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Kate Winslet is BAFTA Beautiful

Kate Winslet is BAFTA Beautiful

Kate Winslet wins the BAFTA award for Leading Actress at the Royal Opera House on Sunday [February 8] in London, England.

The 33-year-old actress had two nominations in the best actress category at the British Academy Film Awards, winning for The Reader over her role in Revolutionary Road.

“I’m just making the most of every single moment and I think it would be wrong to hope for anything beyond this moment. I don’t want to take anything away from how special this moment is,” Kate said.

This is Kate‘s second BAFTA award, the first being for a supporting role in Sense and Sensibility in 1995.

75+ more pictures inside of Kate Winslet as BAFTA beautiful…

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Orange, WENN
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  • teri

    I’m not sure my husband would film me with another guy. That took alot of guts.

  • kara

    Please let her win an oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Um…

    I agree, #1.
    Goes to show how strong thier relationship must be.

  • Anaksunamum

    Kate is cool! She is beautiful and a good artist! She deserves all the honors! But the funniest thing was to see the ugly and the home wrecker loose again!

  • blossom

    I like everything about the dress except for the bottom of it.

  • teri

    If I recall four other great actressess lost, not just Angelina. It’s an honor in itself to just be nominated. Kate is a great actress and yes I do like her, she was very deserving. Wasn’t there other movies out there that wasn’t even nominated that you wish were?


    i wish she had won for the revolutionary road !:(
    but i think she is the best actress !!

  • anon

    oh snap she beat Meryl Streep. they are tied with awards do far let’s see what happens at the Academy Awards

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Maybe if you’re a transexual yourself?

  • zoe

    you must be one sour person. and i agree with #6. is it really hard to accept tht she is someone who is beautiful yet talented? this truly shows how bitter you are.

    kate looks wonderful. dress reminds of the SAG one…but she’s a great actress. and yeah, def a tight race between meryl and kate!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    did wins’alot kick jolie’s ass, again? hahahahahaha

  • raysa/brazil

    She deserve that.



  • Class Act

    Congrats to Kate!! So happy she won. Boy does she fill out that dress nicely!!

  • ellie

    Kate really deserve this moment of joy.. ,and look beautiful as usual..

  • bet

    congratulation, she looking curvy and sexy.

  • bet

    congratulation, she looking curvy and sexy.

  • pop

    congrats! but i dislike the dress ;P

  • a total fan

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/09/2009 at 8:11 am did wins’alot kick jolie’s ass, again? hahahahahaha

    There were other actessess too, how quickly some people forget that Kate wasn’t nominated alone.

  • hellooo

    Why some people bring Angelina in this thread? It shows how obsessed they really are with Angelina. She’s always in their minds. How about Meryl Streep and Anne because they are also nominated.

  • maria

    She looks absolutely beautiful.

  • ALiz

    Super congrats to Kate!! Well well deserved it! Really the most beautiful lady on the red carpet! love her!

  • tamara

    I’m so sick of Angelina. I don’t get all the obession with her at award shows. She hasn’t won anything and she can’t dress. So who cares about her at the awards? Lets talk about Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz they are the ones winning and looking beautiful on the red carpet. And Kate has more talent, and personality in her finger than Angelina has in her whole body anyway. Lets talk about KATE. Congrats Kate and Penelope I love those girls! They are friends too!

  • Diana

    Most overrated actress of all time! She was boring as sin in The Reader!!! I really can’t stand her, I wish she’d claim her pity Oscar and GO AWAY forever!!! Ugh!

  • mimilala

    She look absolutely beautiful!

  • mimilala

    She is what beautiful looks like..not all those Hollywood anorexic bobble-headed types running around pouting their mouths…

  • lia

    Diana must be an Angelina loony. No, she was MESMERIZING in The reader and having a german acent when you’re British is hard! Plus, she’s not the most overrated actress, Angelina Jolie is1 Always in the headlines, at awards shows people only talk about her and Brad yet, they loose again!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think that she looks great
    really sexy =]
    congrats on winning, i hope she didnt give one of her omg omg speeches, they seem so fake

  • carine

    I’am so happy that Kate win
    she will win an oscar too
    I vote for her.

  • http://justjared soprano

    She’s starting to look thinner & thinner everytime I see her. She once said a few years back that she would never lose weight etc for anyone. However, if you compare photos of her then & now she has dropped about three dress sizes. Who is he trying to kid. Find her irritating too.

  • Midz

    im glad she won and she looked pretty but she was rude i was at the red carpet (no lie) and me and the people around were chanting her name for her autpgraph and she just walked past us and went straight ahead and didnt bother

  • Jess

    Congratz to Kate, once again she deserved it :).

    Also, I thought that she looked amazing at this year’s BAFTA’s, I really loved that dress on her it looked stunning. Her hair looked really different but I still liked it because it worked for her :).

  • ali

    kate looks so lovely and congrats again for her award!

  • Kay

    Please stop with the trashing of Kate. She won the award so it’s her time to feel good. And she probably lost weight because she didn’t feel comfortable with her baby fat weight she still had in her early 20′s and it’s not like she’s starving herself and Midz,
    she probably walked past people because well, when yesterday was the award show and she was there, it was her hometown! She lives in California now so wouldn’t you rush to see and feel the fresh air of your hometown instead of getting stalked by cameras?

