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Hayden Christensen: Let's Go Yankees!

Hayden Christensen: Let's Go Yankees!

Hayden Christensen picks up a few sweet treats at Robeks Juice on Tuesday (February 10) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 27-year-old Canadian actor wore a New York Yankees cap and looked like he hadn’t shaved in awhile. He was seen picking up a cup full of goodness for “good friend” Rachel Bilson, who picked up the same thing last week.

I’ve scoured the Robeks menu and can’t figure out what they’ve been ordering. Anyone?

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hayden christensen new york yankees cap 01
hayden christensen new york yankees cap 02
hayden christensen new york yankees cap 03
hayden christensen new york yankees cap 04
hayden christensen new york yankees cap 05
hayden christensen new york yankees cap 06

Credit: Hollywood Pixx; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • maryanne

    Jared, how much does Rachel pay you to mention her name every time you get Hayden alone, or when you get her alone, and you mention his name?

  • first?

    What happened to his bape cap?

  • Just Jared


  • reality

    last time he went to the same place and got two drinks when he was alone, may be bilson got a drink for him last time, not the other way around
    come on, get real, she is dying to get married and he is not popping the questions for over 2 years now
    laney said that he will dump her
    unless he is really afraid of being alone, so he will settle for this nothing, just a nothing who shops, that is all
    no talent, no brains, no looks, just warships him, he is content

  • reality

    hard to believe, bilson is more in the news than Renee Zellweger, you trying to tell me that this talentless nothing is more news worthy!?

  • drew

    acai energy bowl

  • marg

    hahah i love jared

  • isaac

    long time no see…

  • nina

    Here we go again, have some fun.

  • glenn

    Maybe if Hayden and Rachel drink more from that “cup of goodness” their acting abilities will improve.
    Doubt it though.

  • alana

    Bilson is the second coming, don’t you know.

  • Just Jared

    you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors

  • nina1

    Meanwhile, Hayden was just recently bestowed the unwanted honor of being named as one half of TotalFilm’s “Worst On-Screen Couple”.

    The abdicable title resulted from his pairing up with Natalie Portman in “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones”.

    Guess what, Angelina and Brad are on the same list, interesting.

  • tina

    Nat and Hayden ‘worst screen couple’

    Brad and Angie are on the same list for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, exactly when they fell in love

  • hey

    i’m sorry but i think he’s so cute. :)

  • someone

    hahahahahaha @ #3! Hayden is one of my fantasies ever since I saw him in Star Wars! XD

  • nina1

    he is kind a cute and really not as stupid and bad of an actor as bitchson, what a major downgrade or rather miss-match

  • nina1

    Nat and Hayden ‘worst screen couple’

    Brad and Angelina are on the same list for Mr. and Mrs. Smith when they fell for each other

    Wake up Hayden! Be a Man, follow your heart not convenience, you are too young to settle for less, really LESS, like Much Less.

  • toni

    What happened to him? He used to be so good looking.

  • Celtic

    Why is it that people think he is getting anything for a person that isn’t with him. When she was in Utah he bought the same thing and KNOWONE was with him not even the troll. This seems to be his standing order I guess for a man who smokes like a chimney and does POT and god knows what else he claims to be organic when he chooses to impress then you see him smoke up a storm some health conscience person…NOTT!!!!!

    POP what question get another man might be what he will tell her as for marriage that man is far from grown up enough to handle any wife or family. And from the looks of him I say he isn’t far from the has been in hollywood.

  • Celtic

    Answer TONI a low level actress and drugs..that is what happened to him the biggest problem that seems to be in hollywood

  • alex

    Thanks for the pictures of Hayden JJ.

    Love his smile.

    And I’m not sorry. I think he’s cute and a good person.

    And so is Rachel.

  • shebang

    he needs to eat that all by himself he’s way too skinny.

  • toni

    #21 I agree with the low level actress part but drugs? Maybe, hope not. What a shame that would be.

    He always seemed so close to his family, I wonder what they think of this decline in his life. He hasn’t looked really happy in a long time. He seems to be drifting through his life and not taking charge.

  • whizbang

    That poor caveman looks like he got lost in the ugly forest, got beaten by the trees, then tried to climb up one to hide, only to fall down and hit every branch on the ugly tree on the way down. Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk… a lost cause loser!

