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Orlando & Miranda: Sydney Sweethearts

Orlando & Miranda: Sydney Sweethearts

Miranda Kerr and boyfriend Orlando Bloom walk hand-in-hand as they board a plane from Sydney to Melbourne on Thursday.

The pretty pair is helping with a telethon to raise money for the victims of the South Australian bush fires. Megan Gale and Russell Crowe were also on-hand to pitch in for the relief effort.

Check out Orly manning the phones at the telethon!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, the Sydney sweethearts…

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Credit: BIG Australia; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • mika

    i was watching that i live in au. i donated $50.

  • Helen

    Orlando was so cute, declaring his love for Miranda on live television. But it was the Victorian bushfires that the telethon was for, not the South Australian (entirely different state).

    The RedCross are collecting any amount of money people can spare to help the people who lost everything:

  • wow

    it’s really cool that they helped.

    but her legs are gross. kaldjflj. bleh.

  • metoo

    I live in Aus too, the fires are actually in Victoria devastiatng destruction.

  • d

    It was really cute when they spoke about Miranda. She is one lucky girl to have her boyfriend talk that way about her on national tv! awww

  • sweet

    They were helping with a great cause.
    I would like to remind my fellow Americans that many Aussies helped us when we were hit with Katrina, Rita, Ike, etc. Please give back, and donate to the relief fund. I did.
    And yes, what he said about Miranda on the show was incredibly sweet. And it had the added bonus of shutting up some of the haters.:)

  • deja vu2

    It’s odd how they are physically ‘connected’ in these shots, but they look emotionally completely ‘disconnected’. It’s as though their minds are in completely different places. If this couple had been married for 20 years and were staying together for the sake of the kids, mutual friendships, because it was convenient and better than being alone or having to start all over again, then it would make sense to me. But that’s not the case. He goes from issuing some kind of statement or suggestion regarding his feelings for Miranda during a live telethon (to help the fire victims in Australia) to looking very distant a short time later. It’s strange. Well, that’s my opinion and perception, anyway. Maybe his mind is on the fires and devastation. That would make sense.

    Shoot me down and label me whatever, but I think Miranda looks very pretty in these pictures. Shoot me down again for saying that if I had her legs, you wouldn’t hear me complain.

    Hope they’re happier as a couple than they appear to be in these pictures. Orlando and Kate seemed oddly out of sync at times but were together for years. So, you can’t go by pictures alone.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugly couple.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    He looks soooooooooo good and was so sweet what he said in that interview

  • http://tuti75 arlene

    nicole kidman y keith urban donaron 500.000 a la causa

  • fashion

    what do people have against miranda? She is obviously dating orlando. can’t they see that this is a couple in love. it was nice to see him actually address her on television. he finally called her his girlfriend. about time. this is a couple in love. it is great what they are doing helping out like this.

  • fashion

    i think it is great what they are doing to help. it shows that they are both caring people. pictures do not always tell the whole story. maybe they were both thinking about the fire and were preoccupied with that. why do so many people have a problem with the two of them as a couple. i don’t think they look emotionally disconnected. some people sure have a problem with these two as a couple which i don’t understand.

  • Fleece Baby

    They’re sooo cute together. It’s good to know that people are helping those poor people who were harmed in the fires.

  • hey

    Can someone please write what he said about her on TV? for us that couldn’t see it on tv, thanks heaps

  • Amanda -australia

    I saw them on TV they were very cute, he said he loved Austrlaia because he loved our girl. All the Australian stars were fantastic. The bushfires are in Victoria…. even though Victoria is in the south of Australia… South Australia is an entirely different state.

  • @amanda -australia

    The only thing he said about her in that interview was that he was there to visit his girlfriend (her) on V-day and that he loved Australia AS did she. Not that he loved australia and her or because of her.

    Which he obviously does. Love her.
    I mean cant you just tell by the way these two are walking throug the airport, all in love and what not.

  • http://justjared hahaha

    I am loving the hater’s pain

  • amy23

    why do some models look like dudes??

