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Debra Messing: Starter Wife Canceled!

Debra Messing: Starter Wife Canceled!


Debra Messing‘s miniseries-turned-TV-series, The Starter Wife, has been canceled!

USA Network tells EW that Starter Wife was a “critical and creative success,” pulling in just an average of 2.4 million viewers each week. The network added that the Dec. 12 season finale served as a “satisfying conclusion” to the franchise.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of The Starter Wife‘s cancellation? What kind of work would you want to see Debra Messing in next??

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  • Shakira

    Love her. I want to see her in anything. Bring back Will and Grace.

  • Shakira

    Love her. Put Debra in anything. Bring back Will and Grace.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be sure: I DON’T CARE AT ALL, folks!!

  • Harry

    WTF, they are crazy for canceling the show.

  • mike

    number 3 we dont care about you at all!!!! :)

  • Katy

    I think it’s great. The show sucked.

  • Steph

    WTF, no way! I loved her in The Starter Wife! Oh, well. Maybe they could have her make a guest appearance on Eric McCormack’s new show or something! That’d be funny. =)

  • click

    never heard of the show… so yea good thing its gone lol.

  • Ava

    Love her. She is so talented at being “over the top” and and can play vulnerable well, too. She is very charismatic and grabs your attention in any scene she is in. Loved her in The Wedding Date and Will and Grace.


    The starter wife is one of my favourite shows on TV. It is smart, whitty and modern. I Loved it . For shame.

  • a total fan

    Never watched the show. So I guess I really don’t have anything to say about it.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    seriously.. that show sucked ass.. it had no following whatsoever. she shouldnt do anything.. just take some (a lot) of time off…cause she’s not very good.

  • tootie

    The show was good. Sad to see it go

  • Shopping27

    The movie was great- The show Sucked!

  • me

    I never saw the show because I thought the mini series sucked. I thought her acting was extremely mediocre, which is odd, usually she’s great.

  • me

    I never saw the show because I thought the mini series sucked. I thought her acting was extremely mediocre, which is odd, usually she’s great.

  • paul bart

    I didn’t see the show but it sounds like a funny and realistic premise. Perhaps they can make a TV movie about it. Of course there are lots of reality shows about housewives now anyways.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i only watched it a few times, i actually thought it was a pretty good show
    altho it did have it’s corny parts about it…

  • christine

    NOOOO i freakin loved this show!

  • elanenergy

    Terrible show—some good actors, but horrible writing, story lines….the worst. Good riddance.

  • Louisa

    I liked this show. I’m surprised it’s being cancelled. Although I don’t know what good ratings are for USA (cable channel). There are shows on network tv that have lower ratings that are still on. The season finale wasn’t satisfying. I want to know what happened to Joan.

  • Fleece Baby

    I never watched thr show..was it good??

  • Fe

    Oh man. I loved that show. And i dissagree the last episode didn’t clear everything up….geez…

  • macca

    I’m really bummed… I didn’t miss an episode, even if I DVR’d it on occasion… I did watch eventually.

    It was funny and clever… very entertaining, and Messing was wonderful.

  • Jade laurence

    Thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was getting so sick of seeing those adds!

  • Jade laurence

    Thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was getting so sick of seeing those adds!

  • Raphael

    If the network is canceling it because it times to move on and not because of their network’s image or low ratings, that’s good. More shows should be like that.

  • Seraphina

    Starter Wife was such a good show. Funny yet full of drama. I dont remember what the December 12th show was though. How did it end.
    If this had been on a primetime network it wouldve been a real hit.

  • informed nica

    The best place for her is at home where she will only annoy her family.

  • leonor

    its a shame, they always cancel the good series

  • palmspringsliving

    aw, i sort of liked this show.

    i’m going to miss it because of her hot gay friend. what’s his name?

  • jasmine

    I find her so annoying. She is a one-trick pony. Always plays the same part with the same mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. She tried films but they all flopped. She should stick with the Lucille Ball shtick on another TV series.

  • flora

    the miniseries is so good. it’s a shame that they bring it back but end it so fast

  • just me

    I tried to watch this when it first came on but I thought it was HORRIBLE! Good riddance.

  • AM

    I adore her. The series just didn’t have an audience on USA. Hope she does something else soon

  • barzzini

    I loved the mini series but after Stephen Moyer left i lost interest.

  • win

    i dont know how someone so ugly can get a tv series in the first place

  • seriously

    Debra Messing is NOT ugly. I can’t say the same for you #37.

  • Bobby

    They keep crap like “Two And A Half Men” on for an eternity and shows that are actually written well, acted well and are entertaining get cancelled.

    It’s time those that program television get replaced.

    Starter Wife was a good show and deserves more.

  • PR0N

    I wish she’d move to pR0n!

  • benitodelicias

    that’s sad…it was a good show…

  • Mark

    THANK GOD … I like watching USA network for Burn Notice, Monk and Psych as well as syndicated reruns of NCIS and House … but I came to dread watching that channel for the incessant commercials promoting this whiny , shrill show … if I heard that annoying “how you can you eat ribs while you’re ruining my life” commercial one more time I think I would shot my television.

  • lbivona

    I can’t believe that they cancelled this show. I think it just needed some more time. It was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It was witty, sarcastic and real. The characters reminded me of some of my own friends. something for all to relate to and great fashion. I hope another network picks it up soon

  • Ron

    Great show. Sorry it ended. There is very little to watch on TV today and I am not sure why some people were so critical in their feedback. Perhaps they are not the target audience? Perhaps they are too unsophisticated? The show was fun, suspenseful, charming, sexy and witty. People in Hollywood/LA do live a very different life than in other areas of the country. The fantasy/dream scenes were too funny. I am truly sorry to see the show go. Debra Messing is hilarious and this was the perfect show for her. I am disappointed and feel that a longer season would have allowed the show to take hold.

  • Kendall williams

    I think it sucks that this show was canceled, just as it was getting good and picking up momentum, the networks can it. I hope there is a way that they can change their mind about this, as this was one of the best shows to come on the tube in a while. Debra Messing is one of the best comedic actresses.

  • EC

    in Phoenix, the second season didn’t even come on until 11pm … I usually caught the rerun or watched it on the internet. Timing is everything TV folks!

    That said, I’m not sure where the story could have gone (Molly meets a hot warden while visiting Joan in prison?).

    I’ll miss Molly’s fantasy sequences.

  • mekmek

    WTF, cancelling that show is nuts!! The storyline, characters and actors are a thousand times better/more interesting than (now)-boring trash like Desperate Housewives/Ugly Betty etc.
    Oh it had to be expected. I blame the plebs for being too dumb to appreciate something slightly up from the usual BS out there.

  • squiglejay

    Are they crazy!!! That was the best show on right now!

  • Cat

    I want it back please – I was waiting to see the next season.

  • crystal

    The Starter Wife was a great show and usa sucks for ending it so soon! Debra Messing was perfect for Molly and the other cast members were fabulous as well! I love cop shows but a little variety would be nice. Bring it back usa!