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Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe

Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe

Miranda Kerr showcases a design by Sass & Bide on the catwalk during the David Jones Autumn/Winter 09 Season Launch at the Hordern Pavilion on Wednesday (February 11) in Sydney, Australia.

No sign of boyfriend Orlando Bloom anywhere! Hiding backstage, perhaps?

When asked what she’s doing for Valentine’s Day, Miranda said coyly,”Who knows? I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going to be on Valentine’s Day. I have not thought that far ahead.”

25+ pictures inside of Sass & Bide babe Miranda Kerr

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miranda kerr sass and bide 20
miranda kerr sass and bide 21
miranda kerr sass and bide 22
miranda kerr sass and bide 23
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98 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Sass & Bide Babe”

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  1. 76
    wow Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Now what is important is what is happening in Australia?????????????????????For months the LOONS bashed Miranda on the fact that Orlando wouldn’t talk about her and when he finally does IT IS NOT IMPORTANT ??????????????HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. I actually feel sorry for you losers I feel your pain

  2. 77
    @ 74 From 69 / 72 Says:

    I see we are still having a difficult time getting that head out of our rear!

    I am not jealous ….. I happen to have family who live in Australia and Yes this is a Very Personal Issue to me!

    The only thing you are concerned with is that Orlando said how he felt about Miranda!

    You Could Give A Rat’s A.S.S. that people have lost their homes and lives! Just so long as Orlando hurts all the “haters”! Right?

    It’s you who are the “haters”!

    I could care less if Orlando and Miranda are together or not!

    People’s Lives have been lost! Ever lose someone close to you? IT DOESN”T FEEL GOOD!!!

    IF Other People’s Saddness or what you thinks Makes Them Sad…..Is Your Happiness…..You’re the One Who Need’s To Watch Your Back!

    Karma Is Not As Forgiving As I Am!

    The only thing I was Sad about was the Devastation left by the Fires!

    You Shippers Are The Ones That Need The Most Help!

  3. 78
    @ 76 Says:

    The ONLY Thing That Is IMPORTANT is That People Need Help!

    Not that Orlando has Proclaimed His Love!

    Hope that some decent people actually see this link and want to help!

  4. 79
    ..... Says:

    Oh, please #78 don’t be so fake! If you want to show concern for those people in Australia a gossip blog is not the place where people “must” talk about it. It’s great that you provide links about programmes that help the cause and I’m sure everyone here wishes the best to the victims, but you just can’t start a tantrum because people are talking about Miranda Kerr on the Miranda Kerr section of a gossip site.

    @75 I disagree with the ‘haters’ but you are exaggerating too much. Orlando has publicly acknowledged Miranda as his girlfriend and been discreet at her fashion show so he has left their arguments in total ridicule, they’ll keep quiet for a while.

  5. 80
    POOR LOONS Says:

    Losing their **** I love it karma is a ***** that came to bite the haters in the ass .Could it be that Orlando is still pissed at the loons screaming dingo as he was DOING A MOVIE AS IN WORKING and this is his way to piss them?I propose to play the you tube video every time a hater comes that should shout them up

  6. 81
    @79 Says:

    The loons don’t care about the tragedy that is happening in Australia it’s just that they don’t know what to say any more Orlando SHUT THEM UP

  7. 82
    @75 Watch Your Backs! Says:

    Are you serious? Why have you posted this on a gossip blog? If you are so concerned and have such uneasy feelings, shouldn’t you be contacting his personal security firm? He does have one and has had for years.

  8. 83
    Fleece Baby Says:

    Her face is so young but it works!

  9. 84
    BORING! Says:

    Are you all hard of hearing? Orlando did not claim undying love for his pet dog….go listen properly.

    He is still a famewhore and she still looks ******, they love all the publicity and seek it out however they can.

    But never mind, their babies will be kewt and that’s all that matters in the world. Go ********** to the image of O and M bumping uglies ******* it obviously gets you all very excited!

  10. 85
    #82 here for #75 Says:

    Have you contacted his personal security firm? If not, let me know what you have been reading and I will do it. Now you are making me uneasy.

  11. 86
    @84 Says:

    Oh the desperation is priceless!
    Your conspiracy theories just got blown out of the water by the man himself and YOU CAN”T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!
    Watch the haters spin! This is hilarious!

  12. 87
    quake Says:

    It’s great of OB and MK to be taking part of that charity.. And please critics, let’s not add color to it. Both of them were there to help in possible way they can, and that’s what matters.

    And OB fans should be happy that he’s doing a humanitarian act in a very unexpected situation and leave his girl alone.

  13. 88
    @86.... Says:

    I agree, the poor delphi loonies have their knickers in a knot, gnashing their teeth in frustration trying to come up with a new theory…….lol………but they can’t because Orlando not once but TWICE declared his love for Miranda for everyone to hear……..perfect!!!!

