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Bar Refaeli is Lovely in Las Vegas

Bar Refaeli is Lovely in Las Vegas

Sports Illustrated cover girl Bar Refali (in Herve Leger) arrives at a launch party for the magazine’s 2009 Swimsuit Issue held at the LAX nightclub inside the Luxor Casino Resort in Las Vegas on Thursday (February 12).

Joining the 23-year-old at the private party, which was sponsored by SoBe Lifewater, were a bevy of fellow swimsuit model beauties. Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio did not make an appearance, letting Bar enjoy the spotlight on her own.

25+ photos of Bar Refaeli lovely in Las Vegas inside…

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Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated, SplashNewsOnline
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  • french


  • french

    Justjared is a site on stars , why this ugly fat / hypocrite/ bimbo girl is in this site?

  • french

    why you always put Leo’s name?

  • @2

    The answer is right there in front of you. Because she is Leo`s girlfriend. If you are a regular at this site you probably noticed that Jared never fails to identify her as Leo`s girl otherwise nobody would care or know who she is.
    Is it just me or her dresses are getting smaller each day?
    BTW I would have been shocked if Leo showed up at the event.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    SHES GORGEOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shes just becoming even BIGGER model now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Savannah

    Everyoneee has that dress. I reaaally like it! Christina Millian was just wearing it. In a different color, ofcourse.

  • french

    I wonder if she can breathe in this dress, she is so too small for her

  • palvasha

    gesile wanabe, she has fit body but she is got one ugly face, im sorry but she is no where near gesile and well done to gesile for leaving that jew loving leo and getting a hot guy. this girl can just deal with g’s leftovers lol

  • MLWfan

    She looks stunning. No wonder Leo is smitten with her! :D

  • Ava

    I am still not getting the supermodel popularity of her. I think she is pretty but so are many women. I don’t find anything extraordinarily beautiful about her.

    I am not jealous of her looks. Many women are that beautiful, but I don’t understand what sets her apart from the rest. I am not buying that it is Leo that sets her apart. She must have something that I am not seeing. She has a great body but a girl next door kind of pretty face. Nothing exotic about her looks. Her eyes are small and her face is long and flat. Not SI Cover Girl material IMHO.

  • h.

    She’s gorgeous people. That said, I am so ready for these “bandage dresses” to go out of style. They all look the same and they are all ugly. And Ava, it IS that body that sets her apart and why she gets the contracts she does. It’s phenomenal.

  • llk

    lisa rose, your comments always make me laugh… But you are right, she is becoming a well known model but ONLY BECAUSE OF Leo.
    How much longer do we have to read about her and her trashy mag cover???

  • Fred Smithson

    I’d say Bar is lovely wherever she happens to be

  • AManda

    She has a very average looking face. She’s not a supermodel per say. She’s not a fashion model. She’s a swimsuit model.

  • liza


    Letting bar enjoy the spotlight on her own… What a humiliating comment from just jared…

    The herve ledger dress she’s wearing seems too small for her chunky figure, not flattering at all…

  • Ava

    h. – I guess you’re right. She does have the perfect swim suit body and perfect modeling body, not too thin, great curves, and long waisted so she looks great in a bikini. Maybe the fresh faced, girl next door, sun-kissed look is a throw back to the Christie Brinkley days, too.

  • Sarah

    Looks like a whore.

  • ale

    Her arms and legs seem fat and short. That’s the main reason why she isn’t a fashion/runway model. And not having any fashion/runway shows is an indication that she’s not a real model.

    Look at those real models, they have class and elegance on how they dress and present themselves.

  • just me

    She has a nice body but a very generic, forgettable face. I guess there had to be something else that helped her to get that cover.

  • Callie

    liza @ 02/13/2009 at 10:04 am
    too small for her chunky figure,

    Are we looking at the same pictures? If she is chunky, who in your opinion is just right?

  • jsy

    She is not chunky but that`s not going to change the fact that her dresses and bikinis are always too small on her. On the other hand how else would she sell the magazine besides using her boyfriend`s name and her body?

  • Abbey

    I’ve seen her interview with letterman, my oh my bar looks fat to be a model, gross arms and legs, and girlfriend doesn’t even know how to walk like a model.

    I’d still prefer miranda cause she has a great body and sense of style imo, and is successful even before having a famous boyfriend.

  • made

    she is so disgusting I cant stand this she is the mosr disgusting and ugliest woman I have ever seeen I abhor she looks like like an alien even a disgusting alien is more and more beautiful than this stupid woman

  • lollipop

    Fat?! Are you all insane? She looks amazing. Her arms and legs look better than 98% of the population. What are you all? Cupid dolls!

