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Wrigley's Suspends Chris Brown's Doublemint Ads

Wrigley's Suspends Chris Brown's Doublemint Ads

Wrigley’s has suspended Chris Brown‘s Doublemint ads until his legal problems are settled.

The statement just released says, “Wrigley is concerned by the serious allegations made against Chris Brown. We believe Mr. Brown should be afforded the same due process as any citizen. However, we have made the decision to suspend the current advertising featuring Brown and any related marketing communications until the matter is resolved.”

Chris, 19, surrendered himself to LAPD Sunday night for an alleged assault on 20-year-old girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris‘s hit song “Forever” has a built-in Doublemint reference. The Wrigley’s commercial can be watched below!

Chris Brown’s Doublemint Commercial
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  • j.j


  • Shawna

    I thought they said it WASN’T Rihanna that he assaulted???

  • Top Gun

    Good! Shame on him for hurting Rihanna!

  • Laurena

    I really like that commercial.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    for the forth time – good! LOL
    …`poor kid’s FCUKED.

  • raye

    me too laurena me too

  • flower

    he needs to go to jail !!!!!!

  • Jaye

    Ha! Didn’t know he did ads for them.

  • Dina p

    wow to all the people who didn`t wanted them together your wish come true . but i can`t belive that cb would do that i have you cb . and i`m not saying your name at all . ps i heared it on that before he hit riri . but i don`t know serious i.d.k. . hope rihanna gets better . cb you lost a fan and i though you were better than that .
    Dina P

  • http://deleted annalise

    oh please! if anything as bad as this is right now, i wont hinder his career, remember coke Kate Moss??! she was dropped by burburry and every other sponser then her career sky rocketed and is now worth alot more!

  • http://deleted annalise

    oh please! if anything As bad as this is right now, IT wont hinder his career, remember coke Kate Moss??! she was dropped by burburry and every other sponser then her career sky rocketed and is now worth alot more!

  • kathy

    saw the commercial last night , he is really good in a fellow island girl i hope rihanna leaves him for good..violence is never the answer.

  • adam

    Only huge super-stars survive to big scandals (Kate Moss, Britney Spears, Madonna, etc), and he’s not one

  • Sarah*

    I still have a hard time to believe all this… I mean, didnt his mom used to get beat by his father? he should hate violence
    Im not saying what he did is right, not at all. But we probably dont know all the details
    I cant waiiiittt to know more about this story.
    Seriously? Chris Brown hit a woman? Jeez…. never thougt that could happen!!!

  • Ganjana

    Is this a publicity stunt? I mean..the night of the grammys?

  • http://justjared soprano

    Any man that hits a woman is an outright coward. If it is true he should be punished. Hope she tells him where to poke it

  • Cassie

    Good for Wrigley and, hopefully, this beautiful young girl will have the good sense to dump him and save the career she has built thus far. America has given her unlimited opportunities and would be a fool to squander to have sex with that guy.

    Yes, he should go to jail, too! Once an abuser, always an abuser…no (real) man will physically harm a woman!

  • Kiri

    People who come from families of abuse either learn from the experience or become perpetrators themselves, i.e. in this case! As an example to every young woman, she needs to release him to therapy and move on with her life and find an (equal) partner down the road! When you get caught -up in codependent relationships, this is how they unfold! Addiction needs to be healed on all levels so as to attract an authentic and truly loving partner in life. Mature LOVE isn’t simply about s.e.x.!!!

  • Dina p

    i just come from tmz and he didn`t have a weapon . one thing his #1 weapon will be his teeth . i mean come on he have so many teeth it don`t make no sense . Really the boy have so many that we should call him shark boy . and serious have you like at his teeth . idk i hope riri gets better.
    Dina P

  • Ellie

    Well so much for wanting to be grown and travel the world with Rihanna. He should have stayed with his family and never hooked up with her. These women throw themself at these stars.

  • eden

    lmao at ‘shark boy’ comment! #12 annalise, c’mon, coke kate moss is WAY different than relationship violence! are you trying to say his career will sky rocket because he HIT a woman? are you an idiot? hollywood accepts the drugs, alcohol, and sex world NOT violence against women.

  • icecream

    Never particularly cared for his singing but he sure can dance…pity he’s a twat.