  • @ hahaha

    “I am loving the hater’s pain”

    Karma takes A Very Dim View on Feelings Such As Yours!


    Why are people saying he loved her? he said nothing of the sort! he said, (after being asked about filming with Heath Ledger)……… “not only is my heart in Australia as it is with the young lady that’s there with you today”

    What did he actually mean by that? did he mean his heart is with Miranda? or that Miranda’s heart is with Australia as his his at the moment….a bit confuing I think and no reason for the shippers to start buying hats and holding baby showers!



  • yuck

    Orlando looks like a drowned rat with that hair, what a ninny. Miranda could do so much BETTER than Bloom in the looks department, yuck!

  • Me

    For people who want to watch a little part of the telethon with Orlando and Miranda here’s a link:

    And I’m not sure how people can say he said nothing about loving Miranda when he said, and I quote:

    “It’s very close to my heart, obviously, having my heart in the hands of an Australian”

    Usually when your heart is in someone else’s hands it means you love them.

    Anyways, enough of that, I think they’re adorable together.

  • ha ha

    His heart belongs to Eric Bana.

  • @20

    Go on, keep trying to convince yourself that he doesn’t care about her. Go on, keep making a fool of yourself. As another poster said, he stated in another interview that his “heart is in the hands of an Australian”. The are together, and he loves her. He said that clear as day. Now whether it is a love that will grow to marriage, we don’t know. But he does love her, no matter how much you try to deny it.
    Calm down. People who aren’t familiar with the names of the Aussie States may not know that there is a region called “South Australia”. And you have to admit that Victoria lies in the southern part of the continent. JJ didn’t mean to offend anyone, stop being so indignant.

  • @7

    They are confronted by paps, while walking through an airport on their way to a region devastated by one of the worst natural disasters on record, to help raise money for the thousands of displaced people, and the relatives of the hundreds of people who died, and you think that they look “disconnected”? How would you have them act? Exactly what did you expect them to do? Make out? Make googly eyes at each other? Dance a jig? What?

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she is sexy
    love the outfit, especially those skinny jeans =D
    i love miranda, she’s just way 2 cute
    and those legs!!!


    I wonder if Miranda’s bush is on fire?

    Love, like life, is highly overrated.

  • @28

    Bitter, party of ONE. Your table is ready.

  • @c’mon

    @25 This is all over the news, and many people got hurt. It is insane that he got the name wrong, how dense can you be. I really hope they donated some money to help insteady of promoting their showance.

  • quake

    It’s great of OB and MK to be taking part of that charity. And critics, don’t add color to it, they were there to help in a possible way they can and that’s what matters.

    OB fans should be happy that he’s doing a humanitarian act in an unexpected situation and critics must leave his girl alone!!!

  • lina

    awwww that is the cutest thing i have ever heard. orlando and miranda seem to be so in love and are such intelligent and caring people. so refreshing. to all the haters, check out some of the lovely comments that have been posted about miranda in this jj post:

    the fact of the matter is, despite nasty rumours, she IS a wonderful person.

    my thoughts go out to everyone in australia who has been effected by the recent tragedy.

  • deja vu2

    You sound upset about my observation and stated opinions. I merely made an observation that pertains to their body language. That’s all. I don’t “expect” anything from them except to look ‘connected’ enough as a couple so that if you used Photoshop to eliminate Miranda COMPLETELY from the pictures, she would actually be missed and Orlando would actually look as though he’s missing a REAL COMPANION. Key point: If Miranda were completely removed from these pictures, it wouldn’t make an ounce of difference based on Orlando’s physical demeanor and body language. The casual observer would never know it. It’s like she just isn’t even there as far as he’s concerned. That’s what I meant by ‘disconnected.’

    The devastation of the fires, as I clearly stated, could very well be a possibility for the lack of synchronicity I see, or the perception of them being ‘disconnected’ may just be my own personal perception. It’s not important. Orlando and Miranda know what they have and share, and as Miranda has said, their friends and family know the truth and that’s all that matters. If two people are secure in themselves and in what they are and in what they share, it shows and they can be completely as ease and relaxed in knowing what they know and feeling what they feel. What other people think is irrelevant – under those circumstances.

