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Jennifer Hudson: First Solo Tour!

Jennifer Hudson: First Solo Tour!

Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson will co-headline a five-week U.S. tour with R&B singer Robin Thicke.

“I am so grateful – my first Grammy and my first tour. It doesn’t get better than that,” Jennifer told People.

The tour will kick off her on April 2 in Philadelphia and wrap in Houston on May 8. Other concert stops include Baltimore, Washington, D.C, New York City, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Dallas.

WILL YOU BUY tickets to see Jennifer and Robin in concert — YAY or NAY?

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  • Ants

    Maybe for Robin Thicke!

  • Ahem

    I don’t like JHud. She is overrated and most of her career has been based on luck and pity.

    she is about 28yrs old. You would think if she had talent she would have been famous a long time ago. She is really lucky she got noticed before she turned 30.

  • SL**

    She need Robin Thicke to sell tickets. What the hell would she perform.. her one popular song and one song from dreamgirls?
    What…would the other songs just be cover songs.

  • jake

    This girl looked really bad at the grammy’s That white fabric she had on her looked like her chest was being eaten by a giant clam.
    She needs to put more money towards a stylist instead of spluring on a concert tour.

  • talent?

    Pity sales.

  • Yenny

    Dont be mean people…how come Britney gets to have a tour and not Jennifer? She’s entitled to come back from a really hard time. what if this is her therapy to move on? nobody would want to be in her situation. so let her be!

  • Brit Brit

    # 2 AWESOME! I agree

    Danger. Big Big (emphasis on Big) ego coming through.
    I still can’t believe this girl had the nerve to say what she did.
    Simon said “She should be thankful for getting noticed off the show as they helped to pave her life.”
    She said “does that mean I should thank Burger King too”
    The above statements are not exact but the content is the same.

    Jennifer was on American Idol and was only then noticed by her fans because of it. All her fand did not even know she existed prior to being on the show. Those fans are the same ones who buy her album. So yes I do think American Idol played a big role in shaping her life.
    This b#$@% needs to step off her high horse and be greatful to others and stop bering so selfish.

    She has probably never written a single lyric in her life.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ………………………..AND HOPING NOT THE LAST ONE, folks!!

  • on the fence

    She was a rude selfish person before the tragedy.
    I do have respect and sympathy for her loss. but..
    People! The loss doesn’t change who you are or the make of yourself instantaniously. It has to be rebuilt and restructured with time.
    It would be hard to believe that she would be any different now.

  • um

    I hope it is her last tour.

  • hen

    She is just starting out but at the age that some singers retire.
    Now that is a little sad.


    She will always be known as the woman whose sisters boyfriend killed her family and nephew..!!!

  • “”OH No”


  • linda

    Funny how so many people keep up with someone they hate.
    I think it’s envy. They are just so jealous that she’s a success and someone they thought was going to succeed, has disappeared off of the radar. Too bad haters. Jennifer is sitting in Jesus hands. You can’t touch her. Ha!

  • lisa

    She screams. She doesn’t sing.

  • linda


  • bruce

    # 14

    HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!
    Hopefully Jesus shows her how to be humble and ways of dealing with her selfishness.

  • linda

    Only jealousy & envy would make someone come to an article about someone they hate.

  • lisa

    Jealous of what….looking like a patti labelle wannabe.

  • lisa

    so since your on this article…does that mean your jealous and envious.

    hold on let me cut and paste what you said….
    “Only jealousy & envy would make someone come to an article about someone they hate”

    Hey…it’s only your words.

  • Blah girls

    Jennifer rocked the Grammy’s and has a totally fab voice and all but I’m not gonna lie, I miss the days when Robin Thicke was just Thicke and looked more like Jesus than some R&B sensation.

  • lisa

    Exactly. Robin Thicke does not need Johniffer Hudson to sell tickets. She needs him. He’s probably doing it our of pity.

  • Cozy

    I love robin thicke, so i will go to see him and i think she was great yesterday so i will enjoy her stuff too.

  • sanne

    i love her songs

  • angel

    I don’t like her. She is arrogant.

  • annette

    I’d go for Robin Thicke

  • LISA



  • Cameron

    i cant believe all the negative and just plain ignorant comments on here about Jennifer..Jennifer is a talented woman period..If you dont like her thats your choice but really is there a need to be ignorant? make sure your back yard is clean before you go and comment about someone elses

  • Melissa

    Nope! i feel sorry for the girl… but dont like her voice or music! and robin thicke isnt very good either.. Not worth the money to me!?!?

  • Melissa

    Nope! i feel sorry for the girl… but dont like her voice or music! and robin thicke isnt very good either.. Not worth the money to me!?!?

  • loeloves

    yes! yes! yes! all the haters thinks what you want. there are still jhud fans that have loved her since american idol.

  • Brendon

    They better be coming to New York because I’m already excited!

  • gab

    all you guys are haters because she is the best singer i kno and i love her and her music its so selfish for someone to even say such things about a who lost loved ones.yall just hatin cuz u aint got nuthin . ill be the one to go to all the concerts. get over yourself. JENNIFER I LOVE U GURL FORGET THOSE IGNORANT HATEFUL PEOPLE BECAUSE THEIR JUST STUPID AND YOU DONT NEED THAT IN YOUR LIFE KEEP DOIN WAT U DOIN AND I SUPPORT U ALL THE WAY.

  • justin Castillo

    Come to the northwest in Oregon and Washington, David Archuleta gets as close as Idaho and I’ll be lucky if David Cook does later. So far, Elliott Yamin, Kristy Lee Cook, Bucky Covington and even Daughtry stopped in Portland and that’s not counting the Idol tours.

