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Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe

Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe

Miranda Kerr showcases a design by Sass & Bide on the catwalk during the David Jones Autumn/Winter 09 Season Launch at the Hordern Pavilion on Wednesday (February 11) in Sydney, Australia.

No sign of boyfriend Orlando Bloom anywhere! Hiding backstage, perhaps?

When asked what she’s doing for Valentine’s Day, Miranda said coyly,”Who knows? I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going to be on Valentine’s Day. I have not thought that far ahead.”

25+ pictures inside of Sass & Bide babe Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr sass and bide 01
miranda kerr sass and bide 02
miranda kerr sass and bide 03
miranda kerr sass and bide 04
miranda kerr sass and bide 05
miranda kerr sass and bide 06
miranda kerr sass and bide 07
miranda kerr sass and bide 08
miranda kerr sass and bide 09
miranda kerr sass and bide 10
miranda kerr sass and bide 11
miranda kerr sass and bide 12
miranda kerr sass and bide 13
miranda kerr sass and bide 14
miranda kerr sass and bide 15
miranda kerr sass and bide 16
miranda kerr sass and bide 17
miranda kerr sass and bide 18
miranda kerr sass and bide 19
miranda kerr sass and bide 20
miranda kerr sass and bide 21
miranda kerr sass and bide 22
miranda kerr sass and bide 23
miranda kerr sass and bide 24
miranda kerr sass and bide 25
miranda kerr sass and bide 26
miranda kerr sass and bide 27
miranda kerr sass and bide 28

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98 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe”

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  1. 26
    james Says:

    i hope she die sooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 is not her dressss.She is only a puppppppppppppet

  2. 27

    girl you are such a d grade model, you cant even model. You werent even famous before victorias secrets. you just modeled for betsey johnson and one other designer, and that was it. YOU HAVE NO FUTURE IN FASHION MODELING. You are only going to be a catalogue model. FACE IT GIRLFRIEND!

  3. 28
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    Her boy-friend is orlando bloom?
    I guess her name related to this ******* says it all, folks!!

  4. 29
    abc Says:

    I don’t understand why Miranda became a model with this face. She is so ugly. The head, the nose, the cheeks, the chin. The whole Make Up make it a bit easier to look at her. Without it she looks awful.
    I hope Orlando will be dating another girl soon. Miranda doesn’t suits him.

  5. 30
    wow Says:

    Such vile nastiness. Remember karma, people. Karma. Especially you, “James”.
    And @27….
    With VS, she doesn’t need to be a “fashion model”. VS will make her rich and famous. She doesn’t need to do 200 runway shows a year, anymore to make a living.
    She just shot a new commercial for VS, which we should be seeing very soon.

  6. 31
    @ 19 Says:

    “We know that he buys her jewelry. Very expensive jewelry, at that. And as someone pointed out in the previous thread, she is wearing a new ring. A sparkly new ring.”

    We? What We?

    I don’t know that he is the one buying her jewelry, she has enough money to buy it for herself, maybe she likes jewelry?

    Not everyone does like jewelry. I enjoy looking at it, but wearing it, no thank you. But to each his own.

    Just because she has new jewelry on does not mean that he is the one that bought it for her. Her family could have as well.

    Even if he was the one that bought it for her, like I said, maybe she likes it.

    I do wish them all the best, but jewelry does not necessarily make one romantic, thoughtful maybe, if he knows what she likes. That is always important. If you know what makes another person smile, and you are able to give them whatever it is, that is what makes it romantic.

    If a guy were to give me jewelry, I would not automatically assume it was romantic, since I do not like jewelry.

    To me just spending time with someone is enough, having that memory in my mind is more valuable to me than any piece of jewelry. No matter how “expensive” it is.

    Hugs always last longer than Gemstones. Well at least for me.

    Like I said, I do not hate either one of them, nor am I jealous. I would not want all the things that he supposedly has bought her. I would want someone who knows what I need, not what someone else would want.

    I just dont like when others say, “It’s only romantic when jewelry is involved, or any type of gift.”

    Gifts mean nothing without love attatched to them. Which is why I do not like “Gifts” even if they were from my soul mate.

    To me that feels like an insult, not a romantic gesture.

    It’s the other person saying, “Here, sorry I can’t be there for you, I hope this “gift” will make up for me not being there to hold you.”

    It doesn’t! But having the memory of them holding me and spending time with me, at one point in my life, does. Then I could go for days and weeks, even longer, if we at least had that memory together. To me, that’s being in love. Not going to see someone just because a calendar says that it’s Valentine’s Day.

    What is romantic to one person, can be an insult to another.

    I do wish them all the best!

  7. 32
    marvelous... Says:

    ..she looks great and they both seem happy with where they are.

    Good for them!

  8. 33
    len Says:

    Shame on to some who are wishing others ill thoughts like death…

    Miranda looked good on the show.

  9. 34
    Funny Says:

    Just heard some info that Miranda had stomach problems during the show and constantly farted! glad I wasn’t following her down the runway! LOL

  10. 35
    Angie Says:

    shes gorgeouss

  11. 36
    LolaSvelt Says:

    She models such cheap and fugly clothes.

  12. 37
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    damn she has been looking sexy lately!!
    i didnt like some of the outfits but most were really sexy
    i love that short dress, those legs r like omg!!!!
    they made her wear way 2 much makeup, she doesnt even look good =[
    i still love u miranda!!