  • Anna marie

    Diana, the critics disagree with you. Most of them say that Kate is superb in “The Reader.” Even the critics who gave the film negative reviews said that Kate is the only thing worth watching.

  • Cali

    Congratulations to Kate! She’s worked so hard for this!

    “Revolutionary Road” is one of my favorite films – truly a work of art and very memorable,too.

  • brie2009

    I love this dress! Hmmm….. maybe a prom inspiration dress? Does anybody know who designed this dress cause I really love it!

  • Custom T

    She’s my favorite actress EVERRR!!

  • Diana

    Anna Marie,

    And wanna bet if the critics panned her performance you’d be singing Winslet’s praises just as much? You Winslet fanbots are like little robots who have been completely duped by this woman’s ability to overact, cry, whine, and pout and you guys think that’s brilliance. Don’t try the “other people’s opinions said this…” crap on me when I can decide on my own, not like yourself, what is and isn’t crap. It is MY OPINION after all, aren’t I entitled to one? Or are you the Winslet police who are completely insulted that someone sees it differently than you? She bored me silly in that role along with that hideously OTT German pseudo accent. Sorry, but the poor thing is trying to be Meryl but can’t. I could care less how many nominations, by age 12 that she has! She bores me silly!!! And Revolutionary Road? LOL! Little Children on acid. Been there, DONE THAT! I wish she’d retire, but unfortunately she won’t and will plague cinemas everywhere every year with her incessant OTT whining and pouting, begging for another Oscar cuz I bet this one won’t be enough!

  • Kate looks like a stuffsaugage

    What a smug bore Kate Winslet is and very plain looking too.
    Is that why she made her acceptance speech at her resent award in a fake-orgasm way , all breathy and dumb girl kind of way ?
    what a HYPOCRITE !
    Kate Winslet represent everything that HIDIOUS about actor :
    Fake.. self absorbed.. using everything and anything and everyone to ..

  • Kay

    God, why are you haters so pathetci! And #40 is actually posing and really is Kate is in love with Leo. And Diana, I think its so cute that you’re jealous and take every second of the day to comment on KW’s posts even though you claim to “hate” her. It’s going to be so funny when she wins the award for Best actress at the oscars when Angelina looses, AGAIN!

  • KateWlooks like stufsausage

    Kay get over your self .. I think its even cuter that you’re so obsessed with Angelina Jolie and what AJ got to do with my post and to you ?
    Kate is very plain looking in a dumb girl kind of way ! and she will and always be looking like a stuff sausage !
    Why is it going to be so funny if she wins at the Oscar.. she can win 510 more for all I care.. but the truth will always remind that something terribly fake and cynical about her.. I find her self RIGHTEOUS and PRETENTIOUS !

  • Kay

    Even though I’m not a fan of AJ, I can actually be mature and compliment once and a while but that’s only because my older sis is a huge fan of hers. And if Kate is so ugly, why did she make AskMen’s top 99 desirable woman? And you are very very weird if you hate Kate because she forgot Angelina’s name at the Golden Globes you hold grudges. It was Kate’s moment to shine! She won not one, but 2 Golden Globes in one night and it was her time to shine and for once it just wasn’t about Angelina! Plus, if you saw the Golden Globes on TV you’ll see Angelina actually found it very funny and wasn’t mad at all. Plus Kate is right. Angie is a decent actress but not a good one. All she has to do is look hot in action movies and that’s all. As for Girl, Interrupted she was basically playing herself! At least Kate, didn’t make out with her brother! Plus, you haters can kiss Kate’s ass when she wins the Oscar for Best Actress! btw, Brangelina hasn’t won any major awards for their acting. They lost at Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and now BAFTA awards so don’t think they’ll win the Oscar!

  • Diana

    Wow Kay, have you counted 86,400 posts of mine on the Winslet boards? That’s impressive and makes me wonder about your personal life, you need to get out more!

    And LOL at the AJ comment, cuz I freakin’ can’t stand that whore and I’ll actually admit that I’d be even more upset if she were to win for that overacting hack of a “I WANT MY SON BACKKKKKK!!!!” actress’ performance. Ick!

    Oh, I have no doubt she’ll win the pity Oscar, I’m just voicing my protest because unlike you and many others, I feel the Oscar should go to the best performance NOT how many times the actor has been nominated! This year Meryl freakin OWNED her performance. Sheer brilliance, Winslet couldn’t recreate that bit of genius if she wanted.


  • Lana

    I used to love Winslet, but now I think she’s let her success go to her head. Where does she get off saying such judgemental things about Brad & Angie?! This putting on of airs is really unbecoming of her, I wish somebody would burst that bubble of ego and let her come back down to earth and be the Kate I used to know and love.

  • principessa


  • Anurag

    hi Kate,
    I hope you will be fine!
    I want to say only one sentence that, you are just Osum like a river which belongs to a sea and when Osum river meet with sea its go more and more deep like your eyes. I think you have something different in your eyes like more love and support for a men. You are just blessing by a GOD. You just amazing human being on earth. I really appreciate your work which showed in your movies. I asked a question, what you think about the whole world? tell me if you can. GOD bless you.