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Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness

Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness

Motorcycle lover Brad Pitt takes his motorcycle out for a spin on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Check out the fifth pic where a random driver is checking Brad out!

The 45-year-old Benjamin Button actor will be featured in Quentin Tarantino‘s new film, Inglourious Basterds. Check out the trailer if you missed it!

Awards season is winding down, but we can’t ever get enough of the pretty pair on the red carpet! Earlier in the week, they were seen at the BAFTAs.

Little more than a week ’til the Oscars. Good luck Brad & Angie!

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567 Responses to “Brad Pitt Has Motorcycle Madness”

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  1. 101
    anon Says:

    OT if you guys get a chance. See if you can watch Hidden America: Children of the Mountains tonight on ABC.

    It’s about the people who live in a forgotten and even unkonwn part of the USA: Appalachia

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  2. 102
    meany Says:

    I want to see Brad kissing and caressing Angie in the red carpet like she has been doing to him. I hate the fact that he only kiss and hag her when something good up for her. When everything seems going well for her. This is a superficial love that is why it won’t last. He puts everthing before her including his carrrier and I hate that.

  3. 103
    um Says:

    Brad & Angie are getting married tomorrow.

  4. 104
    Val Says:


    As much as I would love to believe that….where the heck did you get your info from? Are you the wedding planner??? Do Tell!

  5. 105
    WHo cares Says:


  6. 106
    anon Says:

    They are using Brad and Angelina’s image again for the Oscar promos. How come they don’t use X’s image?

  7. 107
    Val Says:


    Simple! Who the H&LL would want to watch it. They would have the lowest ratings better. I hope Brad and Angie BRING IT ON TIMES 10!!!!!
    Heck, I would love to Maniston there, having a nervous breakdown…

  8. 108
    an oldie Says:

    Val, are you a troll?

  9. 109
    anon Says:

    Val @ 02/13/2009 at 10:49 pm

    Do we know if she’s actually not attending?

  10. 110
    Val Says:

    Of course I am NOT a troll! I am quite offended that you would imply that!
    But seeing MANiston at the Oscars with Brad there all over Angie will make my whole d@mn year! I would even brace the media frenzy and the tabloid BS that would be posted just to see the site of MANiston having a major breakdown, one can only hope!

  11. 111
    Val Says:


    Do you think X would attend, I guess she can bring PeeBoy along for the ride since his contract is almost up. Might as well get all of his money worth.

  12. 112
    an oldie Says:

    Val, you are too zealous to be a true fan. I saw some of the posts by a certain Val that are anti Brad and Angelina.

  13. 113
    Val Says:

    I am sure if PT is on tonight she will argue in my defense. At one point there was another person posting under Val but its been a while since someone has used my name (I think)! Which of my post that will say otherwise…I have always been an Angie and Brad fan, where do you see otherwise???

  14. 114
    Val Says: will realize that certain nights I am on and I can go on for days without commenting just lurking aroud. It depends what my law school schedule is like…

  15. 115
    JM Says:

    lol, oldie i agree with you, there is such a thing called sarcasm and this val poster is hilarious with hers,lol, the trolls come in all shades,lol

  16. 116
    test Says:


  17. 117
    Val Says:

    There is no need to argue about me being a troll or not, go back and read the last threads if you wish…I am home tonight so I decided to blog. I dont see my comments as being sarcastic in any kind of way. Please do not drive away true fans of Angelina and Brad from this site. I truly enjoy reading up on them and looking at the pics posted here.
    But I would also like to be able to comment freely without scrutinize. I trust that on Oscar night, their fans need to be ready and waiting for the haters to bring on their BS. Please do not make that mistake of mistaking me for an anti fan again as I find that very offensive.

  18. 118
    JM Says:

    lol,please continue to comment but with phrases like loyal fans of brad and angie,and i’m quite offended is hilarious,who the hell talks like that but a troll mocking the fans,lol,i’m sure on oscar night you’ll be here under what name i can only guess,ps its called sarcasm,lol

  19. 119
    Shar Says:

    JM & oldie, Val is a longtime brangie supporter, i’ve been on here since 2006, and I always remember seeing Val praise AJ & BP. Don’t believe me, go back and check the archives.

