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Bar Refaeli is Party Pretty

Bar Refaeli is Party Pretty

Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Bar Refaeli attends a Sports Illustrated party on Madison Avenue in New York City on Wednesday.

The 23-year-old has taken the modeling industry by storm and with her recent SI spot, will be one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

Leo who?

Bar also recently got a picture of her in a bikini painted onto the side of a Boeing 737. Check it out. Houston, we have a problem!

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bar refaeli sports illustrated party 01
bar refaeli sports illustrated party 02
bar refaeli sports illustrated party 03
bar refaeli sports illustrated party 04
bar refaeli sports illustrated party 05
bar refaeli sports illustrated party 06

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  • Pessa and tessa

    Nora, Brooklyn is just a cheaper version of Bar.
    Bar is prettier and Brooklyn’s boobs are fake. I’m from Matthews.
    I think both of them are so overated, and SI wants those buzz from Leo and Roddick. Just a bunch of losers.

  • Brooklyn daniell

    Nora, you are stupid moron……
    Bar was already booked for Sport illustrated BEFORE she started dating with Leo. They audition a year before the issue!!

    I’m sure you are either poor Brooklyn’s mom or dad (they are actually poor and no college educations), and Jared may post her pictures because she is a girlfriend of Andy Roddick but her face is always cheap.

  • dani

    now i’m sure that the owner of this website is an israeli or jewish
    i’m still wonder why there are so much pictures of her????!!!!!!!
    or maby she is cooperate with this web.

  • dani 2

    Bar Refaeli’s pictures are all over!!!! I can’t stand!!! I became crazy!!!

    I agree, this site cooperate with Bar Refaeli, a Israeli!!

  • Nora

    dude i’m note even from the US (:

  • Nora

    dude i’m not even from the US (:

  • french

    #51 : bar’s boobs are fake too

  • french

    i didn’t know that JustJared was a site on this ugly , bimbo and hypocrite girl

  • french

    Nora = Brooklyn’s poor parents XD

  • Tommy UNc

    Brooklyn Bar. They are same. Ugly face and sagging fake boobs s
    dani, dani2, if you don’t want to see her pictures, turn off the computer and get life.

  • french

    #59 : IT’S NOT ME

  • quake

    BAR and MIRANDA both have famous boyfriends.

    IMO Bar is hotter than miranda cause she has more curves and most men find that sexy. Whereas, miranda is more successful in terms of career even before having a famous boyfriend.

    I’m not a fan of either of them but my opinion is based on facts.

  • http://stupidgirls sappppp

    jast stop to jealous .BAR IS SO PRETTY

  • http://listengirls sappppp


  • surebie

    Agree, Bar is really really pretty. I wish her best luck.

  • peaces

    She is not all that, I think her face is ugly….

  • jsy

    I`m a Leo fan but definitely not hers. Ever since she started dating Leo this is the first time I can see her happy, I can see emotion on her face. Leo is not around, she gets all this attention and all of a sudden she look `alive`. Has anyone ever seen her like this around her boyfriend?
    Probably the most disappointing SI cover I have seen so far, even Letterman was mainly interested in her relationship with Leo, the rest …. BORING!!!

  • http://formaya sappppp

    MAYA i am a jew to and i live in Israel so i am very happy

  • yayone

    i don’t care for leo or bar but what is it with all you people who can’t stop attributing all female successes to supposed favors that men do for them?
    if leo is really allsomighty powerful, why does he need a pin-up-girl barely-out -of-the-cradle girlfriend? maybe he could get himself someone real, if he weren’t thinking of promoting his career by running from one bimbette to another. clearly he needs these women.

  • blake

    Look at her arms and legs from the above pics. It is certainly the real body figure of bar and not the ones we see on ads or magazines. Sorry, but that is not a model’s body imo.

  • zoe

    i dont get it why are there so much pics of d list losers like rachel bilson and bar refaeli her on justjared

  • french

    her dress is very too small for her

  • llk

    Just the dress? Usually her bikinis are also at least 2 size too small on her.

  • french

    #73 : you are right

  • IVON

    Dear Jared,

    How much are they paying you for this shameless promotion. She is GROSS!!! Hang on to Leo honey, he is your ticket., and everyone knows it.

  • Ava

    I just don’t see anything that sets her apart from any other pretty woman. The eyes are what makes the difference. Heidi Klum, for example, has beautiful “alive” expressive eyes. Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley also have that going for them. I just don’t find Bar supermodel beautiful. Beautiful body, yes, but as we all know a body can be surgically altered to make it better but the spirit and vibrancy of a person shines through in their eyes and personality and separates the “super” from the “model”.

  • ellie

    OMG shes gorgeous….


    I really think Bar beautifull… BUT NOT LIKE GISELE! Gisele is the ONE!

  • TINA

    Bar Rafaeli tries to imitate Gisele Bundchen. But no one will reach this done!

  • Tealeaf

    Freida Pinto is 10x PRETTIER

  • ckayed

    Beautiful body but the face isn’t super model quality — can she get a face job! LOL! Seriously, do something with that awful face Bar-Bar….

  • Tee

    Nice implants, but her face is Not that great….

    Brookly Decker has a ugly face also

  • lakers fan in boston

    the only reason she looks somewhat hot is because of that dress
    it’s makes her look sexy
    and like always her awesome body made it look good =]
    still has an ugly face tho

  • richsugardaddy

    I love the new magazine and will be purchasing a copy for my viewing pleasure!!!!

  • mr. d

    I agree, her looks are passable as far as models go, but with that said, I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that she would NOT even consider dating FUGLY LEO if not for the fact that he is a celebrity. Leo is a critically acclaimed actor, but the guy could stop a bus with his ugly mug. Great actor, horrible looking!

  • Cynthia


  • kat

    she doesn t have personality, she is trying to copy gisele but poor girl not even close too bad we lose time speaking of her which is what she wants…..she doesn t have legs to be a model if you put clothes on her she became a normal person, she dates leo for 3yrs and until now she only took bikinis photos what kind model is that…

  • lily

    she is fake, her body is fake and her couple with leo is fake. when leo will dump her nobody will remember her.

  • Fleece Baby

    She needs a personal shopper..this dress sucks and is about 80 sizes too small.

  • _depot


  • oh no!

    “WAY HOTTER THAN GISELLE!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, may be in your parallel universe where tackiness rules and looking cheap is worshipped. Trash Island called, it wants its queen back.

  • liv

    I’ve just seen the latest pics of orlando and miranda, and they look good together. Whereas i couldn’t see any cuteness or chemistry between leo and bar. Sorry but it’s just my opinion.

  • stela