  13. 38
    amazed Says:

    Has anyone seen those photos of Miranda’s brother? he has a big fat moon face just like her, plus a greasy sweaty face and dripping wet armpits ewww! clean yourself up mate!

  14. 39
    roby Says:

    So orlando bloom attended the fashion show in sidney. Was it again a showmance or a support to his gf?

    Goodluck to both of them…

  15. 40
    Mirugly Says:

    I guess she finally persuaded him to pay attention to her. It took him almost two years to show up? What a tool. And how desperate is she for putting up with that. Both losers.

  16. 41
    @40 Says:

    He has “shown up” at a lot of her shows and shoots to support her. This is just the first time that he actually sat in the audience.
    And @39
    If it was for a “showmance”, why did he go out of his way to avoid the photographers? He went there to support his girl. Plain and simple.

  17. 42
    riri Says:

    Why is it hard for some people to believe that they have a relationship or happy with each other?

  18. 43
    jade Says:

    If the reports were true that orlando was with miranda’s grandmother and tried to be invisible during the show, it’s good of him to support his gf and didn’t try to steal the attention, after all it’s his gf show.

  19. 44
    @43 Says:

    There is only one very grainy photo of him during the show. It is at an angle, and you can only see a bit of his face, but it is definitely him. Those cheekbones are a dead giveaway. And it looks like he does have his right arm around Grand Mum. You can see part of a man’s hand on her shoulder, and it is either Orlando’s thumb, or the man behind her is grabbing her. My bet is that it’s Orlando’s. ;)
    So he did go to the show to suport her, and he did it without fanfare.

  20. 45
    can't handle the truth Says:

    The Delphi loonies really are crazy,

    they keep saying it’s a showmance because Orlando needs publicity, which is utterly ridiculous as he is already world famous and goes out of his way to avoid the press,

    then they say David Jones is paying him, yet completely ignoring that he is worth millions, he hasn’t talked to the press, took his seat at the last moment and left straight after, hardly the attitude of someone being paid appearance money,

    the simple fact is they are jealous that Miranda is his girlfriend, they can’t handle that they have a serious relationship and are happy……so instead they make all these elaborate theories………poor sad fangirls!!

  21. 46
    @45 Says:

    I totally agree with you..

  22. 47
    rujica Says:

    Something is really crazy about their relationship.
    If it is love and love is the reason that OB came to join MK in Sydney and to support her on the show, why didn’t we see any photo from that event? Why he escaped before the show ended? Why was he hiding himself with the flowers while entering the same car with Miranda? Why he never wants to make photo with her? Only paps made their photos together, and Bloom seemed pissed off on all photos. Couples in love do photos together. If she is his gf , and it looks like she is, what is the problem? Everybody knows that they are together. Why is he behaving like they are not the couple, he is constantly in a sort of denial. Even celebrity couples are behaving normal when they are in the long term relationship- they are human like all of us. Being in love is good , and if they hug or kiss each other in public, it is normal. Even celebrity couples are going together to the events, making photos together. Bloom is doing completely opposite . It is hard to understand. Is he more “celebrity” than other celebrities? I don’t think so. Does he think that confessing his love for MK will make him less desirable for his fans? Because they will stop being fans after he get married?! I don’t understand the concept of all that. It is beyond just protecting privacy. It is paranoid hiding and very strange for the person who is exposed by his public profession- he is an actor. Everything is more understandable if he is not in love with Miranda. But, if all that is just show for fame, money and popularity, both of them are pathetic fame whores and liars. What do you think- which option would fans prefer? Actor in true love and relationship with the supermodel or liar and pretender in the showmance?

  23. 48
    @ 47 Says:

    “What do you think- which option would fans prefer? Actor in true love and relationship with the supermodel or liar and pretender in the showmance?”

    I would rather he be Honest with himself.

    If he was really in love with her, why didn’t he stick around. The look on her face when she had the flowers in her hand, did not look like someone who was happy that her boyfriend was there to see her.

    Something does feel a bit off.

    I would not call this relationship a showmance however.

    I think that maybe he had wanted to see if there was a relationship there, and he only sees her as sister. I can tell he does care about her, but ever since the pics in Venice of him kissing her and all that, he has not done that since.

    I think maybe he was checking to see if that was the way he felt about her, and even though he may not be romantically in love with her, he does care about her, and would support her, the same way he would support the rest of his family.

    Something tells me he takes his friendships with people very seriously, and would be there for them, no matter what.

    After almost two years, if it hasn’t developed into a romantic relationship, it is highly unlikely it will.

    That does not mean I’m happy about it. I do hope he finds that special someone soon. It does not matter what she does for a living, or if she is in the business.

    I can tell that he does care about her very much. I think maybe he is realizing that he should just let her go for a bit, so they both can be free, in case that special someone does come along for either of them.

    And if he does let her go, who knows. Maybe after being apart, they would feel that they want to be together. Difficult to say when you are standing in the middle of the situation. Sometimes you need to step back and see if it is where you really want to be.

    Nothing wrong with that. If she is the one, then that’s great. But I think the only way he would find out for sure, is if they spend some time apart for a while, to see if they really miss each other. You can’t tell that unless you do that.

  24. 49
    karibikqueen Says:

    yes,it is true what you say.I think the same and i don´t understand it too.

  25. 50
    @48 Says:

    I think you have lost the plot, you are judging a whole relationship from some photos taken in a split second…….you don’t them or what goes on in their private lives so how in the hell could possibly know what they think or feel……so stop pretending otherwise!!

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