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Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness

Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness

Motorcycle lover Brad Pitt takes his motorcycle out for a spin on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Check out the fifth pic where a random driver is checking Brad out!

The 45-year-old Benjamin Button actor will be featured in Quentin Tarantino‘s new film, Inglourious Basterds. Check out the trailer if you missed it!

Awards season is winding down, but we can’t ever get enough of the pretty pair on the red carpet! Earlier in the week, they were seen at the BAFTAs.

Little more than a week ’til the Oscars. Good luck Brad & Angie!

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  • Jezebel

    Wow he looks GREAT!

  • Janet

    Hot motorcycle!!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Keeping fingers crossed for him Oscar night.

  • estelle

    Thank you Jared

    Glad to see that they are back in LA.

  • thats_right
  • josh says

    Is that driver from TMZ.. He said that he was with his friend and rolled
    down the window and got mad at how loud it was. After he found out
    that it was Brad Pitt. He told Harvey that and he laughed.
    P.S he doesn’t need to go because Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn
    is going to win. Just like Heath Ledger best supporting actor award.
    Is the new title.

  • d.kay

    Nothing like a hog ride to take a break from the kids noise…..I’m a little surprised they haven’t found a non HW base….like a few other major stars who literally headed for the hills. Maybe in time. Hot bike, hot daddy.

  • true blood

    Cool bike!

  • guli

    Thanks Jared!

    TGIF JP fans :-)

  • Andrómeda

    Looking good!.
    Nice bike

  • sharon

    Brad looks so freaking hot.

  • a total fan

    josh says @ 02/13/2009 at 1:56 pm Is that driver from TMZ.. He said that he was with his friend and rolled
    down the window and got mad at how loud it was. After he found out
    that it was Brad Pitt. He told Harvey that and he laughed.
    P.S he doesn’t need to go because Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn
    is going to win. Just like Heath Ledger best supporting actor award.
    Is the new title.

    He does need to go whether he wins or not. Its just a date night , a chance for him and his love to dress up ,go out and and see old friends.

  • http://jj jen

    ohhhhh i m the first ,yeah right ,BP you suck big time

  • jessica

    Brad is the hottest man.

  • Isadora

    Like him so much! Good luck, Brad and Angie! ;)

  • awwwww


  • wut

    “Check out the fifth pic where a random driver is checking Brad out!”


  • thats_right

    The REAL reason Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer Aniston – REVEALED!!!

    Jen Brad Angie

  • senior

    Good afternoon to the JP fans. Thanks for the new thread Jared
    Big Shout and TGIF to the wonderful JP fans MF, Irma, anoble, soopx, dina#1, Neleh (extra big hug to you girl :) ) vickifromtexas, felinelily, guli, cinnamon (saw your greeting about a few threads back) Briseis, LLM, Bermygirl, bdj, all the fans that faithfully post pictures, videos, articles and witty comments, I have a more names but I can’t think of them right now; I am drawing a blank. Given all the news since last week and the latest news here in NY I am grateful to be able to think at all oy Everyone have a lovely and Loving Valentines day and be safe!


    #6. Those TMZ idiots are not important, F*** THEM.

  • loveyoulose

    James Gray Talks Two Lovers, New Film with Brad Pitt

    Q: And now you’re also attached to a film called The Legend of Z?

    JG: Oh, The Lost City of Z. Yeah, yeah, yeah. With Brad Pitt [attached], yeah. It’s totally different from anything I’ve done. It’s of unbelievable ambition, and I love Brad for that reason — he does not lack for ambition. He had sent me the article from The New Yorker by a guy named David Graham, about a guy named Percy Fawcett who was sent to South America to. The history of the mapping of the world is recent history — the last hundred years or so, or at least the accurate mapping of the world obviously. So, the British had sent this man down to South America to mediate a border dispute between Bolivia and Brazil because the rubber trade was huge back then, 1905 to 1906, because of B.F. Goodrich and the advent of the automobile. So the borders were not clearly delineated and they needed somebody, a third party, to chart the borders correctly so that Bolivia and Brazil wouldn’t argue anymore about who had what. So he went down there and rather quickly lost his appetite for mapping, which he did with wonderful success. But he quickly became aware of the possible existence of El Dorado, the city of gold, and a lost civilization in the jungle. And he became obsessed with archeological issues, and to be direct about it went quite mad. The story is quite sprawling. He went back to fight in World War I, where he was injured in the Battle of the Somme. Basically he was attacked with chlorine gas and eventually went back to the Amazon and brought his son with him to finish the exploration and find this lost city. They disappeared. They were never seen again. It’s a fantastic story. I mean, it’s unbelievable. And I think it has the potential to be something really quite powerful. I’m about three-fourths of the way through the fist draft of the script now and I’m going to give it to Brad when I’m done, in probably about another two months I’d say.

