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Rachel Bilson: Tire Check!

Rachel Bilson: Tire Check!

Rachel Bilson inspects her car tires after arriving at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 11).

Last September, the 27-year-old actor shot the indie romantic film Waiting For Forever, directed by James Keach. The movie doesn’t have a release date yet but should out later this year. It’s a Hollywood-set romantic tale of a guy who is content to live his life without a job yet with the love of his life, a young actress.

“Mata Hari” handbag by Temperley London.

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Photos: Peter Manoukian
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  • Meg

    Hopefully everything was okay with the tire and good to see that she is a smart girl who checks things!

  • aberfitch

    No acting jobs or even tampons ad in the offing because she shops & media-whores too much – LMAO

  • vmars111

    With all that stuff in her hands, I bet she can juggle a baby or two!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There is a “CRASH” expected, folks?

  • Organic

    @ #3
    Yeah…I bet she can juggle a bottle of Gin and Vodka in both hands plus, her bong too and her Barney’s shopping bag’s! :roll:

  • tennille

    Jared had saved the worst for last… as she is a delight to watch becoz she is a “master of gibberish & mockery”.



  • Smilehexe

    Like everything else concerning this desperate media joke we have seen the almost exact thing before:
    As RB shopping or having lunch (uncountable, but it feels like boring 10’000 times), getting gas for her car, as beanie babe (3 times at least), using her innocent kid sister for another photo op (or her mother, grandpa, boyfriend, mother and sister in law…), walking her dog etc. – and all this within two years with one “big” movie (“Jumper” – which tanked) and some mini guest appearances in other flicks. This is insane. When will people finally check what she really is: A talentless spoiled brat who cannot let go of the (useless) trial to be “famous”? :roll:

  • Funkey


    I would agree here and do for most of what you said butm what BF really there had to be one ousually with you and wanting to be around you plus didn’t know her brothers were married never saw any S-I-L and don’t count HC’s family most of which I think tolerate her but, I seriously doubt they have any want for long term with her..

    As for checking tires lets see afraid someone would have slashed them on her or don’t let the junkie borrow the car next time. But again goes to prove that you don’t have to do much now days to get your picture in the news, eat at burger joints, drag kid sister to get press media attention, walk dog or SHOP till you drop maybe she should have been in the Isa Fisher movie shopaholic. But then again that requires acting which she has no talent for..Sorry..and seems like her manager had to make sure JJ puts in about her INDIE movie WFF in hopes what that people will remember her when they do deside to finish it.

  • Funkey

    Oh didn’t she just wear that shirt like a day or so ago..and what is with the hippy long sweater knowone really wears that anymore and if she thinks people will trend off of 2 day worn shirts old jeans which she possibly slept in and the long ass sweater guess again

  • lo

    Love her!! and I love the bag!! Excited for NY i love u :)

  • lily

    She’s so beautiful

  • Smilehexe

    #9 – Funkey
    I have no clue if her brothers are married or not, and I don’t care at all. I was talking about Kaylen Ch. as her future sister-in-law. And Alie Ch. seemed to have got along very well with RB from my observation.

    Wasn’t this little movie “Waiting for forever” just produced as a TV-film? Anyway, it won’t do much for her – although she is listed as the female lead she has been off “working” on set of this thingy for about one week only last year. From what I know a “real” movie has its lead actors on set for many months, in most cases at least.
    Same with her cameos in “Chuck” and NYILY”. So – not much screen time for RB, sob sob! :lol:

  • Funkey

    I don’t count them as any future to her unless the I Do’s are said HC’s family is just friendly when needed to be. And does’t seem they hang much with her now if at all only when again as I said necessary for publicity reason..and HC from what is known likes dicks not chics..

    This WFF is an indie film meaning it will be limited release and good chance will go to DVD after a month or so. It’s not supposed to be any TV show but lets face it she only did like 1 week of work on a movie that should take about 3 months to shoot. and from what it looks like she has to do reshoots dragging clothing whats that all about..hoping to sell off the last of her DNKY line..

  • blairite

    @ Rachel Bilson inspects her car tires after arriving at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 11)…

    AS IF… with matching rolling eyes lol!

    Anyhow, Scarlett Johansson already got married and now Mandy Moore just recently got a marriage proposal and now engaged that both of which had occurred W/O (much) media hype.
    So Rash-chel where are yours?
    Did I hear you a lot of press releases about these stuff since last year?! “Still” not “hitting a homerun” and or a “false hope” as of press time – lol!

  • Smilehexe

    #14 – Funkey
    I won’t state on these gay-rumors, as they are just that: Rumors, no proof. I think two and a half years was a very long time to just play the beard. Don’t know how long such contracts usually last, but I don’t believe in this “beard-story”. I think they are indeed a couple, using each other for fame profit (which does not work at all as both’s ranking in Hollywood are very low). They don’t seem passionate, but I don’t think HC is a very passionate person in general, mostly he’s lazy and taking the easiest way out in every respect of his life/work. RB is obviously the calculating type of woman, so maybe they really just fit to each other, as they surely do in dishevelment and stupidity. JMHO.

