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Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009

Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009

Bikini-clad Bar Refaeli lands the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 Swimsuit Issue.

A billboard of the smokin’ hot cover overlooks Broadway in New York City’s theater district.

The cover, which was shot in Cancun, was revealed during Tuesday’s Late Show with David Letterman. The 23-year-old Israeli model was just revealed as the cover model but was not a guest on the show. However, she WILL be a guest on Wednesday’s show. Be sure to tune in!

“What? I’m going to be on Letterman? Wow!” Bar said when being briefed on her upcoming schedule. “I can’t believe this. It’s been my dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated since I was 15 and I finally got it. I still can’t believe it.”

Bar is currently dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Bar Refaeli as SI swimsuit cover — HOT or NOT?

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133 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009”

  1. 1
    sarah Says:

    I’m sorry, but, for some reason, I just don’t see anything special about her.

  2. 2
    oh no! Says:

    how much did Leo have to pay to put her on the cover?
    Looks trashy as always.

  3. 3
    disappointing Says:

    She is a beautiful girl but the photo showing her pulling her bikini down just makes her look cheap not sexy!!

  4. 4
    April Says:

    Tan lines and all…she’s hot.

  5. 5
    peach Says:

    that’s so not her body. photoshopped all the way!

  6. 6
    kenny Says:

    Not so hot on the outside and repulsive on the inside. Please read some of the arrogant comments this ****** has made over the years. She thinks she’s better than every day people. How many favors did Leo give up to get this catalog model on the cover? Major downgrade from Gisele, leo.

  7. 7
    Meh Says:

    ew… NOT. there are way more hotter models than her. Like Ana Beatriz Barros!

  8. 8
    LL Says:

    yuk, it looks cheap and tacky, with her pulling down her bikini. Like for a cover of a porno

  9. 9
    Niki Says:

    Love it!! The best cover ever. It is sexy, beautiful and amazing.. The fact that she is a celebrity’s girlfriend doesn’t add or take away from her beauty….

  10. 10
    Naima Says:

    Cheap and tacky, once again we have to see this average, opportunistic girl get by based on whose she’s dating. Another useless celeb ******** her way to the top, major downgrade from Gisele, At least she had class, this one, not so much, grow up Leo and try to be a man and date a real woman.

  11. 11
    eva Says:

    Does she have implants?

  12. 12
    el Says:

    I agree with the comments, she oozes cheap and plain. Hard to believe leo is with her.

  13. 13
    Jill Says:

    Yes she have implants, I’m a nurse who works on plastic surgery, her breast are too big for her body and she is too little for breasts like that, and yes there are much more beautiful and taller girls than her! And if she’s not the girlfriend from …, she’s absolutely not on the cover! I think she’s just with Leo for the fame, I see enough young girls with very much older ugly men!

  14. 14
    giz Says:

    everyone who is famous has nice body
    some other things like face beauty,warmness,attraction..she doesnt have those

  15. 15
    seriously Says:

    #13 if you’re a nurse then I hope I never ever and I mean ev-er end up in your care. You can barely form a sentence, I would hate to see you handle a needle!

    As for Bar. I dunno. I don’t think she’s wow stunning, but I don’t think she’s ugly. I just really wish I didn’t have to read how she is Leonardo’s girlfriend every time she got posted about. It gets redundant. She’s been around long enough for me to know who she is and who she dates, without being told over and over again.

    I think her and Leo are fine for each other. I used to think he was cute when I was a kid, but now I think he’s just ok. He’s not some stunningly gorgeous guy and she’s not some stunningly gorgeous girl… they’re excellent for each other :)

    I do think Leo will make a hot older guy tho, like that one guy from Grey’s Anatomy and whatever that show is. That silvery guy is hot!

  16. 16
    seriously Says:

    #8 #12 #13 and #14 all have the same poor grammar and post alike.. I’m guessing it’s the same person. Grow up! I don’t know if you’re jealous of her or want her man, but really you’re wasting your time and energy on some girl you don’t even like. That my dear=stupid.

