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Beyonce Wins NAACP Image Award

Beyonce Wins NAACP Image Award

Beyonce is all smiles at the 2009 NAACP Image Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Thursday (February 12) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old “Bootylicious” singer picked up the award for Outstanding Female Artist while Jamie Foxx won for best male artist, both of them beating out Chris Brown and Rihanna who were noticeably absent.

Slumdog Millionaire was honored with Outstanding Independent Film. Will Smith and Rosario Dawson picked up Best Actor and Actress for Seven Pounds.

30+ pictures inside of Beyonce @ the 2009 NAACP Image Awards

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Vince Bucci/Getty
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  • DEAD

    ugly b**ch

  • xenulovesme

    You’re the ugly one.

  • Industry Girl

    I love this woman….God Bless her!

  • Maleficent



    I am going to do a run by, and jack you for your earrings. Just thought you should know, honey. The dangly big sparkly ones. Prepare yourself.

    I’m coming for ‘em.

  • Babygirl

    ske likes to have that huge smile closing her eyes! cute. I don’t like the dresses but she still look attractive. She’s a great singer, dancer and performer. She totally deserves that award.

  • honey_12686

    she was stunning… as always… I like the way she wears her hair.

  • Luiza

    she looks so gorgeous *-*


    I think she is very fake and jelous of jennifer hudson.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    You know what is worse?

  • OMG

    That first picture of her wearing the peach color dress she looks like she’s trying to be Leona Lewis

  • Sarah

    Just gorgeous and very talented. She is who she is and that is why she is a superstar. She is not trying to be anyone except BEYONCE KNOWLES. The best body in entertainment-bootylicious!

  • Summer 08

    She is beautiful and very talented!!!

  • rhoniluv

    seeee. very nice bey. stick to what you are good at and what we fell in love with you for. picture perfect beauty pagent style. pish-tosh on all that modern, edgy, futuristic stuff. leave that too all those new & younger artist.

  • susanist

    Beyonce has absolutely no reason to be jealous of Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer is the second coming of Aretha Franklin, great voice and style. Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women to ever live who happens to be a talented artist and performer. When Jennifer loses her battle with the scales most of you singing her praises will forget her. Beyonce is going to be gorgeous for a long time and is now one of the most powerful women in the business. She’s moved ‘beyond’ her performance and recordings to become a business mogul in preserving the memory of legends, even like Etta James despite her comments.

    Beyonce has a Torch given to her by Tina Turner and that translates into world adulation and immortality.

    Jennifer Hudson is a sweetheart whose talents cannot be dismissed but much of what passes as her adulation is thinly disquised charity. She is having a tragic life during her climb to fame. The way her mother was murdered and the crime at her high school. People are right to pull for her. Do not confuse the issue though, Beyonce is a Superstar for far more reasons than singing or acting. No one accused Marilyn Monroe of being an actress, Beyonce is far greater in more places around the world than Marilyn could have hoped to realize.

  • susanist

    For all the haters of Beyonce here’s how it works. If Tina Turner is happy to be her role model and President Obama chooses her to sing specifically for his Inaugeral then who cares what a bunch of small-minded jealous anonymous cowards believe?

  • blah girls

    This is totes the look for her, she’s bursting w/ glamour!!!

  • cynthia

    omg she is so beautifull !!! LOVE HER
    GO BEYONCE!!!!

  • Ants

    Stylish, classy, and one of the best performers of our time.
    she is the only one good enough to play rules and sings tributes to such artists such as Tina Turner, Etta James, Diana Ross and Barbara Streisand and She did.

  • Hiro

    Beyonce’s climb to success was not through pity but through raw pure power and undeniable talent and good looks. Which is not what I can say about some so called artists. Like that chubby one what got kicked off idol and screams her wasy through performances…Johniffer Frog Face Hudson.

  • SL

    I love beyonce. Her performance was really good. It was touching.

  • angel

    She is the greatest.

  • lisa

    She is so pretty. I like these looks on her better than that over the top edgy stuff that Ritardanna wears.

  • love

    This woman is a class act!! and for the people who say shes fake..this woman has been around the music business around 12 years and still has been humble to everyone out there.

