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Chris Brown's Got Milk Ads Pulled

Chris Brown's Got Milk Ads Pulled

Chris Brown‘s “Got Milk” ad campaign ends this week and will no longer be used for the ‘Body by Milk’ campaign.

The company says, “The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously. We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens. Mr. Brown‘s ad was launched last fall and is scheduled to end this week.”

Chris, 19, is currently under investigation for alleged assault against Rihanna.

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  • savannah

    1sttttt and good! he deserves it

  • jamie

    milk got it right to do so.

  • chris

    lmao why do these places feel the need to announce these sort of things. so many celebs have milk ads. as if anyone would have noticed if they quietly stopped using him.

  • D.G.

    GOOD! His career needs to be ruined just like he ruined her face and self-seteem.


    is a son of his mother a bitch dog

  • ri23

    Kiss it all good-bye, douche.

  • Please

    That’s the least of his problems

  • Give me a Break Jared

    He was arrested, and is now out on bail. Will it take a photo of him behind bars for you to stop including the word ALLEGED before assault? You are SICK

  • Um…

    Life’s a bitch, Chris.

  • Lucky

    Justjared, i am glad you pulled that farce of a blog post, that you posted a few hours ago , where you labelled Rihanna alleging getting beat up as “drama”

    Very low.

  • natus

    What he did was unacceptable every way you look at it. I hope that his career is over because supporting and abuser is not OK and the ones that stay behind him should be ashame. If my brother ever hits a women I would kill him.

  • dabu

    Give me a Break Jared @ 02/10/2009 at 3:14 pm

    Using the word Alleged is a way to CYA., All legit publications and media and many that are not use it. Until he is convicted, the use of the word alleged can keep the perpetrator from suing for defamation.

  • enoughalready

    @#8 you just assulted someone with your verbal assult, should you go to jail?

    What ever is going on with him she should get the same thing. Get mad all you want it was the both of them and until this is over and the evidence proves otherwise strip them both.

  • Meg

    Rhianna now has the opportunity to show young girls and women not to accept abuse from boyfriends and husbands, not to feel sorry for their abusers, not to accept any blame or fault for the abuse by thinking: “Well, I really shouldn’t have done this, or said that, or made him so angry, and he really does love me” NO!
    I really hope that Rhianna will now give women the courage to STOP abusers in their tracks and make them accept the punishment they so very much deserve, Please. I hope she follows through and presses charges against this guy so that other girls and women will place value on themselves because she valued herself and set that example.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    that is the sound of a career going down the drain…hopefully! we are praying for you to get thru this ok riri!

  • evie

    aww that totally sucks!! =(

  • mike

    i initially was going to say something about this in a judgmental way but then i realized i wasnt there so i really dont know what happened and neither do any of us on here…we only know what the news says….we dont know how it started…whether other people were involved…and to be honest i really dont care lol i do think that the milk campaign did the right thing…as for his career being destroyed i dont think so….people will still like him….maybe not everyone but their will still be some…who knows lol

  • john


    Fuck You Bobby…

  • settie

    what he did was wrong but we still don’t know the full story.I wonder if they’ll ever speak to each other again.I hope both careers stay afloat but i do wish both of them best of luck.

  • .

    i doubt that he beat her but i mean the proof is like everywhere but his dad used to beat his mom so i dont understand he talks about it in interviews as if he views hitting a girl as a cowardly thing to do and it is i just dont understand…

  • a total fan says she had “horrific” injuries.

  • sHAY

    Well I think that people need to stop assuming everything before they even know the story. We do not know what happened. He should not have put his hands on her but there was a picture of him after he was released and his face looked red and so did his lips. I am not condoning a man ever putting his hands on a woman but we need to know what happened before the condem him in public! He is a young man with his whole life ahead of him. Young men need to be careful with whom they hook up with is the bottom line. I am sure he regrets whatever happened and if found guilty will serve his time! As far as his music goes he is one of the most talented young people out there right now and I think he will survive this. I just hope that he has learned from this lesson. Just leave her if you can’t deal with the nonsense!

  • sHAY

    there are stories everywhere I want to know from a credible source what happened. I hope she is doing well and I hope that she can recover but I still want to know both sides!

  • vanessajonas

    he is losing more sponsors than mike phelps JAJA

  • Custom T

    He looks stupid in the ad anyways.

  • JAYE97x

    Shame shame! Maybe now he will learn some self-control and keep his bloody hands to himself!!

  • $$$$$$$


  • LC

    Good he should loose everything and go back to the getto were he belongs…..

  • Shay

    yuk, i can’t stand to look at his ugly face anymore.


  • Jenna

    Chris this is your payback. I don’t care who it is but you do not beat up any women. I want to punch you in the balls and every other fan who has lost respect in you.

  • Jenna

    Flushhh there goes your career down the shitter.