  • an

    i wish that in europe they would put a man in jail for hitting a woman.
    they really dont. not in holland.

    and certainly not for years.

    respect for the US law, at least when it comes to abuse.
    cause i dont always agree with the US law.

  • an

    although i do think that people need second chances.

    i do think that people can learn from their mistakes.

    hope chris does.

  • Leah

    i always thought rihanna was a strong woman, as us carribean women dont take sh*t! but if she takes chris back after this, i will be seriously shocked, and lose some respect for her. i really feel sorry for her at the moment, but definatley not for chris

  • someone

    ha! I was sure that some firm would stop sponsorizing him afterwards……like mickael phelps and kellog’s! pfft, stupid. Ok, he lost his mind but yeah….that’s it! he should just learn to control his nerves (I don’t know, by going to some kind of rehab centers lol) and Rihannna…….well…..she just gotta split up. THAT IS IT. I must admit that I’m kinda shocked because I was at his concert last week and he seemed to be such a sweetheart but ummmm I guess even, a sweetheart can lose his cool! it can happen to anybody people, leave him alone. I won’t be judging him immediately like most of you are doing right now

  • lakers fan in boston

    ha lol
    u deserve it buddy =p

  • Miller

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. If they pull that ad that fast then why are they prejudging him.
    They probably will be together next week. I need more facts.

  • African Girl

    It’s funny how people just assume Chris Brown is at fault. They had a fight in the car, she commanded the limo driver to stop and decided to get out in the middle of the street.
    He tries to pull her back in the car for her safety, she gets upset and starts clawing, hitting and kicking, he says “eff this” gets in the car and leaves.
    Someone else calls the cops and Rhianna says “Yeah my boyfriend and I just got in a spat” they see the bruises on her from the stuggle and suddenly he is an abuser.
    His life is ruined because of a drama queen.
    I hope for her sake she tells the truth before the eyewitnesses start talking to the press.
    By the way, they’ve been done for awhile now and all the cosiness you saw was PR…PR CB was already tired of.

  • Patience in 09

    Suddenly some ppl are making a big deal abt that pic from wks ago w/ Rihanna and that cold sore? Did she give him herpes? Idk, if so awkward time for him to fight her about it…so I now doubt tht story…however, if by chance it’s true I understand the beat down. I’M SRY ALL U NON-VIOLENCE PPL, but let my man bring me back a cold! STDs can be life altering– to say the least, so just like if you held a gun on me, you threaten my life—I’ll threaten yours! Now, if she got the swinging on him in the car, and possibly caused a lil accident or started really hurting him, then I again understand the beat down…SORRY! My mother raised me not to pick fights I couldn’t finish, and I don’t believe just b/c we got tah-tahs & a kitty we get a free pass to beat on those that don’t! Don’t put your hands on nobody you don’t want putting their hands on you! …NOW, if Rihanna did nothing to instigate this, then it’s his @$$…

    ALL I’m sayin is A LOT of you are Rihanna fanatics, and that’s cool, I personally am luke warm towards both of them, I just think this story will go down in the Hollywood Memory Books. And after reading the stories and the comments I think it’s horrible so many are ready to hang that boy when you don’t even know the full story…is this not America?

  • naty

    African Girl get your information straight, first of all Rihana was badly bitting, she was so bitting that she was taking to the hospital, maybe to you is ok for a man to beat a women but for the rest of the world is not, maybe they were on a fight but that is no excuse to hit anyone.

  • sally

    i thought the commercials were plugged. I just saw it like an hour ago. weird.

  • African Girl

    naty @ 02/09/2009 at 10:18 pm

    African Girl get your information straight, first of all Rihana was badly bitting, she was so bitting that she was taking to the hospital, maybe to you is ok for a man to beat a women but for the rest of the world is not, maybe they were on a fight but that is no excuse to hit anyone.
    Maybe you should learn to read properly before shooting off. Where in my post did I say it was okay to hit a woman??!!!
    Badly Beaten or Bitting . . which is it? Because It is not the first one and he’d certainly have to be a dog to do the second.

  • naty

    English is not my first language, but you understood what I said.

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    i heard that she gave him an std

  • brie2009

    Even though I like those ads but I’m glad to hear that they are suspended. No right to ever hit a woman. Shame, shame, shame.

