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Aishwarya Rai Hearts Pink Panther

Aishwarya Rai Hearts Pink Panther

Aishwarya Rai gets up close and personal with the Pink Panther at a photocall for Pink Panther 2 as part of the 2009 Berlin Film Festival at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, Germany on Friday (February 13).

The 35-year-old Bollywood actress held up a heart and wished everyone a Happy Valentine’s day!

Aishwarya had a great time on the film, saying, “It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s innocent fun. I’m glad I was part of this film!”

50+ pictures inside of Aishwarya Rai hearting Pink Panther…

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aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 01
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 02
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 03
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 04
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 05
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 06
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 07
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 08
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 09
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 10
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 11
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 12
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 13
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 14
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 15
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 16
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 17
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 18
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 19
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 20
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 21
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 22
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 23
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 24
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 25
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 26
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 27
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 28
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 29
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 30
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 31
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 32
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 33
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 34
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 35
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 36
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 37
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 38
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 39
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 40
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 41
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 42
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 43
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 44
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 45
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 46
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 47
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 48
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 49
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 50
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 51
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 52
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 53
aishwarya rai hearts pink panther 54

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
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  • thats_right

    Angelina Jolie VS Aishwarya Rai

    they are both gorgeous

  • Hey…

    Looking a lil’ Gollum-ish again…she’s usually gorgeous!
    And why do they keep puttin her in those dreadful suits for the promotion of this film??

  • palvasha

    ppl she is wearing them cos they r baggy she is hiding her new belly, she is pregnant

  • Maria (Shorty)

    She is just soooo gorgeous!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    palvasha: What great news! Very happy for her!! Thanks for the info.

  • Rita

    hmmmm nice hair!

  • susanist

    Is somebody actually comparing Angelina Jolie to Aishwarya Rai? Incredible. Nothing really against Jolie but Aishwarya Rai is worshipped by many Indians as the avatar of LAKSHMI the Goddess of Beauty. Jolie would never have won Miss World and is nowhere in the vicinity of Aishwarya Rai’s beauty. When there’s an Indian ‘Best of’ it usually holds that its the best in the World.

  • NativeNYker

    This movie will likely bomb but she is a beauty queen!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Why do we have to compare Angie and Aishwarya at all. They are both beauties in their own right. Stuff like this is just so dumb!

  • Babygirl

    I agree with you “susanist”! She’s a beauty and Angie would never ever be considered to win Miss World. Angelina is quite pretty but Aishwarya is gorgeous. Is that true, she’s pregnant? it’d be awesome! I especially love her eyes and her skin and her HAIR! too beautiful!

  • Aly


    Look at that face.

    She truly is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!

  • diane

    Am i the only who thinks this woman is not that pretty…….she’s pretty but best in the world……..OH HELL NO, not with that squished face.

    Looks like someone pushed tope of her head and chin together.

  • voe

    Comparing beauties of different races is first of all ridiculous. Just because we should do away with racism we should not be foolish enough to believe that beauty of an Indian or a Chinese fit the definition of beauty of a Caucasian. If that were the case this is too boring a world to live in.
    Rai, with her current look, does not look quite Indians. The Indians I work with and have seen look not even close to her. They have many beauties nonetheless. Rai however is too Caucasian-ized (for lack of better word). Her look has changed much over the years.

    She is beautiful unquestionably. But to say that because she is a former Ms. Universe, she is more beautiful than another beauty is illogical. For once, there are many beautiful girls who didn’t or don’t care to enter pageants. There have also been Ms. World, Ms. Earth, all sort of Ms competitions and many have been crowned in the years following Rai’s winning title. Are they all less beautiful than Rai?

    I know some of you will call me a loonie for saying this but it is my personal opinion (which by the same right you used to post yours that I post) that Jolie, despite her skinny arms and legs, despite her lack of hips, despite of whatever flaws others see in her physique, has that irresistible charm so rarely seen and the lusciousness that innately attracts the opposite sex, and even the same sex. I have seen these qualities on but a few women in my long life. Because their physiques don’t fit the ideal sexual goddess build that other women feel they are undeserving of the men’s lust. But men don’t lust after unappealing creature.

