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Gwyneth Paltrow - Grammys 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow - Grammys 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow shines in a Versace metallic minidress at the 2009 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actress kept warm in a Burberry cardigan and finished off her look with strappy Georgina Goodman sandals, and a Roger Vivier clutch.

At the ceremony, Gwyn introduced the an “utterly brilliant” British rock band Radiohead, who gave a rousing performance of “15 Step” accompanied by the USC marching band.

Gwyn also came out to support her husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay, who picked up three Grammys — Song of the Year for “Viva La Vida,” Best Rock Album for Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals for “Viva La Vida.” 25+ pics inside…

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  • mickey

    Gwennie bringing the fug.

  • tora

    Wasn’t he served for stealing someone else’s song?
    She’s really starting to look like her aging mother… zzzz

  • Heather

    Yikes! Beautiful woman, horrible dress/stockings/shoes! Ack!

  • paige

    She didn’t really wear that out in public…..!!!

    Coldplay sounded great! minus that rapper that showed up.

  • legs

    Ugly. She looks like a blonde Dixie Carter.

  • Vanessa

    I think any time you can mistake GP for Taylor Momsen, she needs to re-evaluate the look.

  • peaches

    bad hair and the dress is not flattering at all.

  • anja

    i get the outfit, i like it, very sci-fi chic but what’s up with the hair and makeup?!



  • Becca

    Wow, are they not feeding her? Gwyneth looks emaciated and fug in these pics. Maybe the worst set I’ve ever seen of her.


    whoa – she really looks like her mom Blythe Danner more and more.

  • Phil

    This woman needs to take a lesson from her mum on how to dress well. Right now, she looks like a prematurely aged, Vegas showgirl moonlighting as a crack whore.

  • dana

    Gwyn does look like her mom there – same age and all.

  • linx

    Jared saved the worst for last.
    Thanks, good for a belly laugh. :-)

  • queen

    good lord fire that stylist now. fucking with gwynnie like that.

  • Circus Hour

    Who dressed her for this event? Renee Zellweger?



  • Liza

    I know they never walk the carpet together, but it’s ridiculous. Everyone knows they are married and have kids. It’s so odd.

  • JAKE

    That repetittive insipid pose, time after time, after time…… slouch, hang arms like a monkey, pigeon toed, hand head down, smugly look up, ….ugh!

  • Salma

    I bet Stella’s behind this…

  • Lovely Liv

    I like Gwyneth usually, but that dress looks like something worn to a disco.

  • may

    Good Lord, I hope she skips the Oscars.

  • Velvet

    I can see that she’s trying to bring back rock star Hollywood glamour, but I don’t think she’s pulled it off here.

  • eliza

    Her outfit looked better on TV than it does in the pictures. You didn’t notice the opaque stockings so much.

  • Movie Lvr

    BUTT UGLY no matter what she wears. The dress is okay.

  • Jezebel

    Why Gwynnie, why?????

  • sanford

    Trying to get attention as usual with her fashion since she can’t get attention any other way with her career down the tubes. Why did she present for Radiohead? Yuck. That’s just ridiculous. Silver stocking? This chick is probably thinking “yeah I’m starting trends here! I look so cool” Get over yourself Gwyneth! And go away and stay away. Can’t you take a hint?

  • Amy

    Gwyneth and Chris think they are too good to pose together. Everyone knows their together but she claims she doesn’t want to be one of “those” celebrity couples. Because she thinks if her and Chris posed together the world would come falling down at their feet. Get over yourself! You two aren’t Brangelina. No one would care as much as you think if you posed together

  • Venus

    This pretty sad. All these stars show up beautifully dressed and then Gwyneth shows up dressed like a cocktail waitress…

  • Venus

    …At one time, this girl actually had class and was something of a style icon. She’s seriously forgotten how to do sexy chic.

  • sueli

    Was she always this tacky?

  • voe

    Never found her appealing and still don’t.

  • Edumacated

    Oh Gwynnie, PLEASE PLEASE release an EMERGENCY edition of GOOP, since we can’t possible wait until Thursday to learn how we can be just like you and dress in aluminum foil outfits that make us look like space aliens. And don’t forget to tell us how to have husbands who refuse to be seen with us in public. We know you are the EXPERT on all things and have dedicated yourself to making the lives of we peons, we mere mortals, just a little more tolerable because we get get to listen to YOUR mindless drivel on a weekly basis. By the way, you look like an idiot in that outfit.

  • ashley

    Would it kill her & Chris to be in a photograph together, especially at the same event? They are very strange. Another actress/musician couple are Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban and they seem to still have their own identities even though they do red carpet appearances together, etc. Gwen & Chris are just too “above” it, silly pretentious twits. Her outfit is not one of her best.

  • bam!

    eyesore on Iron Man and she was meh in the film

  • TJ

    This ugly creature need to stay out of the public.

  • janet

    probably better looking than 99.8% of us posting on here, get over yourselves…

  • Zoe

    Well, I hope Gwyneth doesn’t look better than 99.8% of the people here cause they’re in trouble if she does. She looks sick. Looks like she lost a lot of collogen in her face and that outfit is ridiculous.

  • hahahahahaha

    fugly needs to cover snatch. chicks aren’t hot after they have kids.

  • csxyz

    Seriously, why do so many people hate her? It’s ridiculous!!

  • zoe

    she looks pretty. like the look from headup….but the dress wouldve been nicer if it was longer. and get rid of those ugly leggings! she looks like her mom here.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m sure there always be the question: WHY o WHY, folks?

  • minx

    she’s a pretty woman but she’s not happy, you can tell from her eyes. I think the marriage rumors are true. She’s trying to save it but I think it’s over anyway. it’s just a matter of time.

  • lee

    wow, her husband is so bland and fug.

  • lola

    Why does she get to introduce Radiohead? She probably didn’t even know who they were until she met Chris. As for them not posing on the red carpet or ever being photographed together, they say they want to avoid public interest in them as a couple, but they know full well that it just makes the media interest and speculation over them more frequent. This is what they want. They know how to get attention.

    And she looks like an idiot. And no, it is not because I am jealous. She really does look like an idiot. She used to look cute, and dress well (I still disliked her back then-but she did look good) but now she really looks like a sad old lady trying to dress like a 20 year old when there is no need for that. She could look good at this age if she just dressed properly and did something with her hair.

  • me

    She looks awful and ridiculous as usual. She hasn’t figured it out yet that every time she dresses like an idiot (all the time) she just gives all the “haters” more to talk about. Apparently she’s so desperate to be in the spotlight that she’ll take negative attention over none at all.
    I can’t stand her and the fact that she can’t figure out why so many dislike her is exactly the reason.
    F**k you Gwyneth!

  • imaginaque

    Enough with the short, summery dresses paired up with wintry, opaque tights!!!!!!! When are people who combine these two items going to buy a mirror?? Let’s take up a collection: Mirrors for the Stars.

  • blossom

    What the hell is she wearing?

  • bella

    She looks like Anne Heche in these pics.
    This girl needs a stylist. . .ASAP.

  • Jamie

    That is not a good look. Gwyneth is actually making herself look older by trying so hard to look younger.