  • Julia

    Well, Chris, I will never buy another or your CD’s again, you SOB. I swear to God, I hope someone see’s you on the street and kicks your a.s.s. I’m glad everyone is pulling their ad’s of him, give the chance to someone who isn’t a wife beater, oh and Chris, when you sing, you need to learn to pronounce you T’s.

  • Erica

    “Innocent until proven guilty”<<< What happened to that? What if Rihanna is the bad guy here? No reason to mess with his money, until this is investigated.

  • kae

    No one knows the whole story yet and everyone is convicting this kid before the facts are indeed out. All women are not innocent. We don’t know what went on in or out that car. This kid may not have done all the damage people are assuming. Maybe he did hit her once to get her off him? Maybe, her head did hit the dash when they ran into the parked car? Whatever the case, the truth will eventually come out.

  • Maria

    Rihanna, I love you! Stay strong.

  • Tuesday

    If I were Chris B. I might be a little more worried about what Pdiddy, JayZ and them might throw at him, then the LA DA.

    The music world carries on in a lot of ways, but one thing men don’t tolerate is guy hitting a woman.

  • Maria

    kae and everyonen else saying “innocent until proven guilty”. Brown was released on a $50,000 bail. that’s a sign he’s guilty. but until a jury convicts him he’s scott free , for now. but STILL GUILTY, nonetheless.

  • Laurena

    We don’t know the whole story. She could have hit him also. We don’t know.

  • Allie

    What a fucking loser. I hope he get’s what he deserves, fucking woman beater. People like him are SUCH a waste of space on this earth.

  • rebecca

    I just heard that Rihanna’s statement claims that Riri took the keys to his Lamborgini and through them out the window. Thats when Chris Brown began strangling her saying he was going to kill her till she lost consiousnous. When she woke up he was gone and she was beaten. Thats soooooo sad man i cant believe him!

  • whatever

    I dont think that he just abused and beat her i think that he probably was trying to fight her off of him because some reports say that it was a car accident one says they got into an argument and she got mad and started to hit him while he was driving they wrecked and then he pulled her out the car and left so the only way anybody would know is if they were there.Chris does not seem like he was raised to hit a girl since his stepdad abused his mom.Rihanna has said in interview that she used to fight all the time with her brothers and bust one of them in the face with a bottle so dont just immediately say he hit her end of story because nobody really knows

  • whatever

    and to all the companies pulling his ads and not playing his music…Y didnt anyone do the same to R Kelly who is a freaking child molestor who made a song talking about his “good lemonade” after he was not guilty!

  • Sinla

    I don’t understand how is this anyone’s business, this is between Rihanna & Chris Brown yet everyone feels they have the right to have an opinion on this when they obviously don’t.

  • Sinla

    I don’t understand how is this anyone’s business, this is between Rihanna & Chris Brown yet everyone feels they have the right to have an opinion on this when they obviously don’t.

  • Sinla

    #36 Jay z, P diddy? hahaha those 2 are the biggest women beaters in the world.

  • http://na Chrissy

    Omg! Damn people calm the fuck down! HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD THIS MAN SING? TALK? Or anything? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! True fans stick by. I am not saying at all that what he did was right,in any way shape or form. So don’t tell me I’m saying what he did wasn’t wrong,because it was..It was very wrong! BUT, I believe Chris deserves a chance to explain. Miley,Britney,Michael and all those other hoes got to explain themselves..Why can’t he? Of course this is different,I completely understand that. BUT,I believe he had a reason for what he did. I’m not sure what it was,but I do believe he had one. I’m very shocked and sadden by what he has done. EXTREMELY SAD! He has an amazing voice,and is a sweetheart..Or was,I thought. I won’t stop listening to his music,or stop liking him. I heard on TMZ,that his father was an abuser and he had said..And I quote “I don’t want to turn out like my dad”..Maybe something happened,and he did what his dad did to his mom..Because that’s what he saw,and he slipped up. He already feels horrible about it,don’t make things worse.

    BITCHES & HOES SUCK MY TOES! :) Say shit to me for sticking up for him,I could careless.. I LOVE CHRIS BROWN..I LOVE CHRIS BROWNNN…FOREVEEEEEEEEEEER!<3 :))))

  • kayla

    ALL YOU MUTHA FUCKERS…SHUT UP! I love my boiii CHRIS!!! Hes ahmazing,so take yo hatin ass somewheres else…YA DIG???? CHRISBROWN IS MY MUTHA FUCKING IDOL!:D

  • 911

    if it weren’t true that he hit her his reps would have released a statement of his innocence pronto. so far no such denials have been made. so yeah, i’m inclined to say he roughed her up.

  • rihannafan

    For all you non-believers…………………How did Chris get this negative publicity? Is it indeed all a lie? I do not condone any man abusing a woman nor vice verse……….If the incident never occurred someone should come forward and refute all that is being said. Let us see Rihanna for ourselves as proof that none of this occured and we’re all part of some bizzare dream……………A man is innocent until proven guilty………..Let us see Rihanna immediately……….she is all the evidence we need…………….

  • 911

    according to et, she was in worse shape than initially reported.