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Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness

Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness

Motorcycle lover Brad Pitt takes his motorcycle out for a spin on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Check out the fifth pic where a random driver is checking Brad out!

The 45-year-old Benjamin Button actor will be featured in Quentin Tarantino‘s new film, Inglourious Basterds. Check out the trailer if you missed it!

Awards season is winding down, but we can’t ever get enough of the pretty pair on the red carpet! Earlier in the week, they were seen at the BAFTAs.

Little more than a week ’til the Oscars. Good luck Brad & Angie!

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  • del

    I hope Benjamin Button will win big at Oscar.

  • Not impressed by JA

    groundcontrol @ 02/13/2009 at 4:26 pm Finally Mr. Pitt’s ex has devised a plan to get herself an Oscar.

    She will lock a certain someone in the closet and appear on stage to claim her – I mean HIS prize.

  • guli

    groundcontrol @ 02/13/2009 at 4:26 pm

    OMG–that is way too funny ROTFLMAO!!!! Thank you..that’s the only way she’ll EVER win an Oscar :lol:

    Hi senior, dina#1, PT, estelle and all JP fans … TGIF!

  • wow

    Poppa Brad is looking sexy. I can’t wait for the Oscars. Brange is the best.

  • Baby Addiction
  • !

    I can’t believe Brad is going to be 46 this year!

  • twitter this

    Blah girls sucks, # 49 ashton kutcher.

  • Louisa

    There are some really stupid people on this site. Absolutely ridiculous in saying Brad shouldn’t go to the Oscars because he won’t win yet it’s fine for the other 200 nominees to attend eventhough they don’t have a chance. Riding a motorcycle is not more dangerous than driving a car, flying in an airplane, etc. People need to get a grip and grow some brains.

  • Iris

    After watching the Inglorious Basterds trailer, I believe that Brad has grown into such a mature and powerful person. If there is an Ocean 14 movie in the making, Brad will be a much better choice than Geoorge Clooney for the Danny Ocean role.

  • thats_right

    Mr.And Mrs.SMITH-Making love out of nothing all

  • Passing Through

    # 35 sonia @ 02/13/2009 at 3:04 pm
    Also Perez claims the family is heading north to go skiing this weekend
    Perez must have a contact at OK…cuz that’s their thing with the J-Ps. Whenever they’re in Cali and the temp’s below 90 they bring up the trip to Mammoth from early 2008. After X-mas OK claimed they spent 2 days at Mammoth so Mad & Pax could go snowboarding…yet there were no pix. Since when have the ratzi ever let them do anything in public and not snap it?

  • Twitter this

    I know ! I can’t believe it either. I thought he was 55 already.

  • somebunny

    I love the bike! its too bad there isn’t room for two. Who wouldn’t love just going for a ride with Brad Pitt on that Bike?? So HOT. Jeez thanks, cuz now i know whats gonna be going thru my mind all evening now.. Wheeeww.. OK.

    Wow, wonder if this is Jesse James West Coast Choppers? Pheew!

    Anywho, noone can say that Brad won’t win that Oscar. It is not a given that he won’t win. Ok so Hanks happens to chair the board, and Hanks was at JA’s BD party.. But that doesn’t mean that he will show favorites.
    Brad Pitt is up for this award and I personally think he is well over due having seen all his movies, this one takes the cake.. They have given Sean Penn an Oscar even though he is a violent person (not saying there is anything wrong wth that cuz I love Sean too). They have awarded Rouke, even though he had a very hard last 20 years.. wow.. I watched 91/2 weeks for the first time last night, this guy was soo HOT, didn’t know how much he has changed since then. .

    Brad Pitt awweeee he was so sweet as Button, just watch CCOBB again, really he should really win.

  • omg

    Brad on motorcyle. can’t get hotter than this.

