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Leonardo DiCaprio: Cinema For Peace!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Cinema For Peace!

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the Cinema For Peace ceremony during the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival at the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt on Monday (February 9) in Berlin, Germany.

The 34-year-old actor was presented with the International Green Film Award by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. The award is akin to a “Green Oscar,” offering a platform for environmental activists and dedicated artists to draw attention as well as strengthen and encourage the public conscience for environmental issues. The Award comes with a $250,000 donation for an environmental foundation or film project.

Leo‘s girlfriend Bar Refaeli was seen catch a flight from LAX airport in Los Angeles to NYC on Sunday (February 8). She’ll be doing press for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover!!!

10+ pictures inside of Leo and Bar

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leo dicaprio cinema for peace 01
leo dicaprio cinema for peace 02
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leo dicaprio cinema for peace 09
leo dicaprio cinema for peace 10

Credit: Matingas; Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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  • http://. david

    First !

  • french

    why you talk about her?
    she supposed to be a model and she is so ugly like her clothes

    Leo is wonderful as always

  • french

    please remove bar on this article

  • french

    I have never seen clothes also ugly :D

  • Janie

    He’s such a great actor, and I still can’t believe he wasn’t nominated. Good thing Kate is winning, and will hopefully take home the Oscar! He seems like a really good guy, and he’s passionate about acting and the environment so good for him if he can succeed at bringing attention to both! :)

  • LolaSvelt

    Damn he’s hot.

  • hmm

    oh please, i hope she wont be on the cover SI

  • Matingas

    modeling gig

    she wasn’t flying international ;)

    plus leo is prolly gay

  • french

    Leo is not gay

  • who am i?

    jared, isn’t the SI swimsuit party in Vegas tonight or tomorrow? that is most likely where she is going….

  • Naima

    What a miserable looking girl, and what the hell is she wearing ??? Leo is so brilliant as an actor and so dumb and insecure as a man, what is wrong with him, I could understand what he saw in Gisele, but this girl seems so boring, needy and most of all bitchy.

  • who am i?

    oh and wow, is she hideous in these photos!
    she works in fashion, yet has no fashion sense at all – who would buy that disgusting sweatshirt thing she is wearing? give me a break!!

  • Jen1

    He looks so dashing. And he really is, such a great actor. I can’t wait for his next film, “Shutter Island” (with Marty!).

  • katarina

    OMG!!! This is women looks like UGLY WITCH!!!!!!!!.
    Oh….Leo….Poor Leo…Such a GRAND MEN will spend time for Valentina’s Day with… WITCH!!! WITCH!!! WITCH!!!

  • urgrh

    hahaha What a coinsidence, meenwhile his ugly girlfriends country is killing innoncent people and occuping their land and terrorising the people of Palestinia, HE goes to Cinema for PEACE.


  • yummy

    HHHHHHeeeeellllllllllloooooooo Leo!!

  • french

    #14 : i don’t think that he will spend time for Valentina’s Day with the most uglier model (if you can called this girl a model)

    someone know where she bought this sweatshirt ? , i would like the same lol :D

    i don’t know which is the most ugly, she or her sweatshirt

  • Italian Esmeralda

    LOL at her clothes…Does she ever smile when she is not being photographed for work? She always seems to be in a awful mood. Still, maybe that’s just her attitude when she is relaxed…Who cares…Leo is handsom as always, she better don’t play games with him just to pursuit her career.

  • thetruththetruth

    she dont look like a model to me, more like average girl.

  • katarina

    #17: I hope he’ll don’t spend time with Herrr. But, she is realy ugly. Im not jelous for her.I just see pics in Uruguay. She is not model.!!! I think she will soon take offence on us…lol. GO HOME bar!!. Will better if you GO HOME!!!.

  • french

    #20 : you are right

  • mya

    your all just HATERSSSSS
    get over it

  • whatever

    Leo looks really handsome in those pics. I have always had a thing for him…

  • who am i?

    #15 shut up – wtf does she have to do with her government’s policies? stop with the political talk…

    yeah, #20 – the uruguay photos were awful! She is so ugly it isn’t even funny – the only reason anyone hires her to “model” is because of her famous boyfriend!

  • wer

    She sucks

  • kate

    #24 : you forgot “fake” before boyfriend

    she is so ugly and she doesn’t know dress

    Leo is handsome

  • Kay

    Love Leo! Hate her…

  • Abbie

    Thanks for the pictures JARED! I hope Bar and Leo will spend a wonderful Vanlentine’s Day wherever they are!!!!

  • lily

    stupid couple. leo deserves better than this. I’am not a haters, I have never like this model, she is so moron in interviews, she is not smart at all, she looks like someone who has 12 years old, she is still a teenage girl.

  • Emily

    Jeeze, Jared. Why do you insist on tainting a good Leo article with Bar? That sweatshirt is awful.

  • llk

    OMG, she looks horrible or miserable. I don`t even know what word to use. Not to mention that hideous sweatshirt and the usual sour face. Even Leo seems less attractive on that picture next to hers. Someone should give Leo a wake up call about his gf already!!!

  • Emily

    Oh, and he looks gorgeous, as always.

  • elizabeth marinas

    leo is so hansome in that suit bar is very lucky to have leo for a boyfriend for valentine’s day

  • katarina

    It’s just interesting…. Are she reading ours comments? Are she come inside JJ and another internet resurs ? And what think Leo about ours comments? Maybe she is good for him,but he must to THINK WHY ppl don’t like her.-(for Leo).And this is not because of jelouse.It’s just what we are feeling and you are must to reflect on it. We are everyone to wish you happy.
    sorry for my engish.

