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Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009

Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009

Bikini-clad Bar Refaeli lands the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 Swimsuit Issue.

A billboard of the smokin’ hot cover overlooks Broadway in New York City’s theater district.

The cover, which was shot in Cancun, was revealed during Tuesday’s Late Show with David Letterman. The 23-year-old Israeli model was just revealed as the cover model but was not a guest on the show. However, she WILL be a guest on Wednesday’s show. Be sure to tune in!

“What? I’m going to be on Letterman? Wow!” Bar said when being briefed on her upcoming schedule. “I can’t believe this. It’s been my dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated since I was 15 and I finally got it. I still can’t believe it.”

Bar is currently dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Bar Refaeli as SI swimsuit cover – HOT or NOT?

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  • retired photographer


    WORST cover ever!
    hot/sexy originates in the eyes not between the legs.
    looks like the head, chest and pelvis were pasted from three different people.

    this is not a critique of her but of the photographer and editor. they should be fired for failing to uphold the standards of SI and produce an exceptional coherent photograph!!!

  • bobbi

    While she certainly is not ugly. I do not see anything special aout her. The cover is plain old bland.

  • bobbi

    Additionally, that bikini bottom is pulled down far too low. Looks like something Playboy™ would do.

  • Paul

    She probably just took a leak and was pulling up her knickers.
    What difference does it make if she is playing with her bikini bottom, its meant to look sexy and it does.
    Why does the Vagina Defense League have to get so upset anytime there is some attention given to the vaginal area.
    I love it.

  • ellie

    Sexy Sexy Bar your so beautiful…..

  • :))))))))))))

    her boobs are natural so shut up jealous
    stop to Comment if you don`t like her !
    and it`s so obvious that
    you are same person !!
    you are faking jealous look at you !
    kate you are so worry that someone love her !
    look how many you are Comment
    what do you care?
    and she is the best modle
    and amazing person i love her <3 <3
    I’m sorry for my English

  • Paul

    Don’t tell me the word V@gin@ is censored we are retreating to the stone age.

  • kate

    #56: lol you think that her boobs are real
    her boobs are 100% Fake

    when some people said that they don’t like bar you said that they are the same person , many people hate her , you are so stupid

  • @56

    `stop to comment if you don`t like her` Blogs are for both + and – opinion so if you can`t handle the negative ones don`t read them.
    This girl doesn`t have talent or class.

  • hmm

    she is so photoshopped, she pics behind scenes

  • Ayelet


  • Showstopper

    NOT HOT! Again, another average female. More Frieda Pinto pictures. Exotic beauties are the best. BTW Beyonce’s cover that she did in SI was smoking.

  • :))))))))))))

    kate you are soo stupid !
    i know that her boobs are natural !!!!
    i`m not think i`m shur ok?
    everything is natural!!

  • Baby

    She have face of a dog (poodle), but your body is nice.

  • Baby

    She have face of a dog (poodle), but your body is nice.

  • :))))))))))))

    to your Mum doesn`t have talent or class.

  • @66

    You call other people stupid? That’s funny. Deal with negative comments and get over yourself!

  • kate

    #63 : you need glasses i think

  • jane

    all the girls here ar soooooooooooooooo jelouse,
    cause she’s Gorgeous ,has a face of an angel,rich,and dates leo-witch they never will! hahahahahahahahaha!

  • llk

    Jealous of being talentless, lacking character and being successful only because of her famous boyfriend. Good one!

  • Cassie

    She’s has the old girl-next-door look…nice that she and cerebral Leo DiCaprio are together!

  • Baristrashy

    I’m not jealous of a silicone breast, bloated, stupid biotch who needs to sleep with a famlus man to get money and jobs. Women who stand on street corners do that for a living. I’m supposed to be jealous of that?

    I don’t want Bar’s disgusting perverted sex partner. I don’t even know if you can call what they have a relationship. Leo is a fat, ugly middle-age man who needs little girls in his bed because he’s scared of mature, intelligent, succesful women. Leo and Bar make a perfect gross couple.