  17. 17

    ICK………………..that’s just nasty………………who sets the standard for beauty here………………..why is it always very thin,fake boobs and blonde hair always said to be the most beautiful……………she looks like some fake surgically generated mannique

  18. 18

    ICK………………..that’s just nasty………………who sets the standard for beauty here………………..why is it always very thin,fake boobs and blonde hair always said to be the most beautiful……………she looks like some fake surgically generated mannique

  19. 19
    NUM Says:


    all u guys are jelouse!

    she looks amazing, the cover is amazing and u all are sitting at home in your little houses, DYING that other people are getting ahead in life and gain success!!!!
    and you, you will never ever get to have anything semi exciting like that.

    try to be supportive …

    try to be happy for someone else!!

    she is stunning in you can’t deny it!

    so get over yourself people
    i wish i would be with her!! and all of you wish that too…!!!!

  20. 20
    DE Says:

    Gisele needs to get over it, and stop the jealosy over Bar beauty.

    Bar is a total upgrade from Gisele, although they are both a bit cheap as they both dated for fame and both pose in a cheap way.

    However, there is no dout- Bar is way prettier than masculine Gisele.

  21. 21
    me Says:

    I don’t like the picture for that kind of magazine, but it’s not her fault somebody else has chosen it to be at the cover not Bar! For sure they might have taken hundreds of pictures and have chosen this one…

    About her, she is pretty very pretty if i saw her down the street but her face is expressionless to me does not express or transmit anything is just a cold and plane look. There are many other women thta might be uglier but with a look or stare that catches your attention and that is the important thing for being a photo model!

  22. 22
    ihb Says:

    Absolutely NOT HOT. Worst cover ever, cheap and tacky. The only key to her success is her relationship with Leo which is mentioned in every single post and article about her. That`s just sad. Leo downgraded big time!!!

  23. 23
    rulf Says:

    The pics above are soft porn lol..

    BAR get some decent modelling jobs…

  24. 24
    diva689 Says:

    1. All models are beautiful. As all alcohol gets humans intoxicated.

    2. Bar is surely a lovely gal.

    3. However, here it is people: Bar is NOT setting the bar AT ALL. She is freckled, has NO hips, average appeal to her face, and simply put, Bar does not shine sex appeal.

    Sidenote: Leo has essentially been dating himself. Break out of the box kid. Date a woman who doesn’t look like your sister. Try stunning, 5 foot 5, w/dark hair and brown eyes for a change. If nothing else, you’ll be shocked while watching yourselves in the mirror! It’s rather lovely not to look at yourself in bed Leo. Curves, real curves like Salma Hayek, are true beauty. Time for a change kid, good luck.

  25. 25
    ihb Says:

    I checked out other sites and Leo`s name is attached to this story on every single one of them. Leo managed to put her on the SI cover, we should congratulate him not his half naked gf.

  26. 26
    max Says:

    dude. she waxed

  27. 27
    french Says:


    she is in the cover just because she is Leo’s fake girlfriend
    JustJared do you love her .? because you post always about her

    you are so stupid

  28. 28
    french Says:

    i think JustJared loves Bimbo with Big Boobs

  29. 29
    Mike Says:

    HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT….. even Letterman when he mentioned that he saw “the young woman”… he went “WOW”!!!

    I am so glad to see on the cover! BRAVO BAR! And thanks JARED!

    ….and… eat your hearts out, you jealous losers and Bar haters! LOL!

  30. 30
    llk Says:

    Letterman said `WOW`? What a surprise! The guy revealed the SI cover on his show and he said about the young woman `WOW`? I did not see that one coming!!!
    Good job, Leo! You got her the trashiest SI cover ever!
    Her pictures are getting worse and worse and at the same time she is getting more and more successful. I wonder why? Any ideas?

  31. 31
    french Says:

    #30 : maybe because the girl on the cover has more and more big boobs

  32. 32
    kate Says:

    please on bar’s articles don’t put Leo’s name , he has nothing to do in this article

  33. 33
    lola Says:

    I never see her in a decent picture! sorry, but she’s a tart!

  34. 34
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    be honest: SHE WANTED TO SHOW US HER *****, folks?

  35. 35
    Steven Says:

    She’s the beautiful girl in the WORLD !!!!!

  36. 36
    Tina Says:

    An ugly, skinny girl with big plastic boobs and a cheating boyfriend who put her on the cover just to make his ex jealous. Wow, pathetic all round.

