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Jessica Simpson: ACMA Announcer!

Jessica Simpson: ACMA Announcer!

Jessica Simpson, Kellie Pickler, LeAnn Rimes and Julianne Hough read the nominees for the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn. on (January 11) Wednesday.

Unfortunately, Jess, 28, didn’t come away with any nominations!

Entertainer of the Year nods went to: Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson, the AMA announcer…

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jessica simpson ama announcer 01
jessica simpson ama announcer 02
jessica simpson ama announcer 03
jessica simpson ama announcer 04
jessica simpson ama announcer 05
jessica simpson ama announcer 06
jessica simpson ama announcer 07
jessica simpson ama announcer 08
jessica simpson ama announcer 09
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Credit: Donn Jones/London Ent.; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • WV-Films

    she’s a loser in every genre of music. hahahahaha
    her makeup was horrible.
    she kinda looks like soulja boy. hahaha

  • Janie

    I think she looks beautiful! Love Jess! ;)

  • Amanda


  • Kiley

    I bet she loved reading Carrie’s name. haha :) Go Carrie

  • flutters

    Jared: That’s ACMA not AMA. The AMAs are the American Music Awards.

  • KAtelynn

    She is not fat. So what if she’s not 110 pds. She is healthy and by no means overweight.

    ps. if anyone needs to hear about gaining weight, look at Kelly Clarkson.

    Either way Hollywood is ridiculous.

  • Kiki

    Jessica looks beautiful….Tony Romo, love, and respect have turned her into a real woman.

  • jolly

    go away , fat cow!

  • buckley

    I think she looks great

  • Erin

    She got to announce that her boyfriend’s ex got nominated while she got…nothing?! She needs a career counselor!

  • wow

    who is the person in the white/orange dress? is it carrie?

    regardless she’s (in that dress) gorgeous!!

  • kim

    She looks great. I look her hair up way more than when it’s down.

  • jasmine

    #11, that’s Julianne Hough.

  • Jen

    julianne hough is in the orange/dress

    & damn jessica you know you’re fat when your vajay jay is budging out lol.. loose a few

  • Mami

    Jessica looks beautiful!

  • anon

    sadly all the ‘to do’ about her 5 pound weight gain will have her starving in no time and on the covers of the rags as an anorexic by summer. and all because she’s happy and has a nice womanly shape, curvy and shapely.

  • to jen

    damn jessica you know you’re fat when your vajay jay is budging out lol.. loose a few
    since when is 130 pounds fat?? i happen to think she’s great the way she is; and since i don’t see her changing to make you happy i’m afraid you’ll just have to accept jessica that way she is. besides the man she’s in love with happens to like her this way. so guess who she’s going to make happy.

  • $$$$$$$

    she’s pretty fat she don’t even look like the same person!!!

  • Jeannified

    Hollyweird IS rediculous. She is NOT fat…just healthy!

  • Sister

    Dear Lord, she’s not fat, but she sure gained weight. I would call her plumpy. Still a very pretty girl.

  • lakers fan in boston

    cute outfit
    she used 2 much makeup but other than that she likes ok
    her nose looks really weird as well
    she doesnt deserve nominations….

  • ok

    Not only did she not deserve a nomination, she didn’t deserve making the annoucements. The Simpson clans turned it into being all about Jessica instead of the award nominations. Jessica needs to gracefully leave county music before she is asked to leave.

  • 18

    you are what’s wrong with hollywood; this is not a compliment. your idea of what’s beautiful is a big head on a stick. if jessica were my sister i would tell her that stupid people like you are just a complete waste of her oxygen. just to ignore you because in the grand scheme of things your opinion really doesn’t count.

  • slambang

    Why is this cow still getting gigs? I would’ve loved to have seen her face when she announced Carrie Underwood’s name. LOL!

  • jaye

    She’ s very pretty. Haters are going to hate to get attention and because that’s their jobs as haters. I love that people hide behind their computers and say insulting things about people that they don’t have the guts to say to their face. Carry on haters.

  • Erica

    OMG she is fat as a cow. Her little pity party got her a job at the acma.
    See calling her a fat cow helped her.

  • Max

    Still no Tony.

  • mel

    She looks drugged or drunk. Something in her eyes.

