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Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe

Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe

Miranda Kerr showcases a design by Sass & Bide on the catwalk during the David Jones Autumn/Winter 09 Season Launch at the Hordern Pavilion on Wednesday (February 11) in Sydney, Australia.

No sign of boyfriend Orlando Bloom anywhere! Hiding backstage, perhaps?

When asked what she’s doing for Valentine’s Day, Miranda said coyly,”Who knows? I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going to be on Valentine’s Day. I have not thought that far ahead.”

25+ pictures inside of Sass & Bide babe Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr sass and bide 01
miranda kerr sass and bide 02
miranda kerr sass and bide 03
miranda kerr sass and bide 04
miranda kerr sass and bide 05
miranda kerr sass and bide 06
miranda kerr sass and bide 07
miranda kerr sass and bide 08
miranda kerr sass and bide 09
miranda kerr sass and bide 10
miranda kerr sass and bide 11
miranda kerr sass and bide 12
miranda kerr sass and bide 13
miranda kerr sass and bide 14
miranda kerr sass and bide 15
miranda kerr sass and bide 16
miranda kerr sass and bide 17
miranda kerr sass and bide 18
miranda kerr sass and bide 19
miranda kerr sass and bide 20
miranda kerr sass and bide 21
miranda kerr sass and bide 22
miranda kerr sass and bide 23
miranda kerr sass and bide 24
miranda kerr sass and bide 25
miranda kerr sass and bide 26
miranda kerr sass and bide 27
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98 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe”

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  1. 51
    karibikqueen Says:

    Look this Photos

    They looks like Brother and Sister

  2. 52
    change Says:

    I like the change of atmosphere in this particular thread. OB fans seem to be a little subtle in making nasty comments. That’s a good sign which can lead to acceptance lol. Like what some say, OB and MK are the only ones who see what their relationship is like and no amount of speculations or nasty comments can alter of what’s going on in their relationship.

  3. 53
    rujica Says:

    Thanks for the photos.
    They do not look like happy couple- just two people lost in their own minds, or worries. They both look sad- look closer to their eyes. Very far from what you expect from the successful , good looking, rich and very much in love couple. Yes, they remind me on sad and lost brother and sister. You can feel complete lack of love chemistry.

  4. 54
    so Says:

    Sooo, if they are caught hugging and kissing (Venice) it is an act. And if they aren’t hugging and kissing, they aren’t in a real relationship.
    If he has his picture taken with her at an event (the races) he is being paid to be there, but if he doesn’t have his picture taken, he is still being paid to be there.
    OK, as long as we know the rules. *rollseyes*
    And #47 and 48, et al…
    What do you expect them to do in public? He flew to Oz to be with her, doesn’t that say something about their relationship? Do you expect him to pin her to the wall in the airport and ravish her to prove his feelings for her? Oh, but then people would talk about how little respect he has for her for touching her in public (Venice again).
    Whatever they do, it “proves” something. It is just ridiculous.

  5. 55
    blue Says:

    I’ve just seen the short interview of orlando for the telethon raising fund in melbourne, there he mentioned that the reason why he’s in OZ is to visit his gf for the valentines and his only affinity to OZ is his gf.

    Can some still call that a fake or showmance? But everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

    PS Hope someone can post that interview!!!

  6. 56
    mia Says:

    Miranda should visit the doctor. She doesn’t look healthy. She is too skinny, and only because she has round face it is not so obvious and visible. But body and especially legs show the real situation. She reminds me on the victims in the concentration camps. Even size zero is too big for her – look at her empty trousers on the airport photos.

  7. 57
    @ 55 from 48 Says:

    Is this the Interview you are referring to …..

    Yes, that is very sweet.

    Like I said, I never thought it was a showmance! But this telethon was not about whether or not Orlando is really in love with his girl friend was it?

    He wanted to be there for her and for the people of Australia. He would never humiliate her on a public telethon like you seem to imply that we wish he would.

    My question is, why would it take a disaster like the horrible one that has happened down there, for him to say anything.

    My heart goes out to the people affected by the fires down there. I know what it’s like to have them up here too. I’ve contracted asthma because of fires like the ones they have experienced down there.

  8. 58
    @56 Says:

    Maybe you should tell that to orlando also lol…

    Maybe orlando prefers his girlfriends to be really skinny lol…

  9. 59
    LOL Says:

    The way he avoided pictures in the show, wasting the best chance ever to ‘pimp his showmance’ is a checkmate to the haters and their conspiracy theories.

