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Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown‘s biological father is opening up about the altercation between his son and Rihanna.

Clinton Brown, a 44-year-old corrections officer, tells People, “He’s reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur. And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

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  • live love laugh

    can chris speak for himself?

  • Nadinee


  • sarah

    sorry this won’t do it,! he is a loser, i will never look at him the same way. I’ve been through abuse myself in the past.. Its very typical for the him to show remorse , however it wil continue, until the relationship is over. I hope RIRI wont take him back, cause the abuse won’t end.

  • Anonymous

    no sane “human” would do such a thing. it disgusts me. he can make escuses as he pleases. he will never be looked at the same through my eyes. oh; and “concerned” enough to go to vegas for the weekend? it shows. KARMA.

  • Jack

    Sick guy. He needs counseling so he won’t reoffend.
    Jail time too.

  • laura-c

    Chris needs to speak out. It seems like he’s just wishing this all away by not talking. With all these people talking it does make what Chris did to be right, they are trying to play off his temper like it’s apart of him and we have to accept it.

    He probably will get on and say he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean it, the whatever got out of hand and he just lost his temper and he would never do it again.

    Right. Talk with your mouth and not with your fists.

  • JustTripping

    His young, immature, hopefully he learned his lesson. We all make mistakes.

  • ma74

    “This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions”. This is not a “stumble” or a “shortcoming”.Come on, he hit a woman.This is not some minor thing. This doesn’t happen to everyone

  • jolly

    rihanna deserves what happened to her. she’s mean to the people who work for, work with her. talk about karma….

  • anon

    guys, its not like Chris feels GOOD about hitting a girl. he’s probably really sorry for it. yes, beating a girl is wrong but theres two sides to every story. just dont expect him to speak out about it yet, he just need time to think.

    jolly: that is horrible. no one deserves to get beaten.

  • Erica

    Of course Chris didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Look at his history. He’s no woman beater. But because he’s black, these companies took away his sponsors. He’ll be back. So lick the black behind our backs.

  • jacqueline

    yes we all make mistakes but some mistakes are much more serious than others
    this is not just an ordinary mistake, this is serious
    its really hard for me to believe he is a good person after what he has done

  • W

    Ok, it’s true that this industry hounds everything that they do.
    But honestly he’s protecting his son like he’s done nothing
    wrong. I don’t care if he was some normal guy on the street
    it doesn’t make it ok to hit someone. We all DO trip but this
    isn’t something that we see and say, “Oh well we all make
    mistakes.” NO because HE ABUSED someone A WOMAN!
    And that’s not ok.

  • Anon

    Wow. I guess his PR people finally got someone in the family to show some remorse. I guess this is the closest we’ve got to a half-assed apology. Not good enough.

    Time for Baby Boy to man up. He chokes a woman until she blacks out, beats and blackens her eyes swollen shut, busts her nose and splits her lip and tries to literally beat her brains out. He is shouting, “I’m gonna kill you” and the 911 operator can hear her screams. He puts her in the hospital. He gets a celebrity lawyer, goes in the back door of a police station, spends less the 45 minutes and takes a private jet to Las Vegas for a week. His father says, “He will continue to be a good person.” Yeah. I mean, WTF. It’s right and totally expected that your own father and your family would support you. I guess Chris also “$$upports” them. Chris needs to be in jail. He is headed in the direction of O.J. All week, on his private facebook page he’s not been very “remorseful.” He and his “posse” have been saying and spreading horrible, ugly things about Rihanna. As if that should excuse what he has done. Now, he ‘s just a phoney trying to stay out of jail.

  • boogie

    “And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

    …….like what he did ……is inexcuseable !

    no one should be hit regardless.

  • Anon

    How’s he gonna learn his lesson from this if there is no consequence. He has to pay a price. I don’t mean losing endorsements. I mean a personal price. If Chris Brown had beaten Carrie Underwood, what do you think he would be doing right now? Would he be hanging in Vegas with a new woman and his buddies? Would all these celebrities be so quiet about taking a stand on this?
    People get so defensive because the media and law enforcement has always been prejudiced against minorities. But this is Black on Black crime. Yes. What he did was a crime. How childish is it to think he can just say, “Sorry” and walk away.