  14. 89
    @88 Says:

    It’s hilarious! The sad little cretins are still claiming that it is a showmance, and that he is being paid to be there.
    He shattered the thin ice that they were standing on with just a few words of truth….that Miranda has his heart.
    Think of all the times that they claimed that it it was real, he would have said something himself, and now they are scrambling for a hiding spot to escape the fallout of their stupidity.
    Spin, babies, spin!
    I LOVE IT!!!

  15. 90
    deja vu2 Says:

    With all due respect to both sides of this ‘debate,’ do his words or Miranda’s words really mean anything to anyone at this point? It seems to me that people are just using words, pictures, etc. to ‘prove’ their own points. To those who don’t believe the relationship is real and one of substance, Orlando’s words are too little too late, and may be perceived as out-and-out lies (to save face). To those who do believe the relationship is real and always has been, he’s just put some icing on the cake and given them a sense of satisfaction.

    Bloom’s fans fought over Kate and whether or not that relationship was real, of substance and truly as presented by the press and media, and now the same thing is happening again with Miranda. Is it Bloom’s girlfriends? Is it the fact that they’re models and actresses, and need some press, that bothers some of his fans so much? Is it Orlando’s refusal to acknowledge these women much sooner with words rather than just pap pictures? Is it that the women have usually done the talking about the ‘relationship’ to the press and have looked more enthusiastic, generally speaking, than he has when being photographed with them?

    I’m not telling Orlando how to live his life here, but I’m beginning to think his mother’s request or hope was sensible: Go back to England, find a nice English girl, get married, settle down and start a family. (My own hope for him: Leave the press and media out of it – except for an occasional red carpet walk when promoting a film or being invited to an event). Could Orlando be happy without the paparazzi, the jet set life style, being seen with an attractive but ordinary average woman, not attending celebrity parties or trendy night clubs, and not being featured in tabloids? I wonder…his choices really make me wonder.

    But after all is said and done, it’s his life. He did once say in an interview back in ’03 or ’04 that he keeps the people he loves away from the paparazzi and public places where he knows the photographers will be. He said that he knew he would occasionally be photographed, but “I won’t make it easy for them.” Was he lying? Or has he simply changed that much? He made it easy at Disneyland, Cabo San Lucas, the airport tarmac, Kentucky, Morocco, and Australia. He’s making it easy now. I just hope he’s happy with the life he’s living and the life he’s chosen. In the end, that’s what really matters.

  16. 91
    @90 Says:

    Orlando made his point loud and clear. There is no debate. If the ‘haters’ think that it is “too little, too late” that’s their problem. Orlando doesn’t care about their timeframe.
    And what reason does he have to lie? If he didn’t feel the way he does about Miranda, he didn’t have to say a word about his heart. He could have stuck with the ‘I’m here to see my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day’ story. He chose to include the statement that Miranda had his heart. Maybe he just felt that it was about time to tell the world how he felt. Talking about the indomitable spirit of the Aussies, probably made him feel comfortable talking about his own “country girl”.
    It really doesn’t matter why he chose this time to make his feelings clear to his fans, and to the rest of the viewing audience, what matters is that he did.
    I guess that if he and Miranda do get engaged, then marry and have children, the ‘haters’ will still be saying that it is all for show. They just can’t admit that they are wrong.

  17. 92
    @deja vu2...... Says:

    Blah blah blah……you win the prize for writing the most delusional crap ever on JJ……seek help fast, you poor sad thing!!!

  18. 93
    LOL! Says:

    I can’t wait for the new conspiracy theories the Delphidiots will come up with to explain this away. They are probaby working double shifts to find somthing that they can scream about.
    I can’t wait for the “he took her to dinner on Valentine’s Day just for show”. “If they were a real couple he wouldn’t need to take her out to dinner”. “He didn’t take her out for dinner, that PROVES that they aren’t a real couple”. Blah, blah, blah….
    I love seeing loonies twist in the wind.

  19. 94
    Britney Says:

    To all the critics/haters..

    You guys were my inspiration for the song circus and the album carnival… lol

  20. 95
    anne Says:

    I’m a fan of orlando but i’ve never heard or seen him say something to kate like what he said about miranda being in his heart… And again, i’m not a hater or a jealous fan, i just admire the good things he has done.

  21. 96
    reconciled Says:

    As a member of the hater and loon club I have reconciled myself with this situation. I actually find myself wanting him in this relationship and getting married. IMHO, I think that it will be very good for him.

    Best of luck to you Orlando.


  22. 97
    Go ahead Says:

    At this point I’m hoping they marry and hatch out some pretty young-uns. I can’t hate her – sorry. She’s adorable and seems quite sweet. So what if she’s ambitious and a little bit driven – one of them needs to be (lol)!

  23. 98
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    She is really pretty

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