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Tom Cruise Goes Full Matarese Circle

Tom Cruise Goes Full Matarese Circle

Tom Cruise will take on the role of the Russian spy Vasili Taleniekov, mortal enemy of American intelligence operative Brandon Scofield (Denzel Washington) in the upcoming film The Matarese Circle.

According to THR, the film follows two decades-long arch-enemies who are forced into a distrustful collaboration against a wide-reaching political conspiracy orchestrated by a mysterious organization called the Matarese.

At the helm of this project is director David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises).

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    cruise & washington – incredible.

  • dani

    wow..can’t wait

  • dabu

    Oh god, now he is going to ruin Robert Ludlum’s book.

  • pr person

    Yuck… So now we get to hear how much he loves Russia, borscht, and vodka…how since he was a little kid he has always wanted to be a spy…how he learned Russian (just like he speaks German, not!)…how he will speak in his best Jerry Macguire accent, instead of using a Russian accent….. Uggggghhhhh!!! Can’t he just go away?!?!

  • jolie-pitt lover

    pr person can you and your family go away

  • MATT please

    Tom is really going down hill from here isn’t he. Look at the directors
    he has for this film Croneberg. Now we get to see Suri in Russia..
    Wow maybe we will see her in one of those russian dresses.

    Isn’t Robert Ludlum the one that does Bourne trilogy. Than why not
    get Matt Damon to do the role.

  • Joanne

    WOW this is amazing casting, Cruise & Washington, sounds fantastic, it has promise.Oh and to Matt;STFU you moron, this is a movie we are tallking about not you daily tabloids!!!Now go back to the cave you crawled out from!!!!

  • lilly

    Love Denzel Washington. He should get top billing.

  • The Shiznack

    I loved Eastern Promises and Denzel is a great actor

    but I just cant watch a film with Tom Cruise in it anymore, its his fault!

  • LOOKMaddie

    Dam. He’s hott!!!!

  • LOOKMaddie


  • dido

    wow ı think it is so fantastic ı can’t wait, tom and denzel ,ı love them both

  • LOOKMaddie


  • Nanea

    I wonder why Washington bothers with that $ciento creep, he’s so much better than that. At least Washington can act, Crazy Cruise can’t even act straight.

    The midget is box office poison, Valkyrie tanked, as the movie’s real cost were at least twice the sum they officially admitted to, plus all that marketing, sending Tommy Girl, Robo bride and huge entourage of $ciento minders and hangers-on on a tour around the globe must have cost more than just a pretty penny.

    Sad, if true.

  • sofia

    Wow the 2 most talented actors of the world together , i just can’t wait to see it !!!

  • rona


  • Portugaladventure

    Tom is so gayyyyyy

    Katie’s probably just his baerd

  • sushi

    Two amazing actors,very cool ploy and helmed by a ubertalented director.

  • fox

    the troll that uses different names please go to school and get a life until you learn how to spell. Im sorry there are no High School Musical news for you yet.

  • Portugaladventure

    Now Brad Pitt,

    It’s love baby!

    Handsome hell yessss!

  • MATT please

    Since when has Matt Damon been in the tabloids . Not like Tom Cruise who is in it every day and the websites. Matt has never
    been in the press since his last movie. Tom the gay guy wants
    to see Denzel without his shirt on. Maybe visit him in the trailer!

  • lurking

    Way cool. Im happy Tom found beautiful classy Katie Holmes and with her they are blessed with precious Suri.

    Thanks JJ for this news.

  • h.

    Tom Cruise may be strange in real life but the guy can definitely act and has been in some good movies. This sounds like great casting with him and Denzel and the storyline sounds promising. Cool.

  • …..

    two class act actors and who treat people with respect

  • kevin


  • happy about this

    Tom looks handsome
    in that photo above.

  • Portugaladventure

    Yeah, Suri, their baeutiful love child she IS a doll!

    *Tomorrow’s haedline haha
    Katie faked pregnancy
    Suri born to surrogate*


  • me

    when will this movie come out?

  • 90210

    Tom should have won the Oscars long ago but I have faith his time will still come. Im excited on this Tom and Denzel project.