  • Maria

    good Christ! his father is a corrections officer? well, his son is a woman beater. he should know a criminal. what a shame his son is one.

    Chris won’t get any sympathy from me. too bad i have his songs. no more buying his tunes. i don’t support domestic violence. i don’t support woman beater. good riddance!

  • Susan

    Who in the hell is this guy kidding? Of course he’s going to be judged on his actions. You don’t beat on someone and expect everything to go away because he feels remorseful. This will hurt his career for a long while and possibly for good and tell me what woman will want to be with a man that has done this? I hope he gets to “reflect” on this situation in jail. Maybe then he will learn that domestic violence is wrong and it’s obvious he hasn’t if this is his second go around.

  • http://facebook Maria from sydney (oz Land)

    Come on CHRIS, don’t you have a mouth, well you better start talking, even if it is just to apologize to Rihanna and the public, media, who ever. You better do it quick smart if you care about your career as you have given yourself a bad reputation over this incident. Yes we are all humans and sometimes we do stupid things but come on you had the world at your finger tips. My son idolizes you, you have to be a better role model for these young kids, so fix this or you will lose lots. Also seek help for anger issues. God Bless You.


    If one has made mistakes, lets do our part then( Public) – NOT to JUDGE others action.

    There may be some issues between the two of them that time that provocation resulting to violence then. Whatever issues was that only the two of them could resolve it.

    Will just wait , time comes when Rihanna & Chris are ready to speak out for themselves.

  • matt

    Well when Christopher walks around with got milk and sugar free gum ads in his back pocket, and tons of young adults admiring his person, I think it is COMPLETELY fair for him to be judged on these actions and these alone. It was a tiny insight into the person behind the product and its about time everyone knows he’s not as pretty as he may seem. Get over the game.

  • sarah

    There’s no excuse for a 19 year old boy to beat up his girlfriend. I hope they lock this worthless piece of trash up, and hopefully he’ll get a taste of his own medicine in jail.

  • ogal

    “indiscretions” ..oh please, his son is an abusive a$$ who better get some jail time and hopefully his career is over, coz i’ll never look at him the same way again.

  • Shakira

    We have not heard it from Chris yet. Isn’t it a bit ironic that Chris is all manly man when he is beating on a woman but he needs his Daddy to speak for him afterwards. Chris himself has not shown any remorse. None at all.

  • Matt

    Please….Chris Brown was always a hood rat, a lowly ghetto dude with no real education. You can see it in his face, in the way he looks.

    It’s Rihanna’s fault for slumming it with this loser to begin with (not that she deserved such treatment mind you, but what was she thinking?!).

  • s

    indiscetions? INDISCRETIONS??? i’ve lived a hell of a lot longer than chris and ever had this kind of “indiscretion”. is it impossible to expect someone to be held accountable for their actions in hollywood?

    please, powers that be in los angeles, DO YOUR JOB, and lock this guy up. he needs to pay for his crimes.

  • …………………..

    i read a comment somewhere in tmz comparing chris brown to michael phelps mess. she wrote brown is black that’s why he got punished hard like pullin out all endorsement for him ,but phelps was forgiven and got away with it because he is white. For all i know phelps got caugth doing bong or whatever you call it ,BUT he didn’t beat ANYBODY much more a WOMAN.

  • twostrikes

    #3, #26 and a couple others: this is not about race

  • sweethoney

    Please everyone we all make mistakes but we learn from them. So stop critisizing him. And who knows maybe she (rihanna) was the one startng the argument. He wasn’t an abusive man before so it’s not a big deal now. I hope he will speak up very soon for the sake of himself.

  • cATHY

    People, please stop judging this man without all of the facts! I am a woman myself and I am definitely not convinced that Chris Brown is the monster that you all are trying to make him out to be. I have been checking them out for a while and have not seen any signs that he is an abuser. Until now, Rhianna has not showned any signs of being abused. Everytime you see them together, she is all over him. This is definitely not the way an abused woman behaves. Please wait until the full story comes out and judge for yourself. The media has a way of twisting stories and giving you bits and pieces of the truth. I personally believe that Rhianna started the fight after a woman texted Chris Brown, and any injuries she suffered were from Chris Brown defending himself. Yes, believe it or not, women do abuse men too.