    As to his family: No matter if they really like her or pretend to do only due to publicity reasons: Both situations are NOT speaking FOR them. Only doing publicity stunts is something anybody should be ashamed of, including their son who fell on this low level in the meanwhile, too. And truly liking RB would base a person just as superficial and stupid than she is. So, no apology for them accepted, at least not by me.

  • Frankie

    And yet more photo’s from a nobody.
    She hasn’t finished her usual run of photo ops yet, have yet to see Rachel with dog, Rachel with mom, Rachel shopping again and my favorite because hopefully it means she is gone for a while – Rachel at LAX.
    Can’t stand the fact that I am seeing her doing nothing all the time which I assume she thinks makes her relevant.

  • nina1

    she is being photographed bc she landed HC and I think it makes her pathetic at best, and I got news for you, it is not just that the fans are disgusted, but i am sure other celebrities are outraged that they are much more news worthy and this little nothing is being on JJ all the time, where did all the standards go, down the drain.

  • fake couple

    dont allways believe when these these picture’s have been shot. one media whore that for sure she must read thease posts nothing will
    tell me she does not.

  • nina1

    they are definitely one fake couple, met and got together to promote jumper, and now waiting for jumper 2
    i feel sorry for them, she wanted to get married and her fiance dumped her, hc could never get the girl he wanted, 1st it was natalie portman, than sienna miller and i am sure others we don’t know about he could not get
    bilson is the biggest looser our of the girls he knew, she is the dumbest, the least capable (has not talent), the worst looking and he has to be stuck with her, he got to be miserable
    his carrier and ladies are just not working out, bilson is what he can have

  • indie in love

    They are number 5 cute celebrity couple.

  • erose

    I just don’t get the people on here who rag on her so much if you dont want her on the site dont post on her threads! Just Jared isnt stupid, he posts so much Rachel because he knows she garners the most response, these fools that come on here who run her down and claim to hate her make me laugh, why the hell do you post here if you hate her so much, you are the ones that are making them post more!!!

    As for Hayden and Rachel Geez, after 2 years the same sh*t!!, we only see a portion of their lives they must be happy together to have made it this long some other more PDA couples dont!PDA doesnt mean nothing

    I expect a ring come Valentines, can’t wait to see how many pages she gets when they get engaged,carry on posting LOL it only means more threads

  • nina1

    where did you find that?

  • indie in love

    hayden fan news

  • nina1

    so what, natalie and hayden are in top 10 hottest hollywood couples, does not mean anything
    he does not look in love at all

  • s

    Natalie and Hayden were a couple?

  • nina

    Hayden and Natalie were voted number 1 worst on screen couple.

  • nina1

    brad and angelina are on the same list of worst screen couples for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, exactly when they fell in love.
    And, Natalie and Hayden were not a couple but it is apparent based on reports from the set and his comments that he would have liked to. it looks like he was in love with her, but she was not with him.

  • Smilehexe

    @#17 – Frankie
    Oh yeah, LAX… forgot that spot of “random” sightings – that speech of yours was good! :lol: Same feelings over here!

    @#20 – nina1
    Oh please, HC is a man, rich and USED to be good looking once. He could have got any woman he wanted back then – and still I guess if he used a shower and shaver on a regular base. There are enough silly women out there, as recent posts like “he still is hot” prove.
    He simply has a terrible bad taste in women that’s all. And Sienna Miller was even worse than RB IMO, as the latter one is (at least) a fame ho only, whereas the other one is a real one as many betrayed wives will have to approve. But both women show what HC enjoys to have around him, and this is not the women’s failure, but only his own.
    So please stop pitying this guy in every thread like that…he has EXACTLY what he wants as otherwise he could change the situation any moment of his life.

    @#22 – erose
    I have tried it with that tactic (ignoring her threads without posting) and yet she’s getting “news” practically almost every day when she is in L.A. I guess her paycheck towards the photographers and JJ weigh much more than anything else we could do about it. The only fair thing about it is that even with all her poor attempts to stay in limelight still don’t end up in a new acting role for her, no matter how hard she tries and how fame hungry and desperate this lets her appear. Truth shows, and this is very pleasant t least. ;-)

    @#28 – nina1
    This Natalie-talk is getting old really. HC used to talk the very same way about every actress he ever worked with, “she’s a sweetheart etc.”, always the same meaningless set phrases. And why still care what this guy has ever said in interviews anyway – after all his many lies? Same nonsense than “I am so private”, “I love Canada”, “I hate L.A.” etc. He has presented lie after lie after lie. How can anybody still take that guy reliable or just serious?

