi-tasking?

    He’s scheduled to begin filmiing ‘The Cross,’ in Oz, this summer. As someone noted earlier, he may very well have business there that involves his role in the film (he’s a major player in the film) and is using this opportunity to take care of several different things at once. Perhaps that’s the reason he’s flown in several days ahead of ‘V-Day’. Being a Capricorn, he’s no doubt a practical guy and that would seem like a very practical (time-efficient and cost-effective) maneuver on his part. As for any planned ‘engagement,’ I seriously doubt it since both camps have already denied those rumors.

  • @ 36 , 37

    “She is an airport VIP greeter. It is her job to take his bag.”

    Try flight attendant …. they tend to carry their own bags, male or female.

    I have seen many pics of orlando at the airport and never once has anyone else ever carried his bag.

    Could be that he is not in town very long. Just long enough to maybe sign a contract for a film, and then head back to L.A.

    Just have to wait and see, what pops up next monday morning, since this coming Sunday is the big V-Day.