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Chris Brown's Got Milk Ads Pulled

Chris Brown's Got Milk Ads Pulled

Chris Brown‘s “Got Milk” ad campaign ends this week and will no longer be used for the ‘Body by Milk’ campaign.

The company says, “The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously. We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens. Mr. Brown‘s ad was launched last fall and is scheduled to end this week.”

Chris, 19, is currently under investigation for alleged assault against Rihanna.

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78 Responses to “Chris Brown's Got Milk Ads Pulled”

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  1. 51
    rihannafan Says:

    correct …..911 @ 02/10/2009 at 9:05 pm …….You took the words right out my keyboard………..

  2. 52
    911 Says:

    also, i doubt any picture of her will be seen any time soon, her face is reportedly swollen.

  3. 53
    My opinion Says:

    JMHO-It’s hard to play second fiddle to someone like JZ-Rhianna adores JZ-and he was(is) very fond of her-HOWEVER-when another brother noticed she who will not be named, there was a lil sweet ceremony in NY-Sometimes a man marries what he thinks is best ($$$$) and not who he loves-so any brother who has to come behind him and try to love a woman whose heart is reallllllly somewhere else has an uphill climb-just like meagan fox is referred to as the poor man’s angelina, riri has been called the poor man’s beyonce and it hit her like a ton of bricks-chris was there and sincere, but JZ is in her heart.-

  4. 54
    s Says:

    I heard gossip that sayin’ she’s beaten for giving him HERPES!!!! Is that true? OmG…

  5. 55
    not me Says:

    I think Chris Brown is 19 or thereabouts. What he did was very very wrong. But do not talk about destroying him or his career. When proven guilty he should be made to go through lots and lots of anger management classes and then put to work for three years as a public spokesman for violence against women. No music. no money coming in, just educating other young men about how to treat a woman right.

    Because the more I read about this case more I am reminded of Gloria Steinem’s note on spouse beaters. Look into his history and you will see a scared man who was abused by his parents and peers.

  6. 56
    Maria Says:

    too many abusers get away with ****. Chris Brown needs to be jailed to send a message to those abusers. enough is enough.

    Rihanna is a classic case of a victim, not wanting to press charges at first but were forced to by the police dept. to cooperate. there alone says it all that she’s a classic case of a domestic spousal/partner abused to which the police department have seen and experienced all too well.

  7. 57
    bebe Says:

    well i hope rihanna did not hit him first, just as we don’t condone men hitting women, a woman should never hit first too. And as for him loosing all his endorsements, we have come to accept thatin America.Young Black men do not get second chances. After all he is not as perfect asPhelps.

  8. 58
    what a loser! Says:

    I don’t care who started it, or even if she jumped on him. He’s the stronger one. The right thing for the man to do is get away IF he is attacked and break of the relationship, not beat the woman. That is barbaric and illegal. Beating a woman is NOT cool and if he really bruised or bit her, he needs to pay.

  9. 59
    finalcount Says:

    Please contact and let them know their headlines for this situation are inappropriate.tthey are making light of it.

  10. 60
    Mo Says:

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    It’s amazing how people will just rush to Rihanna’s defence to prove that they are for strong, independant black women.
    I don’t think anyone has the right to make assumptions until either Rihanna or Chris steps up and tells the story.
    To hell with all the alleged “sources” from E! and TMZ; you know they only want to make money off these people’s sorrows.

    And another thing, why is everyone calling for Chis Brown to be thrown in jail to “act as an example of how guys shouldn’t treat girls’. It’s just unfair for him to be used as the whipping boy just because he’s famous. He’s a human being, and I just think sometimes we place celebrities up on such a high pedestal that’s unrealistic.

  11. 61
    spat Says:

    I hope Chris ************ for hitting a women…F*** ur career,f*** ur songs,f*** ur life and F*** You!!!!

  12. 62
    grace Says:

    chris brown suck

  13. 63
    Pitchajarun Says:

    Poor Chris………….. maybe all he did was pull her “umbrella” cd from the stereo and accidently skim Ri-Ri’s arm as it flew across the room to the fireplace…………… is that abuse? is it? is it?

  14. 64
    blondie Says:

    You can say a lot of mean things against
    “The National Enquirer Magazine,”
    but you can almost always count on them
    to be the FIRST ones to get to the police snitches,
    and come back with the very private photographs,
    and all of the nasty little secrets, that often
    turn out t be the absolute truth!!!

    (In my opinion) Just wait until Friday, and see if I am right!!!
    Haaaa haaa ha.

