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Bar Refaeli: Sports Illustrated Sexy

Bar Refaeli: Sports Illustrated Sexy

Bar Refaeli chatted with People before sharing the news of her Sports Illustrated cover model status with her friends, family or boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s an snippet of what the 23-year-old Israeli model had to say:

What will your grandparents say about your sexy photo spread? They are so proud! My grandma says she walks down the street and people ask her, ‘Are you Bar Refaeli’s grandmother?’ I’m like, dude – I mean, you’re very beautiful, but we don’t really look alike! We have 60 years between us. She’s so proud. She keeps every single article on me.

Was getting this cover a goal of yours? It was my dream. When I was 15 and started modeling, my agent came to my house with Sports Illustrated magazines and taught me to look at the girls and the way they communicated with the camera. I learned from them.

Do you think Leo will like the cover? Are you two happy together? I don’t know. I really, really love it. I’m sure people will, too. I am very happy!

More Bar in her Hurley bikini at More interview at 15+ pics inside…

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bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 01
bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 02
bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 03
bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 04
bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 05
bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 06
bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 07
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bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 09
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bar refaeli sports illustrated cover 15
bar refaeli sports illustrated swimsuit cover model 01
bar refaeli sports illustrated swimsuit cover model 02
bar refaeli sports illustrated swimsuit cover model 03
bar refaeli sports illustrated swimsuit cover model 04
bar refaeli sports illustrated swimsuit cover model 05

Photos: Raphael Mazzucco
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  • Custom T

    I feel like every year SI has the same cover?

  • Kerryn

    She is not supermodel material. She needs to do so toning up. No muscle definition. Don’t be fooled by these photos which will have been airbrushed. Look at paprazzi snaps of her.
    Ugly head too.

  • fireda

    shame on you LEO to date with this b i t c h

  • katarina

    Do you think Leo will like the cover? Are you two happy together? I don’t know. I really, really love it. I’m sure people will, too. I am very happy!

    Leo just like to make sex with b.tch body.Ppl don’t like cover!! B.tch and P..o..r..n..o cover with crocodile face!!! Stupid interiew at People.(they ask about Leo!! for what??)Every where Leo,Leo,Leo.I begin to hate him too. One stupid women make him stupid too.

  • katarina

    She is not deserve to be at attention.Everything becaus of Leo. LEO!!! AND LEO AGAIN!!!. She must to shame of him name at soon!!! F..k you Bar and Leo!! .Together!!. Hes not lucky,,, he is loser!!. Marry for her… I will not to cry for you!!.

  • lakers fan in boston

    u kinda went off the topic if leo likes it
    u said ur happy when asked if “u guys” r happy
    ehh who cares =p
    once again this chick is overrated, this is gonna be her highest achievement as a so called supermodel =D

  • Bar refaeli sexy bikini

    She is wonderfull!!!

  • kevinisanazi

    The stupid terrorist scumbag is back! Why don’t you blow yourself up like I told you to? Go back to school because you can barely read or write. THERE IS NO PALESTINIANS OR PALESTINE! That was just a name that ancient Israel was given. The Arabs Fakestinians, who are from ancient Arabia, are the invadors and occupiers of Jewish land.

    The Jews were in Israel thousands of years before any Arabs stepped foot in the holy land. The Arabs invaded and killed the native Jews just like the Europeans did to the Native Americans here in America.

    The Arab Muslims ARE THE NEW NAZIS! They blow up and murder Jews, Christians almost everyday. The Arab terrorists talk about killing all the Jews and destroying Israel. They are baby-killers who not only murder Jewish babies but Arab babies by using them as human shields. The rockets that the hamas nazis use have killed and maimed hundreds of women and children. Does that sound like fireworks? The Arab nazis are doing to the Jews what Hitler did. They can’t kill all the Jews because the IDF is bravely defending their people and country.

    The Arab Fakestinians get billions of dollars from Europe and America. Talk about lazy welfare recipients! They use most of that money for bombs and weapons to kill Jews. Israel re-pays most of the aid that America gives them.

    Go away you stupid terrorist pig! You don’t fool anyone by using the name “kevin.” You’re an Arab Muslim who is obssessed with Israel and the Jews because you’re a loser! You need to get out of your basement and GET A FREAKIN LIFE!

  • kevinisanazi

    Maya; Not everyone who dislikes Bar is anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. There’s only one person here who uses different names that attacks Israel and supports hamas. Mostly everyone who dislikes Bar has a good reasons to.

