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Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson Couple Up Again

Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson Couple Up Again

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are once again a couple, reveals People.

Kate, 29, and Owen, 40, apparently have been together since Kate threw a party at her house in Pacific Palisades on January 30th.

“Everyone was totally shocked to see Kate and Owen lying on the floor together,” a guest at the party tells X17. “They were hugging and kissing all night. [The next day at Owen's house in Malibu,] they spent the afternoon lying out by the pool.”

The couple has been on and off since February 2008. Kate has a 5-year-old son Ryder from her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson.

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  • stella

    Didnt Kate just say this year how she is going to try to be single for as long as she can?? And that she likes being single and independant?? That didnt last very long….

  • Tell the truth

    You don’t know who is a couple. The pr agents sell them like slaves just to sell a product. All of Hollywood are empty shallow souls waiting for the slave pr trader to hook them up like John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston.

  • smart cookie

    this is the true slutoftheday.
    she’s w/more yugs by age 29 then most peole in 2 lives

    is it because she’s blonde & cutsie type she doeasn’t
    get slack????? girl next door myass

  • Neda

    they do look very good together though, wish the best.

  • jennifer Anniston

    He’s an idiot. When she dumps him again he will probably try to commit suicide again only he’ll be successful.

  • kar

    yaye i love them! hope it lasts this time.

  • kar

    yaye love them!! hope it lasts this time.

  • ade

    she’s dangerous for him

  • Meg

    Cute! I hope they will both be very happy!

  • an

    and when she split from that last guy, i really thought: hope she and owen get together again.

    hope they will be happy and together forever.

  • Samxx

    Aww! I hope the relationship is happy not tragic.

  • mslewis

    What happen with that guy she was on the beach with a few days ago??? Poor Kate is known more for what guy she is with than what movie she is in . . . which isn’t such a bad thing since her movies suck!!

  • s.

    Don’t break his heart, Kate!


    i love them together!!!
    Hope hapiness for them!

  • megan

    Oh you’re joking! I adore him, hope it’s gonna last longer this time.

  • Blah girls

    Lying on the floor? WTF Kate?


    Thought the same thing, ” NUMBER # 1″….. They got together January 1st….?….And NOW, they ” are a couple “….? That is a joke..Sorry !!!!….Next week, they will be ” off again “.

  • Anon

    AGAIN??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he must be awesome for her. I mean, she must think he’s the kind of “man of her life”

  • lakers fan in boston

    altho i think they do make a good couple….
    knowing kate, this will be over pretty soon

  • Miller

    I wonder why Jennifer Aniston fans have to put every female actress down. There is no bigger slut than Jennifer A. Kate is 100x’s better actress than Jennifer A any day. If Jennifer was not buying her way every where like that douche bag the two douche bags wouldn’t be no where.

  • http://WWW.WHITETIDELINEDESIGNS.COM JULIE whitetidelinedesigns

    They seem like a fantastic couple. Something just feels so *right* about them as a couple. Grounded, down-to-earth folks who happen to be in the limelight and talented movie stars. I wish them the best of luck!

  • Cali

    Kate and Owen are so awesome, I love that they’re a couple again!
    Hopefully, everything works out this time.

  • Moo

    There must be something real there, so I hope it works for them.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    kate’s a fcuking whoooooooooooore.

  • Oh No you didn’t

    jennifer Anniston @ 02/09/2009 at 5:25 pm He’s an idiot. When she dumps him again he will probably try to commit suicide again only he’ll be successful.

    No bigger idiot than Jennifer Aniston. What is she going to do when John Mayer dump her stupid behind again. Jen is a idiot for taking that douche bag back after he dumped her by text then held a press conference with his pals the paps.
    After the tour he jetted off to Miami to be with that waitress, making Jen look very stupid and very mentally ill still talking about Brad is her husband and she keep his voice on tapes.

  • Oh No you didn’t

    Jennifer Aniston is a fcuking whoooooooooooore.

  • T-bone

    I agree, Jennifer Aniston is a fcuking whoooooooooooore.
    I would much perfer Kate than that old evil dried up ho Jen.

  • Carol

    Kate is a beautiful lady. Her movies are awesome. I hope it works out.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    OOOOH GOD, the “HILLBILLIES” are back in town, folks!!

  • boogie

    # 29

    me thinks YOU are the hillybilly Gerard Vandenberg!

  • http://kateandowen daphne

    damn people. leave jen aniston outta this. it’s about kate+owen.
    jen just can’t get a break on this site!

  • jesse

    Kate hudson … is so cute! I love her

  • serena

    He’s so dorky and funny. And she’s so smiley and all-american!! I hope they work!!! Why not!!!

  • Rhonda

    Did that girl run out of men? Now, she’s back to do-overs. hope he doesn’t slit his wrist again.

  • elanenergy

    I’ve always had a HUGE soft spot for ye old butterscotch stallion….but I’m a little concerned about this coupling. Maybe love can prevail this time. Let’s hope.

  • FBI

    Jennifer Aniston is so awesome that she dominates every thread, even ones that aren’t about her.

  • Custom T took longer than I thought for them to get back together.

  • Mason

    Jennifer Aniston is the biggest hore in Hollywood the way she hooks her way around. You can smell the dirty hore miles away. There wouldn’t be nothing started if Jennifer Aniston own fans wasn’t starting it on every blog. I wish that stank ho crawl back into the hole she came from and take that attention douche bag hore with her. I can’t stand that hore.
    Kate on the other note is a beautiful lady. She deserve love. Jennifer Aniston deserve to go rot in hell and take her over paid pr team with her.

  • Mason

    VICTORIA @ 02/09/2009 at 7:20 pm Thought the same thing, ” NUMBER # 1″….. They got together January 1st….?….And NOW, they ” are a couple “….? That is a joke..Sorry !!!!….Next week, they will be ” off again “.
    Oh yeah but then they can fake like they are back together again like John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston. Kate can do interviews always calling out her ex’s name. Oh that will never work because feel very good about herself. Kate don’t have low self esteem like Aniston does.

  • serena


  • rosie

    i love kate n owen ;)
    They r so good together as on screen couples and off…. i’m glad they are getting together again cos i believe they r kismet [like britney n justin but they not giving each other another try]

    Kate n Owen just look so happy .. look at them now! i wish them all the best and hope things will be better … wedding would be good next year!! Don’t marry in 2009 – marriages in year of the ox apparently make lonely couples, take heed ;)

  • rosie

    i love kate n owen – they are kismet! They are great together even as on screen couples! Wish them all the best .. hope this time things work out ;)

  • http://celebuzz susanne owens

    Owen and Kate are both adults. They will do want they want to do. And we should leave them alone.

  • susanne owens

    Owen and Kate are both adults. They will do want they want to do and we should leave them alone. Their private lives should remain private.