  10. 60
    @ LOL Says:

    “conspiracy theories” and seeing people for just regular people and not celebrities are two different things.

    There may be some fans who do have an unhealthy obsession with Orlando and believe that if he just wasn’t with Miranda they would have a chance to be with him.

    Odds are those same girls think the same thing about other guys who are not celebrities.

    This is not a game of chess, and Orlando is not a door prize!

    He is a just a regular person, with feelings and emotions, like anyone else.

    The only thing some of us “haters” as you seem to think we are question is why does he cover up his feelings so much for so long?

    He just does not seem very comfortable being photographed by paparazzi whether he is with a girlfriend or not.

    I cannot speak for everyone, but speaking from personal experience, I get nervous just going out in public myself, and I’m not a celebrity. But if I had that special someone with me, and I felt that he and I were the only two people around, then nothing else would matter.

    Orlando only focuses on the paparazzi, especially when he is with a girlfriend.

    I see him as just a regular person, not a celebrity. So like anyone else, at least, in my opinion, if he really was comfortable with her then he would never notice them. And that would be great.

    But his timidness always increases whenever they are just trying to walk around together.

    If he doesn’t know they are there, then he seems okay with her. But that does not mean that they are romantically involved either.

    The only people who really know their true feelings for each other is them.

    I do not like those calling them a showmance.

    But I also do not like it when someone notices that he is uncomfortable, and they think the only reason why we would feel that way is because we wish we could be with him.

    Maybe we genuinely care about him, so what. That does not make a person a stalker.

    Just because he is a celebrity does not make him any different than anyone else. We may not know him or her personally, but we may have personally known other people who have experienced similar emotions, and we wish that we could be there as a friend for either Orlando or Miranda.

    That does not make us stalkers. At least we see them as regular people and not idols to be worshiped. That’s a stalker!

    Do you think they really care or know if you are cheering them on?

    No more than they would if they knew that some of us wish we could call them our real friends someday, for no other reason, than we wish to get to know them as regular people, which is what they are.

    Not so we could be famous.

  11. 61
    Kay Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if miranda got pregnant anytime soon.. lol

    For sure, she’ll be the happiest girl especially if bloom is the father.

  12. 62
    riza Says:

    I admire miranda for keeping her body almost the same as to when she was just starting out. Not all models can do that and maintain a slim figure.

  13. 63
    well Says:

    Awww, he was really sweet on the TV interview.
    He seems embarassed by all of the attention that his being there is generating.

  14. 64
    @60.... Says:

    Orlando said on national tv, that Miranda is his girlfriend and he came to see her for Valentines day and that she has his HEART…..I think
    that well and truly tells everybody just how he feels about her, he didn’t have to say a word, but he bought it up himself so obviously he is quite happy to declare his love for her!!!

    all the loonies can deny it as much as they want, make up some bullsh#t story but they know deep down the truth,

    Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are in a genuine relationship, love each other and are happy……GET OVER IT!!!!

  15. 65
    @64 Says:

    But the loonies can’t be happy. They aren’t physically or mentally able to have that emotion. Well, maybe they would be happy if the entire rest of the world was UN-happy. Maybe then.
    I wonder how they are going to spin this one? I’m sure that they will find a way to turn this around in their own warped little minds. You can almost hear their brains spinning.
    LOL @ the haters.

  16. 66
    @64 I agree Says:

    All his so-called fans that have said his relationship with Miranda was
    a “showmance” should now feel ashamed, to think so little of him that they actually believed he was capable of being a liar and a fake, very sad!!

  17. 67
    @ 65 Says:

    Sounds like the “loonies” come from both sides of the pond to me.

    He has made the same statements about Kate, and it didn’t take a natural disaster to get him to say how he felt about her either now did it?

    The Focus should be on the people of Australia!

    NOT about whether or not Orlando and Miranda are in love!


  18. 68
    @67 Says:

    And you are here because YOUR focus is on the people of Australia?
    And, no, it didn’t take a disaster for him to say how he felt about Kate…he never DID say how he felt about Kate. He only said that she was his girlfriend, he never said that his “heart was with” her, the way he just did for Miranda.
    I know the haters are scrambing to explain this away. I LOVE IT!

