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The Octuplets Mom Flaunts Baby Belly

The Octuplets Mom Flaunts Baby Belly

Check out this crazy pic of Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman just eight days before giving birth to her octuplets, the last eight of her fourteen kids. Thanks, TMZ!

The 33-year-old single mom is asking for donations and has set up a family website to help support her growing family. You can bet she’s definitely going to be needing a tummy tuck!

According to Nadya, she’s the “proud mother of 14″ and the octuplets are “all healthy and growing stronger by the day.”

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  • peanut

    omg. that’s unreal.

  • dina

    she’s tupid i wouldn’t donate a dime to her!

  • oceana

    OMG! People are not suppossed to carry these many fetuses inside them!
    This is just wrong, and what her doctor did was completly unethical!

  • dina

    It’s sad that us tax payers money is going to someone like her. I wish the kids nothing but the best but their mother is an idiot.

  • bobv


  • kelly

    Wow I don’t understand if she can’t afford them why have so many kids it’s kind of frustrating shes probably a good mum no doubt but to ask for money it’s a bit much, I mean she had 6 children previously im sure she struggled then too. I just don’t understand why carry on even if you love kids 6 should be enough already.

  • peanut

    can’t imagine what her gut looks like now after birthing her litter. she’s definitely going to use some of that donated money to get a tummy tuck. someone needs to step in and save those kids.

  • http://justjared tan

    she’s not gona cope with 14 kids on her own. Bet she’s had lipo already

  • Taylor

    Wow. That’s just, wow.

  • http://deleted Alessia

    stupid selfish BITCH!! the whole point of growing up and being aware is whats right and whats wrong, this woman did NOT decide to have 8 babies in the best interest of those poor lives she has decided to bring into the world.

    clearly she new and was made aware of the risks involved (in the words of herself, on that interview she did) yet went ahead with it!

    selfish MOOSE! furthermore i have a a sick feeling she knew she’d draw media attention. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE’S AFTER, no more stories about her please!!

  • Ally

    a single mother with no income and already has 6 little kids is planning on having 8 MORE?!!! wow

  • STFU

    This lady if freakin’ joke!! She has all of these d*mn kids and just thinks that it’s okay for TAXPAYERS to take care of them!
    DONT DONATE A DIME!! She’s a media wh*r*!!!!

  • bleh

    why donate money to her
    so she can go buy more baby?!!!

    Tax payer money!!! dammit!!!!!

  • katie

    in my opinion, she just did all of this for the money
    she has 6 kids that she cannot take care of, so she probably
    figured if she had 8 more, people would feel sorry for her and
    give her money!

  • lakers fan in boston

    plz jared!!!
    take these nasty pics of this bitch off
    1. she is fucking crazy
    2. she is a fucking crazy angie wannabe
    3. she’s stupid 2 think any1 is gonna give her crazy ass money
    i really hope they take her kids away
    im pretty sure angie wants em =p

  • sandie

    She cannot expect a penny from me, what a selfish biatch.

  • Katelynn

    She is as ignorant as they come. Obviously, she wants the fame and money. PS Her stomach makes me want to hurl

  • jolly

    i will donate a clothes hanger to her and why didn’t someone lend her one b4 these babies were born??????

  • Bridget

    maybe she’ll be on Sports Illustrated: swimsuit edition next year

    EWW haha

  • Too Funny!!

    Ummm, let’s not forget the fact that her mother and father as well as the Cali taxpayers are taking care of the first 6 already. Let’s also not forget that it costs almost 20K just to have 1 session of IVF (all of her kids were concieved by IVF) with no guarantees of conception. Let’s not forget about the plastic surgery expense for the lips, nose and cheek jobs to look like AJ. And doesn’t her recent manicure look lovely too?? This woman is a scam artist and a blatant liar as well as a fraudulent piece of poor white trash. I hope the kids are taken away and adopted out to parents that have at least enough sense to blow on hot soup that can love them and give them the life they deserve! She’s a lunatic and doesn’t even take care of the 6 she already has. The doctor should have his license revoked as well. This is by far one of the most irresponsible acts of obsessive behavior I’ve seen in my life! Next we’ll see munchaussen by proxy with this bitch. She should be locked up stat!!