  • athena

    Oooh, I just beat the crap out of my girlfriend…a famous star…Will the people forgive me, will my fans forgive me…I made a mistake, I didn’t mean it, I just didn’t think that I would get caught……..YEAH RIGHT!!!!
    WHAT AN A-HOLE!!! ABUSE IS ABUSE IS ABUSE….IT DOESN”T MATTER WHO HAS DONE IT!!! ANGER MANAGEMENT, What ever he needs to do, he better do it fast before his career goes further down the drain…fortunately for him, there will be some ignorant fans that will just dismiss his behavior and love him anyway…Yeah, he’ll grow from this and his DUMB ASSSSSS better learn from it too!

  • athena

    Well then, #31, Maybe Chris Brown should do some talkin’ instead of having everyone else do it for him…most people are suggesting, even his biological pappy is suggesting he’s got anger issues….now most people know that when you give air to fire it blows…so, we know, they’re both a part of the problem…and it reads like Chris Brown has got to figure out a solution other than being remorseful of the problem he put fire to.

  • lipsie glozz

    No matter what the freakin excuses are,he shouldn’t beat riri 2 a pulp.. What a chicken..Running away after knocking her out?It shows that he is brave enough 2 lay his hands on her but chicken enough 2 escape.. Duh!..As his fan i was disgusted by his intolerable actions.. Even if riri did taunt him,he should kept his cool and ignore her..He looks like the boy next door but now,he shows his true colours..No gal deserved 2 be treated this way..Chris is the no 1 jerk right now.. Having his family speak up 4 him shows they care bout what might happen 2 him..It looks like he don’t give a care bout the mess he created..he’s got plenty of dough,a celeb lawyer 2 back him up,he ain’t worry a thing..Let’s just sit back and see what will happen 2 him..

  • Anon

    Be realistic. He is facing a criminal charge with real jail time attached. He’s been hiding out trying to figure out how to play it.First he was in denial. He was all, ” just wait until you hear what she did! She started it! You need to know her true colors! ” So right tehre you know he’s a punk and a coward. He didn’t want to admit and take responsibility for his own behavior. He wanted to deny he did it. He even thought she would back away from cooperating.
    So now, it sounds like his natural father is “Sort of” admitting Chris did something wrong. “He is remorseful.” That probably means Chris is going to try and plead this out. The evidence is the photographs that were take, and probably the blood and fingerprints from inside the car and his DNA in the bitemarks on her arms. So he can’t exactly deny he did it. OR say that it was her fault. I think it has taken him a week of arguing and pouting to realize he needs to act sorry. The key word is “Act.” If he show remorse, he might get away with a slap on the wrist. How rotten is that. He better hope none of those photographs the police took ever get out. They said she looked horrible. I wonder if she will have any permanent damage.

  • patheticwomendisgustme

    Cathy #31, you’re as pathetic as the lame excuses you’re giving for CB’s beatdown of Rhianna. I’m sure that you “checking them out” amounts to shit. The facts as reported by the La Times and the police report leave no doubt as to what occurred. Irrelevant is what started the fight. There is no justification for a beatdown like that. You’re an even dumber biatch for implying that she got those injuries from CB defending himself. He has a black belt and is over 6 feet tall. If he wanted to defend himself there are plenty of other ways to do it. Please explain why asshole didn’t have any injuries on him when he turned himself in to the cops. Rhianna has actual, visible injuries. What is he remorseful for (as per his dad), that he got caught? Read Anon’s post, cause I don’t need to reiterate facts for someone as ignorant as you.

    SWEEYHONEY-someone should kick the shit out of you and then you can say its no big deal. Stupid, ignorant biatch!! STFU. You’re as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • sam

    ” the music industry is very unforgiving to indiscretions ” since when LOL, what haven’t musicians been caught doing and people still go out and buy their music.

  • Anon

    Tell you what. If Rihanna beat on him, and he was on his way to the jail to turn himself in, yu better believe on the advice of his lawyer, he woulda not had no hood over his face. He would want to look all pitiful. But now he is booked and bailed and hiding in Vegas. Rihanna is the one all bruised and bloody and went to the hospital. He nees to be responsible. I hope they put him in the jail. Bcz like it was said, he has no respect for women. And I think it is typical and funny that the people who are defending him the most are women. I agree things would play out different if it was some Carrie Underwood. Or even a Paris Hilton. Paris woulda had his butt underneath the jail by now.LOL!