  15. 65
    love Says:

    i still love chris brown no matter what!! he deserves a second chance!! If he does something like this again he should be locked up..then hes just crazy and needs help!! BUT FOR NOW I FORGIVE HIM!!

  16. 66
    lopz723 Says:

    He SHOULD lose ALL of his sponsors & his label should drop his black ass. I agree with 911 who said:

    if it weren�t true that he hit her his reps would have released a statement of his innocence pronto. so far no such denials have been made. so yeah, i�m inclined to say he roughed her up.

    EXACTLY. I hope that ****** does some time. What a *****… He would get his ass kicked bya man, so he has to hit women.

  17. 67
    BLIP Says:

    up…WHAT A WASTE!!

  18. 68
    BLIP Says:


  19. 69
    BLIP Says:


  20. 70
    dee Says:

    thats good for his ass i hope he never makes another damn dollar…i loved his music i wont play that **** no more i tell u that much f*** you chris brown I HATE YOU

  21. 71
    dee Says:

    so mad i had to post again jayz need to woop his ass….. for beating on his could he….i cant even stand to look at him man thats some messed up **** i hope he gets locked up and i guy named bubba sticks his **** so far up his ass he’s christina brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

  22. 72
    hold your horses Says:

    How quick to condemn some of you are. Can’t we be intelligent enough to be dismayed for BOTH of them without passing judgment on Chris alone? He’s being hung, drawn and quartered without the full facts even properly emerging.

    It’s always being said that a man should never hit a woman, no matter what. Suppose Rihanna is the one who *****-slapped Chris first, or pounded him with her handbag, or dug her nails into his thigh, or did SOMETHING to raise his anger? I wonder how many of you would allow yourselves to be continuously pelted, or even nagged, without eventually snapping. And ANYTHING can happen when people are provoked and/or lose their cool – crimes of passion are of this very nature.

    It’s all very well women wanting equality, then hiding behind being ‘the weaker sex’ argument when convenient. Rihanna’s injuries are NOT okay, but give a thought to the possibility that she MAY have started this first, only to have come out the loser. Just because it seemed that Chris had no visible injuries doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been assaulted too. If Chris let rip and battered her to within an inch of her life without just cause, then he’s a clear candidate for anger management/counselling. However, try to be more balanced instead of automatically assuming that it’s always the man’s fault first. Or try considering the possibility that they BOTH had a part to play. Or at least wait till the story comes out in full! I wasn’t there and neither were any of you, and there hasn’t yet been any video footage of the event released that I know of.

    The problem with Chris and Rihanna’s incident is that it is being played out under the full gaze of public scrutiny, with everyone giving an opinion based on speculation. It’s easy to play both judge and executioner behind the safety of our computer screens, isn’t it? But since none of you are celebs, you’re all safe from view when you decide to set fire to your neighbor’s cat at night or stick pins into your bedridden granny. They’re a couple already under pressure from their worldwide fame and far too young to have been so ‘hot and heavy’ so soon. They’ve already learned a bitter lesson on how love can go horribly wrong, and I wish they had the foresight to end the relationship before things came to this. I happen to regard them both as performers, and it’s enough that they have so much to reflect in light of this incident, not just professionally but emotionally too. Give them, and especially Chris, a break. At least for now.

  23. 73
    rose Says:

    All you people on here condeming Chris needs to hush Rihanna needs to learn to keep her hands to her self also,after all she is the one who bust her own brother in the head with a bottle so I know she dont mind ******* up a boyfriend.And milk people must thought he was a cool kid or they wouldnt have ask him to do the ad in the first place besides who drink milk any way a lot of babies cant even drink the **** most people complain about how milk **** up there stomach with that lactose **** so keep your milk and your ads.No one has seen any pictures of Rihanna or Chris and Im sure he has marks on him to. That lil dirty ***** needs to go back where she came from and learn that you dont put your hands on a young boy and you sure dont throw his car keys out if he suppose to beating your ass.

  24. 74
    julie Says:

    @mike: you’re right, I agree 100%, people are wayy too judgemental..we weren’t there! we don’t know how it went down! we could have done the same!

  25. 75
    Mary Raymond Says:

    chris brown you are a very big criminal, very fake person, you can naver run away from going to jail. chris brown you use rihanna and karrueche tran and other ladys lieing saying that you are in a relationship with me while i’m not in a relationship with you chris brown.chris brown you are very crazy, all this games you are playing trying to run away from going to jail. chris brown you belong to jail, you comited a crime and you must face the jail. you should be in the jail chris brown.

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