  • dianad1968

    TGIF guys. Just stalling at work trying to make up some hours, and falling asleep doing it. :lol:

    Seems as our Angie is a trend setter. Since she came out with her pantsuit at the Berlin premiere for BB, X wore her “sorry excuse” of one, and now we have Aishwarya Rai wearing one at the premiere of Pink Panther. And how can we forget Kate Winslet in her BAFTA hairdo, which was done exactly like Angie’s for the Berlin premiere. And they wonder why Angie is the biggest celeb out there. The woman is already iconic, and she is not even 35 years old.

  • somebunny

    #38 you know nothing of being a parent. How does riding a motorcycle make Brad Pitt an irresponsible Parent? Go for a ride on your tricycle. Oh better not open the door, bad people out side.. very scary.

  • uglysexy

    if he’s not careful button may lose his benjamin
    …there’s a reason they call them martyrcycles ;p

  • estelle

    Hi Guli! just checking in to see new pictures. Happy Valentine’s day to all the ladies of BAMZPSKVille.

    #41- you think wrong!

  • Fleece Baby

    He’s such a cutie!

  • Seraphina

    Ughhh…. hate the Porny ‘Stache. Looking more FUGLY than HOT.

  • Passing Through

    # 51 groundcontrol @ 02/13/2009 at 4:26 pm
    Finally Mr. Pitt’s ex has devised a plan to get herself an Oscar.

    She will lock a certain someone in the closet and appear on stage to claim her – I mean HIS prize.
    You know the worst part? I think Sean’s got better hair than X. Her crowning glory…dyed, blown out and flat-ironed crowning glory, but whatever….

  • just me

    Haha Don’t you love it when Pitty fans go on and on about how
    hot Brad pitt is but when they offer proof it’s reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally
    old pix from like 15 years ago? even JJ had to post a reeeally old pic
    of him in the top celeb section. face it, pitty fans. Pitty is not hot anymore. No matter how much he carries himself like he’s god he doesn’t have
    it no mo no mo no mo no moooooooooo. hahah Love it!

  • damn

    He is so damn hot.

  • loveAJ

    awwwww. Angie’s man looks mighty fine. Love this wild side of Brad. HOT.

  • guli

    Yooo troll..Yep we are still looking at pictures from 15 years ago..

  • bdj

    Hmmm Papa Pitt is looking mighty fine on that bike. Yeah lonesome Hen, Brad is fine and gets better like fine wine. Leave those old voicemail tapes alone and embrace the pee. And Just Jared, get better sources or stop taking Lindsey phone calls.

  • somebunny

    Wow thats a 15 year old pic of Brad Pitt in the corner on this website? He is getting hotter and hotter every year.

  • jen fan pain BA fan joy

    according to number TCCOBB is now
    $206,644,773 worldwide

    Theatrical Performance
    Total US Gross $120,644,773
    International Gross $86,000,000
    Worldwide Gross $206,644,773

  • bdj

    “Mr. Impersonator.” That Lindsay post is hilarious. My bad Just Jared. Too Funny. Reminds me of the faux fans, fake AJ fans, fake BP fans, fake insiders, fake casting insiders, fake nanny, fake Oscar insiders, rabid hens that reside on the BP and AJ thread.

  • some bunny

    A Mighty Heart with Angelina Jolie on Showtime right now. 7pm E. T. Great movie.. greater actress

  • Hot Troy Pictures
  • Val

    some bunny

    Thank you, I haven’t seen this movie yet..watching it now!

  • twitter this

    Rotflmao. Guli, I think you may have accidentally posted the wrong pic.

  • twitter this

    LoL At hot troy Pictures at 82 .I just have one question. What version of Brad do they prefer?

    cause the pic Guli posted is what brad’s body looks like now and I have to say it’s not hot. his face and bod are even. BLECK! sorry .

    I’m leaving now.

  • Marieme

    Love that bike and those flames!

  • andamentothat

    Greetings fans..

    I wish OK would stop contacting Voigt.. He was probably asked do you talk to ange? and he may have said .. sure..

    what he really meant was via James Haven

  • Pitt @ age 40

    Brad Pitt absolutely looked his HOTTEST in 2004 when he was filming Troy, Ocean’s 12, and Mr&Mrs Smith.



