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Robert Pattinson: Twilight Director's Diaries!

Robert Pattinson: Twilight Director's Diaries!

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke gives EW a first look at her diary from the smash hit in this week’s issue – and talks about why she left a franchise she loved.

She had been negotiating a way to direct the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer‘s monster-selling sequel New Moon, and the talks had reached the breaking point. Summit Entertainment offered her a queenly sum to resume her place at the helm – “more money than I or anyone in my family has ever seen,” says Hardwicke – but told her she’d be working with a tight deadline and a modest budget.

Regretfully, she told the execs they needed to find themselves a new director. “I was devastated,” she says. “I really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked the movie – and to Stephenie and the actors. But I just didn’t think I could make a good movie under those circumstances.”

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Hardwicke first began discussing Twilight: Director’s Notebook with Meyer‘s publisher last summer, and then Twilight went on to gross over $350 million worldwide (so far). “When the movie made enough money, they thought it was worth it,” says Hardwicke. “They said, ‘Now you have three and a half weeks to do it!’ And I was like, Okay, I’m just going to keep writing until they rip this out of my hands!”

New Moon is already deep into pre-production under new director Chris Weitz but Hardwicke notes the irony that her replacement is enjoying a better deal than she’d been promised. “I know the budget they were talking about with me – they’ve already gone way beyond that,” she said. But she’s done nursing her broken heart. “I’m optimistic that it’s going to be great, and I’m sad that it didn’t work out for me to do it,” she said. “But I’ll do something else cool.”

Hardwicke‘s diary includes Kathy‘s original watercolor of Edward with long hair and brown contacts: “I thought he would look good with long ‘timeless’ hair, so Rob [Pattinson] spent 8 hours in the chair. Nicole Frank, assistant hair stylist, put in extensions. Rob HATED them. The next day Nicole yanked them out and she and MaryAnn and Rob started working on the now-famous Edward hairstyle.” More at

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  • megyn

    hmmm, sadly i have to admit – after reading the books, i’m positive the film could have been muchhhh better. plus i’m excited to see what chris is going to bring to the next film. switching directors isn’t all that bad, look at harry potter, each film gets better and better!

  • noelle

    I really don’t understand what’s so beautiful on this guy…he looks like he stopped a bus with his face! :)

  • indiesr

    Twilight could have been better. Lets see how Chris does in the director seat, I hope alot better with New Moon.

  • lily

    Twilight was ok i loved it !
    i cant wait to see New Moon and how the new directer Chris is going to do.

  • Io

    twilight sucks

  • Jennifer

    I don’t get wy she has to work with a ‘modest budget’ if this movie made so much money!

  • Bubbaness

    I think her interpretation of the story was abysmal and the franchise is better off without her.

  • jaye

    He looks like he should have played a werewolf rather than a vampire.

  • Trace

    I say Twilight was good for what they were dealing with. They had a modest budget, limited resources and yada yada yada. It is sad when a director takes a stand for what they know they can do but people want to limit them and their creativity. However, I am optimistic that Chris will do a good job and hopefully they will stay as true to the book as possible. Obviously Rob Pattinson won’t be seen much in New Moon, or they could put him in it by showing what he is really doing while he is away from Bella. That’s the only way I see them putting him in more scenes.

  • zup

    # 2
    maybe a bus should be stopped by your face

  • stella

    okay….i don’t get it….why bother her the more money???
    i really don’t understand what change if she earn a lot of money….she’s still the director…and everything…
    but i can’t wait to see the new moon too! i hope the new director will make a good work!

  • sue

    I suspect this is a face saving excuse. They gave her a low budget so she had to say no because they didnt want her. I’m glad she’s gone. Rob looks mega hot on the cover. Like a young Wolverine.

  • zup

    well this sh*t rocks. that’s what matter
    and go away ~forever, Catherine

  • Wondering

    If it was more money then she ever needed and she was so saddened about it, why didn’t she put some of her pay towards it? :P

  • noelle

    I was just expressing my opinion, so don’t get all jerky on me just because you feel about him differently!

  • q

    robert pattinson suck ass hahahah and fuck twilight

  • CHH

    Oh, Noelle, don’t you realize that no one is allowed to have any kind of negative opinion of Twilight or anything related to it? Don’t you know that Twilight is the artistic pinnacle of our civilization and everything else is just downhill from here? Have’t the billions of “TWILIGTH IZ THE BEST!!!!!!” and “PEOPLE HWO H8 TWILGHT R JES JELLUS!!!” comments been enough to convince you that Meyer’s work is the greatest thing ever?

    That said, I remember the days when EW used to have good looking covers. Those days are obviously past.

  • Hmmm

    Twilight was a rushed movie, I hope this next one is much better!!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “A FRED” or a “JENNIFER”instead of an oscar?
    ………….VOTE FOR IT, folks!!

