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Halle Berry is a NAACP Knockout

Halle Berry is a NAACP Knockout

Halle Berry shows off her curves as a co-host at the 2009 NAACP Image Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 12).

Tyler Perry co-hosted the event. Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Seal all performed during the ceremony. Beyonce won the best female artist and Jennifer Hudson won best new artist.

The 42-year-old mother worked out four different outfits over the course of the awards ceremony.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry, the NAACP knockout…

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halle berry 2009 naacp 01
halle berry 2009 naacp 02
halle berry 2009 naacp 03
halle berry 2009 naacp 04
halle berry 2009 naacp 05
halle berry 2009 naacp 06
halle berry 2009 naacp 07
halle berry 2009 naacp 08
halle berry 2009 naacp 09
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Photos: Vince Bucci/Getty Images
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  • mike

    love her!!! :)

  • sweetie

    beautiful! :-)

  • Emma

    This woman is stunning. She has true beauty. I adore her.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.


  • shenanyginz

    so hawt.

  • I’ll STFU when u STFU

    She looked great. I watched the whole show. Everybody looked awesome.

  • hello

    She does not have a single crease on the face and forehead. I think it’s natural; but wonder how people never pick on her.

    Everybody agree she has no work done?? I am just curious. People are cruel to some and not to others.

  • yuck

    She might be good looking, but she still had a nose job (compare old pics and old movies) and she still was involved in a hit and run. She hit another car and drove off pretending that it never happened, citing amnesia. What a bunch of BS. What about her ever changing story about her suicide attempt?

  • boogie

    I think it’s because women with darker skin don’t wrinkle as much as women with fairer skin.

    lucky lady!

  • Sarah

    She looked good for her age but you can definitely tell she is aging. She also looks a bit tired around her eyes. Great body! Still don’t like the woman because I believe she is crazy as hell. Hit and run, suicide, can’t keep relations, etc.

  • So what!

    phony…phony…phony …fake hair..fake nose…fake boobs…fake relationship…when will the fakeness end!?

    She’s trying to stay relevant but younger, cuter more talented girls are taking her place like Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Rihanna. They have more going for them than just their looks!

  • andy

    she looks “weary”


    who cares about the fakeness? I’d creampie halle until I’m dry as hell! rihanna looks like a young cow and she can go on singing and singing so what :)

  • Babygirl

    I love all the dresses except the gittery one in the third pic…too glittery for me :p but damn Halle is gorgeous! If I were a lesbian, I’d love her lol….no offense to the gays, one of my best friends is and I’m totally for it XD Halle is so hot for someone that age! I mean, she’s my mom age!!!!!!

  • cONNIE

    Halle looks absolute amazing!!

  • say what

    she looks beautiful

  • Black man

    What I loved best about the show was Halle had to sing “black man” with Stevie Wonder…how ironic after HALLE all but d*ssed black men in her upcoming Essence article.

    Thank goodness we did not have to see her “giant ken doll” either!

    It was a great night. I loved Tyler Perry that night. He’s hilarious…

  • liz

    Halle looked fantastic! Love her!! A large percentage of Hollywood stars have had plastic surgery so don’t hate on them. Black Man apparently didn’t read Halle’s article. She didn’t diss black men and she said she’s tried relationships with black men. She was married to them twice! So how is she dissing them? She fell in love and love is color-blind.

  • I did read the article

    I did read the article and she stated “I tried with black men…I tried” — she said like it was something that was exhausting…almost like BUT NEVER AGAIN!…and then she went on to “but I found love with this white man.” With that…sorry liz but her love just might not be color blind as you put it.

    I’m not the only one who read her comment this way by the way…

  • color blind

    If Halle’s comment was so color blind, why did she even have to state that she “tried with black men” what did their color have to do with them not working for her. With that HALLE inserted the color issue into her own statement. HALLE is the one who implied in a strong manner that the race of her two husbands was the reason their relationship failed or the race of her past boyfriends is the reason why she was so heartbroken before — she completely left out the stank white boys she’s dated.