  37. 37
    jsy Says:

    I might be too old-fashioned but I think this cover is disgusting. Why does she ever bother to wear a bikini bottom? No appeal just a big shot boyfriend who turned out to be a big letdown.

  38. 38
    ick Says:

    How far does our society have to go to sell?? She might as well not have any bottoms on – and I don’t consider myself a prude in any way.

  39. 39
    sapir Says:

    she is so beautiful .i love her

  40. 40
    sapir Says:

    i love her .she is so beautiful

  41. 41
    sapir Says:

    and mike i love you for you say that

  42. 42
    slambang Says:

    Why must they always have the models looking like they’re about to pull their bottoms down? That is NASTY!

  43. 43
    bridget Says:

    Shes ok, shes def not a “supermodel” in any sense of the term, but when shes photoshopped up she looks sexy,and she has nice boobs. ….very forgettable face though.

  44. 44
    Cameron Says:

    She’s pretty and has a nice figure, but she’s not all that special. Bring back Elle, Stephanie, even the loathsome Tyra. Those girls were hot and embodied fit and sexy.

  45. 45
    Don't hate Says:

    You ****** don’t think that’s sexy?! You’re crazy. A hot girl pulling down here bikini and showing that it’s indeed shaved, leaving just enough to the imagination. What could be sexier?

  46. 46
    Hoo-ah Says:

    I’d hit it, and if she walked up to any of you other guys and struck that pose, you’d hit it, too. Getting on here and running her down is fun, I guess, but deep down, you know you’d tear it up given half a chance.

  47. 47
    Gia Says:

    This is like the 5th time that pose has been

  48. 48
    llk Says:

    There is sexy and there is trashy. This cover is trashy and tasteless, has nothing to do with sexy, definitely the worst cover ever. It makes me sad that this is what sells and this is the kind of woman who can succeed.

  49. 49
    Italian Esmeralda Says:

    Gross photo. If she were naked, that would have been less disturbing than this trashy pose! And please Pub, either you close your mouth or smile when you are posing: the photos in which you have half-open mouth are not your best ones.

  50. 50
    leti Says:

    everytime i see her she’s doing that same pose..

  51. 51
    retired photographer Says:


    WORST cover ever!
    hot/sexy originates in the eyes not between the legs.
    looks like the head, chest and pelvis were pasted from three different people.

    this is not a critique of her but of the photographer and editor. they should be fired for failing to uphold the standards of SI and produce an exceptional coherent photograph!!!

  52. 52
    bobbi Says:

    While she certainly is not ugly. I do not see anything special aout her. The cover is plain old bland.

  53. 53
    bobbi Says:

    Additionally, that bikini bottom is pulled down far too low. Looks like something Playboy™ would do.

  54. 54
    Paul Says:

    She probably just took a leak and was pulling up her knickers.
    What difference does it make if she is playing with her bikini bottom, its meant to look sexy and it does.
    Why does the ****** Defense League have to get so upset anytime there is some attention given to the vaginal area.
    I love it.

  55. 55
    ellie Says:

    Sexy Sexy Bar your so beautiful…..

  56. 56
    :)))))))))))) Says:

    her boobs are natural so shut up jealous
    stop to Comment if you don`t like her !
    and it`s so obvious that
    you are same person !!
    you are faking jealous look at you !
    kate you are so worry that someone love her !
    look how many you are Comment
    what do you care?
    and she is the best modle
    and amazing person i love her <3 <3
    I’m sorry for my English

  57. 57
    Paul Says:

    Don’t tell me the word V@gin@ is censored we are retreating to the stone age.

  58. 58
    kate Says:

    #56: lol you think that her boobs are real
    her boobs are 100% Fake

    when some people said that they don’t like bar you said that they are the same person , many people hate her , you are so stupid

  59. 59
    @56 Says:

    `stop to comment if you don`t like her` Blogs are for both + and – opinion so if you can`t handle the negative ones don`t read them.
    This girl doesn`t have talent or class.

  60. 60
    hmm Says:

    she is so photoshopped, she pics behind scenes

  61. 61
    Ayelet Says:


  62. 62
    Showstopper Says:

    NOT HOT! Again, another average female. More Frieda Pinto pictures. Exotic beauties are the best. BTW Beyonce’s cover that she did in SI was smoking.