  • noelle

    well said!:)
    and no, I’m still not convinced it is anything other than average…average books and and even worse than average film…but who knows, maybe the next one will be worth watching! :)

  • Elle

    Perfect books. I love Twilight movie either and i’m very excited with new moon movie ;)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    new moon is being rushed waaaaaay more than twilight. don’t get your hopes up. lol

  • daisy

    Yes, but New Moon has a better director and a bigger budget. Should help immensely!!!

  • Lucas

    well the movie blew, the books suck so whatever. I don’t really care that it changed directors. but what kills me is that they wanted to pay her a small fortune to do the task but give her crap money to make it. is I was Catherine I would say yes. on the condition that they give me half that money (maybe less that), put the rest in the budget and make it up to me with a cut of the box office, dvds etc.

    but apparently Catherine didn’t love the gig enough to think of that.

  • lakers fan in boston

    why 3 and a half weeks…..
    thats barely nothing compared to the time most movies take

  • M

    The movie was so much better than the book!

  • Fleece Baby

    What a shame that she’s not continuing on with the series.

  • Jen

    Im glad she’s off because twilight suckedddd! Im excited to see what Chris does

  • abilen

    i love robert ERES GENIAL i am from argentina
    you are beutifull .Never saw a movie like this one
    i wish a lot to know you

  • abilen

    hi , i love robert . you are beatifull.
    never saw a movie like this one .
    i wish a lot to know you robert

    bay bay

  • Jim

    Rob Pattinson is now a big movie star and YOU are NOT! So, if you love him like me, we are fans; if you don’t, I really dont think he (or we) care! Sorry to be harsh, but some of your opinions are just stupid.

  • donna

    He’s only a looker on the movie.


    The book was very good, iM SOOOOO HOOKED the movie, i loved it but I WANTED MORE OF THE BOOK not enough of them together like the book so, but maybe Chris will surprise us all, i can’t wait, he always has somthing UNDER that sleeve of his, even if its a romance action movie, I have trust. CANT wait

  • Courtney

    I am a huge fan of the twilight series, but the movie was such a disappointment! It was really laughable – I keep going back to try and watch it again but it ends in the same result. Hopefully the new director will be able to capture the characters in a more indepth way.

  • bebe

    twilight movie, with limited budget, is a good movie. it’s entertain and it’s so light, people love it because it’s like something can be happen in life, when 2 opposite falling love and happy ending. i never really understand why people said it’s sucks movie, it’s definitely an entertain movie. robert and kristen doing their best to captured the moments and i just believe they were actually falling to the story personally, they have great chemistry.
    so, let chriz weitz who will filming new moon get his chance, let us, fans of the books and movie get relax little bit, what i am worried about is summit as their franchise, could they keep their promise to fans who absolutely millions in whole world. could they make it on schedule and all the sequels, twilight gain 350m usd, so, it’s big money, i hope summit spending much for the sequels to save the fans satisfied or never see this movie ever again…

  • http://justjared dee

    i REALLY loved twilight!!!!!!!!
    it was such an amazing movie but there are soooo many things from the book which were left out and done differently and i really think that it should have been more like the book!! but the actors that were chosen (ROBERT AND KRISTEN) were PERFECT for the part!!
    cant wait too see what the new director does, hope he does more with the next one, i really love NEW MOON!!!

  • Coco

    Umm exuse me all you Twilight haters, nobody really cares what you think. If you think Robert looks like some ugly beast, go ahead and think that. If you think that the Twilight series sucks and the movie stank even more, go ahead and think that too. It doesn’t really matter because no matter what you say, all those Twilight obssessed fans will still love it anyways. So really, what’s the point in writing what you think when nobody wants your opinion in the first place?

  • Coco

    Oh and by the way, Robert Pattinson is f**king hot

  • Jennifer

    I have read all the books and I must say that I think that they could have done a much better job with the movie. Sticking to the actual story in the book would have made the movie so much better. After saying that, I did like the movie, but I am hoping that they stick more closly to the book when it comes to New moon. Plus Robert Pattinson is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!

  • fangirl1123

    TANNING?!! i do NOT think he would be good for riley!! ive heard about this guy Ross Gill. he would be way better for the part and actually looks bellas age! and is way hotter!!

  • Cullencousin

    My personal take is Summit needed to do the sequel fast — while the iron’s hot (so they say). And that’s just somehow logical while risky.
    I also think that Direction could have been better on Twilight. When you watch the Director’s Comments with Pattinson and Stewart co-commenting, you’d notice a lot of things they seem to question about how the film was made. Nevertheless, the book made us curious about the movie (and personally, its making me curious about its sequel). It was also the book that made Edward, and Pattinson bringing life to Edward — that too is somehow, and partly Hardwicke’s hand dipping into the visualization of the character. However, I still feel that Meyer could have pushed it a little more. Edward Cullen is an amazing character with immense possibilities. After all, he’s lived over a 100 years.

  • Anna

    it’s because your brain was stopped by a bus. His face is perfectly fine!