  • John

    watchu be talkin’ about!!! chris sux!!!

  • patheticwomendisgustme

    Keep in mind that a random observer on the street made the 911 call after seeing the assault and hearing RIhanna’s screams. He’s not sorry! If he was his camp wouldnt be trying to justify it by implying that she cheated or gave him an std. Since no one, but dumb bitches like cathy and sweethoney were buying that crap, now they’ve changed their tune to “he’s so remorseful”. Bullshit! That’s why he’s hanging @the Hardrock with his boys. No way to say remorseful than with a weekend jaunt to Las Vegas! He needs to be tossed in jail where BUBBA can make him his bitch! This is a big deal and in no way should be minimized. BOYCOTT THIS ASSHOLE AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HIM OR MINIMIZES THIS. CONDONING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS WRONG. HEAR THAT WILL SMITH/TERRENCE HOWARD/ASHANTI!!!!!

  • dsadwae

    oh shut up, all of you. as if hitting someone else is such a bad thing. so he lost his temper, he made a bad judgment call. no, it should not have happened but he slipped up. he’s a 19 year old KID for christ’s sake. hopefully he’ll learn from this and get the proper help and move on. so get off all your soap boxes bitches. i’m sure the men in (all) your lives would like nothing better than to knock you in the mouth as well. and to #4-sarah? you sound like you deserved it. now everyone leave chris alone!

  • charlize

    For whatever reason, whether Rihanna was the person who started the argument, whether Rihanna was wrong in the first place, Chris Brown was WRONG WRONG WRONG to beat her. This is a crime and he should be punished. I will never look at him the same. I used to love him so much (I went to his concert). Anyway, he is still very young. I hope he learns his lesson and try his best to be a better person. Also I just hope Rihanna will get well soon. She probably will learn a lot from this experience.

  • Lucie

    I hate chris now. I support Rihanna (l)

  • jhffjd

    Leave Chris alone bitches.

  • Hello_Stranger

    God Bless You RiRi

    Surgery will help u

  • Shannon

    chris is a grown man at 19 and should be able to speak for himself rather than have his dad, cousins, or whoever….speak for him. also he needs to realize this isn’t kindergarten where saying i’m sorry makes everything alright and all is forgiven and okay. instances such as driving under the influence and hitting/threatening another person can not simply be forgiven with saying you’re sorry. so sorry chris that your career is likely never going to recover from this, but lucky for have more money than most of us will have in our lifetime so i think you’ll be okay.

  • jojo

    For me I agree with his father Everybody makes mistake if people don’t make mistakes then how would they learn?
    And I still see chris brown the same as before I will always be a chris brown fan…=] Luv him!
    And people who were his “fans” and left him after this they aren’t true fans.

  • jhffjd

    He’s loosing way more fans for every second that goes by & he doesn’t man up & give a statement, but than again if he did indeed beat his gf than he isn’t a man anyways. Could it be that he is in so much shock about what he did that he can’t even admit it to himself, maybe he didn’t know he was a capable of doing that to his gf & can’t accept it, either way the sooner he admits to his faults the better that way he can start to make amends for what he did & he should probably go into some kind of program for anger management because if he did beat Rihanna he obviously has some issues he needs to deal with.

  • Miss Merry Mack

    It’s easy to see what the problem is here. Chris has never been held accountable for his actions. Every single person around him sugar coats it and tries to shift the blame away from Chris.

    It has been said he has hit her in the past and she forgave him. Again allowing him to escape consequences to his actions. I used to think he needed therepy but now I think he needs hard prison time. This kid needs a serious wake up call and a good dose of reality.

  • JADE

    Jolly wrote-
    rihanna deserves what happened to her. she’s mean to the people who work for, work with her. talk about karma….


  • g!na

    Chris Brown is a pathetic punk who has anger issues! He hit Rhianna! hello!!!!!!!! she is a famous singer and he lost his sh*t! He is a pu$$y for hitting a girl! I hope he loses all his endorsements! He is suppose to be a role model for kids! He reslly messed up and now he is going to pay for it! There is no excuse for harming someone! No tolerance for violence! He needs to be locked up for a while!