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Sienna Miller Replaced By Cate Blanchett

Sienna Miller Replaced By Cate Blanchett

Sienna Miller arrives at the 2009 Elle Style Awards with feathery shoulders on Monday (February 9) at Big Sky London, England.

The 27-year-old British actress paired her in Matthew Williamson cocktail frock with Tiffany & Co. gold jewelry — doughnut bangle by Elsa Peretti as well as hammered planets drop earrings and a distinctive Zellige medallion ring (both by Paloma Picasso).

Sienna recently vacated the role of Maid Marian in Sir Ridley Scott‘s forthcoming film Nottingham and it looks like Aussie actress Cate Blanchett will be her replacement.

“I think Cate Blanchett is set to take the Maid Marian part,” Mark Strong, who has already been signed up to play Sir Guy of Gisbourne, tells UK’s Telegraph. “She is a wonderful actress and it would make it a much classier film if she was in it.”

Russell Crowe is also confirmed to play Robin Hood.

20+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller @ the 2009 Elle Style Awards…

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Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty, Daniel Deme/WENN
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  • http://justjared tan

    burn to Sienna.

  • Imzadi

    Thank god. I know it’s not official yet, but everyone and especially Cate is a better actress than Sienna Miller. I was really excited about Ridley Scotts and Russell Crowes new project .. until I heard, that Miller was going to play Maid Marian. But whoever is going to replace her, it can’t get worse.

  • clair

    haha, so even boys can be bitchy. I love Cate!!

    Sienna probably quit the film because she realised it was cutting into her man-stealing time.

  • thetruththetruth

    she is dead to me

  • Ashley

    I think that sienna and keira are really good friends together,

  • The Shiznack

    If Sienna came onto to that dude id bet he would hit it

    thats the truth folks

  • Lola

    Love her, she’s fabulous!
    And “C” or “C2″ should be along any minute to write huge long anti Sienna posts about her. Because C is a freak.

  • Pole

    Ouch – I think maybe it would have been wise if Sienna’s pr hadn’t said something about Scott looking for an older and fatter actress :-D Cate is just about a million times better at acting than Sienna so I guess this really is blowing up in her face..

    Also – she looks a bit puffy, doesn’t she? I like the dress but greasy hair and puffy eyes; she looks likes she didn’t really make an effort IMO.

  • Lola

    Love her, she’s fabulous!
    And “C” or “C2″ should be along any minute to write huge long anti Sienna posts. Because C is a freak who spends too much time writing about a girl they hate.

  • bam!

    Wicked! I thought this film would fall through with all the reported troubles it’s had & the presence of Sienna Miller on the cast didn’t boost my hopes. When I heard she’d dropped out I was happy but now I hear Cate Blanchett is taking her place I’m ecstatic! A real actress! Great news, hoping this will be another great Ridley Scott film, love that guy.

    Hopefully this casting news is accurate.

  • idril

    Good for Cate.

  • A

    she looks like she’s 35 but she poses like she’s 15, soooo funny, looks like the Karma’s been visiting her lately. that’s nice to see

    and to #5

    think again.

  • Cane

    What is the girl wearing? Can’t somebody help her pick out some decent clothes?

  • mslewis

    This news breaks my heart!!! Cate Blanchett is an amazing actress and she deserves more than playing Maid Marian in yet another Robin Hood movie!!! Please turn this turkey down Cate. Please!!!

  • boogie

    good riddance Miller

  • Jaye

    Robin Hood has been done to death. Crowe couldn’t find anything more challenging to do? I guess you get the money where you can. It’s not like he’s in his prime.

  • zoe

    holy shit she is only 27 years old?
    looks more like end 30s to me

  • Love Cate

    Now it seems like an interesting project!! They were smart to get rid of Sienna-she nothing but a slutty, horrible actress!

  • Karma

    Upgrade. That’s an understatement.

  • Jill

    Cate Blanchett is a great actress, but isn’t she a tad old for that part?

  • lakers fan in boston

    what’s wrong with her face….
    it looks the the smoking is finally getting to her =D
    i think her outfit is kinda cute
    even tho i dont like her that much, i thought overall she looked nice

  • hmm

    Cate is kinda aged for the role. Also, I don’t get why Russel Crowe as Robin Hood? I know he’s a box office name, but he’s so sloppy and gross looking lately. Not dashing, at all!

  • Diedre

    Sienna’s PR now looks like morons for saying that Sienna was too hot for Russell. She needs to eat a great big bowl of STFU!!!!