  63. 63
    :)))))))))))) Says:

    kate you are soo stupid !
    i know that her boobs are natural !!!!
    i`m not think i`m shur ok?
    everything is natural!!

  64. 64
    Baby Says:

    She have face of a dog (poodle), but your body is nice.

  65. 65
    Baby Says:

    She have face of a dog (poodle), but your body is nice.

  66. 66
    :)))))))))))) Says:

    to your Mum doesn`t have talent or class.

  67. 67
    @66 Says:

    You call other people stupid? That’s funny. Deal with negative comments and get over yourself!

  68. 68
    kate Says:

    #63 : you need glasses i think

  69. 69
    jane Says:

    all the girls here ar soooooooooooooooo jelouse,
    cause she’s Gorgeous ,has a face of an angel,rich,and dates leo-witch they never will! hahahahahahahahaha!

  70. 70
    llk Says:

    Jealous of being talentless, lacking character and being successful only because of her famous boyfriend. Good one!

  71. 71
    Cassie Says:

    She’s has the old girl-next-door look…nice that she and cerebral Leo DiCaprio are together!

  72. 72
    Baristrashy Says:

    I’m not jealous of a silicone breast, bloated, stupid biotch who needs to sleep with a famlus man to get money and jobs. Women who stand on street corners do that for a living. I’m supposed to be jealous of that?

    I don’t want Bar’s disgusting perverted sex partner. I don’t even know if you can call what they have a relationship. Leo is a fat, ugly middle-age man who needs little girls in his bed because he’s scared of mature, intelligent, succesful women. Leo and Bar make a perfect gross couple.

  73. 73
    french Says:

    #72 : Leo don’t sleep with bar , they have just a sham relationship
    but i think bar sleep with JustJared and someone in Sports Illustrated

  74. 74
    :)))))))))))) Says:

    kate gat a life !
    bar is better then you \
    jealous : P

  75. 75
    vera Says:

    he was spotted kissing her between her legs on a beach…sure there not sleeping together ,you are stupid

  76. 76
    french Says:

    #75: he never kissed her on a beach

  77. 77
    Jill Says:

    seriously= I’m not an english speaking woman, I’m a french girl, so I want to know now how much sentences you can make in the french language!

  78. 78
    web peg Says:

    I would of rather have seen Brooklyn. But It’s not that bad. All you haters probably already own a copy. You know it’s true!!

  79. 79
    ann Says:

    she looks hoot, amazing wow she is PERFECT!

  80. 80
    Paul Says:

    “he was spotted kissing her between her legs on a beach…sure there not sleeping together ,you are stupid”

    It was just a friendly kiss on the lips.

  81. 81
    Ashley james Says:

    This cover has been done before. Pulling down the bikini bottom like that. Tara Banks did it and I think some other model. All for SI

  82. 82
    french Says:

    #80 : he never kissed her on the lips

  83. 83
    eva Says:

    ”“he was spotted kissing her between her legs on a beach”

    Not exactly!

  84. 84
    llk Says:

    Leo touched her between the legs, her inner thigh and another picture with a kiss on the cheek.
    I have seen the pictures of the other girls and there are way prettier ones in this issue than Bar. Good job, Leo.

  85. 85
    gh Says:

    there are so many girls to put in the cover and they choose bar, because of“leo“ of course … if she was really a good model she would done more important jobs in the industry of modelling, like american vogue cover, versace,dolce;gabbana work….all this time as leo`s girlfriend she never got any of this obvius they dont talent in her…she is beautiful but only for biquini photos and thats is nothing…

  86. 86
    french Says:

    #84 : he didn’t kiss her on the cheek , he was just behind her , and i don’t know why people made a whole story for a hand, I saw the pic and it prove absolutely nothing (he didn’t put his hand very high on her leg)

  87. 87
    Diane Says:

    I think she looks good!

  88. 88
    orit maimon Says:

    I feel proud to have an Israeli model be represnted by a famous sport magazine.. i just wish she didnt have to pose with pulling down her bottom.. because it makes her look nasty.. it doesnt fit her innocent image look ..i prefer it would be more conservative, because she is beautiful no matter what or how she wears it.. but i guess thats what sells now a days… good luck to her.