  • Fleece Baby

    She’s soo pretty and actually has real talent.

  • aww

    She is on top for working hard and working everday. She is consistant and persistant. Other artists are popular for pity reasons.. Jhud to name one.

  • um

    Ugly? no no… Jennifer Hudson, that is ugly. Ugly on the inside and out. Jennifer has no respect for those before her. Jennifer thinks screaming her way to the top makes her the new Aretha Franklin… I don’t think so, maybe just when it comes to looks.
    Jennifer and Aretha together at last.

  • Eyeseeu

    @ Susanist, you are delusional. Please! Beyonce is a beautiful woman and great entertainer, but actress she is not. Jennifer gets charity? I guess that’s why she was handpicked by the President to sing at the Democratic National Convention as well as the inauguration. Beyonce whored herself out, pleading on every media outlet possible for the President to even notice her. Let’s one. Jennifer Hudson doesn’t rest on her ability to show as much skin as possible without the FCC getting involved. She is beautiful in her own right (size, doesn’t equal beauty, niether does shaking one’s ass) Beyonce’s voice is hardly unique, but Jennifer’s cannot be disputed. You need to get your information straight. Talk about small minded, I’m sorry were you speaking about Beyonce who can barely string together a proper sentence, and Lord when she speaks, my ears bleed. Ghetto fab (I could care less if her father owned a Jag, he needed to pay closer attention to his wife, and finances than worry about a luxury car, that’s why he opted to pimp his children instead). As far as I’m concerned Beyonce needs a lot of public speaking training, and it wouldn’t hurt to get at least a high school diploma; seeing as how she wants to “be betta.”

  • jackie

    Beyonce is a Legend. Her music can never/will be replaced. Love her !

  • susanist

    Eyesee u is the wrong name because you see nothing. In America, actress means having a list of movie credits and yes, she is an actress. Nobody accused her of being a great actress. Stop throwing words like delusional around because you obviously don’t know the meaning. To get a clue just look in the mirror. How many movies has Beyonce been in now? How many have you been in? Always looking for flaws in successful people. Get a life you pathetic lump of jealousy.

    There are many people who get professional coaching. And the reason why major movies use British actors is why? What?
    Was marilyn Monroe and actress? Or was she a model who was cast in movies? She was an actress. For all your pathetic attacks notice that these blogs seldom follow Meryl Streep around.

  • susanist


    You lack the spiritual depth to understand why Beyonce was chosen to sing at the Inaugeral but here’s my attempt to clue you in. Its really very simple. President Obama likes Beyonce and think she’s hot. I could go deeper but as you seem just another simpleminded jealous hater of successful beautiful women you wouldn’t get it.

  • susanist

    One more thing. Beyonce understands her voice and allowed true criticism of it in her “Dreamgirl” role as this was exactly what happened to Florence Ballard in relation to Diana Ross. Berry Gordy was not looking for a church voice he was looking for a cross-over voice that would blend in for the Vegas-style nightclub. It took a tremendous amount of professionalism for Beyonce to take a role in which a character gave a true critique of her vocal limitations. They are the same as Diana’s and no one has ever accused Diana of being either Aretha or Patti LaBelle. But on the other hand they are not Diana either.

    Now if you could pull yourself away for your pathetic Blog hatred of gorgeous star jealousy you will recall I gave Hudson props. But when she follows Aretha’s lead people like you will not be talking about her anymore. Beyonce is following Lena Horne’s lead as a world class beauty but she’s also developing into a business power. Lena was not the greatest of singers either but she stayed goregeous and in fact is still gorgeous to this day.

    Beyonce is one of the world’s best and far more important people than you consider her to be. And its worldwide. This is a completely different category than what Jennifer Hudson is doing.

  • Brian

    Damn love this chick! Was blown away with halo performance! She looked amazing and was top game through out her career! BEST PERFORMER OF OUR TIME! There i said it.

  • elonge

    Bravo Susanist for the effort in educating the ignorant, pompous and jealous…who ever the hell that is. I am an African and it is thrilling how stars like Beyonce have inspired a whole generation of wannabe stars. Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful and talented girl but she has not yet validated herself as timeless- which is what Beyonce has done. Her personality departs from the sex-obsessed, self-serving and pornographic stars whose only talent but for appearing on the screen, is entangling themselves in disheartening stories of sex tape scandal and drug abuse, talkless of constant divorces. I human being should be disciplined and stars should be glittering objects in the sky to whom we can look up.