  • whatever

    I like her as a swimsuit model because she is not super stick thin like all the others…she has some soft hips…not just bones jutting out.

  • Laurena

    She has a nice bod but her face is generic looking. There is only one Gisele and she’s sexy as h*ll.

  • mr. d

    I have a great idea! Instead of featuring Bar on the cover of a magazine, lets have Leo don a swimsuit and pose on the beach. That would be a riot! Leo has the BEST BODY I have ever seen! The guy has a 12-pack and makes Ryan Reynolds look like a dough boy. Leo is an ugly piece of shit that isn’t worth fighting over. If not for the dough he is racking in, he would be masturbating as we speak, in an attempt to lose his virginity.

  • camerondiaztwin

    Poor scottdavis/mr d…..he really musta screwed you over good, buddy.

  • mr. d

    Nope “camerondiaztwin” aka the person I’m most fond of on popsugar, I’m just calling a spade a spade.

  • camerondiaztwin

    Hey, whatever feeds your delusions, honey.

  • meh

    she has a hot body, but she sounds dumb as nails and stuck up. and she looks tacky.

  • mel

    I’m not crazy about the picture they chose for the cover. If her bottoms were an inch lower it would be porn. Stop pulling your swimsuit down! It looks so slutty.

  • Showstopper

    She is not very pretty and the cover is the trashiest I’ve seen for SI. Why couldn’t they use someone else? Hopefully they didn’t base her cover on who she is dating?

  • bad choice SI

    This is sexy??? you must mean cheap and trashy. Do we really have to be subjected to her image pulling at her thong until we’re sick to our stomachs? If you have my vote, DON’T BUY THIS MAGAZINE. Silicone breasts and pulling at your thong is not sexy. I’m sorry but what is the big deal with her and choosing this. Its not like she is naturally volumptuous and sexy, she is just plain, boring, ungraceful, and no matter how much she tries, she can’t hide the. weird hips

  • Maria

    maya i am israeli and jewish, so i don’t dislike her because of her religion or the fact she is israeli.
    i personally don’t like girls who get married to 40 year old men just to get out of the army…..
    and why do you care about ignorant people who choose to hate people do to their religion, color or any other thing…. you won’t be able to change their opinion anyway, so why bother? why waste the energy?

    and all the ones who comment about Maya’s grammar mistakes, is english your second lang? and when you were 14 how good was your second lang? or in fact how good is it now?

  • uglysexy

    she looks like she’s gon’ be fat in a few years…
    or maybe I’m just miffed since she dumped her
    personal facebook page when she got famous
    or blocked me for the salacious comments ;p

  • http://google jasmine

    kamu krg fulgar

  • Lady


    Maya Babes I don’t think people are disliking her because she is Jewish…on gossip sites such as these many people tend to bash celebs – it is apparently the new trend – I suppose many are having crappy lives and they need to vet the frustrations – I don’t they would actually say things like these if a celeb was standing in front of them…

    For the record Bar is okay – she has a great body and okay face – nothing spectacular…

    I am part Jewish but that does not mean that we have to all stick together and defend each other – we must judge one another by one’s content not blood line..

    Good luck Maya – and please do you best to study – knowledge is everything – I firmly believe that…boys, fashion they come later but keep to the books for now!

  • zanessafannumba1


    if ur jealous then at least stop saying shes ugly..cause shes not…

    no one dares u to look at her pictures

  • Kenni

    this girl is so freaking gorgeous =D

    she seems really genuine too.

  • Babygirl

    she seems full of herself

  • http://formaya sappppp

    maya i am a jew to and i live in Israel so i am very happy

  • Bobby

    I am sick this magazine telling the world that you have to be Blonde, skinny and white female to be beautiful. that is bull grap and so is this magazine.

  • Bobby

    I am sick this magazine telling the world that you have to be Blonde, skinny and white female to be beautiful. that is bull grap and so is this magazine.

  • Ann

    I love it when people you the your just jealous line or some snide comment like you wish whenever someone calls a celebs they don’t like unattractive. For the ones who do that, I know this may be hard for you to believe but what is beautiful to you is not going to be beautiful to everyone else.

    maya, you clearly have issues. Maybe you should deal with them instead of taking out your insecurity of paranoia out on others. I’m sure there are people who hate Bar because she’s jewish since there are bigots in the world but that’s not the case for everyone who hates her and to accuse people of that only makes you look ignorant.

  • :))))))))))))

    she look soooooo pretty !