  • de

    some of you are a bunch of idiotic bitches how dare you make judgements about her , you have the cheek to talk but what are you doing nothing.rather than being evil and saying mean comments , try and support only a kid so yh u guys can be rude but based on these views of urs , i wonder what this world has come to.Bunch of evil ppl

  • Loube

    Jennifer Hudson is one of, if not the best singers out there. There’s alot of interest in her and this tour. Some of the postings here are tragically typical of online message boards: anonymity brings out ignorant people spouting off horrible hateful comments without any proof other to back them up. It’s one thing to say you don’t like her singing style etc, but, it’s another, stupid thing altogether to slam the character of someone you don’t know. There’s no way to refute that you have to be pretty damn good to win both an Oscar and a Grammy for your singing. Her singing may not be something you personally enjoy, but, you’re a fool to say it isn’t good.

  • Custom T

    She looked stunning at the Grammy’s!

  • tracy

    Everyone who said something negative about J Hud are haters. That girl is very talented and has a voice of an angel. Don’t hate, congratulate Don’t dislike her, be like her b%#ches!!!!!!

  • What?!

    More like the voice of a elephant!
    She looked like she was wearing a giant clam on her chest at the grammy’s
    It is a total lie when you say you liked what she wore because of all the things you could wear….Why would anyone wear that hidious get-up.

  • ****

    At least Taylor swift writes all her own music!
    Taylor swift sing and plays guitar and her album sales have reached 2 million 5 hundred Thousand plus. while your so called flabby treasure Johniffer hudsons album sales are only about 5 hundred thousand.
    Oh come on fans….where is your support.

  • Sirdiable

    The question was a simple one . . . WILL YOU BUY tickets to see Jennifer and Robin in concert — YAY or NAY?

    A YAY or NAY would have been sufficient. How everyone got off to his or her own personal opinions and comments is beyond me. When will people realize that everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences? And it’s okay. Why attack someone for something you don’t like about them. Let everyone exercise their own likes and dislikes as long as it’s not hurtful and the world might be a better to live in. So much hatred, people are so mean spirited. And it’s so hard to understand sometimes. Nobody on this thread (I’m guessing) knows Jennifer Hudson personally, yet it’s been said that she arrogant, has a big ego, has no talent and her dress was ugly. But, guess what, media very rarely gets their facts right, she could be one of the nicest people to know, there are as many people that love the way she sings as there are those who don’t anddddddd she liked her dress or she wouldn’t have worn it. It really doesn’t matter if you didn’t like it. How many times do you tell your children or friends not to worry about what other people think, if it’s okay with you, then its okay. So you can find as many people who like her dress as you can find that don’t. If we were all the same and all liked the same exact things . . . I’d say life would be pretty boring. What people tend to forget is that a celebrity is just ‘you’ without the fame, entertaining is simply their job, just like whatever job you might have. They are people with feelings first and foremost. They’re just under the microscope of the public eye. Accept variety and respect other peoples choices and you just may be able to embrace the concept that something different from what you’d prefer can be a very good thing.

    So YAY! I will definitely purchase tickets to see both Jennifer and Robin. :0) I enjoy both their talents and anticipate the show will be a good one!

    Have a good day all!

  • Belinda

    I dont care what anyone says they both have talent. Robin has his hits and Jennifer has hers, the girl has talent .I think she will sell the show as well as Robin say what you may ,I want to see them both and will enjoy it from beginning to end. So stop hateing on Jennifer the girl can blow and do her thing. Just because she got noticed the way she did doesnt matter she got noticed, others wish it was them. So sit back and enjoy the show .

  • Angel-HEart

    I think you people are so cruel. It’s sad that you would talk so bad about another human being. Jennifer is not arrogant, if anything she’s greatful. You don’t know what it’s like to lose your family like that. Have some respect for her.

  • pATTI

    I vote NAY! I like Robin Thicke, and Jennifer Hudson is a good singer, but both of them are lame performers.

  • LaShundra

    I will pass on this concert. It’s a recession, and the little coins I have will not be spend on these to boring singers.

  • Ms. terri

    Wow…people can really be mean. The same people who think Jennifer has no talent are probably the ones who think Janet Jackson can sing. There are millions out there who have the vocal gift of singing …and who have not been discovered, I can think of many who we can pull the plug on, but that would be mean.

  • Marsha

    I love Jennifer Hudson. I agree that everyone bashing her is probably jealous and wannabe’s themselves. I wish her tour incleuded my area.

  • Andsk

    WOW at all these comments. I can understand if you just don’t like her but to call her talentless??? In case you forgot, she also got an Oscar in addition to her Grammy and she’s only under 30! I would like to see if Miley Cyrus could even earn herself a nomination

  • http://yahoo Angel

    What is up with some of you evil minded people the young lady is very talented. Don’t dare ever take a person lost of his or her family and make nasty little comments like that. What type of life do you have is it built on love and care for other’s or hatered and envy. Get a life a christian life than you will understand the power of God. And the life he has choosen for this young lady who I believe continued to have trust and faith in God, although she lost her family.

  • http://yahoo Angel

    I can’t help but think that all these negative nasty comments are coming from white people who just don’t like blacks’. Be careful how you make negative comments about others’ What the hell would you do if it happen to your family. And why all the evil comments. People learn to love God and than you will be more caring of other’s.These comments that are being made has to be from a small minded, evil, young people. Some of you think that if your not white than your not right. May God bless you!