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Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009

Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009

Bikini-clad Bar Refaeli lands the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 Swimsuit Issue.

A billboard of the smokin’ hot cover overlooks Broadway in New York City’s theater district.

The cover, which was shot in Cancun, was revealed during Tuesday’s Late Show with David Letterman. The 23-year-old Israeli model was just revealed as the cover model but was not a guest on the show. However, she WILL be a guest on Wednesday’s show. Be sure to tune in!

“What? I’m going to be on Letterman? Wow!” Bar said when being briefed on her upcoming schedule. “I can’t believe this. It’s been my dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated since I was 15 and I finally got it. I still can’t believe it.”

Bar is currently dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Bar Refaeli as SI swimsuit cover — HOT or NOT?

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133 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: SI Swimsuit Cover Model 2009”

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  1. 101
    honey Says:

    she’s soooo ordinary. can’t see why she deserves such attention

  2. 102
    ayj6m6l Says:

    ewww. trashy

  3. 103
    jeygee Says:

    Sorry, but she’s nowhere near Gisele Bundchen. I don’t see anything special in her.

  4. 104
    ron Says:

    Gisele looks like a dog.she is all skin and bones,has a big nose and an usly face.this bar chik on the other hand is a beauty…hot chik

  5. 105
    ICK!! Says:

    How can anyone be jealous of this?? and supportive and happy of having this image shoved down our throats as an image of sexy?
    Please.. if we were to be ‘supportive’ we would buy this magazine, which I AM NOT. SI is really going for a desperate image here of ‘ a girls gone wild kind of chick’ except that we all have to look at it on newsstands and everywhere else..enough already!! we don’t need her to thrust her silicone breasts into our faces!!!

  6. 106
    lori Says:

    she is 100% naturl, jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h!

  7. 107
    ICK!! Says:

    #106 Jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h.? jealousy is stupid. Gisele has a beautiful body and would look great on the cover. Anyone can be trashy and get implants.

  8. 108
    to lori Says:

    Why don`t you check out the rest of the girls in this issue? Even the rookies are way hotter and more natural than Bar is ever going to be.

  9. 109
    ICK!! Says:

    #106 Jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h.? jealousy is stupid. Gisele or Miranda has a beautiful body and would look great on the cover. Anyone can be trashy and get implants.

  10. 110
    Chloe Says:

    @NUM: How about I get paid to help people out or do REAL work, instead of standing in front of a camera?

    How can I be “happy” for a celebrity that earns millions when there are people who work tons harder for their money and get way less?

    She’s pretty but nothing exciting.

  11. 111
    YUck Says:

    this is so gross, I can’t believe this bloated chipmunk face got on the cover of SI.. nobody wants to see your ugly ****** Bar, cover that **** up you disgusting ho !!!

  12. 112
    olga Says:

    YUck – are you in insane ?? you sown like a psychopath!

  13. 113
    donny Says:

    YUck suckkk! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhha!

  14. 114
    jay Says:

    read the post.didn’t like it.
    she is realy very beautiful,very sexy figure,beautiful eyes,beautiful face.seems sweet to.
    there are some nasty people here (probably girls) witch i don’t understand.can’t understand people that are that hateful,or how they turned the way they have… feel quite sad for them

  15. 115
    tONY e Says:

    I don’t know what wrong with some of you people, this is one hot hot hot babe!!!! I’d pay for some of that!

  16. 116
    Frank Miller Says:

    Bar, is absolutely gorgeous Gisele looks like a man and bone skinny. All of Gisele’s photos are touched up to make her look like she has a figure. But she will also look like she has a 12 boys body. Bar is a natural beauty.
    To the nurse, get with it that is the dumbest comment i heard some woman have big breast other have small breast regardless of their body size. Next thing you will say is you can tell ***** size by your finger nail size.
    Bar is beautiful….

  17. 117
    joseph steele Says:

    Nice to a woman with a real figure unlike Gisele the bone rack and man face. To all those who say she is ugly i guess you know better than the editors, photographers and designers who chose her for the cover. Maybe you should all apply at SI and tell them all how they know nothing.

    Jealousy is a b.i.t.c.h!

    Bar is a babe all the way!

  18. 118
    @116 Says:

    Natural beauty? You seriously think her photos are not photoshopped? Wake up. I`m sure Bar is the one who needs more touch up than Gisele.
    Editort, photographers and designers who chose her for the cover? The only reason why she is on the cover is Leo, because their relationship sells.

  19. 119
    joseph steele Says:

    I never said her photos are not touched up, ALL photos are touched up! Stick to the discussion rather than make up arguments no one said. Guys don’t buy swimsuit magazines cause Leo is dating a chick on the cover well unless you are guy and read the articles rather than check out the chicks. Stop making excusing…

    What i said was she is a natural beauty which is why when you see candid photos of here she wears very little makeup and she is not a bone rack like Gisele.

    It’s hard to have discussion with ppl who make up fake arguments and can’t read.

  20. 120
    wer Says:

    She only got the cover because of Leo. She is a ho

  21. 121
    camerondiaztwin Says:

    Joseph, you’re remarkably naive if you think her boyfriend had little to do with this.

    Face it: she’s cute, but nothing special. She’d never in a million years have gotten the SI cover if she weren’t consistently referred to as “Leo’s gf”,

  22. 122
    fuckuhaters Says:


  23. 123
    oshrat Says:

    she is a beautiful israli girl

  24. 124
    gini Says:

    bar u hot baby have 1 jelouse

  25. 125
    Nicole Says:

    you guys are just hating on her, this is absolutely not photoshopped..she’s beautiful and is ALL natural.

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