    IF HALLE were truly color blind she would have said…I’ve dated a lot of frogs in my life — and right now I’m in a happy place. She would not have even mentioned the race of her two husbands or past boyfriends…I think Essence asked her about black men…all Halle should have said was I have love for black men…me dating a white man right now does not negate that…. Instead she said “she tried with black men…really I tried (she allegedly said with a southern accent too)…But I found love with this white man!” Please Halle. I’m done!

    As for Gabriel – the white dude she’s with — based on my experience with Gabriel…he’s an a**!! Sorry but it’s true…And that’s based on one on one contact with the mofo! I was at his restaurant…the waitress was helping me…she couldn’t find a menu…he had one…so instead of nicely saying “here why not just use my menu”…he throws the menu at me. I walked out the restaurant!

    He may have been frustrated with something else that day…because he did seem down…but to treat a customer in that manner was unnecessary.

  • http://justjared soprano

    Dreamy, head in the clouds, strait jacket job. Looks like she could turn any moment, scary……………

  • lakers fan in boston

    she still has it =]
    she looked really pretty
    i cant stand tyler perry

  • Fleece Baby

    Halle looks amazing!

  • Mara

    So….is HB still apologizing to the black community for having bedded and taken on an exquisite caucasian companion and deciding to have a child with him out of wedlock? It’s time for HB to let go of the race thing (as someone who is half-caucasian) and truly step into the 21st Century as a positive example for all Americans. IMO being with her no matter how beautiful must be an emotional challenge for men whether black or white; hopefully, she will one day discover peace within herself.

  • Whachagunnadoboutit

    this women is stunning… she glows. love her.

  • Liz2

    Halle looks okay. More photos of Halle & the 4 dresses on a couple of the other sites. Wasn’t able to see the show nor did I see the Essence clip, am familiar with the article.

    Don’t know if Essence misquoted her or not, guess she forgot about the Parade magazine snafu , where her denial of bashing the exes backfired on her. Regardless, how long she’s been around in Hollywood, she still needs to be coached in how to handle the media and/or learn some tact.

    She doesn’t need to justify her relationship-arrangement w/Aubry to anyone. Regarding Aubry’s lack of customer relations, it’s not an accident his restaurant failed. You’re not the first one who’s complained about his moodiness at the restaurant.

  • Liz2 part two

    @ Black man…she wouldn’t bring Aubry to the event. He’s never at any of the AA related events she goes to. Why would he be there, he’s only her boytoy/baby daddy not her husband etc.?

  • elle

    She’s stunning!

  • I Speak

    I dont know what article some of YOU read, but she didn’t diss any black man. Infact she stated that “I dont hold all black men responsible because of the two bad eggs I got”. As a proud black man myself, I respect and appreciate Halle and wish people would stop hating and trying to bash a successful black women. Love is Love. I guarantee if she stayed with an abusive black man, then everyone would still have crap to say.

  • Liz2 part two

    I speak…think UR right people are reading too much into it. Wasn’t taking sides, was just commenting that she may want to continue to be careful so things aren’t misconstrued. Did catch the bit where she even made the comment about Ealy after her divorce. My point is she doesn’t have to explain herself for any reason whomever she chooses to be with period.

  • 4color blind

    Haven’t you mentioned the menu thing before on this or other boards?

  • Hag

    fake to the max!!! She looks weary strained and yeah fake

    do not think much of this person she is her own worst enemy

    has she got her boobs pump up with a push up or something and the dresses are loose so it would not show her ass and thighs..she has got a medium waist but thats looking its age too…she is plain as without the photo op makeup etc… so cant really see anything special with this thing…

  • wohh

    Unreal look at this womans face it has evolved with surgery BIGTIME diff nose hair pieces etc… why arent they real anymore that they have to parade by bullsh*t…just in lala friggin make believe land