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Aishwarya Rai: Pink Diamond Darling

Aishwarya Rai: Pink Diamond Darling

Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai attends The Pink Panther 2 photocall on Tuesday (February 10) in Paris, France.

The 35-year-old Indian actress was accompanied on the pink carpet by costars Jean Reno and Steve Martin.

In the film, Aishwarya plays Sonia, an expert in the field of criminology. She looks white hot on the silver screen!

PP2 is in theaters now and also stars Jeremy Irons, Alfred Molina and John Cleese.

15+ pictures inside of pink diamond darling Aishwarya Rai

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aishwarya rai pink diamond 01
aishwarya rai pink diamond 02
aishwarya rai pink diamond 03
aishwarya rai pink diamond 04
aishwarya rai pink diamond 05
aishwarya rai pink diamond 06
aishwarya rai pink diamond 07
aishwarya rai pink diamond 08
aishwarya rai pink diamond 09
aishwarya rai pink diamond 10
aishwarya rai pink diamond 11
aishwarya rai pink diamond 12
aishwarya rai pink diamond 13
aishwarya rai pink diamond 14
aishwarya rai pink diamond 15
aishwarya rai pink diamond 16
aishwarya rai pink diamond 17

Photos: Francois Durand/Getty
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  • http://justjared saarah

    1ST she is so gorgeous.

  • Poshness

    That woman is absolutely breathtaking, I adore her but what the hell is she wearing!

  • worship_elle

    She looks so tired, yet stunning the outfit is not very suitable ..

  • Halo

    Jesus! This woman is gorgeous. I’m not too familiar with her work but she’s so exotic looking that it hurts! lol.

  • lol

    She is gorgeous and looks much younger than 35.

  • aly

    Aishwarya is the most elegant woman I’ve ever seen. So beautiful.
    She was the best thing about Pink Panther 2. Sexy!!

  • Velvet

    She is really beautiful!

  • buckley

    wow…breathtaking indeed!

  • Not impressed by JA

    She is so beautiful. Too bad that she is always casted in stupid roles. If i was her, it would have master my craft by going to acting school. She always do the wrong choice in the industry.
    She could have been the numero 1 intertnational star from India ecause of her more ‘westernized’ look. Only if she had done better choices. I think she is not ambitious and that’s sad with that physiques of her.

  • Nora

    She is a beautiful woman but I’m certainly unsure of who is feeding the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ nonsense. She has a brilliant marketing team, that’s for sure.

  • Melissa

    She is pretty, but I don’t think she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She seems sweet and humble in all the videos I’ve seen of her. Isn’t she married now? Anyways, I think Claudia Lynx is so beautiful!!

  • well

    I think she won the pageant Miss World so therefore the most beautiful woman in the world lable She is pretty but thee are many of her exotic type around Hollywood these days.

  • istar

    she is so beautiful, but what is she wearing?

  • d.kay

    She is wearing AJ’s clothes; must have robbed her closet. Angelina has such impact on other women’s style choices.

  • hazeleyes

    angelina ? what the F CK are you talking about?
    she has nothing to do with aishwarya……..
    and aishwarya is gorgeous!!! claudia lynx too! she’s persian.. just like me hahaha sorry had to say that

  • Custom T

    It looks like she only has one leg..hahaha

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    way prettier than frieda pinto.

  • Mia

    her dress sense gets worse everytime

  • CC

    Drop dead gorgeous!

  • Judgement

    Very pretty, but bad fashion sense and needs to tone her body.

  • Ashley

    God this woman is so gorgeous that it actually hurts….how can someone be so beautiful?? and she’s so elegant and poised….i absolutely love her! the most beautiful woman there is hands down

  • okAY

    I don’t know why fans like Ashley are still using “TMBWITW” thing. Rai was *so* gorgeous in her younger years (just look at her in Devdas and Shakti), BUT now she is not as beautiful. She’s still cute, but not the Disney princess she looked like before:

  • Hannah

    Ugh…this woman does not know how to dress! She needs a stylist.

  • BabIIGuRl69

    Shes so fucking old now she aint no darling

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    she is pretty perfect, let’s admit.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    i am fascinated by people who say she is not beautiful. guaranteed if she and any of you walked into a room right now, NO ONE would look at you all. the woman is perfect looking. a face that is flawless. flawless.