  • whizbang

    @ #3

    LOL URE AZZ!!!

  • voice of reason

    Actually whizbang his older brother pushed him down a tree when he was a kid, which resulted in a busted arm and 10 bucks Canadian not to dob in older brother.

  • Xanda

    “Good Friend”????????????? Wha??????

  • devaney

    @ Hayden Christensen: Let’s Go Yankees!

    More aptly stated as… Hayden Christensen Go YUCKIE & ICKIE!
    Jeeez he looks smelly and looks like he’s skipping up doing his hygiene for over 3 days now…. and still got a nerve still catching up some photo-op looking like that – sheeez!

  • alex

    @Toni 24

    Decline? Drifing? LMAO You should have one of those psychic websites giving out that kind of insight. Know everything about him do you?

  • gross me out

    Stand behind him at the gas station next time and you will eventually know everything there to know from what he bought (rolling pps) to how badly he smelled. To the fact the gas station clerk had to open a air freshner after he left has to tell you something.

  • sharon

    wow nice to see hayden…still looks good to me and not with rachel?? can’t believe she missed a photo op maybe hayden snuck out (LOL)

  • nina

    I don`t think he looks too skinny, rather got some muscles there.
    For me, he looks fine with trimmed hairface now.

  • s

    Brad and Cate Blanchet are on the same list too. Weird.

  • tristgrey

    He’s now sporting a “has-been” look already. Or better put he just need to go back home and retire there already.

  • Bellie

    Jared- only thing it could be is frozen yoghurt with organic granola.

    Yep I searched the whole menu and its the only possibility!

  • Bellie

    Jared- frozen yoghurt with organic granola :)

  • audemars


    HC is merely been “topped” on everything since forever… just never mind how, what & why as you’ll obviously know soon sick enough. He quite a “veteran” on these stuff – lol!

  • julie

    he’s so skinny, he always looks sick and he never smiles! and he’s not cute at all! I don’t like this guy :/

  • wish

    Glad to see him again. But wasn’t she was drinking with a mystery guy and not hayden.Need to get the story right. and what with the good friend thing. so they are not dating anymore,Must know somthing we don’t/ that was commented last week. But hope hayden and everyone here have a nice valentine’s day anyway.

  • sharon

    @ 38 here is some interesting reviews

    As for Millie, I liked AnnaSophia’s portrayal more than I did Rachel Bilson’s. They should have just left them 15 years old and let the two 15 year olds play the part. It would have been much better. And David and Millie’s first meeting after 8 years of being missing is bordering ridiculous. David’s dad and even Millie’s mom are all brought to tears because he’s just been missing and presumed dead for 8 years. But Millie is just like “Hey, what’s up?” like they had never been apart. Not to mention he shows up out of nowhere in 8 years, asks her to go to Rome after talking for about 10 minutes, and she accepts immediately.

  • nina1

    hc got only 41 posts, fans like him unlike his gf who usually gets over 100 hate comments

  • ny i love you

    I love him and Rachel!!
    Sweet cute nice couple :) Waiting for new pix

  • just my observation

    Hayden and Rachel are practically inseparable. They must be checking up on their schedule to be not separated from each
    for a long period of time. Okey, Rachel seems to be not working lately, but who knows? This relationship must mean a lot to him. He seems
    to be investing a lot to it.

  • nina

    Rachel gets a lot of hate comments because of her relationship with Hayden.

  • @wish

    Now you are friendly because you are thinking they are not together anymore? I am sure you`ll be freaking out again as soon as you see new pics of them.

  • schullen

    No, he is not that skinny but “sure” is that he looked stoned, filthy, hideous & stinking and does not need get out of his buried cavern just to get another photo opp. Just shameless.

  • juniper

    @ #45

    But not to forget or first and foremost is that… she’s a “zlisted yet formidable media/tabloid parasite”!!!

  • @47

    He looks annoyed because of the paps. Otherwise, still looking hot.

  • fake couple

    these are not new picture’s of hayden. a photo of hayden and rachel has been on perez hilton site since 2nd feb 09. hayden is wearing the same clothes minus the red shirt these shots a been done make out that are couple they are not. p.s they standing near her car.