    Rai simply doesn’t have that charm and lusciousness.

  • voe

    By the way, I saw this movie, and as much as I like Steve, the movie is lame. Rai isn’t a stand-out, neither for beauty nor acting.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    How can we possibly celebrate when she is not her by my side?

  • palvasha

    well im not her relative to know for sure she is pregnant but thats what the indian media say

  • blah girls

    Freida Pinto > this girl, but India sure does make them pretty!

  • dia from mirza

    Palvasha , you are so wrong !! She is not pregnant at all , after the promotion of “The Pink panther 2″, she have to return to india to continue to film her film “Ravana” and after that she have to begin an another indian film !!! A baby is not for soon , she have the right to wait , its her life !! Because of what she wears and the weight she gained , your pathetic conclusion is that it is pregnancy !!! Its so ridiculous !!

  • dia from mirza

    Palasha, i know this is what the desi media is saying for over 2 years now , and all the time is not that !! The indian media are very lame , they constantly making lies and cheap story ! I just don’t beleive them anymore , don’t give attention of what they saying !! By the way , Hi !! its nice to see , here , someone like you !

  • dia from mirza

    Voe , as much i respect your opinion !! You are so insecure of what you saying !! Making a long text is not serious and the truth reality !! You are very ridiculous , if you think , that compared two beauty of different race its so wrong !! Its not !! I am myself indian , and when i look at Aishwarya Rai , i see a a wonderful indian woman , with of course , light eyes , a bit light skinned , but nothing like West , as you said !! Her face and body sream INDIAN to the face of people !! She is mixed , yes , but nothing more ! And yes , she does have charm , curves , and talent !! She is just gorgeous !!

  • Ashley

    GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! she is toooo stunning! how can one woman be so perfect? the most beautiful woman there is no doubt about it! absolutely flawless

  • wow

    She looks stunning!

  • wow


  • frefre

    Loveeee her eyessss!

  • frefre

    yeahh freida is also pretty but aishhwaryaa is stunnniggg!

  • thats_right

    #7 don’t forget how much make up Aishwa has on her face I love Ash dearly, but Angelina is a sex symbol of the entire planet.

  • voe


    I am as secure of what I’m saying as you are of yours. I respect the fact that you are Indian and your view of Rai’s beauty. But that does not make my opinion of her Westernized beauty insecure.

    I see women from my country beautiful constantly, whether they have Westernized beauty–big round, clearly double lidded eyes, tall noses, etc–or Asian beauty. The fact that I see them beautiful simply means I have national pride, race pride. The fact that I don’t simply means that I have a variety of definitions for beauty.

    What do you want me, or others to say, that she is the most beautiful women in the world. Sorry I don’t think so. I said Rai is beautiful. The true reality is that people define beauty differently.

    By the way, some think short text is sufficient to support their opinions, some don’t. Please keep your mind open if you are asking others to be so. And keep in mind, your true reality isn’t necessarily others’.

  • sweetie

    She’s so beautiful! :-)
    Is she really pregnant? If so, congrats! :-)

  • Acne

    I love the pink panther

  • Mikemike

    This woman is too beautiful. I don’t know about the most beautiful in the world, seeing as how no one has seen every woman in the world, but she is truely stunning. Angie is also pretty but I no longer see her as sexy. She does nothing for me.

  • roja

    I completly agree with Voe, she’s beautiful but I prefer the natural beauty of AJ, Aish has something wrong on her face but I don’t know what

  • Kay

    I think she’s much more beautiful than Angelina, that’s for sure.

  • Fleece Baby

    Why so much about Pink Panther 2??

  • Jennifer

    Roja, AJ is NOT natural. She had a nose job and chin implant.

    Rai is natural and that’s why she looks weirder with time. As time goes on her nose becomes more and more hooked and her face is becoming rounder.

  • lil

    wow she is beautiful…look at that purple skin, that droopy nose…wow….nice(not)
    please don’t compare angie(white) to aish(dark skin)
    as they say no matter how much they try(black), they can never be as good as the white!!!!!