  • Dobbins

    Why is this trashy ho still getting her picture taken? She looks like a bag of a s s~

  • A

    perez has the best photo from that “event”

  • Yours truly

    Ho… sit down – PLEASE!!!

  • boogie

    If Crowe , aged 45 is playing Robin Hood……what’s wrong with Blanchett playing Maid Marian….she’s 40.

    Much prefer Blanchett (great actress) to Miller who is such a horrible actress.

  • c

    TO Lola (aka- WOW)

    1) The simplest solution to your dilemma is to DON’T READ MY RESPONSES WHEN YOU SEE MY NAME. Complaining about my posts, while you keep reading them only makes you look less credible. Please write another response telling me how you just “skimmed”, but didn’t read this post.

    2) So now I can add “freak” to your growing list of insults and name calling. Name calling and insults may work on the playground of your school, but they don’t help VM or discredit those that won’t condone VM behavior. Since you can not formulate a valid statement in support of VICTIMienna, you have to resort to name calling and insults. If you spent less time fawning over VICTIMienna’s very public affair and humilation of a mother and her 4 kids, you wouldn’t be caught off guard when someone writes logical and valid statements about her antics.

    3) Your name calling and insults won’t change the fact that VICTIMienna is having an AFFAIR with a MARRIED MAN, that VM is EQUALLY responsible for this affair since she slept with the married and is still sleeping with him knowing full well that he has no intentions of getting a divorce, that her staged photo-ops with the MARRIED MAN are insensitive, that the MARRIED MAN still won’t commit to VICTIMienna, and that the only way to keep herself relevant is by piggy-backing on the humilation of a mother and her 4 kids.

    4) VICTIMienna fans are her worst enemies. If you are here posting on this site, then what does that make you? Oh that’s right, you seem to think that “defending” VICTIMienna makes your posts more valid than those that won’t condone her antics with the MARRIED MAN. Here’s a hint, people will have more sympathy for VM when she shows consideration for RG and her 4 kids, LAYS LOW, takes responsibility for her role in this affair, stops playing the victim, and waits until the MARRIED MAN files for a divorce before she stages those PDA photo-ops and leaks stories about her adventures with the MARRIED MAN. BTW, has BG gotten a divorce? According to VM and her mothers, the MARRIED MAN “left” his wife. Yet he hasn’t filed for a divorce or legal separation.

  • boogie

    I forgot to also add that Cate is so much better looking than Miller anyway. Cate looks younger than 40.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    It doesn’t really matter.

  • Sienna

    Oh yea! They are taking my picture! I love to have them take my picture! See how pretty I am? I am sooooooo pretty!!! Everyone loooooves me!!! Are you married?

  • boogie


    Sienna Miller is fabulous? With her history, gotta be kidding me. In addition she is such a terrible actress…..

    Perhaps you were talking about Cate? If so, I agree.

  • Camden

    Okay she’s in no movies no one knows her why is she in the news all the time? Does she do anything other than hump famous guys?

  • boogie

    # 30….you are sick! or perhaps,,,….a jerk?

  • LOLA

    @#28.. lol, I called it!
    C you are a bag of crazy and it’s awesome. Thanks for making me laugh hard when I saw you posted. I love how obsessed and determined to trash talk this girl you are.

  • boogie


    this girl- Sienna IS TRASH.

    You need to wake up honey

  • LOLA

    Boogie, our opinions differ. That’s the great thing about free thinking, eh?
    I think Cate is a great actress, but personally she bores me. All her roles are so heavy. Enough already. Have some fun!
    I don’t know why you think Sienna is “trash”, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

  • boogie


    her life choices, etc……makes her trash. Did you not know this?

  • Dale

    To lola:

    shame on you!

    If you think Sienna Miller, the s l u t is “fabulous:……something wrong with you…hope you are not like her…….it means a sad life indeed.

  • LOLA

    I don’t know what you’re talking about.. least I’m going to pretend I don’t, because her personal life has nothing to do with her style or working life, which is why I like her.

    And my question is, if you don’t like her than why post about her? You’re wasting time and energy on a person you don’t like, which seems a bit silly.

  • Dale

    lola- YOU are the one that is silly. What do you think this site is for?

    If you like a s l u t like Sienna….. and don’t have a clue to what a person is all about…….then YOU are pretty stupid.

    Others above here will agree.

    And you can’t be so wrong…..A person is more than their so called working life or style. It all blends into her “personal life”

    You don’t have a clue!