  • elonge

    Bravo Susanist for the effort in educating the ignorant, pompous and jealous…who ever the hell that is. I am an African and it is thrilling how stars like Beyonce have inspired a whole generation of wannabe stars. Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful and talented girl but she has not yet validated herself as timeless- which is what Beyonce has done. Her personality departs from the sex-obsessed, self-serving and pornographic stars whose only talent but for appearing on the screen, is entangling themselves in disheartening stories of sex tape scandal and drug abuse, talkless of constant divorces. I human being should be disciplined and stars should be glittering objects in the sky to whom we can look up.

  • Eyeseeu

    Okay Susanist aka Stalker/Stan, first jealous I am not. Although I have never been in a movie, nor do I have millions in the bank, I have many things to be proud of including the fact that I’m 28 years old, obtained a sound education (graduating with a master’s with a 3.9 GPA and preparing to commence my doctorate degree), a beautiful family, whom I’ve chosen to be a stay at home mother until I graduate this May and a loving husband, committed, hardworking “handsome” husband. Now let’s see, Beyonce is 27, does not have a high school diploma, nor can she even convince herself or other’s that her husband is even half way attractive. I don’t have to compete with Beyonce; there is no competition with her or anyone else. See, I’m not measured by my wealth. I find solace in doing for other’s being a member of the finest organization to serve my community Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, educating other’s on organ donation, and being a kidney donor myself. That’s just the beginning. Why isn’t okay to critique Beyonce? I don’t think Beyonce is a good actress and I don’t and will not apologize for that. You don’t seem to have much time on your hands, too busy chasing after Beyonce instead of living your own life. I said Beyonce is beautiful, and a great entertainer, but you seemed to agree a great actress she is not. She lacks the intellectual ability to truly tap into a character extreme opposite of herself. Honestly, every role aside from her latest acting attempt has involved a singing counterpart. All I was saying was don’t discredit Jennifer. Beyonce was envious of Jennifer’s ability to take a role which was not intended to be a breakout role and win an Oscar for it. She is the one who was banking on getting an Oscar from her role in Dreamgirls. She had starred in how many films and here comes Ms. Jennifer, a fish out the water and literally blows the roof off the ceilings. Come on! Give the woman some credit. On the President Obama gig, there is nothing you can say to convince the Beyonce was his first pick. She wasn’t! He made that very clear, he personally called Jennifer for both functions and that cannot be disputed, no matter how much you little heart desires. Yes, he likes Beyonce, but more importantly, he loves his wife so that’s a dead conversation. And no he doesn’t think she is hot, you do! I do know for a fact that he believes his wife can’t be touched, and he is not checking for Beyonce, but I can’t say the same for her or you for that matter. Before I finish reading you your rights you diminutive soul, you need to know that I put no one above me except for my Late Great Beautiful Mother, my family and God, so for your statement “……Beyonce is one of the world’s best and far more important people than you consider yourself, blah, blah, blah” – do us all a big favor find a rock and climb under it, I’ll never worship her more than I do my own being (or my family) you shouldn’t either. You keep obsessing over Beyonce and thinking about me because she nor I will be checking for you!

  • Eyeseeu

    @Elonge, go to hell! Ignorant I will never be, but judging from your post you could win an award….you and Beyonce have something in common. Yes your right, Jennifer has not validated herself, she is growing, isn’t that the beauty of life? If you’ve reached the top, where else can you go? Jennifer is just as inspiring. Come on? Can you really tell me that Beyonce has gotten better over time? (Rhetorical, do you know what that even means)? No mam! Her first cd was out of control, I loved it! Only to be followed up by two disappointing elementary lyrics, lack of depth, and juvenile beats. She is not growing with her audience. Prancing around in a leotard telling a male he should “put a ring on” and gyrating with her legs open for business hardly qualifies for a standing ovation, neither does a mediocre performance a film that doesn’t gross half of what it cost to make. Let’s be honest about Beyonce. People by into her beauty more than intelligence, because let’s face it, that’s lack luster. She is contrived, that’s a fact! She has stated how she wishes she had the valor to be more like the person she wants to be….like her sister, which I would not say is the smartest thing to do, but hell, at least we know she isn’t being controlled by her label or her parents. Why the hell are people looking up to stars, that’s place is reserved for parents and the immediate village that aids in rearing children. If you seriously believe that my children are looking at Beyonce who is married to a person who at one point sought to destroy a community through selling drugs and lyrics and images that demean woman (not to mention his only violent behavior towards woman), then I suggest you do a reality check. So much for education—brood!