  • vanessa

    she`s so Sexy ….

  • vanessa

    she`s so Sexy ….

  • netanel

    respect from israel

  • zvneufeld

    You guys are fxxxx up!Nobody is good enough 4 you. How dare you? She’s smokin hot and you’re jealous and spiteful.

    Ugly face? What the hell are you talking about? Her face is incredibly beutiful, she’s an angel. You guys are jealous and dumb.

  • zvneufeld

    And who the hell cares about her religion? What if she’s Jewish? It’s a R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N. I bet you haters are real antisemitic white trash. It does not define your personality let alone your features .

  • G

    Well i will say she is Ok..even pretty and in great shape..But the one pix with her hand almost ripping off her panties and alittle too far..I mean She looks great in the other shots..Why the need to go that far…
    If you are going to pull down your panties… then don’t be shy
    Just rip them off ..i mean we practcically can almost see her vagina!

  • http://thgerdsw maya kibble

    you are so gross!!

  • http://thgerdsw maya kibble

    cool dude

  • Objectively

    Bobby, Bar is not skinny, she is actually fat.
    But she is doing well in her career, not exactly as a fashion model, but men love her looks than skinny ones and that’s why SI choose her.
    This magazine is not for girls, and not a fashion magazine. some of these SI girls also doing well in fashion world, but most of them are not doing well other than SI. Brooklyn has a ugly face and big sagged boobs and if SI stops calling her, her career will end.

  • G

    Can i send you a pix of Rosie O”donnel. is she Slim?
    That girl is so skinny..Not even considered Slim..
    She looks good..but i hate the pix..there were nicer ones to choose as a cover shot!!

  • Mia

    She is pretty, but I agree..she is pretty average looking. She doesn’t have that overly gorgeous look as like Cindy Crawford or Christy Turlington or Iman.

    And just to be in the clear,before any one goes on a rant…my brother is Orthodox and lives in Israel.

  • rona

    for all the jelous haters-i’m from israel and we are seeing pictures of her since she was 14, this girl has big boobs since she was a little girl, she doesn’t have implants.

  • lulu

    #93 : her boobs are more and more big every years, and they look completely fake

  • Beth

    She has the HOTTEST BODY IVE EVER SEEN. Im sooo insanely jealous.. jesus, Bar is perfection. LOOOVE her thin yet curvacious body.. so far from anorexic looking and soo far from sort and chunk. its seriously god damn perfection.

  • joseph steele

    Bar is a gorgeous girl regardless of where she is from. What kind of guy buys the SI swimsuit magazine cause Leo is dating a girl in it. How gay do you have to be, not that there is anything with being gay but guys don’t buy a Jenna Jamison p.o.r.n.o cause she is dating Tito.

    Gisele looks like a man she has a rather ugly face and has a bone rack of a body.

    Bar doesn’t have implants so ppl need to stop saying this, there are photos on the net that show photos of here when she was 18 and they look pretty much the same, maybe a little Photoshop was done to plump them up but they are not implants. Also she speaks better English than most ppl here in Canada and English is her second language. Penelope Cruz has worked for years in the US and still can’t speak properly.

    Maybe Bar is not for everyone but most definitely neither is Gisele and what about Tyra she looks like a horse and she did a similar pose for a cover do ppl call here trashy?

    Lastly @ #4 – French you are an idiot so don’t speak for “everyone”.

  • brie2009

    I don’t see why people find her ugly. I personally think she is beautiful. I like the fact that she isn’t the stereotypical model where ribs are sticking out. Instead people should be happy that she is one of the healthy models out there.

  • just another poster

    Joseph must be part of Bar’s PR team, the way he shows up on every thread calling people “jealous” and trying to defend her.

    GImme a break, hon – those are pure silicone. And i hate to burst your theory that I’m jealous, but my chest is so large that I actually got a reduction at age 20, and I’m still a 36C.

    I know fake when I see it. Those are implants.

  • angie

    i am only judging her on the cover, but i personally, and in comparison to all the models, she does not seem very professional in her photos. also looks, average, not gorgeous, body, very normal. if i was 3 inches taller, i can go be a high fashion model. also this has nothing to do with her religion by personal opinion to all the jews who think everyone is hating on her cause she’s a jew. + that can’t be the reason cause clearly, she doesn’t seem to be practicing when she’s half naked on a cover! i still think gisele is a better model, and offcourse more successful.

  • tal

    Bar is a gorgeous girl & a ahealthy women.
    i love her….