  • persian_goddess

    VOE, if Rai’s looks are westernized then Jolie’s looks are easternized. She doesn’t look like your typical white/Caucasian woman. With her oversized eyes and lips, she can pass as Persian! She looks similar to Claudia Lynx.

    On the other hand, Rai actually does look Indian; her aquiline nose, stocky face and oversized eyes give it away. Her native country is made up of 3 races and hundreds of ethnic groups so the group you see at work is necessarily reflective of all parts of India.

  • hannah

    Most beautiful person ever. Wish she would wear a dress though.

  • perpetua

    She is exceptional! I loved Bride & Prejudice~ Fun Valentine’s movie if you haven’t seen it yet!

    No LIfe …Without Wife lol

  • mademoiselle

    I’m indian. The only reason Ash is famous or loved in india is because she looks like a whitegirl.
    Yes, there are indian folks with fair skin and light colored eyes, but it’s extremely uncommon. Why do indians keep trying to shove this girl into the limelight? I think they secretly have a yen to be caucasian.
    Sure she’s extremely pretty, big eyes, small nose and big lips but her face IS a little squished looking and there’s this vein in her forehead that is very distracting (Dhoom 2). She has zero acting talent and no screen presence. Madhuri, Bipasha, Priyanka and YES Angelina are way more beautiful then she is and talented too (while Bips isn’t a megatalent she’s at least equal to Ash in the acting dept). But many indians still buy into that white skin = beauty mentality.
    Thank goodness for Freida, hopefully she’ll give covergirl or is it revlon? loreal? and the media someone else to focus on! At least she’s a closer representation of indian beauty.

  • voe


    I worked with several Persian women myself and have met many, I don’t see the resemblance between Jolie and the Persians. I have seen Claudia’s pics, and also saw no resemblance.

    I worked with Indians whose eyes are gray, pale blue too. One told me he came from a region bordering Russia. His skin tone was definitely Indian. I know there are more than one look for Indians and some even have lighter skin. But Rai does look more Westernized than even the high school or college Indian girls born and raised here in the US.

  • j

    lil..ur a racist piece of shit…whites arent the best race around..pull ur head out of ur ass

  • j

    she is beautiful..ive seen her in real life and she looks EVEN MORE beautiful in person..such a lovely woman as well..sparkling personality!

  • dia from mirza

    Hey ” Mademoiselle” , what a shit hipocrite , you are!! The famous Madhuri Dixit is even more white with light hazel eyes , so what are you talking about !! Bipasha Basu is a true beautiful indian girl , but with no talent and she is so ashamed of being dark , that shes uses fairness cream and she also wears colored contact and lenses !! So please don’t talk about these two wannabe !! There many westernised woman in india (bollywood) and Aishwarya is definetly a indian woman with a another origin (western) but i repeat again , you must to be blind , because her face and body scream , very indian features , beside the light eyes and light skin !!

  • preety

    hey every1 she isn’t pregnent, dats a fake news spreading all over, she has 6 movies cumin in the next 2 yrs nd she hav already signed them so she is not pregnenet , dats untrue, but may b after 3-4 yrs she wud luv to hav a baby,,,,,,,,BUT NOT NOW, let her rule the world till then and by the ways she looks sooooooooo gorg. as ever

  • mademoiselle

    hey dia what a f***ing moron u are. look up hypocrite in a dictionary, i don’t think u know the meaning of the word. the “famous” madhuri has talent in spades and she does not have hazel eyes u moron. the only reason i mentioned those ladies is because they deserve to be here representing in india more then this gori lookin glorified model. now run along and put on ur ponds lightening creme and leave the posting to the big kids.

  • katrina

    OMG… aishwariya is so beautiful and innocent

  • swapna

    she issssssss jst sooooooooooo beautifullll…………………………………..
    iagree 2 dis fact dat her dress up is not so glamrous bt ……….
    ppl…………….pls agree 2 d fact dat whatever she wears she looks stunning………..