    Having said that, I stand by my observation: Remove Miranda using Photoshop, and you’ll see a very casual and somewhat sad looking Orlando Bloom walking through an airport. It won’t seem odd or look strange at all. He’d look completely natural, as though no one had ever been there to begin with. She would not be missed or appear to be missing – except for the blank space left by her removal from some Photoshop tool.

    Please don’t take my posts and observations personally. They’re just my opinions.

  • @31

    “quake off”

  • @lina

    “the fact of the matter is, despite nasty rumours, she IS a wonderful person. ”

    The fact of the matter is, the nasty rumors are true and she IS NOT a wonderful person. IMHO.

  • Jen

    umm Miranda, you can totally find a better guy than him!!!

  • bea

    Orlando’s visit to OZ to be with miranda coincidentally became on good purpose. Definitely his presence during the telethon made an impact.

    And it seems that orlando has an affinity to OZ even before miranda,
    ned kelly, worked with australian actors, visited OZ while kate was filming superman returns. There’s somehow a connection.

    It’s funny that miranda looks taller than orlando on the pics above lol

  • andamentothat

    As an Australian, the bushfire tragedy is overwhelming. I cannot believe that a tragedy of such magnitude happened partly because of some dastardly creatures.. Just wrong.. I am thankful that people like Orlando are doing their bit to help.. The people in Victoria and South Australia can definitely use it.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    These HOMO-SEXUALS need a woman to controle their private life, folks!!

  • …straight from the

    horse’s mouth” and still some don’t believe it.

    IMHO – When he said what he said on tv he seemed genuine and sincere and convinced me that he loves her. ..but, what does he care about convincing me.

    IMHO – they seem very much in love and happy with each other.

    @dejavu2 – IMHO the “disconnection” you see is a couple trying to catch a flight with people with cameras watching and taking pictures of their every move. I don’t think I would be doing anything but just what they’re doing…I might look “disconnected” but it would not mean I didn’t love, have a lot in common with, have wild monkey sex with, who I was with. It would just mean I’m trying to catch a flight and am guarded because there are people jumping in my face taking pictures.

    Now, on a much more important note, us here in the path of Katrina, and many more of her kind, have not forgotten how Australians and people all over the world reached out to us. We’re sending money and our hearts to you.

  • loon

    These two ugly people are back again on their showmance… Even dared to use the telethon to showcase their fake relationship!!! What a shame!!!

  • @41

    Go ahead, keep trying.
    The more you try to spin, the more you make me laugh.
    Come on, you can do it. You have had lots of practice making up insane theories. Don’t let a little thing lik etruth get in your way.

  • alex

    Omg its NOT South Australian Bushfires its VICTORIAN Bushfires thankyou very much. These Fires are near MELBOURNE. While you americans and what not drool over orlando some people are actually suffering. I live in Melbourne and know ppl affected by the fire. Maybe you tools should give money to us ey?

  • anon

    it was victoria you idiots, just showing how much the world actually cares, doesnt it

  • @43

    You came her to drool over Orlando, too. If all you cared about was your poor suffering countrymen, you wouldn’t be wasting your time here, now would you?
    Get off the computer and drive to the nearest relief shelter and make yourself useful, instead of coming here to complain. Use Orlando’s example, and DO SOMETHING!

  • e!

    #21- I totally agree!

  • kath

    jared, as many have stated, victoria not south australia. get your facts right!

  • Megan

    The fires are in Victoria which is entirely different state. Please be aware that these fires are not in South Australia.

  • sonia

    It’s really great what OB and MK have done in order to help..

    And they really look good together!!!

  • blair

    They seemed really in love at the telethon last night, its so fantastic to see both of them give up their time and volunteer to help all those people devastated by the fires. I think they’re a gorgeous couple and Miranda is just a natural beauty. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban donated $500,000 which is amazing. 7,000 people are homeless and 180 people dead, its so amazing to see Australia pull together like this and donating so much, especially with the economy the way it is.

    To donate to the VICTORIAN Bushfires