  89. 89
    mark Says:

    wake up fools- doesn’t matter if she’s trashy or not, an angel or a ****, dating joe down the street or dating the President ( although that would sell even better), she’ll sell magazines because she’s a fantasy. That’s all that matters in the modeling business.

  90. 90
    @89 Says:

    … maybe for you but not for everyone.

  91. 91
    Custom T Says:

    This cover makes her look really trashy.

  92. 92
    fireda Says:

    Bar is not a model but a p o r n o stars

  93. 93
    yup Says:

    i think she’s really pretty.

  94. 94
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    thats the best SI could do….
    im pretty sure they have better models
    ughh what happened 2 the days when SI was relevant
    even since heidi went, SI has been going down

  95. 95
    justmehere Says:

    the photographer is a friend of B…sometimes it helps to have good connections, which bring you some success and take you higher in career terms…

  96. 96
    Frida Says:

    She’s beautiful and not stick thin which is good, but I don’t see the point in pulling down the bikini bottoms like that. It just looks trashy.

  97. 97
    gh-usa Says:

    ew someone kill leonardo.
    im sorry the poor girl has to put up with this crappy actor and his abuse of women!

  98. 98
    Bella Says:

    Not. Shes vulgar and fat for modelling. Big body small head and she s on the cover because of Leo. I thought he was intelligent but everytime I read the stupid things this girl says I think to myself….Well maybe hes not.

  99. 99
    M Says:

    I have to agree with most comments here – the cover is cheap and she really does look trashy. The more interviews I read / see of her, the more I think she is an utter airhead with a 10 year old’s vocabulary.

  100. 100
    harry Says:

    god,she is perfect!!! i wish she left that fat slobbish Midget boyfriend of hers.he is a ****** boring actor too.
    come to papa baby!!!!!!!

  101. 101
    honey Says:

    she’s soooo ordinary. can’t see why she deserves such attention

  102. 102
    ayj6m6l Says:

    ewww. trashy

  103. 103
    jeygee Says:

    Sorry, but she’s nowhere near Gisele Bundchen. I don’t see anything special in her.

  104. 104
    ron Says:

    Gisele looks like a dog.she is all skin and bones,has a big nose and an usly face.this bar chik on the other hand is a beauty…hot chik

  105. 105
    ICK!! Says:

    How can anyone be jealous of this?? and supportive and happy of having this image shoved down our throats as an image of sexy?
    Please.. if we were to be ‘supportive’ we would buy this magazine, which I AM NOT. SI is really going for a desperate image here of ‘ a girls gone wild kind of chick’ except that we all have to look at it on newsstands and everywhere else..enough already!! we don’t need her to thrust her silicone breasts into our faces!!!

  106. 106
    lori Says:

    she is 100% naturl, jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h!

  107. 107
    ICK!! Says:

    #106 Jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h.? jealousy is stupid. Gisele has a beautiful body and would look great on the cover. Anyone can be trashy and get implants.

  108. 108
    to lori Says:

    Why don`t you check out the rest of the girls in this issue? Even the rookies are way hotter and more natural than Bar is ever going to be.

  109. 109
    ICK!! Says:

    #106 Jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h.? jealousy is stupid. Gisele or Miranda has a beautiful body and would look great on the cover. Anyone can be trashy and get implants.

  110. 110
    Chloe Says:

    @NUM: How about I get paid to help people out or do REAL work, instead of standing in front of a camera?

    How can I be “happy” for a celebrity that earns millions when there are people who work tons harder for their money and get way less?

    She’s pretty but nothing exciting.

  111. 111
    YUck Says:

    this is so gross, I can’t believe this bloated chipmunk face got on the cover of SI.. nobody wants to see your ugly ****** Bar, cover that **** up you disgusting ho !!!

  112. 112
    olga Says:

    YUck – are you in insane ?? you sown like a psychopath!

  113. 113
    donny Says:

    YUck suckkk! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhha!

  114. 114
    jay Says:

    read the post.didn’t like it.
    she is realy very beautiful,very sexy figure,beautiful eyes,beautiful face.seems sweet to.
    there are some nasty people here (probably girls) witch i don’t understand.can’t understand people that are that hateful,or how they turned the way they have… feel quite sad for them

  115. 115
    tONY e Says:

    I don’t know what wrong with some of you people, this is one hot hot hot babe!!!! I’d pay for some of that!