  • french

    #72 : Leo don’t sleep with bar , they have just a sham relationship
    but i think bar sleep with JustJared and someone in Sports Illustrated

  • :))))))))))))

    kate gat a life !
    bar is better then you \
    jealous : P

  • vera

    he was spotted kissing her between her legs on a beach…sure there not sleeping together ,you are stupid

  • french

    #75: he never kissed her on a beach

  • Jill

    seriously= I’m not an english speaking woman, I’m a french girl, so I want to know now how much sentences you can make in the french language!

  • web peg

    I would of rather have seen Brooklyn. But It’s not that bad. All you haters probably already own a copy. You know it’s true!!

  • ann

    she looks hoot, amazing wow she is PERFECT!

  • Paul

    “he was spotted kissing her between her legs on a beach…sure there not sleeping together ,you are stupid”

    It was just a friendly kiss on the lips.

  • Ashley james

    This cover has been done before. Pulling down the bikini bottom like that. Tara Banks did it and I think some other model. All for SI

  • french

    #80 : he never kissed her on the lips

  • eva

    ”“he was spotted kissing her between her legs on a beach”

    Not exactly!

  • llk

    Leo touched her between the legs, her inner thigh and another picture with a kiss on the cheek.
    I have seen the pictures of the other girls and there are way prettier ones in this issue than Bar. Good job, Leo.

  • gh

    there are so many girls to put in the cover and they choose bar, because of“leo“ of course … if she was really a good model she would done more important jobs in the industry of modelling, like american vogue cover, versace,dolce;gabbana work….all this time as leo`s girlfriend she never got any of this obvius they dont talent in her…she is beautiful but only for biquini photos and thats is nothing…

  • french

    #84 : he didn’t kiss her on the cheek , he was just behind her , and i don’t know why people made a whole story for a hand, I saw the pic and it prove absolutely nothing (he didn’t put his hand very high on her leg)

  • Diane

    I think she looks good!

  • orit maimon

    I feel proud to have an Israeli model be represnted by a famous sport magazine.. i just wish she didnt have to pose with pulling down her bottom.. because it makes her look nasty.. it doesnt fit her innocent image look ..i prefer it would be more conservative, because she is beautiful no matter what or how she wears it.. but i guess thats what sells now a days… good luck to her.

  • mark

    wake up fools- doesn’t matter if she’s trashy or not, an angel or a slut, dating joe down the street or dating the President ( although that would sell even better), she’ll sell magazines because she’s a fantasy. That’s all that matters in the modeling business.

  • @89

    … maybe for you but not for everyone.

  • Custom T

    This cover makes her look really trashy.

  • fireda

    Bar is not a model but a p o r n o stars

  • yup

    i think she’s really pretty.

  • lakers fan in boston

    thats the best SI could do….
    im pretty sure they have better models
    ughh what happened 2 the days when SI was relevant
    even since heidi went, SI has been going down

  • justmehere

    the photographer is a friend of B…sometimes it helps to have good connections, which bring you some success and take you higher in career terms…

  • Frida

    She’s beautiful and not stick thin which is good, but I don’t see the point in pulling down the bikini bottoms like that. It just looks trashy.

  • gh-usa

    ew someone kill leonardo.
    im sorry the poor girl has to put up with this crappy actor and his abuse of women!

  • Bella

    Not. Shes vulgar and fat for modelling. Big body small head and she s on the cover because of Leo. I thought he was intelligent but everytime I read the stupid things this girl says I think to myself….Well maybe hes not.

  • M

    I have to agree with most comments here – the cover is cheap and she really does look trashy. The more interviews I read / see of her, the more I think she is an utter airhead with a 10 year old’s vocabulary.

  • harry

    god,she is perfect!!! i wish she left that fat slobbish Midget boyfriend of hers.he is a shitty boring actor too.
    come to papa baby!!!!!!!