  • thefatninja

    I like Bar. . . from the neck down. The face is eh. The airhead is a disgrace to Israel. Have you dudes heard her anti-Israeli comments? That she’d rather live in NYC instead? You guys can keep her!

  • h.

    Really, ale? Runway models, or “real models” as you call them, have class and elegance in the way they dress and present themselves? Have you ever actually seen pictures of runway models? Many, many of them go topless or completely see-through on the runways, and are half naked. That would depend on what season they are modeling for I guess. lol. Anyway, they are also almost always too thin and gaunt. This girl is MUCH better looking than most runway models. And ask almost any man and he will tell you he prefers this girl. Because guys like women without their bones sticking out.

  • LolaSvelt

    There should be a ban on Herve Leger dresses. They are so annoying!

  • Jordan


    Gooooo! Bar!

  • Halo

    Her again? I really don’t see why she’s getting so much attention. She has such an average face with an alright modeling career. She’s not Gisele Bunchen, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, or Naomi Campbell. She’s only getting this much exposure because she’s dating Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • Bar is definitely a favorite when it comes to guys but she is NOT a fashion model. I have seen videos and pictures of her on the runway and she does NOT look great on the catwalk at all. And probably that`s the reason why she barely does any fashion shows and has no high fashion contracts at all. So it`s always funny to read that she is a `supermodel`.
    After seeing/hearing her interviews I have to say she is even more disappointing.

  • tawi-tawi

    her eyes are so blank…

  • @30

    You are definitely right…

    JustJared simply loves model girlfriends of famous actors, but i’m not complaining with miranda, she has a cute pretty face as well as slim toned body and has a good sense of style. But, this bar girl is just simply not model material.

    And why on earth doesn’t she has any respectable fashion shows?

  • french

    #32 : she doesn’t has any respectable fashion shows because she is a very bad model and she’s ugly

  • vrinda

    she seems to be a real put on…


  • lily

    she is just on cover of one magazine that’s all. she thinks many people love her. she is ugly and not model at all. gisele, miranda, tyra, heidy were always on the cover of many magazines. Bar NOT!!!!
    she is not model to me sorry.

  • …2

    Nice body, but its not great for a “super”model, and definitely not a great face. There are a lot more prettier and interesting girls than her. The only things interesting about her are that she has an interesting first name and she’s dating Leonardo DiCaprio. She looks like she should be in a Land’s End catalog, not the cover of Sports Illustrated!

  • shialove!!

    i love her..look at her eyes her hair her body she is like an angel and what a body!!!!

  • shialove!!

    jealous people!!!!very jealous of her!!!!she is more pretty than all the anorexic like man catwalk models like the ugle agyness

  • Ava

    …….She looks like she should be in a Land’s End catalog, not the cover of Sports Illustrated!

    That is too funny! Mean, but funny!

  • Ava

    …….She looks like she should be in a Land’s End catalog, not the cover of Sports Illustrated!

    That is too funny! Mean, but funny!

  • lilly

    No, she’s not an anorexic stick person like most runway models. She looks healthy and fit., and beautiful.

  • lola

    my gosh! this bitch is everywhere! to celebrate herself because she’s almost naked on this cover of magazine for horny guys!

  • randa

    Given the fact that bar is not as successful as other models, but why oh why can some people cannot accept that she is leo’s girlfriend? Besides, what does it do to any of us who posts here if they are in a relationship or not?

    Tone down the hatred people. It’s unhealthy though!!!

  • barney

    Bar is definitely more beautiful and hotter than the anorexic miranda kerr. And stop comparing bar to miranda, cause bar is more successful than her and miranda is nothing compared to bar!!!

    Check your facts people before comparing models…

  • It`s true it`s not worth comparing Bar to any other models since the others actually have talent not just a famous boyfriend.
    I really would like her and Leo to break up and see how far she can get without his name continuously attached to hers.

  • Jen

    Bar is gorgeous and i agree with Barney, she looks way better than Miranda… Great figure, very fit…

  • still not impressed

    This is the best I’ve seen Bar’s face look which still isn’t saying much. I think it’s funny that Bar has to steal the poses of Gisele and Adrianna. I also think it’s funny that Bar is such a snob and thinks that people actaully care about her being on the cover. No one gives a crap! The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue used to be a very big deal but not anymore. It’s gone way dowon in influence. Bar is not going to be famous because of this.

    The terrorist lover Palvasha needs to go away!

  • @barney

    Is that what you call desperation?

    Or are you just implying the opposite? cause surely that’s how it looks like LOL LOL LOL

    My gosh bar is not halfway of what miranda has achieved!!!

  • d.kay

    Aniston, eat your heart out….this is the real girl next door beauty…and about 100 years younger!

  • d.kay

    She reminds me of the great Cheryl Tiegs….or a blonde Cindy Crawford