  • JAYE97x

    I don’t think she’s fat but she is a full figured woman and needs to stop wearing tight clothes. That is what’s making her look bigger than she really is.

  • Kristen

    Jessica looks beautiful! I can’t stand her music, but I like her figure like this. Look at her standing next to the chick in purple. Jessica looks like a curvy, mature woman; the other girl has a boy’s stick thin, adolescent body in a dress.

  • julissa

    I think jessica simpson looks beautiful, and im happy she’s embracing her new curves, but i think that she shouldn’t keep dressing like when she was slimmer, she has to learn to dress in away that flatters her body shape

  • hehehehehe

    Which one is stupider Jessica Simpson or Kellie Pickler? Tough one.

  • chubs

    She’s more like 140-150 lbs. She probably back on the coke diet.

  • sari

    Beautiful Jessica!

  • pzy

    What’s wrong with her face? It doesn’t even look like her.

  • sienna

    She looks pregnant to me.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica had no business even announcing the ACM nominations. She hasn’t put in the time and she can’t sing. I don’t blame LeAnn Rimes for making the comment she did, Jessica didn’t deserve to be there. Again, Joe Simpson is paying to get Jessica publicity for her floundering singing career. LeAnn Rimes should have been the one to sing on the Today Show, not Jessica. Jessica needs to leave country and take her creepy dad with her.

  • da

    wow her constant weight fluctuations made her face look retarded. way to go jess. failure at everything.

  • Janet

    She seems happy and confident and that’s what matters!

  • Janet

    She seems happy and confident and that’s what matters!

  • anonymous

    Romo is trying very hard not to be pictured in public with her so when after the tour they split he won’t have pics all over. Tony wants out.

  • Meg

    Congrats to Carrie Underwood for 2 noms! I bet Jessica Simpson loved seeing her name twice! lol.

  • dont care..

    Okay, she’s like what 5’2”, 5’3” tall so when she gains
    weight little or alot, she balloons out..
    I also think she still thinks she has the
    itty-bitty hollyweird waist.. so she’s dressing
    for that body type.. when she is much bigger, than
    what 2 – 4 as her camp claims?

    &I also think she shouldn’t have been at the Nominations,
    she’s a joke.. she can’t sing..
    after getting with tony romo.. knowing he dated the
    beautiful Carrie Underwood, she switched genre’s to resuciate her career. PATHETIC!

  • jasmine

    What did LeAnn say?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Some people are born just stupid or dumb.
    Well, no need for panic.
    THIS GIRL IS BOTH, folks!!

  • kaya

    jessica needs to go back to looking like this.

    Right now, shes too heavy for the clothes she is trying to fit in to. Look at the gut sticking out. Its gross and she need to dress appropriately for a size 8 and stop trying to squeeze into a size 2.

  • Jessica

    First time in NINE YEARS that a solo female performer got a nod for EOTY!!! GO CARRIE!!! (and after just her first headlining, tour, wow. She’s done amazing.)

  • Jessica

    Oh, and not to forget Carrie’s noms for Video of the Year (“Just a Dream”) and Female Vocalist of the Year. :) :)

    I loved how excited Kellie looked when she heard Carrie was nominated for EOTY. She’s awesome too!

  • Edumacated

    Fat, thin — ordinarily I would say, “who cares,” let’s just focus on talent? But since we are talking about Ms. Simpleton, talent can’t possibly be an issue since she has shown no signs of having any.

    For those concerned about how “mean” everyone is being to her by calling her fat, may I remind you of what an unmitigated, spolied, egotistical little B***** she was on that god-awful reality show of hers. She acted as if she were the center of the universe and beyond. I’ll never forget the time she came home from shopping was was furious that a few tourists had DARED to ANNOY her by taking her picture. And remember how rudely she treated any and all service people– acting as if they were an unpleasant substance stuck to the bottom of her shoe?

    There is a little thing in life called KARMA. Treat others like crap, walk around with your nose in the air looking down on everyone else, fail to show gratitude for success that you in no way deserve, and eventually such behavior will catch up with you. Jess is simply getting a little of life’s “payback.” I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

  • Kelly

    Jessica looks very pretty & by no means fat. I would love to see what those of you who constantly berate her look like. My guess – you’re the fat, ugly & talentless ones! LOL