  • hateidiots

    urgrh; The terrorist Jew-hater strikes again! Get a life you terrorist scumbag! There is no Palestinia! Thousands of years ago ancient Israel was re-named Palestine by the Romans. Dumbass! The Arab Fakestinians have been stealing and occupying Jewish land for decades now. They also have murdered thousands of Jewish women and children and continue to.

    Bad news; Bar will probably be the cover girl for Sports Illustrated. I fel sick just hearing this. The only good thing is that the evil terrorist haters like “urgth” will be more upset than the rest of us. LOL!

  • kate

    #34 : she is not good for him and Leo don’t care about her

  • sella

    i hope he will get marry with an actress

  • Jess

    Leo looks so Hot ;).

  • lakers fan in boston

    bar looks so average looking in this pics
    even more evidence that she isnt that hot

  • JGL

    She’s got a great body, nice eyes … but something not so pretty and from these pictures I’ve finally figured it out. It’s her mouth. She always seems like she’s frowning.

  • cosi

    #35, evidence to the contrary re your knee-jerk reaction that being against the Gaza atrocities instantly renders one a “jew-hater”! Not that you’ll read this letter from a Marine, b/c your attitude’s made up, but maybe some posters, cognizant of the fact that too long Israelis have gotten away with war crimes – will read and consider a differing view:

    “I recently retired from the US Marine Corps, but saw service in Iraq. I do know something of military matters that are relevant to the situation now in Gaza.

    I am dismayed by the rhetoric from US politicians to the effect that “if the US were under rocket attack from Mexico or Canada, we would respond like the Israelis”. This a gross insult to US servicemen; I can assure you that we would NOT respond like the Israelis. In fact, US armed forces and adjunct civilians are under attack constantly in Iraq and Afghanistan by people who are much better armed, much better trained and far deadlier than Hamas (I’ll ignore for now that the politicians seem to be oblivious to this fact). Israel has indeed taken a small number of casualties from Hamas rocket fire (about 20 killed since 2001), but we have taken thousands of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, including many civilian personnel. Hundreds of American casualties have occurred due to indirect fire, often from mortars. This is particularly true in or near the Green Zone in Baghdad. This fire often originates from densely populated urban areas.

    Americans do not, I repeat DO NOT, respond to that fire indiscriminately. When I say “indiscriminately”, I mean that even if we can precisely identify the source of the fire (which can be very difficult), we do not respond if we know we will cause civilian casualties. We always evaluate the threat to civilians before responding, and in an urban area the threat to civilians is extremely high. If US servicemen violate those rules of engagement and harm civilians, I assure you we do our best to investigate — and mete out punishment if warranted. There are differing opinions on the conflict in Iraq, but I am proud of the conduct of our servicemen there.

    With that in mind, I find the conduct of the Israeli army in Gaza to be brutal and dishonorable, and it is insulting that they and others claim that the US military would behave in the same way. I know the Israelis are operating under difficult circumstances, but their claim that they follow similar rules of engagement rings hollow; I see little evidence for this claim given the huge number of civilian casualties they have caused from indirect fire.

    In particular, I am stunned at the Israeli explanation for the 30+ civilians killed at the UN school. The Israelis say they were responding to mortar fire from the school. Mortars are insidious because their high trajectory and lack of primary flash make it very difficult to trace the source of the fire; you have to have a spotter locate the crew. The Israelis claim that they traced the source of the fire precisely to the school; if so, they must have directly spotted the crew. Thus it is inconceivable that the Israelis did not know that the target was a crowded UN school, yet they chose to fire on the school anyhow. I say without hesitation that this is a criminal act. If the Israelis had said, “sorry, it was an accident”, that could indicate a targeting problem, confusion, or inferior training. But to openly admit that they responded reflexively to the Hamas fire without consideration for the inevitable civilian casualties is beyond the pale. The Israelis blame Hamas for firing from the school (although UN personnel on the ground dispute this), but choosing to fire directly at civilians is far worse; it is tantamount to murder. US servicemen do not behave that way in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we face much deadlier adversaries (Hamas mortar crews are apparently not very effective: I believe that all but one of the total Israeli combat fatalities have been from friendly fire). In the rare and unfortunate cases where US personnel have willingly targeted civilians, they have been court-martialed and punished.

    The Israeli approach in Gaza strikes me as uncontrolled and vengeful. My objective analysis is that it has little tactical effectiveness; my opinion is that its main goal is to whip the entire Gaza population into submission. This is disturbingly similar to the Israelis’ conduct in Lebanon in 2006, so I feel obliged to say that the Israeli military displays a concerted pattern of disregard for civilian lives. I am not a politician, but in my opinion the US should take some sort of political action in this regard. If we continue to formally condone Israel’s dishonorable and brutal military conduct in Gaza, I fear there will eventually be dire consequences for our country.”

  • petunia

    Jared thanks for those gorgeous pics of Leonardo and congratulations to Leo, great job. I am curious to why you have Bar picture in this? Bar has nothing to do with Leo in Berlin being honoured . Why is she even mentioned in this article??

  • ihb

    Leo looks great, too bad Jared ruined the post with his unfortunate girlfriend.

  • Cali

    Wow. Leo is an amazing actor (he will always be one of my favorites) and I am so glad he also cares about the environment and what’s going on in the world. Congratulations to him for his Green Film Award! :)

  • lia

    It’s too bad Brad Pitt gets more comments than the more talented Leo.
    Leo fans renite! :)

  • Italian Esmeralda

    lia, you are right…but I think his girlfriend’s hoodie it’s just too scary to handle it!!!!

  • Italian Esmeralda

    lia, you are right…but I think his girlfriend’s hoodie it’s just too scary to handle it!!!!

  • Custom T

    Leo is my lover!!

  • @48

    Freddy are you dat? If not ur a liar…lol…

  • shy

    i love bar!!!!