  • http://deleted Alessia

    wait she’s asking for donations??? wtf! …this isnt the RED CROSS or CHRISTIAN Aid. did she not decide to have them planted in her?? not an accident.

    …wow a real shocker how far people will take for some attention!

  • Too Funny!!

    Oh, and her church is buying her a house next week. Aint life grand!

  • ty

    she should have die this way the kids may got a better mother seriously you have 6 kids and still pay for 8 more where did the money came from she was asked to do it to make cahs for sure so stupid b*****

  • Ha!

    No offense, and I think her situation is ridiculous too, but there are hundreds of thousands of women in this country who get pregnant again and again partially because they CAN live off the system and having more children means they will be able to collect more money. I don’t think this whackjob had these kids BECAUSE she wants to be supported.

  • Naima

    Jared please don’t feed into this, there is no reason for you to post this photo, this woman is a mental case and should have her children taken away. I feel so sorry for her children, she and her doctor need to be put either in jail or a mental institution. People are loosing their jobs and having a hard time feeding their families and this nut job is desperate for attention and the media is feeding right into it, please stop the madness!!

  • Too Funny!!


    But where’d she get the money for the IVF sessions & plastic surgery? Her parents recently had to declare bankruptcy because of the expense of HER!! They have little to nothing nice to say about her. She knows that when she gets home she’s getting the boot and that’s why the church is buying her a house. Oh, and she’s gone into hiding because of supposed death threats.

  • jd

    i hate almost everything about this story. I believe the right to reproduce should be limited to your ability to financially (and emotionally) support them. who the *** does she think she is, expecting everyone else – taxpayers – to support her biological whims? we have our OWN financial responsibilities!!! she’s an idiot and those kids should be taken out of the home and adopted. I just can’t believe this story. I hope it stirs some good debate about personal responsibility. (and yes, i feel bad for the kids, but that’s besides the point.)

  • kara

    I’m shocked by these disgusting pictures, please this is a celebrity website and she is a nobody
    I’m terrified now, thanks !

  • Michelle

    and they have a different father for each kid and don’t work and collect welfare and show up on the Maury show, so what is the big deal with this woman who has one father and who seems to take care of her kids and is fairly educated and therefore employable, she made a whole bunch of future taxpayers for us! I think it scares men to think we can have babies without them and as well, it is a threat to our normal way of doing things. Will women now do this to sell their babies? Will we start to use women as incubators to produce kids? Will women start disappearing and be found after their bodies were used to mass produce infants? Stay tuned for the next episode of how Angelina Jolie has changed the world? Really, if I had money I would send her some, these kids have to eat and dress and have toys just like any other kid born from ten fathers to one mother over twelve years. Let’s have some empathy, look at her body, no one will do this for the money. She seems to truly have a religious heart and loves her kids, so I don’t see her as being such a loser. Really, we don’t talk about other women like this because it would be politically incorrect so why are we denigrating this lady? God bless her and her babies and may they be healthy and not damaged by this very difficult time in their incubators. I wish her well, she has what she always wanted.

  • kenzie

    ew. thats DISGUSTING

  • dundies

    omg that looks like it hurts//

    does anyone know why/how she ended up with 8 fetuses?

  • CR30.01

    Disgusting. Not the image, but the person. Ms. Suleman is somebody gravely disturbed. If sites like JJ give her all this attention, her stupidity will be worth while. Because that’s what she is going for: fame and easy money. I just hope she doesn’t get a weekly TLC reality show hour.

  • slambang

    GROSS. This woman is obviously mentally unbalanced. She needs to be sterilized.

  • Yar

    Oh my GOD!

  • molliet

    its like G**damn puppy mill! it pisses me off!!! asking for donations????!!!! ill donate to social services to take those kids away from that crazy self centered bitch! theres alot of couples out there who cant have babies and could afford to give those kids a decent life. if you can afford plastic surgery and IVF…then im pretty sure you can afford a gun to shoot yourself. and i do not feel sorry for her parents for enabling her. the dr and hospital/clinic or whatever or whoever gave her the ok for this should be under investigation and lose their license. i just cant imagine feeling sorry for this woman…i just want to know why? thats all? has she given an explaination? crazy!!!!