    Q: When Brad came to you, did you have to kind of stop and figure out what you visually could bring to it because it’s so different from what you’ve done previously?

    JG: I didn’t, because the story meant a lot to me. I’m very interested in history and I’m very interested in an economic approach to history… I don’t want to say Marxist because obviously Marxism is absurd as a way to organize the world. It’s ridiculous. But in the way of looking at the world as a form as historical analysis, it bears some scrutiny. I mean, it’s certainly interesting. And the idea itself of civilization, the civilized world, is almost ridiculous, [as well as] the idea that everyone had called the indigenous population — I almost don’t want to use the word Indian because of what that really means — of the Amazon savages. Well, they’re basically savages because the Spanish and the English and everybody else went down there and essentially forced them into slave trade and treated them horribly. So when they saw a white man they quite reasonably had a violent response. It’s self-preservation. And the only time that this man really got injured was in the Battle of the Somme. I don’t know if you know about this. It’s literally like the end of the civilized world. It’s the thing that made the Geneva Convention, because the British had brought two regiments of Indian troops from India on horseback, and they would fit gas masks on the heads of the horses to gallop out of the trenches and get machine-gunned. It was insanity! So what interested me was not even the visual aspect at first. What interested me entirely was a narrative idea about a person who was on a certain quest about a lost civilization fueled, at least in part, with his disappointment about what his civilization had produced — a certain obsession with class distinction anyway. So I loved the story. The story itself was great, and the visual aspect of it, that comes for me second or even third. It’s not the primary thing I think about — which is maybe a flaw, I don’t know. What I think about initially — because I feel like if you want to be a narrative filmmaker, which is my dream — is the narrative muscle needs to be engaged first, the storytelling. I think that story is a wonderful and lost art. In fact, somebody told me last night that MIT was literally creating a program to teach story because they thought respect for story had become degraded, which I found really interesting and weird. “I’m majoring in story.” What does that mean? But story is transformative and quite beautiful and so the story itself is what drove me, and kind of the Oepedial, bizarre twist that he brought his 18-year-old son with him in the end. And they were never seen again.

  • loveyoulose

    Q: It sounds like you’re thinking about a real-world history approach.

    JG: That’s what I’m trying to do. You know, Indiana Jones was based him. Of course it’s a totally different, Republic, B-serial approach to the character, and doesn’t bear any resembla

    Q: Sounds a bit like Herzog…

    JG: The Wrath of God, yeah. You know wandering through the desert, or the jungle, and all of a sudden hearing opera and thinking you’ve gone mad, and guess what — you’ve reached the clearing and there’s a ******* opera house in the middle of the jungle that the Portuguese have built 150 years before. I mean, it’s madness but it’s great. Aguirre is a masterpiece I think, and I’m going to try my hardest not to rip it off. It is really hard because it is a masterpiece. And I don’t think I will rip it off because it involves a lot of European history as well in a way that is not really connected to Aguirre. Aguirre is, in its enclosed, oneric, beautiful way, quite different. I mean, a big set piece in this movie about two-thirds of the way through will be the Battle of the Somme, which I’m hoping I can do in a way that other people have not. I don’t know, I’ve been doing research on it. It’s just like hell on Earth. It’s awful.

    Q: So I assume Brad will be disfigured for part of this film too, right?

    JG: No, he was not disfigured. What happened was he was a crazy person. He was put in charge of 700 men and the generals came, and he was almost like Forrest Gump — Winston Churchill he came in contact with, and Archduke Ferdinand he was in contact with in Sri Lanka. Percy Fawcett was one of those guys who was always connected somehow to major figures. Churchill came down to the trenches and said, “A major problem — all of you have your hands in your pockets, and as soldiers you should be behaving for the king.” And everybody’s like, “What are you talking about? We’re getting mustard gas dumped on us.” So anyway, Percy finally was ordered not to try to take a particular territory. He said, “**** it, I’m going to be brave,” and he led these 700 guys into battle, but he wasn’t directly, physically injured except that he inhaled chlorine gas, which scarred his lungs. And then he began to have this horrible cough which became progressively worse.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Posting here because as Passing Through about the previous thread.