  • Sister

    I hope she does the right thing and does NOT get back together with him!

  • WOW

    The bite marks on her arm and fingers suggest that she may have had something in her hand (like a weapon) and he more than likely was using his teeth to get it out of her hand to make her drop it. I guess it depends on if the bite marks were on the inside of her hand or outside. The inside would suggest she may have been pushing him away. The outside would support the earlier statement. There are 2 sides to every story so just think of it from a self defense point of view. If a person came at you, whether man or woman, with the intent of trying to inflict bodily harm, would you not do everything in your might to save your life. From the police department’s statement he also had bruising. We all jump on the man because he is a man. My son had the same situation at his school where a girl continually hit and slapped him across the face and head, very hard, because she said he can’t hit her because she is a girl. Unfortunately, his anger took over and he didn’t hit her but pushed her off of him and made her stumble. We raised him to never hit a girl but in this case he had no choice. He was trying to defend himself. He also sustained red marks on his face and ears. I filed a police report against the girl to let her and her family know that first of all, they messed with the wrong child. I also wanted her to learn her lesson that just because she is a girl she was not going to get away with assault. There are women out there brought up to believe that they can get away with abuse on men without any consequences to their actions.

  • Halo

    African Girl has her information wrong.

    Limo? They weren’t even in a limo with a driver. It was just the two of them in a rented Lambo.

  • key

    What a story, I hope everything will stop in an better way for the two parts. However it is impressing to see how you people judge someone when you don’t even know what happened!! I read someone said he was abused when he was younger and that he doos the same thing right now! How can you dare saying something like that? I can’t understand stuff like that.

  • Custom T

    I can’t belive he would do that to her.

  • Jost

    Hey did not, I just watched his commercial on TBS @ 7:07PM CST someone has their story wrong!

  • Kt

    cannnnot believe what happened thats so uncalled for

  • h

    good for you chris brown…i thought are good man but now you better go to jail…

  • h

    good for you chris brown…i thought are good man but now you better go to jail…

  • serena

    She had a bruised up face. That’s awful!!! Of course she should press charges!!!!

  • Dina p

    I HATE YOU CB riri hope you get better . also i heard lenia lewis or what who sings bleeding love called chris brown to hook up with him later on . i don`t blame rihanna for wanted to walk away. thats what they wrere fighting about . i heard it off a radio station . i dont i should believe it but if it ture then it wasn`t wearth it to hit a girl about . i would of just walk away . Quote “if fight for me breathe for me then you dont then just leave ! if you dont have the anwer y are standing ? hey hey hey hey just walk away “. Chris Brown Just Walk Away.
    Dumb Chris he say he would not fall .
    Gust what he let rihanna fall.
    And She got beat up .
    just for doing the right thing.
    Cold Chris Cold.
    You Lost My respect man my repect.
    Dina P



  • Mary Raymond

    chris brown you are a very big criminal, very fake person, you can naver run away from going to jail. chris brown you use rihanna and karrueche tran and other ladys lieing saying that you are in a relationship with me while i’m not in a relationship with you chris brown.chris brown you are very crazy, all this games you are playing trying to run away from going to jail. chris brown you belong to jail, you comited a crime and you must face the jail. you should be in the jail chris brown. i hate you so much in my whole life chris brown.chris brown you cause so many damage in my life and in my marriage between me and my priceless forever love husband. chris brown you and saying that you are in a relationship with me while it a big lies. chris brown i’m not in a relationship with you, i’m not your wife, i’m not your girlfriend, i’m not your fiance, i’m not in a relationship with you.chris brown the 2 jobs that i do for living is not your jobs, you did not open for me each of any one my 2 jobs, chris brown stop watching what’s going on in my life everyday in my life, stay away in my life chris brown, chris brown you are not surporting me and my family, chris brown you are not feeding me and my family, chris brown you are taking care of me and my family, chris brown you have naver send me money before in my whole life and my family, so chris brown leave me alone and my family, chris brown stay away in my life and family. chris brown i’m not your wife chris brown, i’m not you.chris brown you are a very big criminal, a very fake person. you commited a crime chris brown and you must face the jail. you should be in the jail chris brown.