  • Brad Fan

    There he is! That’s right, it’s Brad Pitt. I can’t wait to see Brad & Angelina at the Oscars. Hopefully there will be some kind of red carpet although from what I’m reading, who knows about a red carpet this year?

  • mmsic

    Off topic,I’m so glad to see Michelle Wie playing so much better than last year.She is leading with Angela Stanford right now,hope she wins.Now,to No Name@3:33pm#41,Brad Pitt riding his motorcycle for attention.I guess you’re right,he got your attention,now are you happy?

  • http://deleted Alessia

    the link below is a photographers website, focusing on a select few actors, the link is to Brad Pitt. also included is the a pic of Brad as he looes control of his bike due to people around. Its the same day THAT pick on just jared was taken also, it has audio so well worth a listen!

  • Val

    I just watched A Mighty Heart and I am upset because Angie was AMAZING in that movie! It makes me admire her skills that much more. It was just great, everything about her acting, all I can say is beautiful!

  • wow

    wow the competition is really heating up between Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn. Did anyone she Mickey in a recent Charlie Rose interview? If I were a troll I would say he’s “campaigning” for an Oscar but I’m smarter than they are. it was an honest interview I’ve seen by an actor in a while.

    I get a sneaking suspicion that TCCOBB may win for Best Picture only because it will hold up better than the others over the years.

  • passing Through

    # 88 Pitt @ age 40 @ 02/13/2009 at 7:55 pm
    Brad Pitt absolutely looked his HOTTEST in 2004 when he was filming Troy, Ocean’s 12, and Mr&Mrs Smith.
    Uh….Brad filmed Troy in 2003 not 2004. He bulked up 20 pounds to do Troy…but we can’t tell the troll cuz she said she was leaving and I’m just POSITIVE she kept her word…

  • Val


    I do hope TCOBB wins for best picture this year, it has to. But before I was rooting for Brad to win the Oscar for Best Actor because it would be his first…however, I just saw A Mighty Heart and d@mn Angie needs to win this one for The Changeling because she war R-O-B-B-E-D for her role in AMH. They need to make it up to her..seriously, WTF were they thinking!

  • Val

    Let’s just say I really hope they BOTH win! Lets wish and pray for Brad and Angie loyal fans, the Oscars would be well deserved!

  • Brad FAn

    I fell that both Brad and Angelina’s work talent wise has really improved since they’ve met. I’m not just saying that because I like them. If you compare past performances there are a couple of early flashes of greatness in some roles for both. Then they start to look like they were picking the wrong scripts for their talent. Now they seem to be back on again.

    I feel that their best work is to come. Even though Angelina has said she’s not really interested in any more roles right now, someone is gonna hand her the script of a lifetime that has her name written all over it. Then she will say, okay. :)

  • LYNN

    I am getting off suj a moment. I was so upset at the supermaker today. The big headline on one of the tabloid, cant remember which one it was. There were jennifer and Brad’s picture on the back and big headline saying that jennifer has tapes of Brad’s voice while they were married talking sweet to her. Jennifer has turned the tapes over for the tabloid to print. Is this woman crazy? I think she is a stalker and might be dangerous. I think she wants revenge and I think she would be willing to hurt Angie or the kids, because she think Brad did her wrong. I dont think she is so in love with him, but she can never get it out of her mind that Brad left her for a woman like Angie. She know the girl has it all going for her. Hating will make you do almost anything to get back at another. Did she know that Brad and Angelina would be back in California to attend the Oscars. I am still upset and I think Brad should not be comunication with her while he is with Angie..

  • ebmo

    # 95 passing Through @ 02/13/2009 at 8:54 pm # 88 Pitt @ age 40 @ 02/13/2009 at 7:55 pm
    Brad Pitt absolutely looked his HOTTEST in 2004 when he was filming Troy, Ocean’s 12, and Mr&Mrs Smith.
    Uh….Brad filmed Troy in 2003 not 2004. He bulked up 20 pounds to do Troy…but we can’t tell the troll cuz she said she was leaving and I’m just POSITIVE she kept her word…
    If only the trollz DID keep their promises…if only

  • alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread