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Madonna & Jesus Luz: W Magazine Mates

Madonna & Jesus Luz: W Magazine Mates


Madonna appears in a no-holds-barred 46-page spread in W magazine‘s March 2009 issue frolicking in a hotel bed with shirtless boyfriend Jesus Luz.

Hot photo shoot. And look, Jesus has his name tattooed on his back! Classy.

Madonna, 50, and Jesus, 22, reportedly first met on this steamy mag shoot, as photographed by Steven Klein. Earlier this month, the pair was spotted having dinner together in New York City with her kids.

Check out the full spread at

10+ pictures inside of W Magazine mates Madonna and Jesus Luz

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madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 01
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 02
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 03
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 04
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 05
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 06
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 07
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 08
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 09
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 10
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 11
madonna jesus luz w magazine march 2009 12

Photos: Steven Klein
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  • ok


  • s.

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.


  • Julie

    Does she think about anybody but herself?? Her kids possibly???

  • Patty

    Not long ago people commented on some pictures of Madonna as she tried to usher her children through a crowd of paps in NY. “Leave the poor little lady alone!”, they cried. But this is the Madonna I remember and why the paps will never leave her alone…if she has anything to say about it.

  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaapocca

    hmm…seems like Maddona was trying to be somone she was not with Richie…she is back with her sex-in-your face antice..unfortunately for her , her kids are old enough to see what she has been up to..if her little lolita starts sharing her men underneath her nose, I hope she is understanding enough to know that she thought it to her from the wombe probably being washed over by sperms of numerous CONQUESTS!! not lovers…

  • Renata

    God bless Madonna!!!

  • maddyct

    !!!! WOOOOW
    Jesus Christ MotherF***er !!!!!!
    THIS is what I call SEXY & HOT !!!!
    God Bless Madonna & Jesus ( LOOOOL )

  • gerard Vandenberg

    IT’S LIKE A DILDO, folks.
    use it, GRANDMA!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m not sure RENATA, he had a day off?

  • ah


    They are photographs, it’s a business move, Don’t read celeb blogs and believe that you know these people personally or anything about what they are really like. This is a fucking Gossip and Rumor site not a Fact and Truth site. Look at the pictures enjoy them for what the are, shut up and start living your own damn life.

  • SusiQ

    He is a cutie, But Madonna – GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raquel



    The only fact that stays in my mind is that this trash moved Guy Ritchie’s small boys to NYC and away from their father.

    Why? To promote her traisness and fuuck trashy young men.

    Fine. Madonna is a ho, but leave the children in London, with a good father, a stable family life, and the people, good schools, and house they have known all their lives. The boys are British. I can’t beleive the courts allowed this travesty.


  • Joseph

    all right ! it is right opinion ! I love this shoot

  • raquel

    AH. Why so angry? We’re just voicing our opinions here. Just like you just did.

  • Hortensia

    Funniest description of Madonna, from ex Guy Ritchie: she is a “piece of gristle.” And just as sexy I would think. LOL

  • tora

    Whatever makes her botox tingle… Going back to her fantasy mode, forgetting her daughter is a teenager who questions her mommy’s motives and priorities in life.

  • Joseph

    I agree with AH.

  • blossom

    So Madona is gettin’ some… Whoopdee effin Doo.

  • postwatcher

    He is a paid hustler .The tramp stamp on his back is for his male pick ups to remember his name.

    Madonna isn’t doing anything with this guy. Publicity stunt people. She is a dried up bitty.

  • shoes4life

    I like Madonna but I think this side of Madonna should be boxed up and put away, at least until her children are grown. I am not saying she can’t date and be sexy but to put this out there like that is a little much. Her daughter is a teen (mommy making a good impression on her right now) and her oldest son is old enough to know what is up. Madonna you are not single (no children), you’re 50 not 20, and keep your private life private.

    She must remember that children tend to imitate their parents.

  • Criss

    People still talk and care about her……

  • Anita

    Madonna is deluding herself. No matter how much she works out, no matter how much plastic surgery she has she is still a 50 year old woman with three children. She’s a true skank. She could pull it off when she was younger but now it’s just pathetic. She’s pathetic.

  • bam!

    Well if you can get it why not! He is kind of hot, certainly body wise anyway.

    This photospread immediately makes me think that him hanging out with her on her tour is not a relationship or whatever it is the media are saying, in as much as it’s just continuing the gossip train & making it look like there’s something going on. These pics add to that gossip but make me more sure now that it’s all just a publicity thing which she is well known for & I love about her. Seriously she has no limits when it comes to this sort of thing, it’s quite amazing really. Go Madge!