    Passing Through @ 02/13/2009 at 1:45 pm Wow…this thread is deader than the skin on X’s face! Where’s everybody at?

    Passing Through I spewed green tea oll over my monitor. You are one funny lady. Peace

  • Acne

    Benjamin Button

  • LuckyL

    I’ve missed this!

    Yo to the BAMPSKV fans

  • voshosoo
  • loveyoulose

    Screen Daily

    The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee
    Lee Marshall Berlin

    Dir/scr: Rebecca Miller. US. 2009. 96mins.

    A grown-up love story that’s rambling, quirky and sharp-eyed about mid-life doldrums, Rebecca Miller’s cinematic adaptation of her own novel works largely because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. An across-the-board solid cast backs up Robin Wright Penn’s enjoyable central performance which, like much of the film, is believable without being entirely naturalistic. Still, this is not a sure-fire commercial prospect even on the independent circuit. It comes on like a woman’s take on a Philip Roth novel (except with a sense of humour), and despite its oddball tone and upbeat ending could end up placing in the same $5 million region as Roth adaptations like Elegy or The Human Stain in the US. It may have better luck in urban markets abroad, especially in Europe

    It starts in quiet observational mode, with DP Declan Quinn using long lenses to pick out the guests at a small dinner thrown by successful publisher Herb Lee (Arkin, in fine form) and his much younger wife Pippa (Wright Penn), soon after their move from New York to a sleepy Connecticut retirement community. Pippa doesn’t come across as a trapped wife at the beginning: she’s smart, ironic about their new home and seems to be in love with her grizzly-but-affectionate husband who has recently suffered three heart attacks.

    But there’s something a little frozen about her smile, a little stilted about her movements. Soon enough she’s sleepwalking, catching herself on a closed-circuit camera as she raids the fridge for cake. At the same time we begin to explore Pippa’s unconventional past life through a series of flashbacks, pushed by some appetising costume and production design into a slightly heightened period style, that are seamlessly interleaved with the present-day action. We meet Pippa’s addled mother (the ever watchable Maria Bello), a benzadrine addict who blackmails her daughter emotionally with her wild mood swings, and follow the teenage Pippa (Lively) as she runs away from home, shacks up with a sympathetic aunt and is induced to take part in lesbian sado-masochistic photoshoots by her aunt’s bad-girl lover (Moore, having a whale of a time).

    Meanwhile, in the present day, Pippa meets Chris (Reeves), a drifter who has come back to stay with his elderly parents in the retirement suburb, and the seeds of an exit strategy are planted.

    The film’s structure is ‘crisis and release’, but it pans out in quite a loose and rangy way, partly because it takes Pippa a good while to realise that she’s having “a very quiet nervous breakdown”, partly because the backstory has a momentum of its own.

    As well as Moore’s tasty cameo there’s a nice turn from Winona Ryder as Pippa’s fragile poet friend Sandra, a needy, pretty wreck with a tendency to burst into tears. Also good are Pippa and Herb’s grown-up twin children, mother’s boy Ben (McDonald) and father’s girl Grace (Kazan). An early scene in which all four go out to dinner in a restaurant nails the skewed family dynamic with great economy of means.

  • loveyoulose

    Production companies
    Elevation Filmworks
    Plan B Entertainment

    International sales
    Im Global
    (1) 310 777 3590

    Lemore Syvan
    Dede Gardner
    Jeremy Kleiner

    Declan Quinn

    Production design
    Michael Shaw

    Sabine Hoffman

    Main cast
    Robin Wright Penn
    Keanu Reeves
    Julianne Moore
    Alan Arkin
    Blake Lively
    Winona Ryder
    Maria Bello
    Monica Bellucci
    Zoe Kazan
    Ryan McDonald

  • marina

    handsome, and I love the nike!

  • guli

    I like this video…has great JP pix…

  • marina

    :P bike , not nike.

    Congrats to every fan here!

  • sonia

    According to a quote in the current OK magazine Jon Voight claims “he has seen Angie recently and he complemed her UN work its on page 4

  • d.kay


    People website…….A Vote….Who’s the Hottest star right now:


    Halle B

    The hottest stars are AJ and BP…you tools……..I am outraged Angelina and Brad are not even on the effing list. People has lost ALL ITS CRED with me….that’s it….they are just another bunch of media slags on the take.

