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Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams: Engaged!

Mandy Moore & Ryan Adams: Engaged!

Mandy Moore and her singer-songwriter boyfriend, Ryan Adams, are engaged, the actress’ rep confirms to

Mandy, 24, and Ryan, 34, have been more-or-less together for the past year and while grocery shopping in LA yesterday, Mandy reportedly was sporting a ring on her engagement finger!

“She is so excited about their engagement but admits it’s been a whirlwind. She’s really happy,” a source tells Life&Style.

Ryan is formerly of the alt-country band Whiskeytown. Mandy recently announced that she’s stepping away from her clothing line, Mblem, so that she can focus on her music career.

Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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Credit: Danielle/Dean; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • thetruththetruth

    i thought she was with that other dude, not him

  • thetruththetruth

    yea she is not with ryan anymore

  • bonnie

    she was with dj am, no?

  • palvasha


  • kells

    ewww she could so do better

  • Naima

    Please tell me that is not her man, I don’t care if he’s the nicest man in the world, I could not wake up next to that everyday….

  • maliaannevelyn.

    oh my goodness. that cannot be true. i mean i love her, but is she for real? he’s just.. not her type. she could do so much better!

  • palvasha


  • lakers fan in boston

    i have a feeling they wont last long together
    i dont even no who she is lol =D
    mostly just the age difference and he looks like a bum

  • mandy fan

    this is so off the mark ! she is totally in love with singer-songwriter greg laswell. last year she talked about him in all her interviews and she doesn’t talk about just anyone, included this ryan adams guy. she is definitely back with him again, they have been spotted in l.a. leaving each other’s houses in the morning. get your story straight just jared!!

  • mju8

    I thought she was back together with DJ AM after his accident

  • krungkrung

    ohmigod, Mandy i love you but i dunno about your man choice tho.

  • mju8

    forgot to say he reminds me of Garth from Wayne’s World

  • that’s hideous

    uh… congrats
    who is ryan adams??

  • mm

    omg, idk if you should marry him Mandy! He kinda looks like a homo, no offense, u could do way better!!

  • maud

    Hmmmm, I feel like Ryan Adams could do better. Mandy Moore? Seriously?

    Btw, Ryan Adams is kinda hot without the awful bleached hair.

  • maud

    Ryan Adams is a musician who’s played solo for a long time and also toured with members of the Grateful Dead. I can’t imagine that Mandy Moore fans would like his music, or would have heard of it :)

  • Caley

    Actually, Maud, I am both a Mandy fan and an Adams fan. I suppose you made a wrong assumption.

  • just a thought

    For some strange reason his face looks alot like Brad Pitt in that picture. I don’t mean to insult Brad and yes she could do better.

  • Yar

    He looks like Rick Moranis! lol

  • Mami

    She’s 24? I always thought she was in her 30s. And what does “more-or-less together” mean? You can’t have a more-or-less marriage. Something’s up with this sudden turn of events.

  • Sister

    I thought she was a smart girl.

  • alicia

    Congratulations to them both! Ryan is an amazing singer songwriter and he is now singing with The Cardinals. I am glad Mandy has found someone to be with and she is happy.

  • amina

    omg i love M2 but that guy shes just well eww he looks so gross…i feel like i want to cry he looks so creepy and gross and shes so pretty and well nice(?) iv always hoped (and still do) Mandy and Shane (West) get together

  • jEN

    I thought she’s with DJ AM????didn’t they just get back together after his plane crash? wow Hollywood is complicated!

  • andrewww

    ryan adams is so much better then mandy moore.
    he is one of the greatest musical artist ever.

  • Michelle

    Seriously, she can do better than that. All the guys she dated in the past are way hotter and more decent looking than him. And isn’t she with AM???

  • bella

    LOL . . .comment #20 I was thinking the same thing.
    But also agree with comment #23. Looks are not everything.

  • Marissa

    I think that this is great. I’m a huge Ryan Adams fan and I think that Mandy seems like super nice girl so I hope things work out well for them. For those of you saying that Mandy could do better think of this, Ryan Adams has insane amounts of talent, he puts a lot of other singer/song writers out at this time to shame. I personally have always found him to be very sexy. Not only because of looks but because of his AWESOME songs. Talent is sexy and this man has loads of it. This is also not necessarily his best look, I don’t really know what it going on with the nasty blonde hair but he normally looks quite good.

  • megyn

    Mandy confirmed the news herself to Perez Hilton, they are definitely engaged. I’m happy as long as she’s happy. She’s amazing so I truly hope it works out for her.

  • Trey

    I love Ryan Adams, but JESUS God, what has he done to his hair?? I really hope that that’s an older picture, kee-ripes.

  • Sarah May

    You people don’t know what you are talking about. Mandy Moore is not better than he is. Its the other way around. He’s one of the greatest musicians around. Mandy is great. Good to know she is with a good dude.

  • Nick

    ryan adams is one of the best singer/song writers of the modern era. mandy is lucky to have HIM. looks obviously aren’t everything, but i guess for most of the immature audience out there they are. mandy is an adult and she knows better than her teeny bopper fan base.

  • Ashleigh

    Yup, went to Ryan Adam’s concert in Wellington last tuesday, and she was watching side stage, at the airport with him and all… Definately together. And look him up on google, he’s freaking hot without the bleached hair!

  • Maritza

    Why did he dye his hair blond? He looks awful and it the color looks so phoney!

  • Mandy adams

    i like mandy moore and i cannot think of anyone better than ryan adams for her to be engaged to. if you think she can do better by dating DJ AM, i’d say you’re nuts. ryan adams is very talented and he is a very good musician. it’s just that you people have never heard of him.
    his hair sucks, yes, but he can dye it back in a few minutes. how long do you think it would take for DJ AM to grow some talent?

  • Jughed

    Meh. They’ll make an annoying couple.

  • Fleece Baby

    He’s weird lookin’..wayy to pretty for little Mandy.

  • darron

    Wow. I can’t believe this. Ryan is so much better than her. I’m shocked.

  • sANDY

    This is about publicity for her new album. Her early music was silly teen stuff. It’s been hard to get a legitimate music career off the ground. He’s successful well regarded with musicians of every ilk; i.e., He’s got the fans she wants. I hope he doesn’t get his feelings hurt.

  • Trixie

    I love Ryan Adams – don’t know why these people keep dogging him. He may be quite eccentric and has gone through some homely phases to say the least (haven’t we all) but he cleans up very well and has an extremely wise, deep and loving soul. Listen to some of his music and look at his other pictures (check out on Youtube, “Ryan Adams+Gap Commercial”) and you’ll start to see what Mandy sees in him.

    He’s one of the most talented musicians out there who doesn’t receive the credit he deserves. And…if he likes Mandy enough to marry her, there’s got to be much more to her than just a hot body and pretty face. I’ve always thought of her as a shallow, air-head bubble-gum C-level pop princess but the more I read about her, the more I like her. I don’t care too much for her music and am eager to hear what her new album sounds like but can you blame him, I mean she really is beautiful!

  • ryanadamsisugly

    GROSS!! why?? mandy moore is way too good for him. but it’d be sick if she were marrying him for money or something stupid like that. so if she really is happy, i’m glad for her.