  • nina1

    Natalie is not old news, they may get together for filming, but he definitely was into her and did not hide it either, unlike with bilson, no display of any interest in her at all, just hanging out together, it is as if he is embarrassed to be with her
    and with all due respect, sienna is trashy and crazy, but still better looking and has more acting abilities than bilson

  • NEO

    Didn’t Hayden have a crush on Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford when he was younger?

    @Smilehexe, In your case crap doesn’t always come from your a** but you mouth as well!

  • fake couple

    of course hayden fan site is biased guess what its run by his FANS. and no mention of a ring. lets face it she is the most public person out there even bad publicity is better than none all all. HAYDEN SEE THE LIGHT.

  • nina

    Real couples sometimes don`t do much PDA to protect their relationship to make it work.

  • s

    Hayden Christensen Fans News posts everything both bad and good news unlike other sites.

  • Smilehexe

    @#30 – nina1
    You don’t really believe that a serious actress who is highly acclaimed like Natalie Portman would ever work with a loser like HC again, do you? I highly doubt that this guy will be hired for ANY movie ever again, or maybe for the two other bombs the SG-deal holds for him – in case they don’t shelve it instead which would probably be the better advise – for them, him and the audience.

    And with all due respect towards you, too, not towards SM though: This is one of the biggest sl*ts out there – and absolutely nothing is to admire about such a person. Acting wise I have seen “Casanova”, “Stardust” – in which both she did not impress me at all – and “Alfie” and “Factory Girl” where she basically played herself.

    @#31 – NEO
    No comment necessary, your language speaks for itself. ;-)

  • zoe

    oh please hayden never dated natalie that was just a star magazine made up storie

  • Grossed out


    About the gay rumors sorry hun but they are true not just rumors HC keeps his indisgressions in Canada.. If you talk to Paul Walker who tried his best to befriend HC, saw first hand how flamming he is. And I have a close friend from the set Taken (name was changed just this week as if Bone Deep wasn’t bad enough) saw first hand how gay he is. Why he hides my guess is knowing his creditability for love scenes hasn’t been any hit and most leading men are usually straight. Believe what you like knowone is stopping you but, truly your fooling yourself in the end.

    As for the beard HELL men in show business will use whomever for how ever long it suits them (look at ROCK HUDSON he even married but was a gay man, Elton John even married for awhile) and if some PINHEAD woman celeb is more then willing to be seen out in public to get the press to do their ASSUMING (Making ass out of you and me) then it’s more press time on the board plus bumps up his creditability. And we already see RB out with other men and the show and tell is slowing unraveling in their faces.

  • s

    If rachel is his beard, then she`s not doing her job well. Why go out with other men?

  • s

    I mean going out and have their photos taken?

  • nina1


    “You don’t really believe that a serious actress who is highly acclaimed like Natalie Portman would ever work with a loser like HC again, do you?”

    I think you are right! But does look like he had a crush on her and for a long time, may be still.

  • Smilehexe

    @#37 – Grossed out
    Thanks for the info. Yet those are still just rumors based on hearsay, and this will stay that way until some actual (e.g. picture) proof might show up one day. But IF HC really has some man hidden in Canada, he doesn’t see him very often considering the amounts of time he spends in L.A. and the Bahamas.
    I don’t have to be sorry about it though, gay or not, I don’t care. And as I doubt that HC will have any further acting career (or any other one) I guess the business and audience won’t care either.
    About the second bad title for that “movie” I fully agree, and HC in love scenes was never convincing! ;-)

  • toni

    Looks like she is going to do a photo shoot. If the pics are for a magazine don’t they usually have clothes and a stylist on set for you? Why bring your own?

    As for the marriage rumors didn’t she say she was more ready for a baby than a husband. And where is Thurman Murman? I’d rather see a post on him than her shopping again.

  • 123333

    yknowwww , matahari means SUN in bahasa malaysia .

  • fake couple

    would it be a dress for the engagment pics?(only joking) she will do any thing to stay on these web site’s there will be no baby or ring not with hayden anyway.

  • nina1

    that is what laney said and i believe it too

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    I love her bag

  • 123

    this is such an ugly and tacky bag, typical tasteless bitchson
    i love hermes, not this pretentious cheap crap, on the other hand, she is not making much on her movies to buy 8k bags, but this bag is pretentious and gaudy


    What is going on with rachel?her latest outfits are not inspired at all!!!I like her bag……..but the jacket?nop……….C’mon rachel u can do better than that!!!

  • fevrier

    HC is gay folks. At most Bilson is a friend who is helping cover for him but the guy prefers dicks not chicks.

  • wretch

    God she is fugly. Stupid, talentless, making direct-to-DVD films now, career definitely OVER.

    Just like bff HC, also pathetic talentless stuck-on-self @$$ho7e.