  • nancy

    she is BEEUU-TIT-FUL… sorry i had to say it. anyway, she has a REMARKABLE FACE! she is coming into her age well, isn’t she? (oh snap!) noooo… she really is maturing quite nicely. she’s worked so hard to come this way. i hope she picks more difficult films… hmm.. something classic… she needs to work hard at it… not get caught up by all the hype and glam… and rather be more serious about her work. i think she would be good in that film playing dagny taggerty? i don’t remember the title, but it’s based on a female author’s book. i also think that she needs to try something RAW and sexy. something like in one of rodriguez’ comic films. but she really needs to get raw, not elegant. anyway, i’m getting all these names wrong or being vague. sorry, it;s coming to the end of a work day for me.

  • nancy

    o my goodnes, they removed my 3 letters? sorry, jj. didn’t know… beauTITful.

  • alez

    she is so.. wow just beautiful her face is perportioned , NICE LIPS, NICE EYES, her face structure. everything.

    god really blessed her.

  • nancy

    “the most beautiful woman in the world” was just a LABEL. nothing more. she’s not ACTUALLY the most beautiful woman in the world. that title came from all her wins in those beauty pageants and probably from being considered that in Bollywood. i was kind of embarassed for her when Oprah kept calling her that on her show.

  • nancy

    that’s weird, your website removed my comment about her not being the most beautiful woman in the world? (explaining how she got the label and not meaning it in a bad way) i didnt say anything vulgar. hmmm… very fishy. it’s as if someone on the OTHER side is trying to protect Rai because of their obsession with her…

  • Kay

    She’s gorgeous. Not familliar with her work but I’ve heard of her and please don’t bring Angelina in this, because she’s not the most beautiful woman on the planet either.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world to me (besides my mom). rai is a very close second. so is iman. and thandie newton. and salma hayek. now in order for us to know who the MOST beautiful woman is , we would have to test every single woman on the planet. let’s just say angie and rai are some of the most stunning high profile creatures we know on the planet. oh and sophia loren is another.

  • bollywood fan

    nancy said “probably from being considered that in Bollywood”

    She is not considered the most beautiful actress in Bollywood. Well of course her fans do consider her to be, but she isn’t ranked #1 in any polls.

  • liar89

    She actually DID win Miss Universe years back, and she looks better NOW so she is deserving of the title.

  • mimilala

    She has a gorgeous face! Body and style are ok…but she exudes elegance..

  • nina

    Angelina isn’t the most beautiful she’s aging badly. Ash looks nice. weird outfit, though.

  • ABC

    jared, what happened to all the pictures inside every post? right now it’s saying ‘Fatal Error’

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    nina @ 02/10/2009 at 9:51 pm

    i am sure you’re hotter than angelina right? puhleaaase! put upt your pic missy and shut up!

  • OPA!

    Definetly corn fed………. lovely!

  • JJj

    Team Lara Croft-

    People are allowed to have different opinions you know. Geez get off her balls, not everyone thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is gorgeous yes.


    Here in India we consider Ash as the most beautiful, graceful, elegant and the best undisputed actress ever she has been ruling bollywood from more than 10 yrs she is 35yrs old now and everyone ages u cant blame her but then still she is lookin very beautiful and thus she has all the right to be called as ‘THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN” if u want look at her pics in any indian website or search her name in google dont just judge her by these pics plss…


  • wow

    wow she looks beautiful! i wouldnt say she’s 35 she looks younger

  • Riya

    Abhinav speak for yourself! I live in India and my friends and I do not consider her to be most beautiful Bollywood or other Indian actress! And she is not a good actress! She is very overrated!


    Riya being an Indian u have to be proud of Ash as she is representing India as a whole and y r u so jelous of her she has given many breakthrough performance dah a

  • Nanda

    Look, she is very, very attractive and has a “marketable” face. I have seen her both with and without make up; she is really normal …nevertheless, she is not without help to look the way she does when in public. Of course she is not the most beautiful women on earth but she is definitely on that list of “beautiful women”, obviously, she is not hurting for compliments / accolades.

    I agree, I don’t particularly like her films or her as an actress (no prejudices). I am Indian myself and have seen a few of her Hindi films and none have really struck me. I think she is more of a model than an actor, I can see her doing TV shows such as Project Runway (Heidi Klum) etc., or something along that line.

  • dia from mirza

    You difinetely right” Neya” , you are a very overrated person !! She is a very good actress , better that the olds ones and new onesin india , they are just pathetic and bad !!!


    whatever anyone says for me Ash is the best and will remain the best

  • frefre

    Wow these are really stunning!

  • katrina