  • sonia

    Also Perez claims the family is heading north to go skiing this weekend

  • guli

    This is approriate for tomorrow…Valentine’s Day :-)

  • sonia

    Oops Jon praised Angie’s work with UN

  • anon

    Totally irresponsible as a father of 6 to risk his life riding a stupid motorcycle. Jerk

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    Hi to senior and all JP Fans. Have a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow in case I don’t post then.

    Going for a Thai massage in a few hours – can’t wait.

    I know it’s been said before, but I appreciate and admire Brad Pitt so much more since he hooked up with Angelina. They really do complement each other well in so many ways.

    I’m still puzzling over something in TCCOBB. It’s about the significance of one of the people who he met in the old folk’s home. I’ll post more specifically in the Yahoo email group so as not to ruin the story a little later and hopefully someone can explain.

  • voe

    Oh come now anon, there are billions of men riding motocycle in the world every day and have done so all their lives. Are they all irresponsible? I think you are the jerk, for nitpicking needlessly.

  • no name

    I hate how we see so much brad pitt and no Angelina. Why must she be so sneaky and know her way around the paparazzi? BP says he rides his bike to be anonymous? ROTFLMAO that’s when the papz ALWAYS manage to get his pic. Me think he rides his bike for Attention.

  • Passing Through

    # 24 dina #1 @ 02/13/2009 at 2:37 pm
    Posting here because as Passing Through about the previous thread.

    Passing Through @ 02/13/2009 at 1:45 pm Wow…this thread is deader than the skin on X’s face! Where’s everybody at?

    Passing Through I spewed green tea oll over my monitor. You are one funny lady. Peace
    LOL. Did you see that close-up of X someone posted last week? It was taken at the HJNTIY premiere. Caking a ton of foundation on topy of dry leathery skin…shite ought to be illegal. Don’t know how much she’s paying Kanoodia’s office for dermabrasion and and micro-resurfacing, but she needs to get a refund.

  • senior

    dina #1 @ 02/13/2009 at 2:37 pm
    Posting here because as Passing Through about the previous thread.

    Passing Through @ 02/13/2009 at 1:45 pm Wow…this thread is deader than the skin on X’s face! Where’s everybody at?

    Passing Through I spewed green tea oll over my monitor. You are one funny lady. Peace
    Hi dina#! it has been a rough week, God only knows, I hope everyone is fine. Here in New York a plane crashed into somebody’s house yikes! and they are with the Lord now and that was in Buffalo. oy vey Yesterday we had 60 mile and hour winds and a several people met their maker on the way to work; sort of feels like a good time to crawl under the bed and not come out. Anyway hope you’re doing well. And everyone else, so wherever the JP fans are I hope they’re good . Not even any haters around amazing :)

  • anoble

    Good Afternoon JP fans


    Thanks for the new thread Jared. Wouldn’t it be something to be sitting at a red light and glance over to see Brad Pitt next to you!!!

    waving to senior, irma, soopx, Faye88, tlol1365, dina, Neleh, vickifromtexas, Felinelilly (check your mail)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  • well…

    d.kay @ 02/13/2009 at 3:02 pm WTF?????????

    People website…….A Vote….Who’s the Hottest star
    Maybe that is a poll of whose the hottest among these beens and wantabees

  • well…

    *has beens

  • lsam

    thank you JJ for this most awaited new thread. They have 3 houses in California: Malibu, Santa Barbara and Hollywood Hills. It is rainy here in Southern CA until the weekend. If the Best Actor goes to Sean or Mickey, not a great loss for Brad since he admires both actors. He mentioned this fact before. He also thinks Robert De Niro is fantastic. He has next year, and the next, and the next… He is very successful as an actor, humanitarian, producer, etc. Again, I say, his family cannot be substituted by a fake gold statue for best actor that would be collecting dust someday.

  • catherine

    Brad looks great.

  • blah girls

    God I just love a good bad boy!

  • lakers fan in boston

    he looks pretty stupid if anything
    i dont understand why old ppl like those harley’s
    they’re so ugly and loud

  • groundcontrol

    Finally Mr. Pitt’s ex has devised a plan to get herself an Oscar.

    She will lock a certain someone in the closet and appear on stage to claim her – I mean HIS prize.