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Jessica Simpson's Revenge Diet

Jessica Simpson's Revenge Diet

Eat it, haters!

Jessica Simpson takes the cover of OK!‘s latest issue, which claims the 28-year-old country singer has a “revenge diet” and will lose 20 pounds in eight weeks.

“She’s gone up a size in jeans, and [boyfriend Tony Romo] could care less,” a friend reveals. “He isn’t interested in some idiot Hollywood bimbo with an eating disorder.”

Ever since Jess showed off a fuller figure at the “99.9 KISS Country Chili Cookoff” last month, critics have been chiming in on her weight debate. Jess is said to get her bikini body back by summer!

“Honestly, I am right where I’m supposed to be. I am so happy,” Jessica told The Early Show. “Right now I’m on tour with Rascal Flatts, having a blast. We’re at Madison Square Garden tomorrow. Everybody’s just been so warm and welcoming. Lots of hugs, I like that … Texas style.”

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  • Shoops

    She should stay where she is – weight-wise. Come on, she shouldn’t buy into the whole skinny debate. She looks awesome as is!!!!!

  • Shoops

    First! She looks great as is….don’t do it Jess!!

  • Pat

    So funny this magazine has Tony being supportive and Star magazine has him cheating. Hmmm which to believe?

  • Jessica

    Knew this was going to happen. Lots of controversy over her weight gain only to stage a publicity stunt on how she’ll lose the weight.

    She can go away. Her music sucks anyway.

  • Whutevas

    “….He isn’t interested in some idiot Hollywood bimbo with an eating disorder.”

    But wait Tony, she already has 2 out of 3. Let her go for the gold.

  • Whutevas

    “….He isn’t interested in some idi.ot Hollywood with an eating disorder.”

    But wait Tony, she already has 2 out of 3. Let her go for the gold.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m pretty sure she is able to lose twenty lbs in 8 week.
    But will regain 20 lbs plus a few extra’s in a record of SIX WEEKS, folks!!

  • mads

    If I were her I wouldn’t lose any weight…she looks good where she is and I bet shell have to starve herself and go through hell just to be called “skinny” by the tabloids

  • laughing

    That picture on the front in the bikini, her DAD took!!!!! SICK FAMILY!
    I saw those a while back on some site and his name was in the lower left corner…..gross.

  • slambang

    Fat or skinny, she’ll still be an untalented frog.

  • Yoyo

    Fat or skinny, neither will help that fugly face.

  • Mousse

    Oh, I wished she didn’t say all that and hope she doesn’t do it.
    She’s fine the way she is en shouldn’t listen to all those weirdo’s who preach an anorexic style.

  • Chaz

    She didn’t seem very happy when she blew off her performance a week or two ago. Drank a beverage in the middle of her song, forgot the words, declared herself “feeling vulnerable.” Very unprofessional.

    But, it’s just like Joe to take lemons and make lemonade. There will be some money in her weight loss. Just wait and see!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    JARED, please put more pics of BAR REFAELI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that’s hideous

    this whole thing seems like a planned stunt!!

  • sucre

    ”Im so happy!” but will lose 20lbs, just for Hollywood…
    Pick a side dear

  • Marta

    thw whole world is very excited about her yo-yo dieting.

  • savannah

    Sucre i so agree with your comment! Exactly what i was going to say,lol. It annoys me when a celebrity gains a bit a weight and says how happy they are yet they go on a crash diet and loose all the weight anyway,hypocrites!! They are sending the wrong message to young girls everywhere that they should give into the pressure!

  • fghfgh

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  • g

    no dont lose weight jessica you can stadn up to those skinny anerexic bitches who say your fat!
    anyone who thinks she’s fat then they must be anorexic cause hse’s NOT FAT! not even chubby she’s still super skinny

  • wtf

    Part 2 of Pimp Daddy’s plan to make Jessucka relevant is launched.

  • bee

    I dont beleive she said any of it even look how phony the picture is the mags are the one’s who make up these stories thats how they sell their magazines wake up

  • qarla

    Goodluck jess…


    Wow let her be the weight she wants to be. For pete’s sake ! That is
    what people say about Jen Garner. To lose the weight. If she is happy
    the way she is stop bringing out Dukes of Hazzard videos. She always
    had a little weight on her. So leave her alone. Where does it say that she is going to lose the weight? Not did you see her on the Early Show
    when she said that she is comfortable with this weight. Only the media
    want her to lose the weight. All of you say that you want her to lose
    weight what if she doesn’t . The ultimate question is she going to lose
    her career over her weight.? No Jennifer Hudson anyone?

