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Miley Cyrus Wants To Stress How Sorry She Is

Miley Cyrus Wants To Stress How Sorry She Is
  • Miley Cyrus apologizes a second time
  • Courtney Love really tries to work it
  • Ashley Tisdale dines at a diner
  • Veronica Mars may turn into a movie after all
  • Sienna Miller is all smiles at the Elle Style Awards
  • Givenchy Couture Show
  • Katie Price picks up some lingerie for Valentine’s Day
  • Ali Landry is your favorite Doritos Girl
  • Carrie Underwood wins for the hottest outfit award
  • Rihanna has postponed a concert in Malaysia this week, organizers said Tuesday, following reports that she accused her longtime boyfriend Chris Brown of assault.
  • Nick Cannon, husband of Mariah Carey, has been named the new host of America’s Got Talent
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  • ariel

    She accused him of assault?!??? Jared, are you kidding with this?

  • sapir

    i love her

  • bonnie

    How did the report change from ‘police identified chris brown as having assaulted a woman’ to rihanna ‘accused’ him of assault?
    Sticking by the wife-beater are we jared?
    Are you also loving miley the racist?

  • amelina94

    heyyy…….do u guys believe that its rihanna get beat frm chris??????????

  • Dale

    well…..amelina94….don’t ya read the news or google it?

    gee! what’s wrong with ur brain?

  • omgomgomg
  • Rayan

    As much as I dislike Miley….. I don’t see why she needed to apologize. She was clearly joking with her friends, like I am sure many of us have done. PLUS there was an asian in the picture laughing about it..

    People these days take things too offensively. Miley has NOTHING to apologize for.

  • jill

    # 7- rayan

    you are so wrong! Joking in that manner is no excuse.

    You now need to apologize for your stupid comment idiot

  • sarah

    I love how Miley is called a racist because she made a silly face. I have a picture of me making the same exact face, does that make me racist?? You people are so dumb it’s astounding.

  • noah

    # 9. just maybe

    however…what you just said makes you look like a fool.

    you are the one that is dumb and have no clue whatsoever

    grow up or go back to school to get better educated

  • sarah

    Oh my gosh, you are absolutely right! I am uneducated and I’m a fool, and I don’t have a clue…because I think that people have a right to make silly faces. My apologies sir. I’ll go back to school right now to learn that everything that anyone ever does is racially motivated and that if anyone makes a face that isn’t their own, they are racist. I’ll make sure to spread the word!

  • Solène

    I agree with Rayan and sarah, she was just having fun, since when is it racist? The asian guy on the pic obviously wasn’t offended, and if we can’t laugh about it, what can we laugh about? Life would be so sad and complicated with you guys!

  • michelle

    about miley cyrus pic. Did anyone suspect that there might be some underage drinking going on? I think they did indeed make fun of asian people. when you make funny faces, there are all kind of funny facial expression you can make. why does all of the people in the picture make slant eyes, expect the asian guy? maybe be it was unintentionally , but that was racist.

  • Custom T

    I am so anti-Miley it’s not even funny.

  • faye

    one things folks need to understand…..yeah…teenagers usually do dumb things…and not all are brought up properly…this is also intended for those folks or should I say….uneducated or closeminded people that still think making slant eyed expressions is all in fun. Miley is just a under aged bimbo that has parents who are obviously trailer park trash.

    When I was Miley’s age….my friends and I used to go into those camera booths and make funny expressions. At no time did we do the asian expression.

    Some people just don’t grow up or get educated enough

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who cares already, it wasnt even a big deal honestly, even tho i dont like miley i dont think it was a big deal
    ashely tisdale is starting not to look so good when she was doing those HSM promos
    sienna miller actually looked pretty nice, i liked it =]
    katie price is an ugly plastic ho!

  • vmars111

    Veronica Mars The Movie! Or that show that the CW canceled and is now deemed the network for tween girls, who gets to gets to get revenge on them.

  • jill

    # 16

    bimbo! regarding low class facial expressions by another spoiled brat.

    and you like Sienna Miller? OMG!

    You need to have your head checked and soon!

  • boogie

    Miley can say how sorry she is as much as she wants…but, it won’t mean a thing unless she really really means it….which I highly doubt.

    I think she is only interested in her career. Still very immature for her age and it does not help with the parents she has.

    I don’t get it – she can’t act, screams rather than sings and she is so annoying…………ah!

  • hillbilly meth

    Hi, I’m an inbred hillbilly on meth speaking with a slow drawl. We ain’t got no learnin’ in Appalachia. HA HA HA HA HA! It’s all in good fun. Ain’t y’all got a sense of humor?

  • blabla

    Not only in Malaysia. But Indonesia too. 2nd time.

  • arjoe

    shes fucking ugly…

    see this pic

    you know why asian got offended. whats wrong with her shes fake!


    miley I can’t believe she said sorry for the third time in a row because in the footage it’s showed a guy wearing a blue shirt I couldn’t figure out who he is? or what he wants with miley you need say your sorry man you made big mistake I hope they find you I know your somewhere in Asia because the police will be on your trail.


    I love miley. Her music is really great.

  • David – a nudist

    I, for one, am a big fan of Miley Cyrus and nothing anyone says will ever make me change my mind. You can bash her all you want, but you’re just wasting your time. That said, leave her alone. Does bashing celebs make you feel better for your own insecurities? Is that why you just have to bash someone else? If you enjoy bashing celebs, then go right ahead. But, don’t tell others not to like her if they do. That just makes you like a dicktator…yes, I spelled it purposely that way to emphasize what I mean!