  • yuck

    She is having the kids for the money and attention. She used her disability money about $165,000 to have plastic surgery and to get her nails done. If you look at an interview with her from 3 years ago, she looks drastically different. Back then she had a large nose, very thin lips and curly brown hair.

    She did not tell her mom that she received this money and did not contribute any ways to the bills. HER MOM HAS BEEN TAKING CARE OF THE KIDS! They should all be taken care of this crazy delusional woman.

    Do not donate any money to her. She said in the interview with Ann Curry that she doesn’t receive any government aid and isn’t doing it for the money yet she is receiving FOOD STAMPS and SSI for her 3 disabled kids. That is WELFARE you crazy loon! And now she’s asking for donations? WTF????! Our tax money is going to pay for her stupid medical bills which is estimated at 1.3 million.

    If she had money to get IVF, then how is she getting food stamps, SSI, and Medi-cal (Her insurance company is asking Medi-Cal to fork over for the medical bills)???? This conniving vagina clown car is milking the system and she knows exactly what she is doing.

  • rd

    Y’all better shut up and leave her alone or she’s going to pull an Anna Nicole.

  • Fleece Baby

    That’s the sickest thing i’ve ever seen in my life!

  • Mara

    The State of California is bankrupt so she and family better hightail it back to Iraq–with their young tribe with mental, psychological, and physical handicaps–since it is now sitting on billions of American taxpayer dollars thanks to the evil administration of Bush and Cheney.

    Wonder how much some worthless media outlet paid for this disgusting photo. There is nothing natural about this story from her plastic surgery to resemble AJ, reproducing 14 children in the span of seven years like a female dog in heat, and expecting strangers to support those children but not the sperm donor.

    Hopefully, the entire family, sperm donor, the doctor, the clinic, and the medical staff at Kaiser who are condoning this woman’s diminished thought processes and lack of common sense are being investigated and their licenses are revoked, too.

  • Ha!

    Too Funny! I actually saw the interview. And her parents don’t have anything bad to say about her or her upbringing, her mother just doesn’t agree with or understand the decision to have so many children. She doesn’t think that the doctor who did the IVF treatments is ethical.

    She said she worked double shifts, ironically, at her job as a nurse in a psychiatric facility and saved all her money to pay for the treatments. Not from welfare, people. Welfare wouldn’t be enough to cover it.

    She may be a whackjob, but her kids don’t deserve to be taken care of because of her? If they are disabled and she is unemployed for WHATEVER reason, they SHOULD be able to collect SSI and food stamps so those kids can survive. She’s an adult, I don’t care what happens to her, but it’s not her children’s fault that she’s nuts. Remember that.

  • aj

    I think its horrible that someone would allow her to keep these children. I hope all the media attention sparks Child protective Services to investigate. I hope tyhey realize that she is ill equipped to care for these children. BUT, you do have to take a step back and laugh at the whole thing. If you are an unfot provider and you draw all this attention to yourslef, its kinda like a crack dealer opening a “crack stand” out in his front yard…..

  • boogie

    OMG……I am speechless!

    This woman is nuts and the 8 babies do not deserve to be in her care!

    I believe what would be right is to have these babies adopted out to responsible, sane, loving and stable parents. I don’t believe she is capable of caring for 8 new babies in additon to her other 6. This whole scenerio is just unbelievable.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    Poor kids. She is living off of student loans! What a jerk!

  • Bubba

    Boy, I bet she whistles in a strong wind………

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she’s disgusting. these pictures are disgusting.. this whole octuplet thing is weird and disgusting. hahahaha
    i’ma go wack-off to these disgusting pictures now. peach n love bishes.

  • anna27

    OMG!!! a social worker should be doing sth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is not normal.

  • Lillianne

    Bubba, it took me a minute but I’m still laughing.

  • jesse

    those pictures is why I’m gay. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…that is just disgusting and monsterous , how can any man be attracted to this?! This pic is gonna make a lot of men jump out of the closet! Lol

  • Kimberly

    This woman is a total nut job. She’s obviously had a lot of cosmetic surgery to look like AJ and she’s having a bunch of kids to be like her too. And California gets to foot the bill for this woman. Great…that’s all we need with this economy.

  • wow

    she is horrible. do we really know that she had plastic surgery? b/c that would be…haha. what a joke. i don’t even know what else to say aobut her.

    what did bubba mean…?