  116. 116
    Frank Miller Says:

    Bar, is absolutely gorgeous Gisele looks like a man and bone skinny. All of Gisele’s photos are touched up to make her look like she has a figure. But she will also look like she has a 12 boys body. Bar is a natural beauty.
    To the nurse, get with it that is the dumbest comment i heard some woman have big breast other have small breast regardless of their body size. Next thing you will say is you can tell ***** size by your finger nail size.
    Bar is beautiful….

  117. 117
    joseph steele Says:

    Nice to a woman with a real figure unlike Gisele the bone rack and man face. To all those who say she is ugly i guess you know better than the editors, photographers and designers who chose her for the cover. Maybe you should all apply at SI and tell them all how they know nothing.

    Jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h!

    Bar is a babe all the way!

  118. 118
    @116 Says:

    Natural beauty? You seriously think her photos are not photoshopped? Wake up. I`m sure Bar is the one who needs more touch up than Gisele.
    Editort, photographers and designers who chose her for the cover? The only reason why she is on the cover is Leo, because their relationship sells.

  119. 119
    joseph steele Says:

    I never said her photos are not touched up, ALL photos are touched up! Stick to the discussion rather than make up arguments no one said. Guys don’t buy swimsuit magazines cause Leo is dating a chick on the cover well unless you are guy and read the articles rather than check out the chicks. Stop making excusing…

    What i said was she is a natural beauty which is why when you see candid photos of here she wears very little makeup and she is not a bone rack like Gisele.

    It’s hard to have discussion with ppl who make up fake arguments and can’t read.

  120. 120
    wer Says:

    She only got the cover because of Leo. She is a ho

  121. 121
    camerondiaztwin Says:

    Joseph, you’re remarkably naive if you think her boyfriend had little to do with this.

    Face it: she’s cute, but nothing special. She’d never in a million years have gotten the SI cover if she weren’t consistently referred to as “Leo’s gf”,

  122. 122
    fuckuhaters Says:


  123. 123
    oshrat Says:

    she is a beautiful israli girl

  124. 124
    gini Says:

    bar u hot baby have 1 jelouse

  125. 125
    Nicole Says:

    you guys are just hating on her, this is absolutely not photoshopped..she’s beautiful and is ALL natural.

  126. 126
    Valia Says:

    World Swimwear for sexy swimsuits! I think these swimsuits look flimsy, and I am sure their expensive.

  127. 127
    just another poster Says:

    Well, if fantasy keeps you happy, Nicole, have at it.

  128. 128
    andrea Says:

    Something about her boobs look wierd. She’s definitely big enough to have big boobs bc she’s really tall. But they just look flabby or something. Her whole body is just average, bc many models are toned or have photoshop to look toned. She has a cute face, but like many other, idk why she’s so popular! I’m not jealous, it’s just the truth, and I am hating!

  129. 129
    andrea Says:

    Something about her boobs look wierd. She’s definitely big enough to have big boobs bc she’s really tall. But they just look flabby or something. Her whole body is just average, bc many models are toned or have photoshop to look toned. She has a cute face, but like many other, idk why she’s so popular! I’m not jealous, it’s just the truth, and I am hating (her)!

  130. 130
    JackObrien Says:

    @ Jill
    your not a working nurse on plastic surgery and if you are you should have your license revoked. Just because she has big breasts does not justify breast implants i know many tall slender females that have large breasts and do not have implants.

  131. 131
    Charlene Says:

    I agree, what is special and beautiful about her? The ladies in my gym are in shape like her. Her face looks like an everyday face you would see at the mall.

  132. 132
    Vindy Says:

    She looks absolutely amazing! Perfect body, and completely natural. She looks like a surfer girl. If you think she’s ugly or forgettable you are either blind, mental, gay (for men), or just envious! Best SI model ever, but Esti and Kate are good too.

  133. 133
    Vindy Says:

    Why the **** are all you people on here such big Gisele fans!?!? She ******* ugly compared to Bar. Gisele probably weighs 45lbs. Bar is a real girl with real curves. But go ahead, keep on saying that Gisele is the real deal as far as beauty and then keep wondering why girls make themselves puke.

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