  • photogshoped

    I hope denzel save the movie because this creep is a loser.

  • charity

    God bless Tom & his family……

  • thanks jared

    (doing happy dance)

  • mona

    Cruise y Washington simplemente increible, no puedo esperar para ver trabajar a dos de los mejores actores.

  • popcorn

    I love when versatile top notch talents team up on the bigscreen.
    Whatever haters I know you will get in line for this too like you did for successful Valkyrie.

  • chessa

    hello hottie

  • anne

    me, it will be pushed over and over just like Valkrie movie and then it will come out the day when brad’s move out lol. Btw I love Denizel he is my sexiest man alive but this creep…

  • lakers fan in boston

    sounds a lot like another war movie
    altho all that CIA and intelligence stuff fascinates me tho =]

  • bet

    Cruise is over rated Washington is a great actor.

  • gloria

    YUK….he was not good in Valkyrie! His is not a very good actor IMO! He plays the same person in every movie and it’s Tom!

  • hater

    gloria and you play the bitch every time come on to the justjared website

  • *_*


  • dianel

    Two of the best actors ever and I have to say Tom is getting better looking every time I see a picture of him

  • secoyas

    I can hardly wait for this.

  • Elaine

    Estou procurando emprego. Ate pensei em pedir para o Tom Cruise quando ele veio ao Brasil. Mas a fila estava muito grande desisti. Sou nutricionista desempregada alguem sabe de algo nesta area.

  • http://77 shara

    #5 really? Should the world be ONLY filled with Brad and Angie and their kids? Are you for real? Sick, what is this whacko obsession with these stars? I recall being a teen and screaming everytime I saw Paul (beatles) and having his pic on my wall, but heck, I was 12, what age are these posters who continue to worship brad and angie???
    Everyone else is either ugly, gay (yeah sure Tom is gay, I got news, he’s looking better then Pitt lately!) Katie is that, jen is that….Ok, So the world should ONLY be Angie and Brad and their perfect children. Correct? I am beginning to think you all are locked up somewhere, because this is NOT, NO WAY normal!
    Tom looks better then ever BTW, and can dress like it’s nobody’s business.

  • http://77 shara

    # 22 I agree – for all the hoopla over Brad and Angie’s first born (shiloh) Suri is 100x more adorable (yeah JP nuts, Yes it’s true) she’s a walking little doll. Katie is WAY more elegant and dresses better and is the girl next door (Angie? Noo,she’s not that girl next door) and Tom is a hunk. The JP nuts can’t believe there are other beautiful people with better looking kids, LOL. I think it’s time for the Looney Bin! LB Fans, step right on up!

  • http://77 deeee

    tom and katie and suri could be models, they always look so damn well groomed and dressed! I love seeing them!
    the haters can say what they like, the cruises are one good looking family!

  • http://77 sayu

    Lurking, I soooo agree! what a great looking family. Classy with a capital C. Notice all the remarks saying he’s gay, yeah ok. He’s gorgeous and so his his baby and wife.
    from reading the threads, the posters only think Angie and Brad are georgeous? Umm No. Sorry, this couple is classy, something those other 2 are not anymore. Of cause, now watch the backlash ,lol.
    Hey we all can’t be in love with Branangelina!

  • Elaina

    DAMN! Cruise is going to ruin the movie!! Matarese Circle was one of my favorite books and I had hoped it would be Denzel and Viggo. I hope the negotiations fall through. Cruise isn’t much of an actor when he’s not playing himself. He also can’t do accents to save his life. The thought of him with a Russian accent makes me LMAO.

  • shara is a hypocrite

    #45 shana, you need to take a look in the mirror dear! Here you are chastising people for being over the top fans and in the the next breath you’re acting like a ridiculous fanbot over Cruise, Holmes and Suri. Hey, I’m not a Brangelina fan, but neither am I an over enamoured Tomkat fanatic who likes to attack others for no reason. You sound more over the top and more stalkerish than the people you’re attacking. Get a grip and while you’re at it, GET A LIFE.

    You’re a hater and hypocrite.