  • go jess

    She was on The Early Show saying how happy she is about her weight. And it should be no ones business. But hers. Look at
    the photo on the cover really do you think she needs to lose weight?


  • mr. d

    I say if she wants to lose weight, then good for her. If not, then accept yourself for who you are and focus on more substantive things in life like your career, starting a family, etc. Obviously, that is easier said than done in a place like Hollywierd! I couldn’t fathom the scrutiny she must be order apropos her weight. I would probably cave too. She doesn’t have to starve herself to lose the weight. Just break out the food scale, measuring cups and start counting calories. The weight will fall off when coupled with ample amounts of cardio and strength training. Good luck Jess!

  • VL

    please no more…please – I cannot take it

  • ag

    Don’t ever utter Jen Garner’s name in the same sentence as Chestica Simpson. Jen is a wonderful person and mother. She looks great. She is also a talented actress.
    Chestica is a fat, untalented scum bag with a perverted daddy. I wish she would fall off the face of the earth and die.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who cares about her
    i doubt she will lose all that weight tbh
    im pretty sure she doesnt need 2 lose 20 lbs….
    maybe like 10 but not 20

  • dianel

    If Tony don’t care about her weight gain nobody else should

  • mju8

    am totally expecting a tabloid cover post-weight loss any minute now.
    in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    she and her family will milk this for all its worth.

  • http://77 diana

    Yeah but if only she could dress more her age, and less like a bimbo. too, way too big handbags for her size, always in hooker type bimbo heels,this woman would be ADORABLE in BARELY any makeup, white tee and jeans, like I saw her once in a mag… What a difference, she is one who looks better without makeup. Also,she needs to get rid of that yellow gold ugly mop on her hair, a ponytail, less makeup, and Gap like clothes and you would think she was a new and very pretty girl. She hides it all under all that makeup, ugly hair and bimbo clothes. I wonder if she has a stylist, her BFF who does her hair, is not a BFF because she always looks like she’s 15 pds more with the middle part, long ugly dirty looking hair.

  • JANE


  • WakeUPeople

    Obviously she doesn’t like how she looks that is why she wants to lose 20lbs!!! We all know she likes being a size zero!

  • WakeUPeople

    If Tony didnt care about her weight she would not want to lose weight! Obviously he does or she wouldnt want to lose 20lbs!!

  • Bill

    “He isn’t interested in some idiot Hollywood bimbo with an eating disorder.”

    Really, because thats exactly what she is. She’s an idiot and a Hollywood bimbo.

  • Ellie

    Her weight baloons up and down all the time. She is just a fatty. One day she will be stuck on fat.

  • Jessica

    If she would just stop talking about the “weight gain” then it wouldn’t continue to be all over the magazines. She needs to stop talking about it.

  • Jessica

    If she would just stop talking about the “weight gain” then it wouldn’t continue to be all over the magazines. She needs to stop talking about it.

  • Vanessa

    Aw Im suree millions of girls would kill to be jessica, i think shes absolutely gorgeous anywayys

  • Fleece Baby

    Can stars stop getting fat and then losing weight just for a little publicity pleaseee.

  • Gertrude

    Of course she isn’t happy being a blimp. She was lying when she said “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

    Anyone knows if you’re a Hollywood star, you need to be thin. Very thin. With a serious case of anorexia.

    She’ll do what they all do. She’ll take pills, shots, appetite suppressors, whatever it takes to get back that bikini body and shed the blub. Lol!

  • Gertrude

    Not only is she untalented, but now she’s fat! Heh heh.

  • lose belly fat plans

    I’ve seen recent photos of Jess and she looks fantastic. Jessica Simpson is as hot as she ever was. It’s amazing how these stars can lose so much dieting. But whether she loses weight or not Jessica will always look good at any size. I love her and her music.


    I don’t know why they made such a big deal about her weight…Who cares? She’s human. But she ended up losing it though, hopefully for herself and not for these paparazzi people.