  19. 69
    @ 68 Says:

    If I was so desperate to see the two of them break up, I would not have displayed the you tube video prominently on my profile now would I ?….. According to you I would be trying to hide it away because I didn’t want anyone to know the truth.

    I Displayed it on my profile on My Space so others that may see my site might get involved and help out!

    It is the first blog on my profile and the first video under my About Me section. I have also posted it as a bulletin as well.

    The people of Australia are way more important than the status of Orlando and Miranda’s relationship!

    And certainly more important than either side on this board being “right”.

  20. 70
    @69 Says:

    And yet you are back again……

  21. 71
    POOR LOONS Says:

    I shouldn’t lough but I am .Haven’t you noticed the loons are in hiding since Orlando got in Australia? They aren’t here to through insults like usual i can’t imagine the pain they are now hahahaha .Their pain is my joy because they are MEAN people with dirty mouths.I am happy that Orlando STATED CLEARLY HOW HE FELLS ABOUT MIRANDA this should shout them up at least for a while again hahahahahahahaah

  22. 72
    @ 70 Says:

    To Try and Help the people of Australia!

    If certain individuals on this site can remove their head out their a.s.s.

    Unfortunately no one on this site seems to care about others, it’s all about themselves.

    The only reason you like the video was because of what Orlando said concerning Miranda!

    What if you had been the one who lost your home or loved ones in a fire!

    Who cares right! Just as long as Orlando proclaims his love for her!
    That’s all you care about!

    Who’s the F****ing Hypocrite Now!

  23. 73
    A fan Says:

    Love Miranda she is stunning in this pictures love all the dresses Sass e Bide is a cool brand

  24. 74
    @69 spin spin Says:

    I love it…….Orlando declares his love for Miranda on national tv for all the world to see and hear….and now suddenly you have decided that this very very personal information which comes directly from his own mouth is not worth discussing…….how strange, considering you normally scour the internet for the smallest tidbit about him……mmmmm, gee I wonder why???…………jealous much???

  25. 75
    Watch your backs! Says:


    I’m sure you’re aware of the ‘lunatic fringe’ that exists out here. Some of these ‘loonies’ claim to be ‘fans/supporters,’ others admit outright they’re part of a ‘hate’ movement against you – either singly or aimed at both of you together. Almost all of these ‘crazies’ subscribe to some type of ‘conspiracy theory’ concerning your ‘relationship’ that takes one ‘wacko’ form or another. The majority just like to ‘spew’ their garbage back and forth to see who can concoct and promote the most outrageous and far-out ‘theory’ imaginable – and then argue it as though it were ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ that is only seen oh-so-clearly by them.. Because this site allows anonymous postings, of course this is much easier (and safer) to do. Some of those weaving these convoluted and tangled webs are probably just bored with their uneventful ‘real’ lives and that’s why they come here to spout their strange irrational ‘theories’ which they believe to be indisputable ‘fact,’ oh yes.. Maybe it gives them a sense of importance and makes them feel they’re so much ‘wiser.’ than others who don’t subscribe to their weird and unsubstantiated views.. Most of them probably are harmless enough – but there are a FEW extreme ‘nutjobs’ in your (and I use the next term very loosely) ‘fandom’ who frankly DO scare the be-jeezuz out of me. I’ve read some of their ‘ravings’ (and I think ‘raving’ is the proper description to use here) and a lot of it is REALLY scary stuff couched in thinly-veiled threatening verbiage – even though the threats may not be specific. THESE are the ‘true loonies’ I think you need to be watchful and at the very least aware of since I have an uneasy feeling that certain of them might be capable of doing actual harm to one or both of you – whether or not it’s physical or something else that causes real mental/emotional anguish for one or both of you. PLEASE, JUST BE CAREFUL AND WATCH YOUR BACKS — that’s all I’m really saying here. (Sorry, it needed to be said since the potential threat exists. And I’m not referring just to this website since I think most posters here are a relatively harmless, even though sometimes nasty, bunch of complainers and garden variety ‘conspiracy nuts.’ But there are other places on the internet where certain individuals show such strong signs of dangerously-paranoid delusional thinking that, IMO at least, it crosses the boundary line and ventures into very scary and potentially dangerous territory.)

    By the way, thanks to both of you for your help on behalf of the victims of Australia’s terrible bushfires!

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