  • Laurena

    He’s hot! She’s not! I wonder how much he got paid to make out with his granny?

  • Pauli

    No Anita, you’re pathetic. You’re nothing more than an idiotic and prudish fly-over American housefrau. We point to people like you when we give examples of the ugly American. It’s pathetic when people are fine with war and killing but get their knickers in a knot over sex and nudity. Think of the children! Oh won’t SOMEBODY think of the children?!? Pathetic, indeed.

  • Laurena

    Also, Carlos Leon is/was hotter.

  • hazeleyes

    true anita #23

    she thinks that she still can do anything.. but she just can’t
    she has plastic surgery all over her body, and people still say: oh she looks amazing.. OFCOURSE EVERYBODY IN HOLLYWOOD DOES AND THEY NEVER HAVE A LINE ON THEIR FACES…because they have the money.. and we stupid people her.. think they are special or something.. their not… we’re just making them famous
    and AS IF this dude would really want madonna.. he only wants publicity.. and madonna is helping him.. soo obvious
    but she should be ashamed! i think guy richie will be laughing so loud when he sees these pictures! seriously
    she’s making a fool out of herself… definetly…… she’s pathetic i agree
    shame on her.. too bad for her kids

  • Kermit

    Why should she not do a photoshoot like this? Because women above 45 can’t have boyfriends anymore, or just love anyone anymore? How old are you people? Eight? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Betina

    He’s soooo HOT! Brazilian Model :) Did she thought on her childrens before do it this photoshoot? Poor kids.. *he’s sexy*

  • Tinaverse

    Pauli, you would never understand since you are a liberal anti-God person who lives in the post christian society of most likely Europe. Some of us believe in and do have morals in this country and I know that you would never understand this living where you live because they don’t teach it. To be a good parent is to consider the effects that your actions have on your children before you do them. Maybe if you have a child you will change your philosophy somewhat.

  • k

    Her children must be so proud.

  • n.o.l.a


    However, she needs to grow up. While she lookds great for 50, this aging sex goddess routine is kinda done.


  • Pipi

    Victoria Beckham must be chuffed, Madge is wearing one of her dresses.

  • thetruththetruth

    um wow

  • madge mega fan


  • indiesr

    This photo spread is doing exactly what Madonna wanted it to do…Get people talking, and for that, I say, well done Madonna, mission accomplished. :)

  • Tj20

    She look like a whore but a hot one.

  • Cer!se

    He’s sexy :D

  • anna

    Hey Brad and Angie are back. Classless right after a marriage split. Do these people have no sensitivity chips! Just goes to show you most celebs put their egos and themselves 1st. What a wh-re! Think of your children BI–H

  • hmm

    Maybe if she had of done a sexy photo shoot like this with her husband, she would probably still be married. They allowed their marriage to go stale now she has to trick herself out like this for folks to think she is still hot. Sad for her kids.

  • Dullsville

    Madonna having a one night stand hotel pictorial with a young foreign waiter?


  • alemana

    ill .. shes like 100 and he 12!!

  • stella11215u488

    HOTT!!!!!!!!! sexy model ,sexy madonna

  • michelle

    That’s disgusting, he could be her son.
    But the worst part of it is that Madonna has never been a good singer, all she has is because of her nudity/scandals. She’s 50 now and nothing has changed.
    She doesn’t have any skills, she takes her clothes off. HUMILITATING.

  • You/Me

    Madonna gets more and more pathetic every day. I seriously pity her, she has no idea how to age gracefully. She could be this awesome legendary woman and instead she is going to be remembered as this a sad hag who used sex to try and stay young. Doesn’t she know how to be sexy at her age, she can’t be a sexy 22 year old anymore!

  • eliza

    She projected a classy image for awhile with her marriage, life in London, and children’s books. Now it’s obvious she’s reverted to form.

  • idril

    I’m just thinking about her child and hope they won’t see these pictures, just after the divorce.

  • LJ

    lol about comments here. It’s photoshoot, so what? He looks hot.

  • well…

    Madonna has shown no growth over the years. She is still doing the stuff she did 20 years. He looks great. From these pictures Jared posted, Madonna is trying to hide her face (or the picture was photoshopped as the 1st one looks) because she doesn’t look old next to him, If you are going to be bold than be bold. Show you age while you are lying down next to this 20 year old. Otherwise you are just Pam Anderson and who cares.