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Miranda Kerr is a Hotel Hopper

Miranda Kerr is a Hotel Hopper

Miranda Kerr is spotted jumping into a cab after leaving her Sydney Hotel on Tuesday (February 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The 25-year-old Aussie model will reportedly wear sass & bide as her final outfit at the David Jones parade in Melbourne on February 19.

“I adore them both (Sarah-Jane Clarke and business partner Heidi Middleton), not only as designers, but as people,” she said.

Kerr had to cancel a day of media commitments in Sydney last Thursday because of a migraine. “I was actually really sick, Kerr said after having a migraine and canceling media appointments last week. It happens about once a year,” she said. “Unfortunately it happened, but it was great my mum came down and helped me.”

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  • Nadinee

    She seems down to earth.

  • wow!

    Gorgeous, as always.

  • hmmm

    she is wearing a new ring. It is kind of tucked under the ring Orlando gave her last year. It almost looks like she is trying to hide it with the larger ring

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ALONE, OUT IN THE WOODS, isn’t safe any longer, folks!!

  • talan

    Her legs are no more nice. She is skinny beyond normal. She used to have good, curvy legs. Now they are only skin and bones.

  • Moo

    I don’t know who she is, but she needs to eat. Those bony legs are not sexy – they are reminiscent of Auschwitz.

  • liv

    Miranda is a beatiful girl, no doubt about that. But what happened to her legs? IMO with a figure like, she’s very close to be like those borderline anorexic runway models.

  • lian

    Does orlando always prefer skinny girlfriends?

  • Stone throwing

    Maybe, just maybe, all the vitriolic hatred being heaped on her ever since she began dating Orlando Bloom is taking a toll on the girl. I seem to remember a similar situation with Kate Bosworth. She lost a scary amount of weight after she’d been involved with Bloom for a period of time. Toward the end of their relationship she was truly skin and bones! (Constant verbal ‘sticks and stones’ can do a lot more than break bones.)

  • mariabeckham

    You all people talked about Victoria Beckham , she’s way more fat than Miaranda , she’s turning to be aneroxic ! OMG ! she has no more legs ! not sext at all , she must thank sgod to have a georgous face which untill now gets the attention and cover up her bad legs

  • jujubee

    Maybe the pressure to be thin comes from Mr. Bloom himself. ever think of that? Maybe he tells her he prefers his chicks stick thin.

  • Bev

    Miranda is one of my fave models but, i’ve never seen her this thin before, her legs kinda look scary on the pics and it’s a shame cause she has beautiful legs.

    I know it’s out of topic and not anyones business, but what is orlando bloom doing to his girlfriends? First it’s kate bosworth who had a dramatic weight loss, now it seems like miranda’s turn. Miranda is a model and it’s her job to stay thin, but she is getting thinner and thinner.

  • Ha!

    Her legs look like toothpicks. Is that really supposed to be sexy?

  • marie

    Except Kate Bosworth still has skinny legs and looks disgusting and she hasn’t been with Bloom in a while. Perhaps you should blame the fashion industry instead of Bloom. Just a suggestion.

  • 75 pounds of yuck

    ewww what happened to her?

  • @jujubee

    I don’t think so, he had a confessed crush on Liv Tyler who isn’t thin, so I don’t think he has a problem with curves. But if it were so, then she should probably have a little bit of blood in her veins and tell him to sod off if he doesn’t like her the way she is.
    She’s thin and getting thinner like most female celebrities, and not all of them are dating Bloom.

  • ale

    Miranda should refrain from loosing some more weight. She is very close to becoming anorexic and it’s not good if you’re a VS model. She is by far the thinnest among them. I still like her though.

  • len

    First it’s kate bosworth, now it’s miranda. Give her some more months and she’ll be like the scary skinny kate before.

  • @Bev

    Just a thought. Maybe it’s not Bloom himself who’s “doing this” to the g/f’s – maybe it’s the constant pressure of just ‘being his g/f’ which in turn is the result of continuous harassment by ‘loyal Bloom ‘fans.’


    He and Kate have been broken up for over two years, and he is still being blamed for her personal problems. I guess that since she is scary skinny again, it must be his fault for not taking her back? Kate’s problems are her own. He has nothing to do with her issues, and he never did. There were several rumors floating around that he was seen actually begging her to eat. But no one can fix Kate, but Kate.
    Miranda is walking the runway this week. She always seems to drop a little weight before she does runway, then gets it back when she is done. I think that she would look great with about ten more pounds, but I understand the pressure put on models for the runway. She is gorgeous, and still looks healthy, even if she is a bit too thin right now for my taste.