  • susanist

    YouSee absolutely Nothing

    Just another example of anonymous BudLite minded American punk misogynist. Your love of Jennifer Hudson is a pretense whose real function is to hate on Beyonce. Its an epidemic after reading many of these blogs as to how many worthless envious small minded people has so much to say negative about people who have made a success of their lives and who are recognised for their beauty and work around the world. We needn’t always condemn the Taliban for being the miserable women-haters without taking a look at what passes for it here. As stated oftne its too bad there’s no draft that would cause you to fear for your life while dodging bullets in Afghanistan.

    Beyonce is a world class beauty and you are nothing but another nameless souless cyber MB cheapshot artist. Jennifer Hudson is not served by your adulation because its fake. its not about her as it is about hatred for someone you are not worthy of taking her trash.

    I am proud of Jennifer Hudson’s accomplishments, know something about the neighborhood she grew up in and feel for her to have this success along with the horrific tragedy as to how her mother was murdered.

    However, Beyonce is on another level and as stated you lack the spiritual depth to understand who and what Beyonce represents. But as she has the approval of Tina Turner and President Obama that surely trumps some pathetic small-minded misogynist non accomplished cyber wog like you.

    I read this crap about the Paris Hilton’s and the Pam’s and the Beyonce’s from losers like you all the time and can only sum it up to an insane jealously. You are the one who’s delusional because you can’t see a thing. Deaf, dumb and blind as a Philistine.

  • susanist


    You are a typical American who has a tendency of using words out of context like ‘delusional’ and think others are as ignorant as you and cannot recognize jealousy when they see it. Your post is not original. I have been tracking the same sort of sick and evil BS directed at certain celebrities by your kind for some time. Like a Rush Limbaugh Ditto-head or a human parrot it all follows the same pattern,

    Consider the topic. The NAACP honors Beyonce with an Image award. She takes the lead on the Lincoln Memorial singing for the first Black President of the USA a major event of worldwide historical significance. At special request of President Obama.

    What have you done to compare with this? Its a rhetorical question.
    Then She is asked to sing a Tribute to Tina Turner at the Kennedy Center. Tina asked for her. Tina is a world icon and legend bigger in Europe then in America. She asked Beyonce and was sitting next to President Bush and Laura. Beyonce did Proud Mary and made even the President of the USA stand along with everyone else. Bush in his awkwardness had to stand.

    Can you make a sitting President stand up? Are you able to understand the significance of making a sitting US President stand up for anything let alone to give a Tribute.

    You are Jealous with a capital J and its you who are delusional naming yourself as ‘Eyeseeyou’ when the truth is you see absolutely nothing. You are more blind then Ray Charles dead eyes and yet you deceive yourself with a name to suggest you are some All-Seeing expert who can make statements slamming Beyonce with authority.

    Beyonce is my sister and I am proud of her. I am also proud of Jennifer but much of what she gets is from insincere losers like you to only insult Beyonce.

    You are not qualified to speak with any authority on Beyonce that does not stop you. A lot of what’s wrong in America has to do with the proliferation of losers like you making light of people of great accomplishments because you are jealous. Tomorrow Beyonce will wake up and by 10AM will have accomplished more and done more for the world then you and your kind will ever do in a lifetime.

  • Hautecouturediva

    Too bad J-Hud beat her with THREE awards! I know Beyonce threw a b*tch fit behind closed doors. Fake a$$.

  • ffxiv gil

    Thank you for your help!

  • wenchz

    Actually i really like BEYONCE!!! She is my favorite….. Keep up the good work!!!! I’m Here always