  20. 120
    jen fan pain BA fan joy Says:

    Val is a fan but their was a time troll used her screen name. Really no need of argument Val is a fan of the JP.

    We all no troll uses the screen name of name all the time it has happen to many, no one can control troll,

  21. 121
    chopin Says:

    Hello JP fans

    jen fan pain BA fan joy @ 02/14/2009 at 12:50 am Val is a fan but their was a time troll used her screen name. Really no need of argument Val is a fan of the JP.

    We all no troll uses the screen name of name all the time it has happen to many, no one can control troll,

    I believe Val is a JP fan
    …and also that no one can control the trolls

    I mean those 2 or 3 trolls plus Cook :lol:

  22. 122
    dakila Says:

    Happy valentines to all the JP lovers!
    That’s a hoooottt bike and a sizzling Brad!

  23. 123
    neer Says:

    Finally after a long wait, I already watched Changeling & twice at that for two consecutive days, last night & a night before that. Even though most cinemas are showing popcorn movies on this Valentine season, I chose to watch a heavy, very emotional film. I just couldn’t let this pass without seeing it on the big screen especially it’s showing on a very limited number of cinemas. And I was relieved I made the right decision.
    What can I say but the film is outstanding. You have to be patient at first in order to appreciate the flow of the story. I didn’t even notice that the screening time is more than two hours. Clint Eastwood is really a genius in film making. He knows what he’s doing. The totality of the film is just awesome.
    Cast….Cinematography…Music….Script…Costume….etc. .are just PERFECT !!!!
    Now about The Jolie, the very first reason why I wanted to watch Changeling.
    Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, I didn’t see Angelina Jolie at all!!! I saw Christine Collins no matter how much I tried to see on the contrary!!! It’s all Mrs. Collins!!! The actress playing her must really be good to make me forget “she is who she is” in real life!! To even say The Jolie is good is UNDERSTATEMENT, she is an excellent actress, an outstanding one. She BLEW MY MIND in this particular movie. She’s even better than A Mighty Heart where she also delivered a great performance. In Changeling, I could feel her grief, her suffering, her longing for her son to be found, her longing to be helped even by the inefficient, ineffective, corrupt LAPD. I was speechless the way she handled the subtlety yet showing strength of her performance. It’s just tearing the core of my heart & mind. I was speechless that I drank a lot of liquid after watching the film and discussed it extensively with my friend.
    My most favorite scene in Changeling is when Capt. JJ Jones (Jeffrey Donovan was also very good playing this character. He should have been at least nominated by the award-giving bodies!!!) made a surprise visit to Mrs. Collins office & about to tell her the “good news” that her son has been found. Oh my God, the CONFLICTING REACTIONS of Mrs. Collins when she’s about to cry & trembling a little (when she thought she’s receiving a bad news) and the feeling of relief while still in tears when she heard actually the good news is just BRAVO!!!! The movement of her hand, her eyes, her tears, her body language…..just AWESOME!!!! If only I was not shy to do a standing ovation and clap and shout, I could have done that right that very moment but I didn’t want to disrupt the viewing pleasure of the audience. This scene will forever be in my mind forever. It is already marked in my heart & mind.
    Changeling is a film telling a true story that many people thought or found the difficulty to believe that it actually happened in the year 1928. I believe it happened. The film was made for people to ponder about justice, hope, and the kind of police in our community.
    After watching the film twice, I just thought I didn’t just made the right decision in choosing to watch it over popcorn movies but rather I made the WISE decision. Indeed, it was!!!

  24. 124
    lizzie Says:

    My man knows more about motorcycles than him!

  25. 125
    chopin Says:

    Okay JP fans around the world let’s celebrate together this special day with The Golden Couple >> The Jolie and Pitt . ..from Butterfruitt special video .. Happy Valentine’s Day

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