  • @Bev:

    Just a thought. Maybe it’s not Bloom who’s “doing this” to the g/f’s but instead it’s the constant pressure of just ‘being his g/f’ and enduring continual harassment from ‘loyal Bloom fan-atics.’ And I agree, she has lost quite a bit of weight. Her legs used to be fuller – and very shapely.

  • @Bev:

    Woops! Somehow got a double post. (First one didn’t ‘take’ in time.)

  • http://justjared lovley

    Miranda looks great love the dress, the shoes ,the hair is perfect and my god the purse is beautiful where can I find it? I love her style as for her getting skinny i agree but it seems she losses weight for the run away this same debate took place in the summer when she was in Spain and was walking the run away it is not Orlando’s fault and please don’t bring Kate Bosworth into it she is an actress not a model her body is not normal have you seen her legs? SCARY.Miranda is a model it is her job to be skinny Orlando has nothing to do with it as it is not hi fault Kate is a stick

  • http://justjared ORLANDO FAN

    Hopefully we will see some pictures of this beautiful couple hope they have a wonderful Valentine’s Day the haters sure won’t

  • marine


  • me

    Face FAT body SKINNY! WTF?

  • jazmin

    @26 Shouting isn’t polite.

    No, she’s not gorgeous, she’s scary skinny. I’m sure she looks cute enough healthier, but this is a mess of epic proportions. And no, I’m not fat or a Bloom fan. I’m just disgusted at your comment.

  • Diane

    Why do you keep putting up pictures of her?? What is it that she does again??

  • @29

    Awww, if JJ didn’t put pictures of her up, where would you vent your mindless ramblings?

  • Custom T

    She’s gorgous and has amazing taste in clothes.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i just lover miranda’s cuteness
    love it!!
    her legs are seriously really sexy, i think only marisa miller beats her when it comes 2 nice long legs
    i hope u get better miranda!! =[

  • trippin max

    She isnt attractive to me, not going to pretend she is- she is freaky looking!

    Imagine how many men have been thru those anorexic looking thighs – I can count 6 and thats the ones I know about.

    Who would want a used vagina like that seriously? Imagine how loose she is, and the skinny she gets- the looser she gets, still thats why God gave her a mouth and butt hole- Orlando prob uses them instead of the va-jay-jay

  • @33

    You think that a gorgeous girl in her mid twenties having had six lovers is “being used like that”? you make it sound like she has been with 600, instead of 6.
    You really need to get out more.

  • whoa

    Whoa six lovers and she is only 25? Her relationship with Jay was for four years. Another relationship was 2 and with Bloom it’s 2. So that’s 8 years of relationshps with 3 guys. So 25 minus 8 gets her to 17 with 3 more guys to account for as lovers.

    Maybe she should have stayed in more.

  • Karen

    Some people can’t help being skinny. That is their build. People need to relax.

    I love her shoes.

  • @35

    You are assuming that #33 was right about the count being six. Like Orlando, she is rumored to be sleeping with every person she talks to.
    Besides, a person who is usually involved in long term relationships is less likely to be the type that sleeps around. I only know about her relationship with Bloom. But if you are correct in saying that she was with Jay for four years, and someone else for two, that points to someone who takes relationships seriously, and is not someone likely to hop into someone’s bed on a whim.
    And aren’t you hurting the hater cause by claiming that these relationships didn’t overlap? People say that she cheated on Jay with Orlando, and some other guy. If that is true, then those years would overlap, and she would be 21 and have had only three lovers.
    Which is it?
    She is either into stable, long term relationships, or she only had three lovers by the time she was 21, and is not a loose woman.
    Pick. You can’t have both using your argument.

  • cris


    Haters have nothing more to say about, that they resorted to the promiscuous issue.

  • whoa @37

    Actually, I don’t have to pick. You can’t tell me what to do or how to look at things. I based my response on what I know. Nothing more, nothing less.

    You may not agree with how I see it and that’s fine. But don’t tell me what I can and can not have as my argument.

  • @39

    Mommy, somebody is trying to get me to use logic in my arguments, and I don’t wanna!!!! They can’t make me make sense!!! NOOOOOOO!!!

  • whoa @40

    I spoke to my Mummy who corrected me. I was off by 6 months with the Bloom relationship. It’s been 17-18 months, not 2 years. So I will now give her 17 1/2 with three lovers before or after that to account for.

    Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

  • rochelle

    please can you tell where the jacket is from???