  • A

    you stupid, lola. let me enlighten you. all people have negative feelings because of some inexplicable reasons, and if you don’t want to live with that negativism and be happy, you should find a person/persons that are really ugly and awful deep inside, just like SM, and spit out that negativity on them. so you’ll be more enlightened and happy. and the Karma will do the rest.

  • ctx

    Cate is the right choice over this toothy actress wannabe (Wintour is right, look at her teeth). Cate can act, she is well respected and classy. People who are aware of Sienna’s involvement with Balthazar Getty have no respect for Sienna at all. Look at the way she poses: trying really hard to look girly, demure and cute. Her public antics with Getty say otherwise.She is 28 years old and she looks ridiculous and laughable in that get-up and pose. This “little girl-demure look” is not Boho style. And she got an award as a fashion icon??Is she trying to change her image after being plastered all over the net sans top and continued remorseless public amoral homewrecking antics with an affluent married man?

  • seriously

    i’m with lola! i don’t get haters and why they waste their time on people they cant stand!

  • shell

    Dull. Except for the burn from Mark Strong. Ouch!

  • Dale

    seriously is I guess another Sienna bimbo and who knows what.

    shame on you two!

  • s luttyiena miller

    S lut

  • Gary


    If people don’t like her, if they don’t want to see her, if they won’t pay to go to a movie if she’s in it, then YEAH IT MATTERS!

    She’s box office poison. I would so not pay to see her right now. I don’t know how anyone thinks she can cary a three-person live show.

  • c

    Lola (aka WOW)

    1) If you don’t like the fact that I am not patting VICTIMienna on the back for sleeping with a MARRIED MAN and shamelessly flaunting it, then DON’T READ MY POSTS. Since you are appalled that people are “hating” on VM, then you must be appalled by VM’s hate on an innocent mother and her 4 kids, right? What type of woman would keep sleeping with a man knowing full well that he has no intentions of divorcing his wife? This is what you admire about VM? It must hurt VM and her fans to know that the MARRIED MAN doesn’t even consider her marriage material, she is just some woman he “parties” with and financially supporting him.

    VM has been reduced to staging PDA photo-ops to compensate for the MARRIED MAN’s lack of commitment to her. She is nothing more than his booty-call and that is what he is telling the world when he spends “quality time” with her without filing for a divorce/legal separation. He thinks that she is not worthy of marriage and she has to make up for it by leaking stories about her “desire to marry BG”.

    2) Using your logic, you are obsessed with me and need to get a life. You are only making a fuss to deflect from VICTIMienna bad behavior. Despite what you think, your tantrums are not clever. They are not even logical. You don’t agree with what I write, so you call me names. That technique must work wonders for you in life. Your mommy won’t let you have a cookie, so you call her “lame”. Your teacher won’t let you be the line leader, so you call her a “freak”. Did the name calling or insults get you a cookie or make you line leader?

    You think that calling people “freaks” and “crazy” makes you look like the smarter person, but it doesn’t. In the world that exists outside of your VM fantasy, NAME CALLING AND INSULTS demonstrate your maturity level. It suggests that you are nothing more than just a preteen/teen who knows nothing about the world.

    3) Using your logic VICTIMienna is obsessed with RG and her 4 kids. It is not necesasry to keep staging those insensitive PDA photo-ops with the MARRIED MAN. But being the insecure woman that she is, VM can only feel good about herself when she is stepping on the back of another woman. What’s sad is the fact that VM feels the need to compete with RG and her 4 kids. You probably think that her affair is cool, but take a deeper look at VM.

    4) Since you still can not identify any redeeming qualities in VM and have to use name calling and insults in every post, I will help you out. I commend VM for having enough common sense to not leak “BG proposed to me” PR stories. That would be silly right, considering that he hasn’t even filed for a divorce or legal separation. I also commend her for not playing the “step-mother” angle by staging photo-ops with the MARRIED MANs kids. You know this is comming soon.

    5) And who said that she doesn’t care what people think? After stating that VM needs to get a life, instead of helping the married man betray and humilate his family, the public gets this. So now they want us to think that VM is a well rounded person because she is a fasion icon, shops, eats, poses with intelluctual books, shops, and is starring on Broadway. Imagine the sympathy she would receive if she LAID LOW, stopped playing the victim, took responsibility for her role in the affair, showed consideration for RG and her 4 kids, and stopped staging those pathetic “He must love me because he is spending quality time with me” photo-ops.

  • madam ex

    While I despise her, Factory Girl was excellent and she did pretty fucking good paying the part.